tagSci-Fi & FantasyWinter with Jack Frost

Winter with Jack Frost


Note: I would like to thank my wonderful editor aprlfool29 for all her help.


They meant to kill him.

Jack was tired and weary, beaten and strung by his hands to a post in the middle of a courtyard in the midst of the coldest winter. He was stripped of his powers and stripped of his clothes. Expressionless, he stared straight ahead of him waiting death.

Hidden behind the wall of the courtyard, Jillian watched. She waited until she felt it safe to come out, praying she would be able to save the handsome Knight.


He was Jack Frost, the Winter Fairy Knight of the magical Fae Race. It was his job to bring winter to the world both human and fairy. The other fairies said he was made of ice, that he did not know how to enjoy the warmth and sunshine of spring or summer. They called him the Frost Knight. His disposition was as chilly as the artic winds he created. He never smiled, never laughed. He hated all things bright and joyful. Yet, there was something irresistible about him. Maybe it was the hint of darkness or danger he projected. Either way women simply could not resist him.

This particular winter, the Fairy Queen had just about enough of his dark disposition. She had tried to talk to him, to see if he could at least find joy in bringing forth the beautiful winter lands. But no, Jack, the Frost Knight would just make some sarcastic comment or simply shrug it off. So as punishment, the Fairy Queen assigned him one of the hardest and most dangerous jobs that her knights had. Jack was to break the curse of eternal winter on a remote island which is how he got into his current predicament.


"Isn't no need for us to kill him," one soldier muttered.

"Aye, he'd freeze to death or die of bleeding" agreed another.

"He won't die for hours yet. It aught to be long and painful" commented their leader.

"Yes," cried the remaining eleven soldiers. They wanted revenge on Jack for defeating their shadow forces, and capturing the Ice Witch. They had managed to regroup and waited till all the fairy forces had left with their captive to ambush Jack using a magic binding circle to strip away his powers. The leader ordered them to depart and left Jack to die.

Wearing a dark cloak that covered her entire body and hoping the soldiers wouldn't return, Jillian rushed into the courtyard. Her hands trembled with fear but she quickened her pace.

Jack did not notice her due to the pain that clouded his mind until she was standing directly in front of him. As the hood fluttered in the wind Jack caught a glimpse of her face. She had blue eyes, the prettiest blue he had ever seen. They reminded him of a clear sky on a warm summer day. She stepped nearer and he noticed that she was speaking but he did not understand. She was near enough for her scent to reach him. She smelled of the flowers of spring and looked like a vision. Jack decided to taste her soft, full lips before death claimed him. Just as he reached her lips he passed out.

When he came to again, he was lying on a straw pallet. Someone had covered him in two thick blankets. Jillian entered the room carrying with her a bag of healing herbs slowly moving towards Jack. "Are you an angel?" he asked.

"No, my brave knight. I am but a woman." Jack sighed with the simple pleasure of hearing her voice. It was rich and soft and musical. " My name is Jillian Ravensfort. I prepared this room for you when I first saw what they were doing to you. You should be safe for now but must leave by dawn. For in the morn they are sure to come back for the body."

The fever raged in him and throughout the night Jillian bathed the heat and sweat off his body. She bandaged the wound on his chest and prayed it had not been infected. As the night wore on the room got colder and colder and he shivered with its bite. Fearing for his life Jillian climbed into the pallet with him, hoping to share her warmth. She removed her gown and pressed herself into his body.

She must have fallen asleep. She awoke to find herself snuggled to the handsome knight. She blushed at their nude state and hurried to dress. She wondered who he was. He had been in no condition to answer her question. She thought he had to be someone important and obviously very powerful since he had defeated the Ice Witch. Besides she had seen the proof of his strength. Her was tall and had finely toned muscles all over. She especially liked his chest. She shook her head, now was no time for idle thoughts. She had to get the knight dressed and they had to flee to safety.

He had been drifting in and out all night. Each time he awoke he found his angel beside him. Her lovely blue eyes so full of concern, her gentle hands had cooled his fevered skin and she had warmed his body when chills had racked his bones. In her embrace he had slept, with her scent surrounding him.

Now, he awoke to that scent. He felt much better and the cobwebs had cleared from his mind. He remembered everything, the battle, the ambush and the lady who saved him. Jack being the cynic that he was could not comprehend why anyone would go out of their way to help a stranger. No, humans never did anything unless they could gain something. As the Winter Knight of the Fae, he had not only created winter wonderlands but also he had observed the humans during that particular season. It seemed that winter solstice was a time of celebration; it was one time out of the whole year when humans tried to be good to one another.

Yes, it appeared that people felt the magical of this time and understood the importance of the days leading to the Yule. But they then gave themselves leave to forget about charity, family, home and all the other things that made life worth living. Humans only showed the spirit of giving during this season then promptly returned to their selfish ways.

Strange, but that thought made him sad. The Frost Knight, who had no emotions was feeling sad. He did not want to think that the lady was selfish, he did not want his angel to turn out to be someone who thought that with one good deed she had fulfilled the spirit of the season. Silently cursing himself for his foolish thoughts, he began to sit up.

"Careful," she said. She walked to him and handed over some clothes that she managed to find. Once dressed, he felt in control again. He began making plans to move, asked questions and soon realized that he would have to take the lady with him. He needed a guide to show him the safest routes to take. He was not yet well enough to take on the shadow soldiers. Besides, he realized that the lady had no where else to go now that she had helped him she could not go back to being a maid to the soldiers. So, off they went as the first lights of dawn lit the dark sky.

