tagLesbian SexWinter Night Delight

Winter Night Delight


I have never rejected the idea of having a woman as a lover, yet neither did I dream I would ever pursue it. This particular night I was sitting in a little corner bar I sometimes go to. One of those dark, smoky places you frequent when you want to blend in and seemingly disappear. I wasn't expecting to hook up with anyone, let alone a woman. I had just finished my first drink when she sat down at my table a few moments later.

"Hello," she said, "mind if I sit here?" I wasn't protesting, though I have the feeling if I had she would have sat down anyway. She was tall, sleek with a face full of defining bone structure. Long, smooth flaming red hair framed her face in a way that made me want to reach out and stroke it.

I thought it a bit odd that she was wearing a miniskirt in the middle of winter. She also had dark nylons with boots that went up to her thighs. To top it off she had on a black shirt with just a hint of her enormous cleavage showing. Her outfit seemed to be in contrast with her perfectly manicured fingernails. She had managed to pull the ensemble off making it very seductive.

There was a quality of utter detachment about her, as if she looked out upon the world seeing it, yet untouched by it. Everything about her- her hair, her outfit, the way she held her cigarette- looked deliberate, yet she held herself so well it didn't seem fake at all. She looked over the top of her glass at me slowly and steadily running her eyes over me from top to bottom.

Her appraisal sent an electric shock through my body, full of possibility. I could see a certain hunger in her eyes, one that I had noticed too often in my own. "I'm Ginger" she said reaching for her purse, and then out of nowhere, "want to fuck?"

Leaving the bar, a rush of frosty air swept past us. It was a colder than usual winter night. You know the kind of night where you can't seem to get warm no matter what you do? A nipple night. It was an evening so cold; my nipples stood straight up, peeking through my shirt demanding release. Well, it wasn't the cold's entire fault. My nipples stay hard. I just happen to be one of those women who are fortunate enough to have very sensitive nipples.

I heard somewhere that women with erect nipples are sexual beings, aroused creatures. I don't know about that, but I know my nipples stay stiff whether I am doing the dishes or pumping gas in my car. They seem to have a mind of their own. My nipples were at full attention from the moment I laid eyes on Ginger. She was gorgeous. I have been called "beautiful" myself a time or two, but to call her beautiful wouldn't do her justice.

I don't remember the ride to my house. I doubt we said more than two words to one another. I just knew I had to have her. We found ourselves standing in front of my fireplace. Looking into her eyes I felt my breath quicken and my skin heating up with desire.

It was as if all the feelings I had ever known were bunched up beneath my skin. The moment she touched me I knew my body would explode with feeling. With every want and need I had my entire life. We took off our coats and I offered to get her a drink.

Heading into the kitchen I almost tripped all over myself thinking about seeing her naked. How would I approach the subject of sex? I felt ridiculous, I had never been with a woman, I didn't know where to begin. I was excited and nervous all at the same time. I wondered if I would go through with it.

I reached for the refrigerator door when I felt her behind me. It seems I wasn't to be the one who initiated sex. She put her hand over mine and closed the fridge door. I turned around and she pinned me up against it kissing me in a way that would be impressed in my head forever.

She reached out to grab me and I fell quickly into her arms. Melting into her embrace part of me wanted to say, "no, stop!" The other part of me knew nothing could feel that good and still be wrong. Her face drew near and when her mouth parted I eagerly thrust my tongue inside.

A sensation of wetness and heat filled me. I felt her arms wrap around me tightly and her breasts pressed up against mine. I could hear her breath quicken, become heavy, labored. Just knowing she wanted me excited me that much more.

Barely making it back into the living room, we began taking off each other's clothes. I felt sparks of desire wherever our skin touched. Her hand cupped my breast and I once again started to protest, but there was no turning back. We positioned ourselves on the floor in front of the fire.

She continued to undress me slowly, looking carefully at my body then checking with my eyes to assure I was okay with it all. Then when we were both naked she took me into her arms with as much passion as any man I had ever been with.

She began rolling my nipples between her fingers. I didn't think they could get much harder, but her touch proved me wrong. Her hand reached down and found the spot of my body that was wet with desire. Her finger slipped inside as my wetness enclosed around it.

She laughed, finding me so wet and ready for her probing fingers. "You're hot aren't you? You want more baby?" she asked.

"Yes," I whispered into her mouth, agreeing with her. I wanted her, hard, fast, slow, any way at all. Without removing her finger she fastened her mouth on mine firmly, devouring me. She pushed me gently backwards on the rug.

"Wait right here baby," she said as she crawled on all fours to where her purse lay, "I have a surprise for you." Watching her ass in the upward position made me long to stick something in it. Crawling back towards me I saw in her hand something I longed-for, but was always too embarrassed to buy.

The dildo was red, my favorite color and lifelike in that it was the actual shape of a hard cock. I was already juiced up from her finger having been inside me. Now I couldn't wait for her to ram that cock in its place.

The look on her face told me I wouldn't have to ask. She was just as anxious as I was to plunge that joystick deep inside of me. She looked at me as she began to run the tip of the dildo up and down my inner thighs. The thing looked huge, but I was resolute about taking as much of it as I could.

