Winter Work Retreat


Her own orgasm was still wracking her body, held at its peak by his thrusting dick when the first huge shot of his cum lanced up into her pussy. "OHHHH YES!" She cried as his body jerked time and again, pumping squirt after squirt of hot cream into her already sopping wet pussy. She finally eased her grip on his head and allowed him to straighten up as his body stopped spasming and jerking, her own climax finally fading.

"Oh my god that was good." She panted as she stroked his head and back, both of them gasping to gather more oxygen into their trembling bodies.

"Oh god yes." Mike agreed breathlessly. It had been months since he had the opportunity to enjoy a woman, and she had more than drawn the need to a peak in him.

She moved her legs down until they were nearly straight again, using them to clamp her pussy around his shrinking dick. "I'm not quite ready to let you go yet." She whispered before pulling his head down to her face so she could press her lips to his. She kissed him sensuously for several minutes, her tongue slipping into his mouth and teasing his tongue as she nibbled his lips and her hot soft breath teased his lips. She finally broke the kiss, panting heavily. "See if you can roll us over." She whispered, wrapping her arms around him tightly to keep them together.

Mike didn't have much trouble, using his arms to roll them on the king sized bed, leaving her on top of him. She snaked her arms out from behind him and lifted herself until just her nipples were touching his chest, her shouldering eyes still showing the depths of her desire for him.

"So you like my tits?" She whispered as she began moving her chest side to side, stroking his nipples with hers, teasing both back hard again.

Mike laid his head back as he pulled a pillow over, enjoying the sensations, which were having the effect she apparently desired. Slowly his dick began to grow inside her, drawing a smile from her as she felt the increase in pressure.

"Ohhhh that's what I wanted to feel. Just keep thinking about how good it's going to feel when I'm riding your hard dick, your hands holding onto my big bouncing titties." She whispered as she began to slowly wiggle her hips around, letting her pussy massage his growing dick.

"Oh I do like that idea."

"Good. I know I do." She said as she pulled her knees up each side of his body, careful not to pull herself off his quickly hardening member. She leaned her chest down and teased her nipples across his chest again, wiggling her pelvis and rocking herself on his dick. "Oh yes. That's it." She said after several minutes of teasing him this way. She lifted herself up, stroking her wet pussy up and down his shaft slowly. "uh uh uh! It's my turn to tease you." She said with a giggle, stroking up his shaft and holding just his head inside her pussy, moving herself up higher when she felt him trying to push himself into her. "You just lay there and take it like you made me do!"

"Yes ma'am." He answered, moving his hands to her firm tits and allowing himself to relax on the bed.

"That's it. Just enjoy." She said as she stroked herself down his shaft, grinding herself onto him for several seconds before making the trip back up. "You know, if I would have known you were this good in bed I would have tried to seduce you a long time ago!"

"I wish you would have." He said in a half groan as she stroked slowly down his again stiff member.

Marlene groaned in appreciation as Mike squeezed her tits and nipples in time with her strokes. "MMMMMMM! Just keep doing that." She cooed as she began riding him faster, her orgasm creeping slowly up the slope toward climax.

"Oh shit yes." Mike gasped as her soft slow strokes reached a faster pace, her body slapping down hard on him, driving his rock hard dick up into her until there was no room left to take him. Again and again she slammed down, each time squeaking with the sensations of his dick hitting the end of her tunnel and her clit banging into the base of his cock. "Oh god. Here it comes!" Mike moaned as his body screamed at him that he was about to unload into her again.

"Oh god yes! That's it! Cum inside me! Fill my pussy with your fuck juice! That's what I'm waiting for!" she cried in pleasure, her own climax only seconds away.

With a jerk the first shot of cum pushed up into her, filling her pussy with a renewed hot wetness that triggered her own climax. The two of them jerked and trembled as his dick pumped shot after shot of hot juice into her. Their mutual climax lasted an eternity before she slowly lowered herself down on him, her heaving chest causing her firm tits and still hard nipples slide around on his, both of them wet with sweat.

"God that was incredible." Marlene panted, looking down at Mike's face.

"God yes." He panted in return as his hands idly stroked her back and firm ass. They lay for some time, his dick finally softening and slipping from her pussy, uncorking a gush of their combined cum.

