tagNonHumanWinter with the Wolf Ch. 02

Winter with the Wolf Ch. 02


Hey everyone, thanks so much for the positive feedback on chapter 1. I found some typos after I posted it and I apologize, I don't use a editor so I'll have to proofread more carefully. Also on a note, all thoughts from characters were originally in italics but when I pasted it to the submission box it made them normal. I'm sorry if its hard to follow thoughts in the story! Again, thank you all for being so kind =D I'm having a great experience writing this first ever story and I hope you continue to enjoy!


Donovan resisted grinding his teeth as he crawled down the snow covered main street of Lake Placid. It was pretty much deserted except for a few stragglers fighting their way through the snow on the sidewalks. Even with his heavy duty snow tires on his four wheel drive truck it was very slow going. It was such a drastic difference up here from his home in New York City. The wild nature and forests called to his wolf but he knew he liked the city better. Plenty of women begging to be prey, money to be earned by whatever means necessary and the party never stopped. Only his devotion to his alpha and duty to his pack had dragged him all the way up into these mountains.

His assignment was simple. Locate their deserter beta and eliminate him as ordered by his alpha, Eric. Hopefully it would be just as quick as it was simple so Donovan could get back to his city. As the enforcer for the Manhattan pack, it was Donovan's job to do all of his alpha's dirty work and at the moment, his alpha wanted Keenan dead. Eric always considered Keenan a threat. He was a stronger alpha at heart then Eric would ever be. The only reason he remained beta was because he had no desire to lead.

Eric was taking full advantage of Keenan's departure as an opportunity to turn the pack against him and justify killing him. Rumor was that a lone wolf without a pack went rouge and was dangerous. Donovan tightened his grip on the steering wheel. Whatever Keenan's mental state was, he would obey his alpha and complete the assignment. Keenan was meant nothing to Donovan and he was a coldblooded killer. He had no problem making people disappear.


Mia sighed and looked at the tiny bit of progress she had made on her driveway. The snow had stopped falling sometime earlier this morning, leaving a good 8 inches or so covering her property. It was gorgeous and she loved it to death but when a single woman living by herself didn't own a snow blower, the whole situation turned into a love-hate relationship. She cursed herself as she looked at all she had left to do.

"Moose, you are my witness. See my suffering right now and when I start spending my money on silly things, you remind me of how much I need that snow blower." She called to Moose as he sat perched on top of the snow bank the city plow had created at the end of her drive. Moose looked at her at the sound of his name but gave her no answer.

She hefted her shovel up again and bent over to scoop another load of snow into the grass.

"I swear I'll cut back on the wine and eating out. It'll be good for my figure too."

Moose gave a gruff woof and growled, coming to attention on top of his perch.

"What's up boy? C'mere." He looked at her for a moment and turned to stare at whatever caught his attention before he came bounding up the driveway to stand by her side.

Looking out onto the road Mia's breath caught in her throat as she saw her new neighbor walking towards her house.

"Shit..." she muttered under her breath as she tried to put herself together. She was in her flannel pj pants tucked into her pack boots with only a t shirt and jacket on to cover her lack of a bra. She didn't have to go to work today so she damn sure wasn't getting out of her pjs until absolutely necessary.

Moose whined at her feet as she tried to tame her frazzled hair and wipe the sweat from her brow. Keenan was halfway up her driveway at this point. Of all the times he would come to see her...

"Good morning!" He called as he reached her. Mia stared at him breathlessly. He seemed to glide over the snow with such grace. A friendly smile spread across his attractive face making him seem much more approachable then he did yesterday.

"Hi..." she said, lost for words.

"I just thought I would bring your pie dish back. It was absolutely delicious, thank you so much." Keenan gave her his best smile that he could manage. He knew he didn't leave the best impression yesterday. She looked perfect, her hair loose and wild and her clothes all rumpled but cozy looking. He was sure she was hiding some beautiful curves under all that flannel.

"You ate that whole thing already?!" Mia blurted out before she could stop herself. There she goes, insulting the attractive man in front of her. Maybe this was why she didn't have a boyfriend.

Keenan gave her a wolfish grin. "What can I say; it was that good I just couldn't stop." He handed the pie dish over to her.

"I'm sorry, that was rude of me. I'm glad you enjoyed it so much." Mia met his gaze sheepishly and shivered. His eyes bore into hers with such intensity it almost scared her. As she took the pie dish her snow shovel slipped out of her grasp and started falling towards Keenan. He swiftly grabbed it before she could barely blink.

"Oh! My god, I'm sorry. Let me just run this dish in before I drop that too." She scurried away to put the dish in the house. Moose stood abruptly at her exit and stared at Keenan. He had been unusually quiet the whole time and without Mia there he was on guard.

Keenan looked at the brave dog and smiled at his loyalty. "Don't worry boy...I won't hurt her." He mumbled to the dog softly. He looked away, giving the dog respect since he was on his territory and surveyed the progress Mia had made on her driveway. He juggled the shovel in his hands and put it to use, shoveling the snow like it was cotton.

By time Mia came back outside Keenan had a little over half her driveway cleared. She stared wide eyed as she watched him throw shovel fulls of the heavy wet snow as if it was nothing. His arms flexed with each lift and she couldn't help but appreciate the view. Suddenly she realized she had such a great view because he wasn't wearing a coat or jacket.