Spreading my legs as wide as I could she started gently inserting the cock into my opening. Usually not a big talker during sex I knew I would have to speak up to get it the why I wanted. Ardently grabbing her hair I told her, "I want you to fuck me hard!"

I could hear her as she granted my request. "I'll fuck you hard baby!" Her rhythm increasing I felt myself bucking my ass into the air with equal pressure. I was determined to take it all.

Her thrusts increased and I found myself near to tears with the sheer agony of pleasure she was giving me. She was pumping me harder and harder, and I thought I would come right then and there, when she abruptly pulled it out of me.

Before I could catch my breath she was lifting me by my ass, a cheek in each hand and I felt her hot, talented tongue on my clit. I have been tongue fucked before, but she had it down to an art. Any hesitation I might have felt about being with a woman initially, instantly left me with a low moan of pleasure.

I didn't think about what was right or wrong. I lay still, closed my eyes and gave myself up to physical sensation. Seeing her stunning face buried in my soaked crotch was enough to make me cum right there. She pushed her face harder and harder against me as her tongue went even deeper inside of me.

My body shuddered as I felt myself coming closer and closer to a much-wanted wet and warm orgasm. "No...no...oh yes.." My denial no longer viable as she found a hard, driving rhythm that satisfied us both. My cunt quivered as her tongue darted back and forth across my clit.

She inserted her finger deep inside of me thrusting it in and out as she attacked my sex orally. She reached up with her other hand pinching my nipples, which were aching to be touched again. Ecstasy and pain intermingled as it shot through my body.

I lost all sense of time and place, of everything as she drove her tongue into me. Plunging deeper inside of me I could hear myself whispering "harder, harder please." begging her to take me wantonly. I pushed myself against her trying to get all of me in her mouth as she teased on.

"Tell me what you want," she managed to say between her assaults on my clit. "You know what I want," I said amid breaths. "Say it." "Suck me." "How?" "Hard!" I begged.

She licked and sucked my clit as I endeavored to hold out as long as possible. She reached around teasing my asshole with her finger, gently slipping it inside and with one final thrust, drove me over the brink into a fierce all consuming orgasm. I groaned as my body sizzled and melted into the most intense orgasm, and for the first time in my life I screamed from the sheer rapture of it.

I lay still as she looked at me with those ever appraising eyes and stated simply, "Now it's my turn." She lay on the rug spreading her legs apart. I had never seen a pussy other than my own. I reached out wanting to touch it, to feel it's silky smoothness. I gently ran the tip of my finger around her sleek opening. I was absolutely cunt-struck.

I was no novice when it came to the two-finger tango, but up until then I had only done it to myself. I could feel her body shudder and a deep moan came from somewhere within her throat. I intended to give it to her as well as I had gotten it. Her vertical smile was sodden with love juice and begging for more.

I loved the feel of it, she was so incredibly sexy. Ginger was hot, dripping and ready. I wanted to make her feel as good as she had made me feel. I began stroking her clit, weighing her pleasure by the way her ass lifted from the ground.

I moved my finger in and out of her loving the way her wetness swallowed me. I could tell she was loving it and her excitement exhilarated me, but I wanted to make this my first experience with pussy, last forever.

Plunging my finger in and out of her moist pussy gave me a thrill. I had to get a closer look. She lay there naked and flushed, moaning with every movement of my finger. I brought my head down between her legs, closing my eyes while drinking in her scent.

I wanted to taste her, to feel the juices trail over my tongue. Tentatively flicking my tongue on her clit I could hear groans of pleasure escaping from her throat. Usually quite reserved, I am not sure what came over me. Maybe it was the way she was squirming and wriggling beneath my fingertips or the way she kept moaning the words "yes, yes, please don't stop!"

Whatever it was, I let go of any inhibitions I may have been carrying around and found myself eating pussy with a fervor. Her sweet honey running down the sides of my mouth, the sugary smell of her cute hole, the sweltering heat emanating from her hot slit was making me long to have her between my legs again. I knew she couldn't hold out much longer.

I trailed my finger in the spot between her pussy and her asshole as I sucked all the juice from within her. She began wriggling out of my grasp and I grabbed her tighter. Burying myself between her legs I began to give gentle bites to the area surrounding her clit. She was quivering and I could tell she was almost ready to come.

I grabbed the dildo she had just used on me and put it between her legs. Pushing it ever so slightly her hole closed around it. We began a dance of back and forth movement. Me pushing it inside of her and her meeting every thrust with one of her own.

Grabbing it away from me she began to fuck herself as I grabbed both of her beautiful breasts in my hands. I lay atop of her, giving her enough room to continue ramming herself as I took her nipple into my mouth. I sucked and sucked while she moaned and groaned and wriggled beneath me.

Finally I felt her body shudder and become still beneath me. That is when I heard her say "Wow...that was great." I snuggled up against her and felt her wrap her arms around me tightly. We lay there wrapped in each other's arms, the aroma of sex tingling our nostrils, and I could already feel myself becoming aroused again.

I only had one thing to say to Ginger after an experience like that. "Want to do that again?" I asked, smiling. I could feel my juices running as she shook her head in the affirmative and grasped my face pulling me in for a kiss.

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