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Winter Project


I want to give thanks to Gentleman With Handcuffs for editing and helping me with this story.

My Name is Dale and I'm 18 and in my first year of college. It's in the same town that I grew up in and right now I'm living at home with my Mom (Kathy) and Dad (Paul). They are on the cool side and don't mind me living at home but sometimes it cramps my lifestyle. Both of them are big in the church and very conservative. I'm 18 and even though I'm in college they still have way too many rules, no matter how much I tell them I'm no longer in high school. I started to hang out with these two guys Dave and Mark, they were both 19 years old and had an apartment not far from campus. They knew that I lived with my parents and was commuting to school.

One day they told me that they had an extra room and asked if I wanted to move in with them. I told them I would have to think about it, I wasn't sure if I wanted to. You see, Dave is a real nice guy but he is also a bully. He seems to just take control of everyone who is around him. Then it could be the fact that I'm just intimidated because he talks with such great self-confidence and has the gift of gab. By the way Dave is six feet and four inches tall black guy, with a very athletic body. He doesn't play sports but could if he wanted to. He loves to brag how the women love his big ass cock and after they get a taste of it will do anything he wants. Mark and I just laugh at him. We tell him that we don't believe him and it is only in the stories that he reads.

"One day I'll just have to show you two." he tells us. Maybe he is telling the truth because women are always hanging around him. Mark tells me that Dave's big hobby is chatting up women on the Internet after he's done with his homework. Mark is a white guy, also built just like Dave, but Mark is a bit more down-to-earth. He seems to have a few ladies around him also all the time. I also have a athletic body, I'm only five feet nine inches tall. I never played sports, but I do work out in the gym. I'm more known as a geek; if not in the gym working out I'm always studying.

That weekend I was telling my Dad about how I was asked by my two friends to move in with these two guys. He asked me about them and If I think I would be able to get along with them. I told him about how I thought I could get along with them and the money I saved in gas would go towards the rent.

"Well go talk with your Mom" he said, "She's on the computer in the den."

As I walked into the den I could see my Mom was chatting with someone on ICQ (A social net work). When she notice me in the room she cleared the screen fast, like she didn't want me to see what she was doing.

I chuckled, "You better watch out on there, you could get in trouble."

She Laughed back, "I'm just chatting, nothing to worry about. So what brings you to the den?"

I then told her how I had a chance to move in with two guys close to campus. She thought it would be a good idea and would let me enjoy college life better.

I finally moved in with Dave and Mark. It was great living there with them, except for the bullying from Dave every once in a while. It wasn't really that bad, just enough to piss you off for a few minutes. The great part of it was Dave always had woman in and out of the apartment. Every once in a while I got lucky with one of them. I notice Dave uses ICQ also, he seem to like talking only with hot married women.

He's always saying "I like taking charge of a woman and really enjoy having power over the married women." I'm not sure how he does it but they all seem to want to cyber with him and he even gets them all to send him nude pictures. He evenly gets them all to have cyber-sex with him.

One day he was telling me about the newest married woman he was talking with. He said "she is conservative, but very friendly. She is 42 years old, I told her my age and it seems to make her even more interested in me. We talked about her family and guess what she has a son who also goes to school here. This one is going to fun to seduce. I'm going to make her my winter project; this one is going to be a challenge." I didn't pay him much mind, thinking to myself this guy is just full of himself.

A few weeks later Dave was out with some married women he met. When he got back I asked him if that was his winter project girl.

He laughed, "Hell no, this one just likes partying with college guys. Hey, I can set you up with her if you want."

"Maybe another time," I replied. "So how is it going with your project?"

Dave laughing said "She is a piece of work. I keep trying to turn the subject to sex, but all she wants to do is talk about her family. I did ask her the other day if she wanted to cyber-sex, she finally broke a little and said she'd have to think about that. Give me another month." I just chuckle and walked away.

Then days later out of the blue Dave yells at me "It took me a while to convince her, she finally decided to cyber-sex. Her big fear was her family finding out. I finally convinced her that they wouldn't find out unless she tells them. Since it was her first time I told her just to tell me about her fantasies. Wow this one is a kinky one. She wants to be fuck slut for a young college guy. I don't want this one getting away; her name is Kathy."

