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Winter in New York - A Week in Seat


Those wanting explosive sex with massive cocks in the opening paragraphs, this story will be a disappointment. If you like a story that builds a relationship before the ultimate plunge into sex, this story will not be a disappointment. This is a work of fantasy. The author retains all copyrights

Winter in New York - A Week in Seattle

Winter winds howled out of the north. My bedroom is on the north side of the house and taking the brunt of the storm. Trying to look out a window, all I saw was snow horizontally blown. I was glad that in my planning and design, I insisted on above code insulation throughout. I felt the warmth of the furnace as it forced air throughout the cabin. I wanted a wood-burning stove but new building codes would have added a couple thousand to construction costs; a retrofit is much less and in the budget for next fall.

I live alone after many years of marriage, 42 to be exact. We drifted apart after the kids grew and left home. One day I came home from a twelve hour long eight-hour day exhausted and stressed, knowing in my mind that something had to give. Age 62, working more hours than most of the staff and spinning my wheels was not what I expected after finishing years of doctoral study, writing a thesis on improving worker motivation, seeing it implemented throughout our entire global industry, and receiving no additional royalty payments - since I'm an employee. Fortunately, I did not turn over the copyright. This night, I snapped, told my wife good-bye, packed a few things and left.

I emailed my resignation effective immediately and withdrew permission to use my copyrighted procedures. I knew they had to continue using them and forced to pay me handsomely to consult, on my terms not theirs.

Months later I'm divorced, moved across country to a winter wonderland, and receiving huge royalties from my former employer and consulting on employee motivation in several countries. I'm working on my terms, have extended time off throughout the year and generally, my commute to work is bedroom, to coffee pot, to kitchen table where my laptop sits. Working twelve-hour days for my ex-company, I earned less than $150,000.00. Now I am earning seven figures working in my underwear and taking consulting trips eight to ten times a year, at their expense.

One such trip was coming up and I was anxious to go because I would be staying with a life long friend for a week. He had many plans for things to do while visiting and I wanted to curb his enthusiasm so we could spend time recapturing some of our youth in ways that didn't include crowded bars and pulse shattering loud music.

I gave him all the flight information and began packing for the trip. I am not a "suit," rather I am business slacks and knit golf shirts. Each business in which I consult knows my professionalism comes from years of research not from Hart, Shaffner & Marx. I pack a carry on with enough to wear and I am not ashamed to wash clothes when they need.

My taxi arrived on time. I use the same taxi company and request the same driver each trip. The driver, Ted, and I get along well, Ted knowing that the $12.00 charge nets him a $20.00 dollar tip because of his timeliness. Even better, he is good company on the drive.

Leaving from Northern Tier airports in winter is always an adventure. Fortunately, the storm of a few days ago only delayed movement for a couple days; leaving today was sure to be on time. Nice thing about airports in northern states, they are small and the TSA people are usually your neighbors or people you see often. Movement through the secure gates is a snap even when inspectors are overseeing operations. The only down side of small airports is that the aircraft operating into out of are small commuter jets that I've heard called Barbie Fun Jets.

I connected to a non-stop in New York and had a first class ticket to Seattle. David, my schoolmate, would meet me there. David and I have known each other since we were young teens of 13. Middle school and high school years went by quickly because of our close friendship. We stayed in touch by telephone and letter writing over the years, then with computer meditated communication and the cell phone, we stayed in closer contact.

Several years ago, David told me he was homosexual. He said it in a whisper as though not saying it aloud meant he wasn't. I forced him to tell me openly and in normal speaking voice because we were not going to start having secrets between us. David and I played high school football for our hometown school. I reminded him that we know each other's bodied by sight from all the after practice showers we took then and being gay was not a friendship breaker.

David is the same age as I, about the same height and physical build. We dated girls who were the cheerleader type - well they were cheerleaders. We were the kiss and tell type of guys although we didn't brag all over the school, we just bragged between ourselves. Did I believe his stories of conquest? Yes, is the simple answer and more detailed, we were often in the same room conquering at the same time if our dates were willing.

