tagRomanceWinterlicious Pt. 01

Winterlicious Pt. 01


We have felt the intensity of anticipation of meeting in person for months since we reconnected on Facebook. Sparks were flying from our first hello and the long distance sexting has become too much...

I arrive Thursday evening and make my way to a borrowed Manhattan apartment, simply texting you the address on the way. I have no idea what to expect but the thrill of possibilities fill my belly with the butterflies of excitement.

My cab pulls up and the doorman greets the car and helps me and my small carry-on out into the crisp winter air. I take a look around and stand in awe of the beauty and sounds of the city. There is a fresh coat of snow all around and it continues to quietly fall around me.

The doorman shows me up to the apartment and lets me in with the keys that were left for me. Before he goes, I mention that I'm expecting you and ask that he show you up without disturbing me.

I close the door and get my first look at what will be my home for the next 4 days. It's incredible! I've never seen something like it, except in the movies. The ceilings must be 20 feet high and the outside walls are almost completely glass. The view is outstanding and remarkable private.

I explore from room to room and finally settle into the bedroom of my liking. The bed is large and covered with a array of luxurious linens and pillows. The ensuite bathroom is marble and has a huge freestanding soaker tub and a separate shower that has jets at every angle. There's even a dry sauna in there. I've always wanted to be fucked in a sauna. My mind starts to go there and I realize that you'll be arriving shortly.

I slip out of my clothes and jump in the shower to refresh after my travels. It feels wonderful but I don't have time to linger. I towel off and put on my robe. I hear a soft knock at the door. You're here at last...

There is a moment of fear before I open the door but that dissolves completely the moment I see your face. It is completely lit up with joy. Your eyes shining and matching your smile. You looks as happy as I feel in that moment, just taking it all in with pleasure.

We're standing there with time standing still until I take your hand and pull you inside. There is no need for words at this moment and we fall into an embrace that feels like home. I breathe in your scent and feel intoxicated. I feel your heart beating hard and fast and I know this feels right. My hands are under your coat and I ease it off without letting you go, feeling the heat of your body emanating. I turn my head and find that spot on your neck that I have wanted to kiss since the first day we reconnected. I run my fingers through your hair and softly press my lips against your skin, tasting you for the first time. I hear you moan softly, as I knew you would.

You look down and gaze at me for a moment but before I know it your mouth is on mine, soft at first but then full of desire, all the chemistry that we've shared pouring out in this first kiss. Hungry. Wanting. Needing.

I walk you over to the sofa and pour us both a glass of wine. I put on some music and pull you close. I wanna dance with you. I feel your rhythm with my body and I don't think it's the wine that's making my head spin. We've hardly said a word but there's a conversation going on that we both understand.

You lead me over to the bedroom the lights are off but the room is illuminated by the city. You stand in front of me and I unbutton your shirt and your pants and allow them to drop to the floor. I'm seeing you for the first time and yet I know you. You sit down on the bed and open my robe. I can feel you take me in with your eyes. You pull me to you and lightly lick my nipples. They harden at the touch of your tongue and that really turns you on. You grab my ass and start sucking my tits. I feel myself melting as you work your mouth down my belly and get on your knees to taste my honeypot.

I fall back onto the bed and you don't let me go, holding my thighs tight over your shoulders, feasting on me. I'm breathing so fast, writhing against your hungry mouth. Your tongue is doing things I can't even understand and the waves of ecstasy are crashing over me.

OooommmyGod. I'm cumming Baby...I'm so fucking cumming...Fuuuuuuuck!!

My body is bucking and shaking uncontrollably. You hold me tight and suck me till I can't take anymore and then look up at me, your mouth covered with my juice and the biggest grin on your face.

'Told ya I didn't need a map'


My body is still shaking. I pull you up onto me and kiss your lips, sucking on the nectar of my own delight.

I explore your mouth with my tongue as I run my hands through your hair and down your strong back. You're skin is soft and hot to the touch. I feel your skin quiver as I make my way to your waist, my hands slowly mirroring each other down your sides and onto your ass.

You groan and I feel the throb of your cock against my thighs. I roll on top of you and gaze at your beautiful body, smooth and strong.

I lean over and nuzzle your neck. God, I love your neck!! Your smell is intoxicating as I kiss and lick your ears, your eyes, your nipples, your belly...

I look up and you and take your cock fully into my mouth. You close your eyes and moan with pleasure.

'Open your eyes, baby, I want you to watch me'

I feel your legs spread open to welcome me in. My hand holds your cock as I suck you deep. My rhythm is slow but my pressure is hard. I swirl my tongue around your head and plunge back down over and over. You feel the back of my throat as I take you in and you start to climb that mountain of ecstasy.

You lightly grab a handful of my hair and pull me up.

'I want to cum inside of you.'

You enter me with a deep thrust that makes me moan louder than I expected. You stay there for a moment and we both savour it quietly.

You hips begin to move slowly and mine are meeting yours at just the right moments. I have wanted you for

so long but never imagined you would feel this good.

Your kisses are delicious and am getting lost in you.


You're fucking me harder now. My breath faster, releasing moans and cries at every thrust. I shift my hips and bring my left leg up over your shoulder. I loved to be fucked with our legs in an X.

You're on your knees and holding my leg, ramming me faster and faster.

Your eyes close again and I'm watching the intensity of pleasure grow on your face as I feel myself ready to fly.

Cum for me baby


You're so fucking hot!

Yesss. Fuck yessss!

You groan out loud as you explode inside me, feeling the spasms erupt in my cunt. You fall down, exhausted, but stay deep inside me, causing wave after wave of aftershocks.


You smile.


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