Winter Work Retreat


"Looks like the ladies have plans for you." Marlene said with a chuckle.

"We do." Adrian said, pulling the parka apart a few inches to reveal the creamy white skin of her chest and breasts, just short of showing her nipples.

"You better say yes." Marlene said to Mike. "Or there may not be enough left of you for later."

"Oh, don't worry. We'll leave some for you." Cindy said, her zipper now down as far as Adrian's. She pulled the coat and pants apart to expose her bare chest, tits and sexy nipples, exposing herself to her waist and almost to her mound. "Just as long as he plays like a good boy."

"I know when I'm beat. You girls have fun with him. Just try not to hurt him, ok?"

"Sure thing Marlene." Cindy replied as she pulled her coat back in place and zipped it as the doors opened.

Mike was unceremoniously drug down the hall toward his room, where the three of them went in to "help Mike dress", while Marlene continued on to her own room, blowing Mike a kiss as she left.

"Now, what do we have to wear?" Cindy said, opening the closet and looking at the clothes Mike had brought to wear.

She pulled out a pair of medium weight coveralls, and a camo hunting jacket. "These should do!"

Mike took the offered clothes from them and sat down to pull the pants on.

"Uh uh. You can't have fun like that!" Adrian said, reaching for the pants and pulling on them to pull them from him.

"What, you want me to go naked or something?"

"Hell yes! You can't fuck that way. We figure this is our one chance to play a fantasy and get fucked on the slopes. You wouldn't deny us that, would you?" Cindy said as she leaned on the bed and kissed his cheek and rubbed his hard dick through his pants.

"I suppose not." He said, sounding more reluctant than he felt at that point.

"Good!" She said, quickly loosening his belt. In a matter of moments, the girls had his pants and underwear pulled down his legs, his hard dick sticking up in the air. "Kind of a shame to waste a hardon like that." Cindy said, still on her knees next to Mike's legs.

"Yeah." Adrian said, dropping to her knees between his legs and grabbing his dick. She wrapped her lips around it and sucked it deep in her mouth while Cindy unzipped and spread her coat and pants, exposing her small chest to his gaze. Her tits were nicely shaped, even if they were small, probably a small b cup, but with large puffy nipples the size of quarters. As she rested her hands on his shoulders, she leaned her chest toward him, aiming one of her puffy nipples toward his mouth.

"I hear you like to suck tits." She said quietly, aiming one of her orange sized tits at his mouth. She let him suck her nipple into his mouth and play with it for several seconds, her nipple filling fuller and spreading in his mouth as both their desires grew. Mike's hands were pushing her suit farther apart and working down her smooth body toward her pussy, his fingers just feeling her totally shaved mound before both she and Adrian pulled away. "So if you want more, you have to come skiing. Once we're in an appropriate place you can have all you want!" She said huskily.

"You know, that's a dirty trick, teasing a guy like that." Mike replied, looking at her bare chest and thinking about what his fingers had just started to touch.

"Well, it's up to you!" She said pulling on her coat as the two of them headed toward the door. "See you outside!"

Mike simply couldn't believe what was going on, but he wasn't about to miss this, within seconds he had his boots off and was pulling his snow pants on over his bare legs. "I better not get hurt. I'd never be able to explain this!" He grumbled as he pulled his boots back on and then pulled his coat on over the bib overalls.

He practically ran to the door, and opened it, only to find the two girls standing by his door waiting. "That was quick." Adrian said with a grin as the two looped their arms in his and led him toward the elevator.

Trying to ski was everything Mike knew it would be. It took a long time to get outfitted, and then they had to ride to the top, which would have been boring if the girls hadn't kept flashing their tits in the cool air. Once at the top of the slope, the girls took their charge to the easiest section of hill and instructed him how to snowplow to control his speed, and how to use the poles to help balance. To his surprise he managed to go downhill quite a ways without falling, but eventually gravity won, and he ended up in the snow. The girls, good to their word, were quickly at his side helping him back up and down the hill again. The three of them made painfully slow progress down the slope until Cindy turned them off on a side trail into the pines. She quickly pulled her parka off and flipped the suspenders of her pants over her shoulders, pushing them down to her knees, leaving her naked from that point up.