"I think that just made a mess." Marlene said with a giggle.

"Probably. I think we both need a shower now."

"Hmmm do we have time to share one?"

Mike looked at his watch and groaned. "No. Dinner is in fifteen minutes."

"Damn!" She said pushing off of him. "We don't want everyone knowing we've been fucking. You better go shower and I'll see you down at dinner." She said as she practically ran into the bathroom and closed the door behind her.

Reluctantly Mike got up and dressed, managing to slip out of her room and into his own room unnoticed. He pulled on a nice polo and a pair of dockers before pulling his low top hikers back on. Looking respectable, he headed for the door, wondering what was in store for dinner, and if Marlene would try to avoid him so people wouldn't gossip. He was so lost in thought as he walked out his door that he almost bumped into Cindy and her friend Adrian coming out of their room. "Oh, I'm sorry." He said with the startled look still on his face.

"No problem Mike!" Cindy said with a smile, looping one of her arms around one of his. "We were looking for a handsome escort to dinner anyway."

"Yeah. You won't mind, will you?" Adrian asked as she closed the door behind her and looped her arm in Mike's other arm.

"Um... I suppose not." He replied, his mind trying to shift from thinking about Marlene to the present situation.

"Come on Cindy. I think he forgot where the elevators were." Adrian said with a giggle, pulling him by the arm down the hall.

"That or he just doesn't know how to act with two gorgeous women hanging on him." Cindy replied, squeezing Mike's arm and smiling up at him.

"I think I can figure it out, given a moment or two." Mike finally said, getting his mind on the two next to him. They stopped in front of the elevator, Cindy reaching out and pushing the button. Mike looked down at the two women, realizing that they were quite gorgeous, making him feel very underdressed.

Cindy had on a long white sleeveless dress with a high collar that looked like some kind of sweater material, which clung to every curve of her body, including the two small bumps of her nipples perched on the end of her orange sized breasts. Her blond hair was tied back in some kind of a loopy ponytail that held her hair up off her neck and back. The dress clung to her so well he wondered if she wore anything under it, not seeing any lines from panties or bra.

Adrian was dressed very differently, but equally elegant. Her long sleeved powder blue dress was well filled out, from its deep cut neckline to its short skirt, ending about halfway down to her knees. She smiled to let him know she caught him checking her out, and pressed her hip to his as a sign she didn't mind. Mike almost didn't notice the elevator doors open, and Cindy moved them forward to step in, turning them so they were facing the doors again. She reached out and pushed the button, letting the doors close on them.

"And the answer is no." Cindy whispered with a giggle.

"Huh? No what?" Mike asked surprised.

"No, I'm not wearing anything under the dress. I saw you looking and wondering. Only the three of us know for sure. Let's keep that our little secret."

"Ok." Mike said looking down, wondering how he was going to hide the bulge in his pants.

Adrian turned slightly toward Mike and reached her free hand to the front of his pants and squeezed his dick, straightening it out as it grew. "Maybe that'll help." She said with a giggle. "He does have a big one." She said past Mike to Cindy.

"I know. Looks like it might be a nice one to ride." Cindy said just before the doors opened.

Mike was glad there was no one waiting to go up, since Adrian was still pulling her hand from his crotch while the doors were opening. Cindy led them out of the elevator and across the main sitting room of the lodge and down the short hall to the conference area. At first only a few heads turned when they walked in, but almost like dominos the heads of all the younger engineers turned to see Mike with both lovely ladies on his arms. The engineering department has its share of women, many in the support sections, but there were still a number of women engineers in the group, although far outnumbered by the men. Mike immediately felt a bit self conscious with two women when most of the younger guys were queuing up for a shot at the many fewer young women.

"Looks like we're drawing attention." Adrian said quietly. "Maybe we should give them something to look at?"

"Why not?" Cindy replied with a grin. "You don't mind, do you?" She asked Mike she stepped in front of him and reached her face up to his, giving him a wet kiss, holding her lips to his and tasting his lips long enough to make it clear this was no friendly peck. She broke the kiss after several seconds and released his arm to walk over toward one of the large oak tables set up for the dinner.