As the rode across the snow covered land, Jack realized that he did not know the lady's name. Well, he thought she had introduced herself but his mind had not been all there. But thanks to his angel he was almost as good as new. Jack smiled his first smile in ages, he liked thinking of her as his angel. "What is your name?" came his query.

"I'm Jillian Ravensfort, you may call me Jillian." She was sitting astride in front of him, now she turned back to look at him. She smiled a friendly smile and asked him his name.

Jack told her his name and when she wanted to know more about him, he obliged her. He was pleased by her interest in him and even more pleased that despite her surprise at learning that he was a fairy she still believed him. It felt good to talk to her and to have her believe in him. Yes, he wanted her be interested in Jack the man not the powerful fairy knight. Maybe, just maybe Jillian was really his own personal angel sent to warm the heart of the Frost Knight.

He stirred feelings in her that she had never felt. When their eyes had met she had felt dizzy with excitement. He pulled her closer against him when crossing a particular icy area. She held her breath. My goodness she thought, what is happening to me? I have seen attractive men before but none effected me like this. Was this lust? Yes, she decided she definitely felt lustful towards Jack. But she felt so much more. She liked his name, she was fascinated by his fairy heritage, she admired his courage and she wanted to make him smile. She sighed, she was falling in love with Jack Frost.

They rode hard and fast riding all day and well into the night. They headed north where they could find passage out of the isle. In the wee hours of the night they decided to set camp and rest a while.

Jack thought Jillian was amazing. She had not once complained about the harsh pace he had set. Instead she had helped him think of a way to break magic binding circle. They had agreed that the best way to do so would be by magic so they had to leave the isle and go to the land of the land of the fairies. Jack was excited about taking Jillian to fairyland. It was his home and he wanted her to like it, no more than that he wanted her there with him. He finally admitted to himself that in the space of a few days his angel had melted the ice surrounding his heart. Now, that he had found her he had no intention of letting her get away.

Content for the moment he settled himself beside Jillian, wrapped his arms around her and fell into a peaceful sleep. She could not believe how natural it felt to lay in his arms, she felt safe and cherished. Jillian liked his masculine scent and cuddled closer. She wondered what it would feel like if he made love to her. Yawning, she closed her eyes and dreamed beautiful passionate dreams.

Jack awoke aroused. He found Jillian asleep with her legs entangled with his. Her face rested on his chest and one of her hand lay directly on his erection. Groaning he turned over trapping her beneath him. He had been dying to taste her, to touch her, to make love to her. He had tried to be patient but he had no control left. He had to have her now.

Jillian felt hot and tingly. She sighed and turned her lips towards the man who had invaded her dreams. She was being kissed by Jack Frost. It was delicious, everything she had dreamed it would be. She opened her eyes and moaned his name. His eyes were fire. The look he gave her melted her heart and made her body come alive. He deepened his kiss. Jillian twined her fingers into his hair holding onto him.

Jack moved his hands down her sides, brushing the sides of her breasts, coming to rest on her full hips. She was breathless, and she wanted more. She wanted him in every possible way, hard and demanding, gentle and caring. He felt as if he would explode and he was not even in her. Breathing hard he began to push up her gown. He whispered words of need, of reassurance, of praise and erotic words promising her more pleasure than she has ever had before.

She was not shy, not with him. She eagerly responded to his kisses, to his touch and in turn she kissed and touched him. She rubbed herself against him. Daringly she moved her hand down his abdomen to his hard shaft. "Please, Jack" she breathed. Feeling her small hands stroke his arousal and hearing her softly whispered plea broke whatever control Jack had left.

Jack groaned. He told himself he had to go easy that he did not want to hurt her, but his mouth and hands seemed to have a mind of their own. His hand slid into the soft curls covering her very desire. When he palmed her between her thighs she cried out, her body arching to meet his caress. "Is this what you want?" he asked as his fingers circled the wet opening of her body moving to the delicate peak above. Her only response was an incoherent sound.

His control, snapped. Her only warning was his growl of need before he thrust into her. She cried out in pain and tried to pull away. He held her tight against him, soothing her with love words, giving her time to adjust. Slowly, he began moving in and out, in and out until her cries were on longer of pain but that of pleasure. Soon, she began moving against him and he became wild, going deeper and harder until they were both mindless. They rode together until their world exploded in bliss.


Two days later, Jack and Jillian made their way into the Fairy Court and awaited the audience of the Fairy Queen. She acknowledged Jack's bravery and commended him for a mission well done. She lifted her hands, reciting a spell and Jack once again had his fairy magic. Next, she welcomed Jillian to Fairyland and thanked her for saving one of the Fae. The Queen even invited her to remain with them for she said no one else could manage to coax a smile from the Frost Knight.

To much rejoicing of the Fae Folk winter ended in the cursed isle with the coming of spring. Spring also meant the blooming of flowers and it seemed that Jillian would make a perfect flower fairy. So, that spring Jillian not only became a bride to Jack but also became a minor fairy herself.


Two Years Later.

It was winter again. The cold and ice could be a nuisance, and spring seemed like a blessing, but for Jack Frost, winter was heaven. Winter was a time of magic, it was the time when he found his angel. Jack loved everything about winter, even the inconvenience, for it was that which led him to Jillian.

Jillian was sitting roasting chestnuts by the open fire. She hummed a lovely tune about the Yule. Jack silently walked up to her. Growling playfully he tackled her to the floor and nipped her nose. She laughed and threw her arms around him. He began nibbling on her ear, the base of her throat and finally her lips. They kissed passionately and when they broke a part they were both breathless. "I love You, Jillian" whispered Jack.

He was rewarded with a brilliant smile and "Oh Jack! I love you too." Soon all was forgotten but their need for each other and their love.

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