Mia rushed over to his side. "Aren't you freez-" Her question cut off into a squeak as she hit a patch of ice underfoot and felt herself go flying. That was, until she hit the set of arms under her that broke her fall and brought her back up, curled tightly into a wall of solid masculine chest. Mia had squeezed her eyes shut at the first sense of falling. Slowly she peeled them open and saw the navy blue of Keenan's shirt. She inhaled gently taking in his cedar and pine scent. Without thinking she nuzzled his neck for more of the comforting smell.

Keenan held her chin gently and looked down at her as her eyes met his. He leaned in slowly and brushed his lips against her parted ones, shivering at the sensation. Mia gasped but didn't back away. It felt like tiny little sparks were tickling her lips and she pressed them against his more fully. She nearly moaned when he nipped her bottom lip with his teeth. His tongue eased teasingly into her mouth, striking her with a desire that shot right to her core.

Mia sucked at his tongue gently, completely at his mercy as he held her. Just as his hand started to feel along her body she came to her senses. Panting for air she pulled back and looked up to see him smiling down at her with a lazy look in his eyes as if he was the cat that caught the canary.

"I'm sorry, I'm so clumsy." Mia struggled out of his arms and righted herself on her own two feet.

"I'm definitely not sorry..." Keenan replied, still looking at her as if he wanted to devour her.

Mia blushed deeply and couldn't meet his gaze again. "I was going to say...you must be freezing. Please, would you like to come inside? I can get you some tea or coffee or something." She knew darn well that he didn't feel cold and she had proof he could make her burning hot. She turned and gestured towards the house where Moose sat waiting by the door.

"Sure, some tea sounds good...or something." Keenan knew he was barely concealing the huge erection he had but he felt no shame in showing off what she did to him. As she turned he followed her into the house, enjoying the scent of her desire.

They began kicking their boots off at the door and Mia got her coat halfway undone before she remembered her lack of underwear. There was no way she could go parading around with her voluptuous double D breasts free for all the testosterone next to her to stare at. She wasn't sure which one of them would be more uncomfortable. She quickly zipped her coat back up and led Keenan to the kitchen.

"Is earl grey okay?" Mia busied herself in the kitchen getting the cups and tea pretending that the incident in the driveway didn't just happen.

"Of course, a little milk if you have it would be good." Keenan sat himself on one of the stools around the island in the center of the kitchen and watched her dance around. "Can I take your coat for you?"

"No! Ah...no, thank you." Mia could feel his eyes on her and knew he was watching her every move. She set the cups out on the island and placed the kettle on the stove. Making her way over to the fridge she pulled out the half gallon of milk she had. Just as she closed the fridge door she nearly jumped as a giant hand appeared on the door just beside her head. She turned and found Keenan towering over her. He gently took the milk from her with his other hand and placed it safely on the island before bracing himself on her other side, trapping her against the refrigerator. "Mia..." He leaned in closer and watched her as she licked her lips nervously.

Mia looked up at him helplessly. How on earth could this man make her melt so instantly? She didn't know anything about him but here she was so ready to get in his pants. She thought briefly about the last time she'd gotten laid and realized she couldn't remember how long ago that was. What the hell she thought and snaked her arms up around his neck, finding her confidence to kiss him hard.

Keenan groaned at her surrender and ran his hands down her sides and around her back to grip her ass just as he dreamed. Her soft pajama pants gave way easily to let him grope and feel every curvy of her sexy bottom. He grabbed her hips gently and picked her up. Spinning her around he placed her on the island, never breaking their kiss. Her tongue tangled with his while he his exploration of her was greatly hampered by her coat.

"Show me what you're hiding from me Mia." He mumbled into her mouth huskily.

He unzipped the coat and slipped it off her shoulders but couldn't take it off completely as her hands were glued to his body trying to pull him closer.

Her breasts were finally free and Keenan took his first eager feel of them, groaning into her mouth they filled his hands, heavy and soft. His thumbs brushed against her nipples, just barely separated by the thin scrap of her shirt. Mia gasped for breath and scooted to the edge of the table, spreading her legs so he stood in between them.

All of Keenan's petting and squeezing was making her ache and she pulled herself against him nestling his hard cock right up against her core. A low growl sounded next to her ear and she froze. Keenan paused at her reaction and gave a soft cough.

"Sorry..ah..." A low squeal turned into a shrieking kettle as the water on the stove began to boil. It was enough to pierce through Mia's haze of lust for...the second time today?

Keenan's wolf snapped its teeth at the damn kettle and whined as Mia wiggled from their grasp to silence it. He didn't mean to scare her. She felt so right in his arms neither Keenan nor his wolf could seem to control themselves. He sat down slowly while Mia poured the tea. They waited in silence for a while, unsure where to go from there. Keenan noticed she had again zippered her coat protectively and she stood awkwardly with her tea on the other side of the island. He scolded himself for not saying something and making her so uncomfortable.

"Mia, I'm sorry I've come on to you like this. It was inappropriate and I swear it wasn't my intention. Can I make it up to you? Would you allow me to take you to dinner?" He asked carefully.

Mia met his gaze and considered his offer. This man echoed of danger and wild power and she wanted him, that was for sure, but it was the intensity of her need that scared her. At least a dinner would be public and maybe she could learn more about who he actually was instead of how great his body felt against hers, not that she wanted to forget that anytime soon.

"Sure, I would love to."

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