Adrian, taking Cindy's lead, stepped in front of him and pressed not only her lips to his, but her whole body against his. Mike could feel her hardening nipples pressing against his chest as she pressed her tongue into his mouth, making the kiss more sensuous by the second. Mike wrapped his arms around her waist and held her until she broke the kiss, whispering to him. "Gotta do that again later. I'm already wet." Mike was still standing almost in shock, when she pulled from his arms and led him toward the table, now every set of eyes in the place focused on them.

Adrian guided Mike to a seat next to Cindy, and then sat down on the other side of him, trapping him between the two beauties.

Mike busied himself with unfolding the napkin in front of him while he tried to recover his senses after Adrian's kiss. "Nice cover. You'd never know you just got fucked." He heard Marlene whisper over his shoulder before she walked around the table and took a seat across from the three of them.

Fortunately the dinner was called for everyone to sit, breaking the tension that Mike was feeling. Dinner went by quickly, with the two women next to Mike chatting with him non-stop. As they were serving desert, Marlene looked over at him and winked, scooping a spoon full of ice cream and seductively sucking it off her spoon, clearly suggesting that there was something else she would like to suck. Unfortunately those thoughts were derailed as dinner ended and it was announced that there would be some team bonding after dinner. Names of group members were read off, being told to break up and move to the appropriate rooms. All three of the girls were assigned to different groups and rooms than he was.

Mike pushed away from the table with the girls, each giving him another wet kiss before they headed off to the rooms for their groups. Marlene raised her eyebrows and then gave him a wicked grin as she turned, allowing him to see her firm ass sway its way across the room in the surprisingly short dress she was wearing.

"Man you are one lucky SOB," one of the young guys said as he came up behind Mike.

"How's that?"

"Having two beauties flirting with you like that? Man if you don't screw them your crazy. We all thought they were lezzies. I guess they got eyes for you though."

"I don't know, I just have a room by theirs and came down with them." Mike said innocently.

"Yeah right. You keep saying that, but none of us are going to believe that." He said as he slapped Mike on the back.

"I suppose not." Mike replied as the two walked toward one of the smaller meeting rooms.

As they walked into the meeting room, Mike saw it was mostly guys, with only two ladies in the room. The program leader walked over and handed each an envelope and told them to find a seat.

"Ok. For those of you who don't know me, I'm John Fredson. I'm the program leader for tonight. This is a group interaction program designed to get to know each other a bit more personally. You each have a list of questions on the card in your envelope. No one knows who has what questions, and yes there are more questions than there are spaces on each card, so some of you will have questions that some of the others don't have. We're going to go around the room, reading and answering the first question. Now, some of these questions can be made quite personal depending on how you treat them. Our goal here is to get to know each other better, not start a sexual harassment law suit." He said with a chuckle and a look at Mike, "So with that in mind, let's try to keep it clean, and if for any reason you feel uncomfortable with the question or what is being said, speak up immediate please. So... we'll start over here with Tod, and work around."

Mike leaned back and opened his envelope to see what questions he had. There were only three on his card, but they were not going to be easy to answer. He didn't have a lot of time to think about them because they had started going around. Several people went, reading their question and answering them, some obviously embarrassed and some not. Tina Summers was sitting two seats away from Mike, but got his full attention at her question and answer.

"Well, my question is if I could be stranded on a desert island with only one person in the room, who would it be and why? Gosh I think that's easy. It would have to be Mike. Anyone that can keep those two happy must be really something." She said with a giggle, looking directly at Mike.

"Wow. That's a real killer for the rest of us guys!" Ted, the guy sitting next to her said.

"Well, it's true. Those two chatted his head off during dinner and he just sat there and listened, and well, hell, if a couple lesbians want to be near him he's either gotta be really good in bed or have something equally interesting."

"I think we need to cut your drinks off Tina. You are wayyy too drunk." One of the guys across the room called to her.

"Hey, it's my pick, not yours!" She said, getting up and walking over to Mike. She plunked down on his lap and wrapped her arms around his neck. "How about you? Would I be your pick to get stranded with?"

Mike looked up at her face, not at all sure what to answer. Finally he opened his mouth. "Well, I can't see any reason not to pick you."

"WHOOOO!" One of the guys across the room shouted. "Don't let Cindy hear that!"

