tagGroup SexWinter Wonderland

Winter Wonderland


In Alaska, you can always count on a White Christmas.

Which was good news to snowmachiners like Frank and his wife Rita, her friend Debbie and his friend Dave. With Frank and Rita’s advertising business starting to take off, they decided to buy a Christmas present for themselves--a cabin in the woods, 120 miles from town. The snow was thick enough for snowmachining, so they bought themselves four new Ski-Doos and invited Debbie and Dave to help break them in over Christmas.

They rode for two hours in Frank and Rita’s truck, towing the trailer of snowmachines behind them. It was another half-hour at slow speed, bouncing along the icy road, before they made it to the cabin. By that time, it was too late to go riding, so they decided to settle in and relax for the evening, saving the outdoor fun for Christmas Eve.

Frank and Rita grabbed the bedroom, while Dave and Debbie set out their separate sleeping bags on the floor of the main room. Frank was Dave's former co-worker; Debbie was Rita's best friend.

Debbie went to the bathroom with her toiletries and her robe. Dave took off his clothes and crawled into his sleeping bag. As he read the magazine he had brought with him, he tried not to listen to the giggling coming from the cabin's bedroom, but when he heard a Rita give a loud sigh, his stomach began to tighten a little.

"Wait till their light is off," he herd her implore Frank.

More giggling.

Debbie came out of the bathroom dressed only in her silk kimono. She was about to say something, but stopped when Dave grinned and placed his finger to his lips.

Dave blew out the lantern. Debbie made her way across the room quietly. Dave strained to hear if his friends were making love, but was distracted by the silhouette of Debbie dropping her robe and slipping naked into her own sleeping bag.

They turned to each other when they heard the first moan come from Rita. Dave could just make out the smile as Debbie's eyes reflected the moonlight from the cabin's lone window. He listened more intently. He could hear a shuffling of sheets. He heard a little more giggling then a serious sigh. He felt a little bad listening to his friend have sex, but it was starting to turn him on.

A loud moan emerged from the other room and Dave's cock swelled in response. He rolled over onto his stomach and pressed it pleasantly against his belly. He glanced over at Debbie and saw a bit of movement under the sleeping bag. She shot a smile over at Dave, then her moonlight illuminated eyes winked out and her soft moan matched Rita's from the other room.

"Oh, shit, baby," they heard Rita moan.

Dave rolled over onto his back again and took his cock in his hand for some stroking. The rustling of the sleeping bag was loud in his ears.

Debbie's fingers found her pussy and stroked it solidly. Moments later her lips and fingers were coated with her juices. She could see Dave stroking his cock just a few feet away and she could hear her best friend getting fucked in the next room. Her heart pounded with excitement. She felt an emotional connection to all of them, almost as though they were all making love together. She let the emotions mix with the throbbing of her clitoris and felt herself carried away toward orgasm.

Dave closed his eyes and listened to the sounds of passion. Rita rhythmic grunts were slightly muffled by the door, but he could hear each of Frank's powerful thrusts. Just a few feet away, Debbie gasped and sighed as her fingers coaxed an orgasm from her wet pussy.

"Here it comes, Rita," the eavesdroppers heard. Rita squealed in response, then gave a quivering moan as her orgasm struck.

"That's it," Frank encouraged. "Come while I fill you. Ohhhh!"

Debbie squeaked as she started to come.

Dave watched her body twitch in the moonlight. His toes curled and his legs bent. The come shot out of his spasming cock and all over his stomach. As he squeezed the last of his juice out, he felt the come spread out and stick to the sleeping bag.

He relaxed for a moment and enjoyed the soft sighing of two contented women. He climbed out of the sleeping bag, holding his wet, limp cock as he made his way to the bathroom. Just as he reached it, the bedroom door opened and Frank moved quickly toward Dave. The two naked men shared an awkward stare. Dave noticed that a baggy condom still hung from Frank's dick. They laughed softly.

"After you," Frank said.

The next morning, none of them quite knew what to say to each other. They had shared something, but not so much. A few giggles were exchanged as they devoured bowls of oatmeal. As Frank and Dave collected the plates for washing, Debbie was the first to make reference to the previous night's encounter.

