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Winter Camping


I would like to preface this account by apologizing to my friend Randy. I don't know what the odds are he would ever read this but I couldn't keep it inside any longer. I didn't know you would marry her, sorry dude...

* * * * *

It began on a Thursday night. I was sitting in my apartment, alone. My girlfriend of almost two years had dumped me just after New Years and I was feeling horny and blue, but mostly horny. The phone rang and I fought the urge to lunge for it. Why would she call now? The answering machine kicked in prematurely but instead of Beth I heard a friend's voice.

"Bob, it's Randy." he paused "Pick up the phone asshole, I know you're there."

I smiled and picked up. Randy was a childhood friend and a lucky man. His parents were wealthy and he had the looks and body to make women stare. In high school he was the quarterback captain of the football team and dated the hottest girls. His aspiration in life was to become an airline pilot and no one had the heart to tell him, he wasn't smart enough.

"Randy, how the hell are you?" I asked.

"What are you and Beth doing this weekend?" he responded.

I wondered if he had heard about Beth but quickly dismissed it. We didn't share any friends. I thought I'd better string him along a bit to find out more.

It took him a while to get to the point but he wanted to know if Beth and I would do some winter camping with his new girlfriend Lori and him in the Rockies for the weekend. I knew the only reason he would be calling was everyone else had backed out on him.

"Just the four of us?" I asked.

"Sure," he said "Let's keep it intimate."

Saturday morning was dark and chilly at 6:00 A.M. I was waiting in the Lobby with my gear when he pulled up in his pale blue Hummer. Lori, I presumed, her long blonde hair tied back in a pony tail was up front on the passenger side. Tanned, perky and talking to someone on her cell phone she dismissed me with just one glance. Randy came around the back of the truck and noticed my interest.

"She's talking to her agent" Randy never missed a chance to extol his women's careers. They were always models or actresses or stewardesses.

Randy helped me stow everything in the back. He looked around.

"Where's Beth?" he sounded disappointed she wasn't here.

"We broke up" I said flatly and he immediately turned away from me. "I found out Beth was banging some other guy" I lied, watching the back of Randy's neck turn red. He walked away.

Lori spent most of the trip on her cell phone until we were in the high mountains and the signal finally gave out. By then the echo of her self importance had worn thin. I was surprised Randy wasn't even a little annoyed how she had prattled on as though we weren't there. But he had waited patiently for her to finish and only then made the introductions.

By mid-day we had arrived at the National park's holding lot. It had been cleared recently. Except for the entrance and a small path leading out, the plow had formed a dense six foot snow wall all around. Heavy snow clung to the evergreen boughs. The steep, craggy Rockies rose above the trees and above their peaks, a crystal clear sky of icy blue.

I got out of the Hummer and the freezing air bit at my face and hands. The cold, dry snow of mid-January squeaked under the weight of my boots. Lori waited inside the Hummer while Randy and I pulled the equipment out and loaded up our packs.

When she saw we were done she shut off the truck and stepped out. Randy watched as she pulled on her outer wear.

"Sweetie" he said carefully "I thought I told you to bring your survival gear, this isn't Aspen... no one is going to see what you look like."

She smiled and gave him a hard glare that said; "Don't push it asshole, it wasn't my idea to come here." He looked away, searching for something in the back of the Hummer.

I made a sound like a whip snapping but he pretended not to hear.

Instead he pulled out a wrapped present the size of a tissue box and cheerfully presented it to Lori.

She tore off the foil wrapping and a look of pleasure changed to radiance as she beamed out a startlingly white smile.

She noticed me staring, showed me the white fluffy touque and pulled it on.

"It's Angora" she said smartly tying the thin strings under her chin.

"It's Gucci" he corrected her and she shot him a withering look.

I smiled and nodded at both of them and wondered, not for the first time why I had come along.

With Randy in the lead we headed for Whitefish pass, a high point which had the most amazing panoramic view of the mountains. I however was enamored with the view I had already, namely Lori, from behind.

Even with the bulk of her winter wear I could appreciate the shape of her back and how it dropped to the narrowness of her waist then fanned out to her high, bubble ass. I watched as her long legs picked a route through the rough terrain. She was out of place here in the wilderness, better suited under a white, wide brimmed hat in a box seat at a polo match, a lemon gin delicately held against her lips.

We pushed on for most of the afternoon as the weather started to change. By about four the skies darkened, the clouds rolled in and it started snowing. The temperature was dropping and with it came an icy wind from the south-east.