He is handsome, even in my eye, he is attractive somewhat rugged. He has as many women friends as men friends and won't ignore giving a woman a good time even though he is no longer sexually attracted to them.

Since my divorce, I have been mostly alone, avoiding relationships. From time to time, I will have an affair but never long term. Now, seeing David this trip and staying with him, I am considering having a long personal talk with him to discover what gay sex is like, tell him I'm curious. That will probably shock him.

I wasn't going into this blindly, mind you. I am a researcher, educated in research methods, unafraid to ask questions, unafraid to seek answers. I spent several months studying male anatomy, examining myself, and using toys to learn if I liked having my anus penetrated. After all the research and self-examination, I knew that being a bottom was something I wanted to try. This trip, this week with David, was the time I decided to take on the challenge of seducing my best friend.

The arrival at SEA-TAC was just a little late due to strong head winds over the Midwest. We had to climb out of the winds, over them, or fight buffeting turbulence. A little late is worth a comfortable ride. On deplaning, I made sure to thank the crew for choosing the more comfortable path, I believe it is important to let people know when I appreciate their efforts.

I passed through the security zone and into the main building. Standing off to the side was David with a broad smile on his face. "Martin! You old butt hole! Over here." He still had not given up his old high school nickname for me and before this week was over, I hoped it had a new meaning.

I guess old high school nick names don't die as I responded, "You old cock bite, why don't you have a drink wait for me?" I grabbed David in a tight manly hug that old friends share.

"Drink is on the table inside." He pulled me into the bar and sat me down to a glass of 25 year-old single-malt Scotch. At airport prices, that two-ounce drink must have cost a couple paychecks. He had one also.

"I was paying attention to the weather, heard you were routed above some bad wind, actually expected you to be a bit later," he raised his glass and took a sip.

"The flight crew was great, took us over the top then pushed the throttles to make up time. I had to tell them how much I appreciated it." I took my glass and sipped the Scotch letting it rest on my tongue so I could enjoy the full flavor. I locked eyes with David, "I'm glad we'll have this week together. There are some things I want to share with you." I did not want to get into any detail after just five minutes. "The night is young, what's the plan."

"First, get you back to my apartment, settled, showered and relaxed from the flight, then off to ClancyÕs. It is that Irish brewpub in an old morgue, supposed to be haunted. ItÕs been on a couple of those ghost shows. After that, a late dinner in a restaurant that serves great seafood."

"I have a client meeting at one tomorrow afternoon, what's your work schedule?" David surprised me by say he cleared his schedule to spend as much time with me as he could. A crazy thought crossed my mind, was he trying to seduce me, as I want to do him? Were our old high school nicknames something of a premonition? We through down our drinks and headed for his car.

His car was not transportation, it was a beautifully restored 1966 Boss 302 Mustang. The paint job must have cost thousands; it was a deep metal-flake blue, almost 3D. The interior was blue leather in the typical 60's era tuck and roll. I was in awe, but my high school attitude forced me to, "Why don't you have a real car instead of this piece of shit?"

"Piece of shit! My ass! I'll break your fucking neck shifting into second."

I stowed my bags in the back seat, but before getting in I could not hold back, "I'm glad youÕre here and happy that were friends all these years later. Thank you, David." I felt my emotion and I think David felt it too.

We had to creep out of the parking garage and down the airport access road. When we hit the open road, David didn't break my neck but whiplash was a high probability, zero to slow the fuck down in five seconds.

"My apartment is in the old warehouse district, most are converted to apartments and condos. Most folks think the neighborhood is gay but the population is many people who work downtown, old hippies gone mainstream trying to get back their youth, and a bunch of gay folks. There are a lot of quaint shops, pubs, and even a neighborhood grocery."

"I guess you fit the population statistic, gay, old hippy gone main stream who works downtown." I reached across the center console resting me hand on his forearm, this time in a less manly way that I hoped David interpreted. His free hand reached across and rested on mine. I felt he sensed it.

David took his eyes off the road for a brief moment, looked into my eyes. He must have seen what I was feeling. "Martin, are we connecting on a new level? I'm beginning to sense what you want to talk about, Martin. Spill it."