"You catch me you can have me!" She said as she took off down the trail at not too fast a pace.

With an encouragement like that, Mike figured he might as well go for broke, and put his skis together and slid down the trail after her, picking up much more speed than he intended. He quickly went back to plowing to slow down, but his speed carried him past the turn in the trail and off into the woods, Adrian hot on his tail to try to catch him.

"Well, that was fun... NOT!" Mike said as Adrian stopped next to him and helped pick him up from the snow.

"I guess Cindy got away." She said with a crooked grin.

"Yeah. So much for that fantasy."

"Why would you think that?" She said, unzipping her pink coat. She pushed it off her shoulders, exposing her bare arms and shoulders while she used her ski poles to unlatch her skis. "Now if you can get your skis off by the time I get my pants down, you can stick that fat dick of yours into my wet pussy, and believe me, it's been wet since I was sucking you in your room!"

"That I can do!" He said, following her lead to push the bindings loose on his skis and stepping out of them. By the time he did, she had pulled her coat off and was standing with her pants pushed around her knees, only her boots keeping her from getting completely naked.

"Now, your turn." She said, shuffling forward and undoing his coat. She quickly had it off and the shoulder straps of the coveralls pushed over his arms. Her fingers pulled the zipper down, while she reached into his pants to keep the zipper from catching anything important. Her hand stroked his dick while he pushed them down his legs, leaving him as naked as she was. "Now, what would you like to do with this?" She asked, leaning down and sucking it into her mouth as she had earlier.

"OH god." Mike mumbled, as she bobbed up and down his shaft while he reached under her and fondled her tits, covered with little bumps from the cold and rock hard puckered nipples.

"Fuck this. I need you in me!" She said, suddenly pulling her mouth off his shaft. She turned around and grabbed a tree, sticking her ass out at him. "Fuck me! Put that fat dick inside my little pussy!"

"Oh shit yes." He said, shuffling up behind her and rubbing the head of his dick on her lips. He rubbed his engorged head up and down her wet lips, dipping it between them and coating it wither juices before pressing himself into her. Her pussy was teenage tight, making him struggle to get his head into her. Her tunnel gripped him snuggly, but that made little difference to either of them as he began stroking in and out of her wet tunnel with tiny little strokes, working himself deeper and deeper into her. As he became more lubricated with her juices, and her pussy stretched around him, his strokes grew longer, her moans growing louder in response.

"OH FUCK YES!" She cried loudly into the trees as he pounded into her, their bodies slapping and her little tits bouncing around where they hung under her like little udders. "That's it. Oh god yes. I've wanted this since you saw us! Oh fuck you feel good!" she practically screamed. Her cock slid in and out of her pussy, each stroke causing a small squishing sound, followed by the sharp slap of his hips into her firm ass.

"OH shit. I'm going to cum!" Mike grunted in warning.

"Yeah! Do it! Fill me up with your hot fuck juice!" She panted, her legs trembling either from the cold or from her impending climax.

"Oh god!" Mike grunted as his body convulsed, her words of encouragement pushing him over the top. She could feel the hot squirt of cum fill her pussy, hotly pulsing into her and teasing her tunnel even wider as it surged around his fat dick. Her own orgasm came on the heels of his, her pussy spasming around his dick, milking each hot gush from it. The two of them stood, trembling and panting as their bodies slowly relaxed from their mutual highs, his dick still twitching gently inside her.

"Well, Cindy's going to be disappointed she missed this one." Adrian said with a giggle, pulling off Mike's dick and turning around to wrap her hands around his neck. She lifted herself to his mouth, her tits pressing into his bare chest while she kissed him wetly. He squeezed her ass and stroked her bare back as she pressed her tongue into his mouth, battling with his for what seemed like minutes before she pulled away.

"Ok. I'm freezing now." She said, pulling her pants back up, her skin clearly covered in goose bumps. "But god that was fun!"

"It was, wasn't it?" Mike said as he fixed his own clothes. "So did you enjoy getting your fantasy fulfilled?"

"Oh fuck yes! I just wish Cindy was here to suck my tits while you were fucking me!" She said as she finished zipping her coat. "Now, we have to get you the rest of the way down to the lodge. Unless you want to wait around for Cindy."