"How was your night, Rita?" she asked.

Dave and Frank chuckled, blushed, and quickly moved to the sink to wash the dishes. Rita did not seem to get Debbie's drift.

"Wonderful," she beamed. "I love sleeping in cabins. It's so peaceful."

"Lots of rest, then?"

"Oh, yeah. I had a great night. How about you? I'm sorry you had to sleep on the floor."

"Oh, I was fine. I had a nice night as well."

Debbie grinned and chuckled. Just as she was about to press the issue again, Frank and Dave decided to end the conversation.

"Maybe we should get ready for a ride," Dave suggested, with Frank nodding furiously.

Debbie chuckled.

"Sure!" Rita beamed.

They put on their warmest clothes and ventured through the snow to the snowmachines. Soon they were speeding across the ground, following a twisting trail through the trees. Things went fine until they were nearly back to the cabin. Something on Rita’s machine snapped and she lost control, tumbling into the snow. Debbie screamed. Frank and Dave bounded along the trail and found Rita struggling to dig her way out of the snow.

They pulled her free and dusted the snow off her, but it had gotten into her clothes. Frank made sure she wasn’t hurt while Dave looked at the snowmachine. There was nothing he could do for it. They decided to tow it back slowly, with Rita riding behind Frank.

Back at the cabin, Debbie worked on starting a fire while Dave spread out some blankets for Rita. Frank helped her out of her wet clothes until she climbed under the blanket in just her bra and panties.

Dave and Frank took off their wet clothes and got under the blanket. Feeling a little left out, Debbie did the same.

"This is Cozy," Rita said, giggling, as she glanced at the naked men flanking her. The men giggled back. Debbie just smiled and peeked over Dave's shoulders at Rita.

Frank leaned over and kissed his wife on the cheek. Rita blushed.

"Oo!" she said. "Stop that."


"Your hand, sweetie," she whispered.

"Oh, sorry, honey."

The group burst into a mass giggle.

The moment became suddenly awkward.

Debbie pulled the blanket tight around her body. The others watched as her arms fumbled under the cover. Suddenly, her hands emerged holding her bra and panties. Everyone laughed and smiled. Rita blushed. Debbie raised her eyebrows at the others until, one by one, they tossed their underwear across the room.

Rita sighed and leaned back, enjoying the warmth of the fire and the pleasant closeness of Frank and Dave. Suddenly, she felt another hand tickling her leg. She giggled but didn't tell Frank to stop.

Frank leaned over and kissed her cheek again, this time softly. His lips lingered on her skin for a moment before placing another, longer kiss on her lips. She sighed softly as he lifted slightly away from her. They looked into each other's eyes and shared their passion for each other.

She glanced at the bedroom door and was about to say something when she felt Frank's hands stroking her stomach. She sighed loudly and closed her eyes. That's when she felt Dave touch her.

Dave's hand started boldly on her thighs. She enjoyed his touch for a moment before deciding to tell him to stop. Before she could, however, Frank's hands were on her legs as well. She was suddenly not sure who was touching her where.

Rita managed to look over at Dave. She couldn't decide if his grin was serious or silly. Her body was starting to ignite, however, and that was serious. A finger pressed between her legs and slid up to her delta. She only had a moment to think about protesting before the finger reached her lips.

She moaned loudly as the finger manipulated her labia. Moments later, she was dripping wet. Her lips swelled to meet his touch. She took a deep, ragged breath and opened her legs.

A second hand joined the first at her pussy. She could hear the men chuckle as their fingers met above her bush. She gasped as they both moved for her clit at the same time.

"Okay, boys," she panted. "That's enough."

"Enough what?" Frank asked.

"I have no idea what you're talking about," Dave said.

Debbie laughed and leaned closer.

Under the blanket, fingers, wet with her juices, stroked her clitoris. She moaned loudly. Her control was finally lost when a pair of fingers pushed deep into her pussy.

Frank kissed her lips, then leaned over and sucked hard on a nipple. Dave followed his cue and wrapped his lips around her other tit. Rita stroked their hair as they nursed. Her hips started to rock against the incessantly probing fingers. Her pussy was flowing. Her senses were nearing overload.

