tagRomanceWinter's Fire

Winter's Fire


Winter. Not such a bad season when looking at the beginning. The rush of Thanksgiving, shopping and Christmas. Trying to cram in time for everyone family, friends, co-workers and trying to be nice through almost impossible circumstances. Smiling at horrible gifts...trying to keep in the back of your mind that it's the thought that counts. Then the long lines at the stores to take things back that don't fit, are the wrong color, or that you would Never wear.

She puttered around the kitchen preparing herself a cup of hot tea with a little bit of honey, her slippers making soft padding noises on the carpeting. Her fingers cupped around her teacup, she sat in her favorite chair and drew a fleece throw blanket over her robe. Tucking her legs under her she reached for her reading glasses and a book she had been promising herself that she would read.

This was the first night in several months that she didn't have to worry about friends or guests coming over for a visit. There wasn't any place that she had to be, and there wasn't anyone demanding her attention. The house was quiet except for the muted sounds coming from the computer in the den. Her husband was fully involved in some game. She leaned her head back to soak in some of the silence.

Quiet. Unusually quiet. He frowned slightly and got up from his chair. No noises coming out of the kitchen.... the laundry room...or the bathroom. Walking through the rooms of the house, he came to the living room. He smiled. There was the most perfect setting in the world, he thought to himself. His wife was resting peacefully.

She was wrapped up in the new throw that he had purchased for her...the one that she had admired in the store but had refused to buy for herself. He'd gone back the next day and picked it up for her. Her honey brown hair spilled over her shoulder and down a bit on the throw. Soft eyelashes graced the tops of her cheeks. The hot tea she had made herself grew cold in one of those ridiculously dainty cups she picked up at antique stores.

The window behind her showed the gentle snow the weatherman had promised on the news. He walked to her and picked up a strand of her hair in his fingers and let the silken strands slide through his fingertips. He turned and walked out of the room.

He came back in the living room with some soft blankets, a quilt and some pillows. He spread out the blankets on the floor in front of the gas fireplace. He tossed the pillows on top of the blankets and then started the fireplace up. He sat on the couch and waited for the heat of the fire to warm the blankets.

His gaze settled on her. His lips formed a slight smile as he allowed memories to sweep over him. The first time he saw her across campus. The brilliant colors of autumn, the scattered sunlight that picked up the soft color of her hair. Their first kiss...awkwardness, first sensations of long desired skin touching his. His grin widened: the first time they made love.

He made his way over to her chair and leaned over to kiss her softly. First her cheeks, her nose, forehead and then when he heard the faint moan from her lips he brushed her lips with his. His heart leapt a bit in his chest and he looked into her now open brown eyes.

His hand came up to caress the smooth skin of her face, her eyes closed relishing in the feel of his touch. The rough fingertips brought goose bumps all over her skin. His fingers slid down her throat, feeling her rushing pulse and then down to the throw. He tugged on it a bit until it revealed her pink robe. His finger lightly traced the outline of the neck of the robe as his lips replaced his touch on her cheek and then followed the path down her neck. Softly he kissed and nibbled at her neck...

He knelt in front of her and worshiped her body with light butterfly kisses along the neckline of her robe. Her fingers grasped the arms of her chair. He pushed her hair aside and gave attention to the other side of her chest...

Her hands pulled his head up to her full lips. Their lips meet in a timeless dance. Lips moving on each other, softly then with more intensity, tongues, no longer able to stay hidden deep within their own depths, darted out to join in the dance...adding their own rhythm.

Heartbeats started to increase; her breasts heaved just a little bit against his chest as he pulled her out of the chair. The throw blanket fell in a heap at her feet. Her legs trembled just a bit, movements, feelings, touches all so familiar yet incredibly exciting.

His hands dropped to the belt at her waist, he slowly undid the knot and pulled on it, letting it fall to her sides. Her pink robe parted and revealed the curve of her breasts. His hands slipped inside her robe and rested on the rise of her hips. His thumbs began softly rubbing her warm skin in small circles. His palms started to slip up and his hands suddenly cupped each breast and his thumbs found her erect nipples. Her eyes popped open and stared into his warm blue eyes. Eyes that were promising to bring her to the edge of ecstasy.

He lifted each breast gently in his hand...feeling their weight, and the softness of her skin. He looked deep into her eyes and whispered, "I love you," as he bent his head down. His lips found the upper part of her breast and warm lips brushed against her skin. Her hands came up to clutch his shoulder.