"No, I think I've had enough snow for a while." Mike said with a laugh. "Even as hot as the animals out here are!"

"You should talk! You were more the animal than I was."

"Right!" He replied as he zipped his coat.

Adrian helped him get his skis back on and then put her own on, leading him out of the trees and down the rest of the slope, constantly turning them so he wouldn't build too much speed.

"Hey! Where have you two been?" Cindy called as they reached the bottom of the hill.

"Oh, I was just taking care Mike! You went a bit quick for him and I had to stay behind and help him out, if you know what I mean!" Adrian told her with a grin.

"Oh shit! You didn't!" Cindy almost shouted. "That was supposed to be my idea!"

"Well, I can tell you that you missed one hell of a fun time!" Adrian said as she moved over to help Mike get his skis off.

"Thanks for the lesson." Mike told her as she knelt down to help him get the bindings off.

"My pleasure, believe me!" She said with a grin. She waited for him to step out of his skis, and then got up and gave him a big kiss. "As much fun as that was, I wanna go down some real hills. Can you entertain yourself for a while?"

"I'm sure I can find something to do." Mike replied with a chuckle as she gave him a big hug before the two of them headed off to the lift.

"You are one lucky bastard!" Dan said as he walked up, skis in hand. "Do you suppose she'll give me private lessons?"

"I doubt it, but you're welcome to try." Mike said with a grin as he turned and walked off toward the lodge thinking about the really private nature of the lesson she had given him.

It didn't take long for Mike to get out of his winter stuff and pull on his swim suit, planning on going down to find the sauna to get him warmed back up. He pulled the bath robe on around himself and tied the belt before stepping into a pair of flip-flops and then headed out of the room. The pool and sauna were easy to find, although different than he was used to in a hotel pool. The pool was an in ground type pool with a portion inside and a portion outside. The arrangement that had a glass wall sticking down into the water a few inches to separate the two and keep the cold air outside. Mike thought it must cost a fortune to keep the huge pool heated, the water warm enough to have a constant fog lifting from the outside portion and floating off across the deck. A number of swimmers had ducked under the wall and swam out into the outside, although there was a door that looked to lead out onto the deck, not that he had any intention of walking out on the deck in his swim suit in this weather. The pool was well lit from under the water and had most unusual reflective walls. Mile looked through the glass partition to the outside section and shook his head, thinking that it seemed ridiculous to watch the bikini clad women jumping in and out of the water and cold air, although the results were very obvious and pleasant.

"You like watching all those hard nipples?" Mike heard from behind him, a hand sliding around his waist and into his robe to squeeze his soft dick.

"I do like watching tits." He answered Marlene.

"I got a pair, you wanna watch them?"

"Any time you wanna show em!"

"Good, come with me." She said, pulling her hand from his robe and pulling him toward a wall of doors.

She went down the row until she found one that had the unoccupied sign set, and opened it up, flipping the sign and pulling him in with her.

"Now, we can get undressed in private." She said, pulling the tie of his robe loose and then pushing it off his shoulders. Mike got the idea and did the same to her, pushing the robe off so she was wearing only a small bikini. "Since this is a private spa booth, we don't have to wear these, if you don't want to." She said as she untied the string of his suit and pushed it down, freeing his quickly hardening dick.

Mike reached around her and untied the strings to her suit top and pulled it free, allowing her bare tits to swing free, her nipples hardening as he watched. He stepped out of his suit and knelt down and kissed each nipple gently as he pulled her bottoms down, and off, leaving her completely naked. He stroked his fingers up her legs while she played with his short hair, working them around and between her legs to tease her tender lips.

"Oh you do that nicely, but I really want you inside me." She said quietly.

"Ok." He said, standing up, ready to fuck her right there.

"Oh no... not here. Just wait a moment!" she said, picking up several towels. She opened the other door and they were met with a blast of heat. Mike allowed her to pull him into the small booth with a wooden slat type bench built into each wall, a floor to ceiling window between them in the far wall.

"Now you can have me any way you want!" She said with a grin as the door closed.


"Oh yeah. As long as you fuck me with that dick you can do me any way you want!"

"Suppose I wanted you to lean against the window and show everyone outside your naked tit?"