I said "Hey that is the same name as my Mom. "It is a common name so I didn't think much about it.

Dave just looked at me "Ok, I'll keep you informed."

A few weeks later Dave stopped me and said "Listen you remember my winter project"


"Well since I have been cyber sexing with her, she keeps coming back for more. She tells me she always fantasized about being fucked my a big cock. So I sent her a picture of mine, she told me she's never seen one so big. Plus she didn't know I was black, and said that wasn't a big deal. Then I told her I need to see a sexy picture of her to make our cyber-sex even better. She is sending one now." He yells out "WOW SHE IS HOT!!"

I walked over to his computer to see what she looked like. At first glance I instantly recognized my Mom. There she was in a red teddy. It barely covered her 38 D tits, which really didn't matter, since it was so thin you could see right thru it. Wow you could see her nipples! Her long blond hair was pulled back into a pony tail.

I looked at Dave "Dude, that's my Mom!"

He looks at me "Really?" he couldn't help but laugh out loud.

Mark gets up and walks over to the computer to takes a look and says "Wow your Mom is a MILF. How old is she?"

I answered him "She is 42"

"One hot momma for 42. She looks more like she is 35." Said Mark.

Dave looks at me and ask "Do you want to make a bet?"

Confused, I couldn't help but ask "What do you mean?"

"Your Mom seems to be interested and I bet I can get her in bed. Plus, after I give her a good fucking she will do whatever I want. She would even fuck you if I tell her to! I'll have her under my total control."

"You're full of shit."

Dave laughs back and said "Am I, well then make the bet."

Mark jumps in "I'll take that bet, she just a lonely married woman who is only messing around on the computer. I'm in for a hundred dollars."

Now with both Dave and Mark looking at me I could only feel like I'm being set up. Seemingly without any choice, I agree "Ok, I'm in for a hundred also."

Dave said "Alright you two back off, I need to work my magic on good old Mom."

Two weeks later Dave came back up to Mark and I and said "I just bought some spy cameras for the apartment; I need you two to help me set them up around the living room and my bed room." We looked at him and ask why.

He smiled "I'm picking up your Mom and bring her here to the apartment Saturday. I don't need you two around here. So if we put up these cameras you can watch me win the bet on your laptops."

He had enough cameras to set up it all four corners of the rooms. I don't think there was an angle that we wouldn't be able to see. I was kind of getting excited that he might really make my Mom into his own personal slut.

Saturday morning Mark and I went to the campus to hang out, while Dave went to meet my Mom. We went to a place to get a few snacks and just hang out. Mark and I found a seat and set up our laptops. We made sure the program for the cameras were working. About an hour after we were all set up we got a text from Dave. It said "We're on our way to the apartment." So Mark was on his laptop and I was on mine.

Just then the two walk in, my Mom looked incredible in a white silk button up blouse. You could tell she had a dark lace bra underneath holding her large tits up high. The blouse was tucked into a black skirt. With a pair of sexy black pumps covering her nylon feet. All I could do was stare at her. I put a DVD into my computer and hit record.

Mom was talking "That picture you sent me must have been computer enlarged."

Dave looked at her and said "Nope not computer enlarged." Smiling he continues "Everyone is curious about black men. You know, whether they're as big as everyone thinks or if that picture is true or not."

Mom chuckled. "So you're saying that picture is true and they are as big as people think?"

"Some are. Some aren't. You never know until you take a look."

Mom giggled. "Then that really is you in that picture?"

"You're going to have to take a look, it's the only way to know for sure. So would you like to find out, honey? It's not every day you get a chance to personally research this interesting question. Being on a college campus, what better place to do research?"

Mom looked at him inquiringly with her bright blue eyes, too stunned to say anything.

"I'll tell you what. I'll give you a look and you be the judge." Dave began unzipping his pants. Not knowing what to say, Mom giggled again.

Dave had Mom sit down. He stood before her and slowly pulled down his pants and then his shorts over the bulge in front. When he got them below his knees, his long black cock sprang free and bobbed a couple of inches away from her. It looked much bigger than I ever thought it would.