Her hands slid up his shoulder to his neck and then the back of his head to bury themselves in his rich brown hair. The soft curls twisted themselves around her fingers as she pressed his lips to her breast slightly.... His moist tongue flicked across her nipple. Soft lips began to nip at her; so softly tugging at her nipple it began to harden at the onslaught of attention.

He stopped and stood up, then took her hand as if she was a delicate flower. Her robe fell with a silken whisper at her feet. He motioned toward the blankets and pillows on the floor.

They stood in the firelight, not touching, just soaking in the moment. Time stood still...time, what is time in a moment such as this? Chests fell and rose, warm light from the fire licked and highlighted the sensitized skin creating luminous tones and mysterious valleys, the faintest of breezes caused an intake a breath as it caressed the very alert senses. Smells, his masculine scent assaulted her senses...the fading scent of his cologne hung briefly in the air.

Her arms closed the space between them as she reached for his boxers. Placing her fingers just under the band she tugged and pulled them down. She knelt as they fell to his feet. A smile raced across her face; if it was one thing that she was confident of it was his want.... some would say need for her. Oh, not just sexually, that was something anyone could satisfy. It was a need that went to the core, the center of his being. The need for her and her alone. She licked the tip of her finger and then placed her finger on the tip of his cock...she made small circles around him and listened to the soft groan that came from his lips.

Her hand closed around him and started to stroke softly. She met his desired filled blue eyes and smiled...Her mouth slowly descended on him............

He pulled her back up after feeling her mouth on him. He wrapped his arms around her and laid her gently down on the bed of blankets that he had made by the light of the fire. The light of the fire bathed them in a soft warm glow. Her eyes traveled the length of his body. Soft hair covered his chest and grew in a path to his abdomen. His strong legs stretched out beside hers and the hair on his legs brushed her smooth skin. His fingertips ran down the length of her arm and intertwined with her fingers. He nudged one knee in between hers and rose to his knees as his other leg nestled against her leg.

He gazed at her. Her hair was fanned out on the blankets, her breasts moving with each breath she took, her erect nipples begging for his attention, her stomach rising and falling softly and her smooth shaven womanhood was beckoning him. She opened her legs for him as he positioned himself, his hardness probing against her soft skin. He grasped the head and moved it up and down her slit. She moaned and arched toward him.

She scooted closer to him, wanting to feel all of him inside her...deep inside her. He placed the head of his cock at her entrance and ever so slowly pushed his way in. He stopped when just the head was in and her closed eyes flew open. Her hips moved, urging him, tempting him to plunge all the way inside her. Her breathing began to come more rapidly. He pulled out of her, causing her to moan in protest.

He slid back in slightly, and then slid in and out rapidly, never giving her more than just the head of his hardness. She moved under him, desperately trying to draw him deeper inside of her. He smiled in her wanting eyes and kept teasing her.

She wrapped her legs around his back and began to squeeze him as he pushed into her. His breath escaped in a gasp. She smiled. He pushed all the way into her, filling her up with his throbbing cock.

As he pushed into her he lay down on top of her, supporting most of his weight on his elbows. He stopped moving and brought his lips down to hers and softly kissed her. She opened her lips to him and her hands pressed on his back.

Softly her hands rubbed his back. She released her legs from around him and slipped her hands to his ass. She caressed him and kneaded his cheeks firmly, then she grasped him and pulled him even deeper inside her as she pushed against his cock. He moaned her name and started thrusting in and out of her.

He brought himself back up on his knees and pulled her legs up to his sides. Lifting herself up toward him she gave him deeper access...she could feel her climax beginning.

He stopped.

She cried out in protest and he grinned and plunged back into her. She screamed her release and grabbed him with her legs, once again pulling him deeper and deeper... he could not hold back his own pleasure as he tumbled over the edge with her.

He slipped over to his side and pulled her against him. She sighed and rested her trembling body close to his. He reached over her and drew a blanket up to cover them. Her head rested against his arm, her hand upon his chest and her leg over his. He turned his head and tenderly kissed the top of her head. Their eyelashes fluttered against their cheeks, their breathing steadied, and they drifted off to a deep sleep.

On the end table her long forgotten cup of tea sat in its delicate cup, the snow outside the window softly falling on the porch and beyond...

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