Tina climbed from Mike's lap and leaned down to kiss him on the cheek before walking back to her seat and dropping into it.

Mike was just getting his composer back when it was his turn to read and answer. "Ok. Who wrote these? If I was stranded in a bathroom with nothing but a woman's dress, and outside was a room full of people, would you wear the dress, run naked or try to flag someone down to help you? Man who thinks these things up, and how the heck would I end up in a bathroom naked with nothing but a woman's dress?"

"They came from a consultant, but you don't have to answer if it makes you uncomfortable." John said with a grin. "But I'm sure Jennifer and Tina want to hear the answer to that one just the same."

"Well, given the choice, I guess I'd have to hope that it was a nice looking dress. I just simply don't look good in a short dress. I don't have the legs for it!" Mike answered, the room breaking up in laughter.

"Good answer!" Jennifer, the software engineer sitting across the room, called. "Let me know if you need one to try on. I'm sure I can find one to fit, or at least I can have fun watching you try to get into it!"

Everyone laughed again and then the questions went on, working around the room several times. The questions ranged from the absurd to sexy, fortunately none that ended up embarrassing Mike further.

The group broke up and Mike headed up to his room, more than ready to hit the sack. He was still thinking about the strange day it had been as he stripped down and pulled on a pair of warm flannel pajamas before crawling between the king sized bed sheets. He clicked off the light and laid his head on the pillow as he thought about Marlene. He closed his eyes thinking about her sexy body and was soon fast asleep.

Mike's watch alarm went off and drug him out of a fitful sleep. It only took a few minutes to shower and dress before heading down to the restaurant for breakfast. Marlene waved him over to a small table and practically dragged him into the chair next to her.

"Morning hot stuff." She whispered. "Are we going to get to have some fun later? I hear they have a really nice steam bath here."

"I hadn't heard." Mike replied, thinking how nice it might be to have her again, and wondered idly if it bothered her playing outside her marriage.

"So what do you want to eat?" She asked seductively.

"That depends. What's on the menu?"

"Anything you want lover." She whispered.

"Morning all!" Dan, one of the other engineers said as he pulled the seat out across from Marlene and dropped into it. "How's breakfast this morning?"

"Don't know yet. Just got here myself." Mike replied as Marlene pressed her leg against his to let him know this conversation wasn't over yet.

"So you two going out on the slopes this morning?"

"Not me." Mike replied quickly. "Can't pay me enough to do that."

"Oh what a spoil sport!" Marlene replied with a smile. "I could swear I heard you say you'd try anything once!"

"Just about. Haven't found anything yet that could entice me to do that though."

"Well, I heard Cindy in the ladies room earlier saying that she had a sure fire way to get you out there."

"I doubt that she'll find a way." Mike answered with finality.

"I wouldn't be too sure. She can be quite...persuasive as I hear it!" Marlene said with a grin.

"And with that I'm going to go hit the buffet!" Mike responded, shaking his head, but smiling the whole time.

Marlene followed him to the table of food and then back again, staying close the whole time. They ate a nice assortment of breakfast foods and made small talk with Dan before excusing themselves to leave.

"So, you going out on the slopes with me?" Marlene asked Mike as they waited for the elevator.

"Actually, I don't think so. I may come out and watch, but I don't really have any interest in skiing."

"Not even if it means helping me warm up later?"

Mike smiled at her. "I don't have to ski to do that."

"True!" She said with a grin as the doors opened. Cindy and Adrian stepped out, both of them dressed in what looked like matching, but different colored snow pants and parkas.

"There you are! We came to make sure you came out to play." Cindy said as she took his hands and pulled him back into the elevator. "Come on. We gotta go get you dressed. You can't ski like that!"

"I can't ski at all." Mike protested as the doors closed on the four of them.

"And you aren't going to try?" Adrian asked, playing with the zipper of her pink parka.

"Not likely." Mike said flatly.

"You mean you'd let a girl go out in that terrible cold all alone with nothing to keep her warm?" She asked, pulling the zipper of her parka down and letting it swing open. Her finger moved to the zipper of her coverall style snow pants and began to slowly pull it down. As she unzipped the pants it became more and more clear that there was little if anything on under the winter outfit.

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