Dave looked at Mom and said "What do you say? Does it meet your expectations?"

"OH MY GOD." Was all she could say and she couldn't take her eyes off it.

Dave laughs "You can touch it if you like." He was now speaking with authority. She looked up at Dave's towering figure and lifted her fingers to his cock hanging before her. She ran her fingers along the shaft and grasped it in her hand.

The way he talked to my mom started to change. "Stroke it for me, bitch. That way you can see how big it can get." My Mom don't like being called a bitch and normally is very out spoken when someone calls her a bitch.

This time she looked right at Dave. I couldn't believe it, instead of saying anything, she submissively did as she was told. I watched his cock swell in her hand until it was standing straight out. It looked to be at least nine or ten inches long and about five or six inches in girth.

With more authority Dave says "It'll get a lot harder if you lick it, slut." Mom looked at Dave for a moment, again I thought she would yell at Dave for being called a slut. Maybe this is how he talked to her when they cyber and was now use to it.

She submissively lifted his cock head to her mouth and began to lick it. I'll say this about my mom: she knew just what to do. Rubbing the shaft and licking the head, she soon had his cock pointing upwards in a strong erection. Fully extended, his cock swelled up enormously, at least ten inches with a very more impressive girth. Dave looked like a man in total control as he stood in front of my Mom.

Dave spoke up and commanded "Now start sucking on it." Mom warped her lips around his cock; I just stared at my laptop watching.

She could only fit the head of his cock into her mouth. She was stroking his shaft and tickling his fat, thick balls with her other hand. Dave seemed to be in no hurry. He finally took her head in his hands and fucked her mouth slowly for what must have been ten minutes. Then he just let my mom work his cock. With a grunt of satisfaction, he shot a load into her mouth. She gagged a little and swallow most of it, the rest ran down her chin and onto the floor. I'll admit this about my mom. She's is one hell of a cock sucker.

Dave looks at my Mom and with authority "Now what do you say? Is this your idea of a black cock? You know you want to feel my big black cock fucking you!"

Again my Mom looks at him and she just says "Yes."

"You like them big, don't you, Kathy?"


"Now take off your blouse and skirt like a good girl and let's' see how much you like this cock."

She did as he asked. She stood up and unbuttoned the blouse, slowly letting it fall to the ground. Then she unhooked her skirt and let it slip down her nylon-covered legs. There stood my Mom with her dark lace bra, matching panties, and nylon leggings, with black pumps on her feet. She looked sexy as hell to me, I had to move my cock to make it more comfortable sitting there watching all this unfold.

Dave then gave another order "Turn around for me, so I can get a good look at you." Mom turned real slow then you could hear Dave say "Hmmm. now let's finish taking the rest off" Mom then reached behind her, unhooked the bra and let it drop to the floor. She had a great looking set with nice nipples. Next she sat down and took off her pumps and then her nylons one leg at a time. Then she stood back up and pulled her panties down. Her pussy was shaved and you could see her plump lips.

Dave picked her up like a doll and carried her to his bedroom. I had to switch the feed so I could follow the action. He then laid her back on the edge of the bed, opened her legs and ran his fingers over her pussy.

"Nice and wet, I see. Glad to see you're ready for me, bitch." He looked over at the camera and smiled.

All I could do was to look over at Mark and ask him. "I think he got what he wants, but do you really think she will become his slut and do whatever he wants?" Mark answers "So far he has been right, so I think it will happen."

I watched Dave position his fat cock head at the opening of my Moms cunt. He opened the lips a bit with his hand and then pushed into the opening a couple of inches. . He pulled it out and inserted it a couple of more times before pushing hard until his balls slapped up against her ass hole. I could tell he had all of it in her.

Then I heard Dave say "Do you like that, Bitch?"

Mom moaned, "Oh yes!"

For the next ten minutes I watched Dave fuck my mom with long, fast strokes. She became very excited, breathing fast and uttering little moans of pleasure. His fucking gradually became harder until she clenched him in a spasm of pleasure. I watched her trembling orgasm. Dave pulled it out slowly. His black cock glistened with her pussy juice .

Dave ask "How do you like it best, bitch?"