Lori was slowing but Randy didn't notice. He kept going at the pace he knew we needed to reach base camp before total darkness. I tried to help Lori along but she started slowing even more. She glanced back at me and her eyes looked glazed and tired and I began to suspect we were going to have trouble. Two hundred yards further and she sat down at the edge of the trail shaking her head. I looked forward but Randy was too far away.

Leaving Lori I pushed on until I found Randy and brought him back. He looked down at her, disappointed.

"It's too far to go back" he shouted at us over the wail of the wind. "We'll have to set up camp here."

I nodded and glimpsed the intimation of a sly smile pass briefly over Lori's face.

Randy and I had both camped enough to know hypothermia would be setting in soon. We had to move quickly. Beside the trail was a small recess just large enough for one of our two man tents. We set it up and worked together to pull Lori inside. I lit up one of the meth burners and the frozen air turned damp. Randy was holding Lori, her body shivering. Randy watched as I zipped two sleeping bags together. I motioned for us all to get in and he nodded reluctantly. He stripped Lori bare and then himself. He pulled her into the bag and held her close behind him. He began to shiver now as well. Without any heeding I stripped myself down and climbed into the bag with them. The three of us were spooned together back to front. I snuggled up against Lori's backside. Her skin was cold as ice.

The burner was beginning to warm up the air inside of the tent as I could see our breath was beginning to form moisture on the inside walls. Lori squirmed up against me and I could feel her body starting to warm. I rested one hand on the top of her hip and despite the cold I started to think guy thoughts.

I started thinking this was a good friend's woman and he trusted me but then I started to realize how smooth her skin felt. How nice it felt to have the soles of her feet resting on the top of mine and how our toes were trying to intertwine. How her hair smelled of fresh meadows. My lips were on the nape of her neck, tasting her. I moved still closer and allowed myself to part my lips around the outer rim of her warming ear. I could hear Randy breathing right next to us.

I moved still closer and gently reached down until my hand touched her calf. Moving up I caressed the top and as much of the front of her thigh as I dared to go. I brought my hand up further rubbing the hard bone of her hip and the soft flesh beneath it. I could feel my cock harden between the warming cheeks of her ass. My hand crept up her side and touched the firm flesh of her breast pressed tightly against her boyfriends back.

Lori moved her ass gently but surely towards me, her muscles tensing with the arching of her back. I heard her rustle and felt her hand lightly touch the top of my thigh and reach down for my stiffening cock. She paused for a moment as if making up her mind as to what she should do. Then she reached still further and cupped my balls in one hand, gently massaging them. I wet my lips and pulled gently on the lobe of her ear. I pushed my hips forward, pleading for more and she complied by releasing my balls and stroking the underside of my cock, making me harder and harder.

When her hand left me the effect was immediate. At once I was disappointed, unwanted. I reached over to take her hand, to place on me once more. But instead I found it cupping her ass cheek pulling it up, presumably to allow me entrance. I reached down and found my cock and began guiding it towards the soaking warmth inside her.

It was excruciating. The slightest movement could alert Randy to our infidelity and yet I wanted to pound her silly. I had to be content moving slowly, but easily into her until she fully encased me. We lay for a few moments, not moving. Beads of hot sweat formed and trickled across my chest, down her back and soaked into the material beneath us.

I pulled my hips back until the head of my cock rested against the soaked outer lips of her pussy and lunged forward suddenly, feigning a night spasm. God it was good. Our movement released the scent of her sex as it filled the small confines of the tent. The head of my cock throbbed inside her, a spurt of pre-cum released into her. The initial tightness of her was quickly gone and I wondered how many men, young and old had rode her to leave her pussy so used.

Randy began to move and Lori's body tensed before me. I released her ear and buried my face in her hair. My lips and tongue were playing with the tender flesh at the top of her neck. He had turned over, facing us.

"Jesus, you're sweating" he said. "Are you alright?"

I felt Lori's head nod.

I reached down and slid two meaty fingers into her pussy, above my cock, hoping the extra pressure would increase the pleasure. It did, too much. I pulled them out and brought them instead to the tight ring of her asshole. She momentarily squirmed to escape their intrusion but I pushed forward firmly, not stopping until they were buried to the second knuckle. Lori moved forward and began to frantically kiss Randy. I began to pull my hips back fearing Randy would realize what was happening. But Lori's arm quickly reached back to pull me back in. God I hoped she knew what she was doing.