"David, I'm curious. I want to explore my curiosity with someone I know, trust, and have deep feelings for. I'm not playing you; I want to feel the bliss you feel with another guy. This is not a high school date with a cheerleader. This is David and Martin."

David put his free hand back on the steering wheel; I removed my hand from his arm. There was only the sound of tires on the road. "Martin," David broke the silence, "did you come here to try to seduce me as part of your curiosity?" I nodded yes. "Martin, my plan was to seduce you. I've had feelings for you since high school. I wanted this week to end with you in my bed. Does this mean that the week may start with you in my bed?" Again, I nodded yes.

The rest of the ride was full of joking and laughing about antics that got us into a lot of trouble in school. By the time we reached David's apartment, we were howling over our stupidity. Entering the building, we encountered some of David's neighbors and shared introductions. David's apartment was a fifth floor apartment of probably 1,800 square feet. There ware two bedrooms and two baths on opposite ends divided by warehouse style openness. David placed furniture strategically to break the openness into smaller comfort zones. Most of the apartment was industrial in its decorating but an eye to comfort and relaxation was evident.

The ice was broken in the car and David steered me to the master suite. The master was not at all like the main living area; it was in a soft pallet of colors and carefully selected pieces hanging on walls. This was a man's bedroom for a man who enjoyed many comforts. There was a master bath with a deep whirlpool tub, separate shower, heated towel bar, double sink, and French toilet.

David pulled me into him, threw his arms around me and whispered, "I hope you enjoy this week."

Not missing the moment, I whispered in return, "I will." I ended the sentence with a chaste kiss on David's lips. Pulling away, I reminded David of the shower he promised, the bar he promised, and the dinner he promised. "... and afterward, we'll just see what happens."

David had done well for himself over the years, his small shipping business grew into a global market place. He usually had at least two cargo ships loaded, loading, or unloading somewhere in the world. He did not own the boats but his inventory kept at least two busy year round. We shared many tactics together that helped make both our businesses successful.

This was no high school locker room but I began stripping of my clothes as we continued to talk. Finally naked, I felt David's eyes scanning my body. For effect, I raised my arms toward the ceiling, stretching. "I'm still tight from the flight." Then I bent at the waist to stretch my legs, arched my back. I think David was having problems with his pants as he had to maneuver and adjust.

I turned into the master bath, walked into the shower and let the hot spray sooth tight muscles from the flight. I noticed David keeping an eye on me and did my best to entice him. I paid careful attention to washing my cock, stroking it a couple times, then being very careful to wash my ass with a lot of attention to my sphincter, using my finger to probe and clean. "Martin, don't make me come in there and help you."

Clean, dried, and very refreshed, I returned to the bedroom where David still sat watching me. I grabbed some fresh slacks and slipped them over my legs, no underwear, took out a fresh button down shirt slipping it over my naked chest, I buttoned it and tucked it into my pants. Socks and shoes on, I grabbed a light blazer, "Lets go cock bite, I ain't no cheap date."

ClancyÕs was not far but we hailed a cab against the cold Seattle night. The building was an impressive old brick and mortar four-story building. It was easy to tell that only the pub occupied the building, as all the floors above ground level were dark. On one side, I could just make out what remained of the mortuary sign painted onto the brick. On the inside, the pub was clearly Irish. I almost expected to see a leprechaun pranking patrons. However, in a place alleged to be haunted, leprechauns were probably not welcome. This being a weeknight, few people were there. The capacity of the pub must have been three hundred and there were fewer than a hundred hanging out tonight.

"David! Hi David," a flirtatious blonde called out. I turned to from where the voice came to see a young woman probably mid to late twenties. She was knockout gorgeous, petite, cheerleader type we dated in high school. Her name badge read Nicole.

This hot bundle of woman embraced David as though they were lovers, the kiss she gave, and David returned was intimate. "Nickie, you're a doll. Won't you get into trouble with hugs and kisses like that?" David seemed to be teasing her.