Frank looked up from her breast and smiled.

"Do you want to fulfill your fantasy?" he asked.

"Oh my God," she gasped.

Frank rose to his feet and chuckled. Rita knew what fantasy he was talking about and she nearly came at that moment. Her heart was pounding so loud she could feel it in her eyeballs. She watched as Frank strolled into the bedroom. Dave and Debbie exchanged a questioning glance.

They were answered when Frank returned, holding a box of condoms and a bottle of Astroglide.

"Oh, God, Frank," Rita gasped. "I can't believe this."

"Lie back, Dave," Frank directed.

Dave rolled onto his back. Debbie rolled on top of him and kissed his lips. Dave could feel his cock rubbing against her thick bush.

"Oh fuck," Debbie commented. "You're both going to do her."

Frank tossed the blanket off, exposing them all to each other. Debbie blushed and pulled her fingers from her own pussy as they all gave her a brief smile.

Frank knelt down behind his wife. He could see Dave's cock sliding along Rita's lips. He tore open a condom, then grabbed Dave's cock at the base. He quickly and smoothly rolled the rubber over Dave's head and all the way down. Dave jumped, then groaned as Frank gave his cock a quick stroke. He gripped Dave's cock in one hand and spread Rita's labia with the other. She pulled herself to her knees and eased back onto Dave.

Four moans filled the room as she sank herself onto Dave's cock. She leaned over him and gave him a kiss as she fucked him slowly. She felt Frank's wet finger at her backdoor. She almost burst with pleasure as the lubed finger invaded her ass. Frank squirted more lube directly on her asshole and used his finger to slip it inside her, getting her slick for his cock.

Rita groaned as Frank pulled his finger out of her. She fucked Dave hard to make up for it. Frank slipped on his own condom and dripped more Astroglide onto it. When it was wet and slippery, he straddled Dave's legs, pushing his knees between Rita's.

Rita spread her legs farther to give him more room. She felt his cock rest against her opening. She forced herself to stop fucking Dave when she felt the head of his cock push against her anus. It was maddening: Dave's cock was twitching inside her and her muscles were clenching him back. She was on the verge of a wonderful climax but she had to stay still. She leaned over and wrapped her arms tight around Dave.

Frank pressed the head of his lubed cock against her asshole. He pushed firmly and it slid inside. Rita gasped. Frank slid half his cock into her. She squeezed back against it, gripping Dave's cock hard in the process. All three of them moaned. Debbie giggled.

Frank shoved the rest of the way into his wife's ass. She lunged forward with the thrust, sliding Dave's cock gently out her cunt. Frank pulled her back onto Dave as he withdrew. Soon they set up a rhythm. Frank shoving her off Dave, then pulling her back onto him. She was always filled. Her pussy felt like it was getting a total massage. She wrapped her arms around Dave and held on as the pleasure flooded her. She shut her eyes tight and grunted loud with every stroke of her pussy and ass. She felt waves pulsing through her body and cascading down through her soul.

She felt the pleasure turn sharp and change into orgasm, somewhere. The climax seemed to catch in her throat for a moment, before it crashed into her like a train wreck. Her muscles gripped her two cocks, massaging them as she came. She screamed and gripped Dave.

Rita's pulsing ass was too much for Frank to take. As Rita's orgasm died down, he felt his own come welling up in his balls. His cock tensed against her quivering ass, then erupted. He shoved deep into her and held there as he came. With a soft groan, he withdrew and collapsed on the blanket next to his wife and friend.

Rita continued to fuck Dave, a little slower now. Dave caught her hair in his hand. He whispered in her ear, "I want you to come again. Keep fucking me, Rita."

Rita gasped and felt her pussy twitch. She sat up straight, driving his cock all the way into her cunt. She rode his cock, pushing hard onto him with her legs. Every thrust sent a bolt of soft pleasure to her worn and open ass. Her pussy was juicy and sensitive. She was ready for more fucking.

Rita glanced over at her spent husband. He gave her a warm smile. She smiled back at him between grunts. She closed her eyes and fucked Dave hard, moaning and grunting. Her mind was lost in the pleasure she felt. It was wonderful and she let it consume her.