Lori pulled Randy's face into her breasts and I could hear him suckling her. I pushed forward and she moaned, softly. Randy reached over her, his hand recoiling when it touched me. From the movement of the fabric I could tell his hand was moving down, over her side to her hip and slowly down the front of her. Her hands flew to intercept and guide them to where she wanted. Lori went into steady motion moving forward, grinding into his hand then sliding back onto me. Her movements were becoming more urgent.

"Slow down" Randy hissed "You'll wake up Bob."

Lori ignored him and began kissing him loudly. Her breath coming in short bursts.

While Randy was in front, frenching his girlfriend, one hand cruelly squeezing her breast the other frantically rubbing her clit I was busy filling her cunt from behind. I felt the sides of her pussy starting to contract, trying to milk the juices from my cock and it took every atom of my being not to unload into her. My mind was filled with baseball and family dinners and church? But it worked. Lori moved her hips forward removing me from inside her. At first I though she had had enough but then I felt her legs separate and her hips began rocking slowly forward again. Through my fingers still lodged in her ass I could feel Randy roughly fingering her. The tent was filled with her fragrance. I wondered if he would figure it out. Could a guy tell if his woman had just been fucked just from how her pussy felt? I heard a squelch as his fingers, coated with her juices and mine hit bottom.

I tried not to think about it. My cock still soaked in her liqueur throbbed against the cheeks of her ass, just out of reach from her boyfriend. I needed release. I needed a plan. I moved my free hand down to her ass cheek, cautiously I pulling the firm flesh up. I removed the fingers of my other hand from her gaping ass and replaced them with my cock, guiding it gently to the entrance of her ass, pushing forward slowly. Lori flinched but did not move away. Through my cock I could now feel Randy's fingers pumping Lori's pussy. She had him so horny he didn't even notice me. I reached back and pulled my balls back. The last thing I wanted was to have my package bouncing off the back of Randy's hand.

Lori finally reached over and pushed on Randy's shoulder, urging him to turn onto his back. I felt the sleeping bag tighten around us as he did and I heard the steady rhythm of Lori, giving him a hand job.

Lori was enjoying my cock in her ass. In fact she had begun smothering Randy with kisses. Her hands moved wildly over him and occasionally back to me, pressing for more. As her hand movements became bolder so did her whole body as she began rocking back hard against my cock.

I could feel the pressure building inside me along with the heat. I placed my hands on Lori's narrow waist, holding her still.

"Oh God" I heard Randy mutter as I felt the sleeping bag move to his spasms. Lori giggled.

I held my breath as I felt my body tense to a point of rigueur mortis and I released in one satisfying burst after another.

We lay still for a long time before Lori reached back and unceremoniously removed my slowly softening cock from her ass. At that point I didn't think anything else could come as a surprise.

But I felt the cheeks of Lori's ass begin to clench.

"Oh noooo!" she cried out tersely and frantically tried to free herself from the sleeping bag.

I pretended to rouse myself slowly as I watched Lori naked, squatting by the hatch of the tent in a state of panic. She partially unzipped the door then quickly re-zipped it as a blast of freezing air hit her sweaty, exposed body. Her breasts, engorged from the icy blast pushed straight out, her nipples becoming the tips of two frozen pool cues. Her eyes searched frantically through the tent before falling on her precious touque. Grabbing a tie in each hand she cupped the woolen hat around the cheeks of her ass. Her long blonde hair clung to the sweat which was quickly cooling.

Just then a raucous smell ripped through the tent. This combined with the sounds of trapped gasses and escaping liquids and semisolids being evacuated from her bowels. Embarrassed, helpless, Lori's face, neck and upper chest glowed crimson. I covered my face in the fabric of the sleeping bag, partly to escape the smell but also to cover my amusement. Randy looked on in concern and confusion.

Once done Lori quickly used her panties to wipe herself clean before depositing them in the hat too. Then she opened the tent zipper just enough to get her arm through and tossed the package as far as she could.

Randy and I held the bag open for her and with as much poise and dignity as she could muster she slipped her cold body back into bed.

I cannot claim I banged her three or four more times in the night, it would untrue. She had already taken everything I had.

In the morning we packed up and headed back for the Hummer. We never spoke of Lori's incontinence and I've never been invited on another camping trip with them. Randy was sure right about one thing. It really was intimate.

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