"Not when I'm hugging and kissing my sweet David. Who is the lovely man you're with tonight? Are you going to introduce me? Is he available?"

"Nickie, this is Martin. We have known each other since middle school. The short story is he is here consulting, and he has a daughter about your age." Turing to me, David finished the introduction. "Martin, this is Nicole, and she is a cheerleader. Some things never change." Nickie, hugged me almost as intimately and gave me sweet kiss.

We went to a table Nickie pointed to and sat. "She is a hot little bundle, David. How did you get to know her? By the way, she didn't get our order."

"She knows my order and it will be here shortly. I've known her since she was 12. Her mother and I dated for a while before I admitted being gay. I love Nickie like a daughter, and she has always had a crush on me, I let her live her fantasy when I can. Before we leave tonight, she'll have a pet name for you and will remember you for life."

Nickie brought our beers, and shots. "Martin, I think I recognize you from somewhere. I'll figure it out before you leave. Are you and David together?" Her question was an obvious reference to being gay.

"Nickie, we have a long history together. Lets say I'm curious." I waited for a reply but only got a pout.

"Enjoy your beers. I'm going to figure out why Martin is familiar."

David gazed at me for a few moments, lifted his beer, and took a big gulp. "That was a real gutsy statement to someone you just met. I hope I satisfy that curiosity."

I paused before answering by also taking a long pull on the beer. "You and Nickie obviously love each other, she seems content that you are gay and content that I'm with you. I am with you and I do believe you will satisfy. Besides, I know what you're packing and how well you use it. I just don't have first person knowledge, yet." I took another long drink of the beer then threw back the shot.

David held his gaze on me for a bit longer then took a long drink of beer and his shot. "Well, I accept your challenge, I better not get drunk since there could be performance issues." We both laughed and the conversation became more general about life events, work, and living in general.

Nickie came bounding to the table carrying a book. "I knew you were familiar Martin. You wrote this book I'm reading. Your photo is on the dust cover. I cannot believe I got to hug and kiss you. I'm so excited."

Her enthusiasm impressed me."Nickie, what is a lovely, vivacious girl like you doing with a book by a crusty old guy like me? That subject is a bit deep isn't it?"

"Oh Doctor Martin I love reading it. I love the history behind how your employer basically screwed you out of compensation and how you ultimately won the day. I'm studying motivation in college. Oh, Doctor Martin, could you come to one of my classes? That would be a highlight." Nickie was squirming like an excited teenager about to go on a date with the team captain.

"Call David with your class schedule, sweetheart. I'll make time."

Nickie's excitement rebounded and escalated. "Oh, Doctor Martin, you will?" I got another Nickie hug and kiss. "My professor will not believe that you're coming to class as my guest. He'll explode."

"I guess my pet name is a formal Doctor Martin." David acknowledged the truth and acknowledged that I called her sweetheart. "She is very much like my daughter who is also a real sweetheart. Going to Nickie's class will be fun."

After another round of beers and shots, David suggested we do dinner. I reminded Nicole to call David with her class schedule and I would visit. Nickie hugged and kissed us as we left and I noticed David slip her a tip quickly. Outside, David told me the wait staff has to share tips and he always makes sure Nickie gets what she is worth in a tip.

Grabbing another cab, we headed to the wharf district for fresh seafood. The sign on the restaurant was a name I recognized as having a four-star rating. However, looks deceive, this place looked like a dive from the outside. However, once inside it was clear this was not anything less than immaculately appointed.

"David and Martin, right on time," the head waiter said as we walked in. "Follow me to your table, all is prepared to your order."

"David, is there anyone in town you don't know," I asked with a chuckle.

"I know who is important to know. The headwaiter is more important than the owner is, Nickie is more important than the bartender is. In my work, the people doing the work are the ones who get things done. I learned that from someone I know." David was being a bit smug because in my line of work I have to know the boss and owner to help them realize that they are nothing without workers getting things done.

"I should say something like fuck you but you'd probably take me literally. Nevertheless, you are right, in your line, workers get things done. I want to make sure the owner knows it."

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