She grinned and stepped over to the window, wiping a towel down the glass to remove the condensation. The window outside overlooked a portion of a ski slope and was filled with people who probably couldn't see them anyway. She pressed her tits against the glass and then pushed her ass out toward him. "Like this?"

"You're really gonna flash all those people?"

"No silly." She said with a grin. "One way glass!"

"I see." Mike said with a grin. "Was a nice idea though."

"What was?"

"Fucking you in full view of all those strangers."

"That what you want to do?"

"I don't know. The idea just seemed to hit me."

"Hmmmmm I know what to do." She said. "Come on!"

She stepped back out and began putting her swim suit back on. In a few moments she was dressed and held his out for him. "Come on, this was your idea!"

"Ok." He said, not sure what she had in mind yet.

"Let's go!" She said with a smile, pulling him out of the small room before he could even tie his suit. "Don't bother. You're not going to want it tied." She said as she pulled him toward the pool. She tossed their robes on a chair with the towels and then walked over and jumped into the warm water. "Come on stud!"

Mike walked over, and holding his suit, jumped in after her, bobbing back to the surface.

"Follow me!" She said, quickly swimming toward the glass partition. With ease she dove under the glass and came up on the outside, waving him to follow.

It was a bit tougher for him to swim without losing his trunks, but then he figured that was part of her idea. By the time he had dove under the wall and made his way over to where she was along the wall, she had her suit bottom off, and wadded up in her hand.

"Ok stud. You wanna fuck in public, here's your chance." She said, standing on a ledge in the pool so she was chest deep in the warm water.

"You sure about this?" he asked, looking around to see just who could see them through the fog.

"Come on! No one can see our faces in all this mist!" She said as she pushed his suit down and pulled it off. "Now fuck me!" She said as she turned herself around and pulled on his hard dick. It only took her a few moments to get him lined up and into her hot tunnel. "Oh yeah! That's good." She cooed as he gripped her hips and worked her up and down his shaft, the water washing away much of their lubrication with each stroke. "That's it baby. Right there!" She said as she reached between her legs and began to frig her clit with her fingers.

"Oh shit." Mike grunted as he worked in and out of her.

"That's it. Cum with me! I wanna feel your hot cum filling my tight pussy!"

"Oh god you're going to if you keep that up." He panted as her fingers played with his balls each time they came within range of her searching fingers.

"Good I want it!" She hissed as his body bucked, squirting a gush of cum into her. "OHHHHHHH YESSSSSSS" she hissed as her body trembled around his jumping dick.

"Oh damn." Mike panted as he held her close, his hands pushing her top up under the water and squeezing her tits.

"Well, that enough of a show for you?" She asked quietly.

"Why? There aren't that many people out here."

"Oh you are funny! Look down lover boy!"

Mike looked down into the water and realized that the reflective side of the pool was actually a glass wall overlooking the ski hill. Anyone standing on the slope waiting for the lift had a perfect view up into the pool, and of course to their little tryst. "OH shit!" He groaned, covering his face.

"You wanted to show off... You got it lover boy!" She said pulling off his softening dick and turning in his arms so her tits were pressing into his chest. "But just between you and me? It was fun. Most of those people have no idea who we are, and the ones that do....well, they certainly will have a different perspective."

"Yeah, that's for sure."

She laughed and hugged him tight. "You would be so fun to be married to, you know that?"

"Huh? Why?"

"Why would you be fun to be married to? You're kidding right?"

"No, really, why? I mean you're married already."

"Well, besides being good at damn near everything you do, including fucking me by the way, you are fun, willing to experiment and try things, and you don't get angry with me when I want to try something completely outrageous, like getting you to fuck me in public."

"I take it your husband does?"

"My husband?" That's a laugh. I haven't seen him in almost five years. He ran off and I just can't find him long enough to divorce the bastard."

"ahhhh that explains a lot."

"Yeah, it does, but I think we better make a run for it, we're attracting a crowd." She said, pointing down toward the glass windows under the water.

"Shit." Mike said as she pushed away and swam off toward the glass wall with only half of her suit, and that half not covering anything. Mike grabbed both her suit bottom and his, and followed, swimming as fast as he could. By the time he made it under the wall and back to the side of the pool where they started, she was out of the water and pulling her robe on, trying to scope out an escape.

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