She just looked at him and did not answer. Mom moved into the middle of the bed and got up on her knees. She bent down and presented herself to him. Dave closed up behind her and slid into her pussy doggie style. She moaned as it hit bottom, then wiggled her pussy as she took on his cock. This time he fucked her hard. It was uncanny how he seemed to know just what she wanted. He hammered in and out, with full big strokes. She began to cum, yelping with pleasure. He didn't stop. He kept pounding it into her, very hard.

"Is that what you want, my slut?"

"Yes. Do it, please! Fuck me hard!" She hit another orgasm.

Then her next one had her gasping for breath. His rhythm quickened. Then Dave got all mean and yelled "You see, bitch, this black cock is the only thing you're going to dream about from now on, and you will do what I want! Or you won't get any more!"

He continued to pound into her tight pussy with no mercy. After another ten minutes he shot a load into her pussy. Some cum flooded out of her and ran down her thighs. She didn't seem to mind what Dave was saying to her.

Guess being young his cock was still hard and she was begging for more. He pounded her pussy and smacked her ass on both cheeks making each of them red. She grunted and groaned as he hammered her from behind.

Then I heard my mom yell "Please baby, fuck my ass with that thick black cock!!" She was begging him to fuck her ass.

He pulled out of her then teased the tip of his cock against her ass hole as she squirmed and pushed her ass out towards him, wanting to feel him in her ass. As his cock pushed into her tight ass, she yelled in pain at first, then after a while she began moaning with pleasure. She looked like she was in ecstasy. With each stroke he was pulling out slower and slower following that up by slamming hard into her ass. He played with her breasts and pulled on her nipples as he pounded into her. He finally pulled out and shot another load of cum all over her back.

They finally got dressed. The look on Moms face was one of being happy, I think she really enjoyed herself.

Dave started to walk out of the room. Mom called for him "Wait a minute when can we do this again?"

Dave tuned around, looked at Mom and said "Do you want it again slut?"

Mom dropped her head and replied, "Yes."

He shook his head and said, "Now, that doesn't sound like much of a slut whore to me. If you want this cock again, you'd better let me know it."

Mom almost begged "I want your cock."

"That still doesn't convince me." I couldn't believe it! He wanted her to beg for his cock like a common tramp! Then the words came out of her mouth!

"Please fuck your little white bitch, baby. You know how I need to have your cock stretching my pussy." Did she just say that?

He put his hand under her chin and raised her head. His eyes looked into hers, and he said, "That's better, slut. Now you do as I say, who I tell you, and when I tell you. Then I'll give you all the fucking you need." With that, he pushed her down by her shoulders onto her knees on the floor. Her face was an inch away from his pants. He said, "You know what to do whore." Obediently, she unzipped and pulled down his pants.

Then he commanded "Suck my cock, whore." she grabbed it and thrust it into her mouth, his hands were on the back of her head pushing and pulling her up and down his cock.

I heard him say, "That's a good, bitch. You keep obeying and I'll give you all the fucking you need."

After a few minutes he shot another load into her mouth, he then said, "Get up slut."

As he pulled his pants back on, my mom said "I'll do anything you say if you'll keep fucking me." I couldn't believe it, the words my mom was saying to Dave and they were not missed by him.

"Hmm. You'll do anything I say, huh?" I don't think she even thought about the consequences.

She just shouted at the top of her lungs. "I'll do ANYTHING!"

"I'll have to take you up on that. If you want more of this cock, make sure you come by Monday evening. If you give me a good blow job, I'll think about fucking you again. You want to get fucked again, don't you slut?"

She just glared at him, and she said, "I'll be back Monday."

I heard Dave chuckle, "I knew you couldn't walk away from this cock. I know you will like being my slut. From now on, you're going to be my little fuck slave and fuck whomever I tell you to fuck, do you understand?"


"Good. Then I'll see you Monday evening. And don't keep me waiting. Now get out of my apartment slut."

Mark and I got back to the apartment and Dave was back on his computer. We both looked at him in disbelief. He saw us looking and started to laugh. "Ok guys I told you I could do it. Now be here Monday evening and I might share with you."

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