She felt fingers over her bush and smiled at Frank's return to the game. She felt a finger circle her asshole. Her well-fucked ass quickly opened to accept the digit. It felt perfect, to be fucking Dave hard and to feel Frank's finger in her ass, too.

But something wasn't right. The finger over her pussy found her clit and pulled the hood back, exposing her hard bud to Dave on every stroke. The intensity started to peak for her, but something was wrong. It didn't feel like Frank.

Just then, she felt Debbie's soft breasts against her back. She gasped and stopped in mid stroke. She wanted to hide, but her pussy was twitching and spasming, getting ready to come.

"It's okay, sweetie," Debbie whispered. "I'm just gonna help you come. That's it, baby. Get that pussy working again. Mmmm, yeah. Big cock deep in your wet cunt. I'll just hold your clit here and help you out, okay?"

Rita's pussy was gushing again. Debbie's dirty talk was making her cream. Debbie's finger worked her ass in tight circles. Debbie pressed a finger against Rita's clit, pushing it into Dave's pounding cock. Rita's clit was on fire from all the attention.

"Oh!" Rita called. "I'm close. Make me come!"

"That's it, Rita. Come big for me baby," Debbie whispered.

Rita tumbled into a giant orgasm, wildly riding Dave's cock and humping against Debbie's manipulations. The orgasm seemed to build and when she came down, she was nearly ready to come again. Dave reached up and took her nipples in his fingers, pulling them tight.

"You're insatiable, Rita!" Debbie teased.

Rita's eyes exploded as her body pulsed with her third climax. Her pussy gripped Dave's hard cock tight. Dave shut his eyes and tensed his cock back against her as she rode him. He felt the head start to swell and the wonderful sense of impending orgasm wash through him.

"Gonna come!" he shouted.

He could feel the come dripping from his cock. He tried to hold onto that sensation and enjoy the moment of climax, but her squeezing pussy coaxed him over the edge. His cock pulsed against her. The head was so sensitive he thought he would die from the sensation. His come shot out of his cock and into the condom. He pulsed and pulsed and pulsed, loving each contraction. His fingers gripped her nipples as he enjoyed the come.

Dave moaned and collapsed back, letting go of her tits.

Debbie lifted Rita quickly off Dave and dropped her on her back. Before Rita could figure out what had happened, Debbie was on top of her, straddling her face, with her tongue buried in Rita's pussy. Rita moaned like she had never moaned in her life. Almost without thinking about it, she planted her lips against Debbie's dripping labia. She quickly found that she loved the taste. She wrapped her arms around Debbie's ass and pulled her pussy onto her face.

They ate each other wildly. Debbie sank two fingers into Rita and pulled her clit roughly into her mouth to suck. Rita moaned into Debbie's pussy. She let her tongue play between Debbie's lips and tried to drink all her juices. They moaned and grunted against each other. Rita felt completely crazy. She let herself go wild, lapping at Debbie's snatch.

Rita opened her eyes for a moment and saw an amazing thing. Dave and Frank were both watching them, masturbating. Dave's hand was stroking his cock almost as fast as Debbie's fingers were fucking Rita. The sight pushed her quickly into another orgasm.

"Oh my God!" she screamed.

Rita tried to keep her mouth on Debbie's cunt as she came. She moaned and wailed and flooded Debbie's face. Rita looked up just in time to watch Frank's come shoot out of his cock, onto the blanket. She humped her clit against Rita's mouth and let loose with the mammoth come she had been working on all night. Rita sucked her clit into her mouth and held on tight. Debbie held her breath as her body convulsed against her friend.

Dave stroked the head of his cock as he watched Debbie spasm. His come shot into his fingers, coating the head even as it continued to stroke. His eyes locked with Debbie and for a moment, their pulses were in sync.

Dave and Rita and Frank and Debbie fell over each other in a pile of sweaty, sticky, come-soaked bodies.

There was no talk of going to bed that night. They pulled the blanket over themselves and slept in front of the fire, hugging each other all night long. It looked like Christmas morning was going to be one they would never forget.

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