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Wiring Problems


As a network consultant, a lot of smaller businesses hire me to come install their network and then maintain the systems. The initial installation is always the hardest because I need pull all the wires. If it's just a simple office area I'll do it myself, running the wires over all the drop ceilings and fishing them through the walls. Usually a couple days is all it takes. Bigger jobs will usually require me to hire one of a couple other firms I know to pull the wires.

This job was a pretty small one. Half a dozen offices behind a dress boutique with office computers and a few small servers. The lady in charge, a Ms. Dempsy, seemed nice enough, not at all hard on the eyes, and her secretary was even hotter, tall slim, great facial features, and oh yes, a nice set of size B tits which were well displayed by what she wore and really great looking legs. In the three visits I had to the location so far, I hadn't seen her in anything but a mini-skirt and low cut blouse. Come to think of it, pretty much all of the ladies I had seen in the offices were good looking and wearing very high end fashionable dresses. I figured that they were connected to the boutique and got a really good discount.

I arrived with my rolls of wire and tools to get started on a Tuesday. The initial part of the job wasn't too hard, pull wires around the ceiling space by moving from office to office and throwing the wire through the ceiling space created by the dropped ceiling and then fish them down into the walls to boxes under the desks through holes I make. Pretty routine stuff, if not a bit warm due to effort and working up in the hot ceiling spaces.

As the day wore on it got pretty warm with half of me sticking up into the ceiling space or crawling around on the floor under the desks. I was used to it though and had worn a pair of shorts to try to stay comfortable. What I hadn't counted on was just exactly how good the ladies in the offices looked, and I felt like I was continually hiding or readjusting my hardon. I caught a couple of the ladies checking me out and even flashing me a bit more than was necessary as I was on or coming down the ladders. As I was laying under one desk trying to fish the wire out the hole I had cut in the drywall, I looked out before sliding from under the desk, and was surprised to see a pretty good looking lady sitting in the desk chair, leaning over watching me. The way she was leaning, her tits were squeezed up on her chest until they were about to fall out of her top, and her legs were spread wide enough that I could easily see what appeared to be a red lace panty with some brown curls sticking through, and stockings, rather than pantyhose. I have to admit I did stare long enough to tell that she had a pretty large wet spot on the crotch of those panties, which of course made my dick grow hard one more time.

The day had gone pretty much that way until lunch, when I decided it was time to take a break and eat. I looked around for a bathroom, and only found one.

"Does anyone mind if I use the bathroom? It looks like there's only a ladies room." I asked the secretary.

"Oh sure. We only have one back here, but then we're all ladies!" She said with a huge grin. "By the way. I'm Angie."

"Hi Angie, I'm Mike. " I replied as I took the hand she offered before heading back to wash up and take care of my business. I closed the door, and not finding any lock, shrugged and washed my hands. There were two stalls in addition to the sink, a rather large shower stall with a chair visible inside the clear glass cube, and a fairly large sofa, which had me a bit baffled, but then I wasn't used to using ladies rooms. I stepped into a stall and closed the door. I was sitting down with my shorts around my ankles when I heard the door open. Not wanting to cause any problem I called out.

"Just be warned, I'm in here."

"Oh, no problem. I don't mind." I heard a very feminine voice say. I looked at the floor under the door and saw the feet go to the next stall. I figured that I might as well keep my visit short and leave her to her privacy when I saw a pair of red heels kick off. I recognized them as belonging to a very good looking woman from one of the offices. I guessed she was about thirty, fairly well built, with a very pretty face and short cropped dark hair. Her arms looked like she worked out regularly and were also well tanned. If I wasn't married I probably would have looked to try to get into her dress, even if she was a bit younger than I was.

I was about to get up when I saw her feet on the floor turn to face away from the toilet and a tiny red thong panty fall to her ankles. It didn't take my dick long to respond to two facts. First she had to be sitting half naked next to me, and second, her pantyhose weren't, they were stockings, which always turned me on.

"So what do you guys do here?" I asked, trying to be sociable in what felt kind of awkward to me.

"You saw the little shop out front? We design all the clothes in there."

"You mean the dresses?" I asked, recalling looking at the price on one of the dresses and nearly falling over in shock.

"Oh not just the dresses. Also all the lingerie too."

"Oh. Like the nighties and stuff?" I asked remembering a rack along the back of much more delicate stuff than dresses.

"Uh huh." She said as she reached down and pulled her panties off over her feet. Her hand disappeared and a moment later the tiny thong panty flew over the top of the partition between us and landed on me. "This is one of my designs It was done for a particular customer who wanted to really show off her features, if you know what I mean." She said with a smile in her voice.

I picked the tiny material off my shoulder and held it out to look at it. It was a very delicate red lace triangle, held together by several small silky straps. It looked as if it wouldn't really hide much at all.

"Very sexy." I answered, my hardening dick growing until it was sticking up between my legs, encouraged by the scent of her pussy on the tiny bit of material. I held them down below the partition for her.

"Oh, no you can keep them." She said as she stood up. "I don't wear them at the gym anyway."

She opened the door of the stall and stepped out. I heard her wash her hands and decided it was time to leave. I stood up, tried to tuck my hard dick into my pants, mostly unsuccessfully, and then opened the door. I was fully expecting to be alone in the bathroom, but to my surprise the lady from the next stall was standing next to the sofa, completely naked except for a pair of white cotton socks, her dress and stockings tossed on the sofa.

"Oh damn." I mumbled, trying to back into the stall again.

"Oh, no, come on out, it's ok." She said over her shoulder. "I'm not bashful." From where I was standing I could see every inch of her body from her perky b cup breasts to her brown curly bush. "Just a hazard of a single bathroom. I'm just changing to go to the gym." She said as she pulled a stretchy top over her head and down over her tits, leaving her only naked below the waist. She turned around and bent over, stepping into a pair of workout pants which she had to work up her legs they were so snug. "I hope it doesn't bother you to share a bathroom with us." She said as she stayed bent over, working the tight material up her legs, her pussy sticking out at me invitingly.

"Um not at all." I said, trying to ignore the twitching in my dick.

"Good!" she said a she finally stood straight up and pulled the black material up over her firm ass. She turned bent over again, putting her shoes on and tying them, her pussy, now covered in the stretchy material, no less prominent. "Hope to see more of you later." She said with a grin a she turned to leave.

After she left I quickly stuffed my hand down into my shorts to try to put my dick someplace a bit more comfortable, and was shocked when she stuck her head back into the door, catching me that way.

"I forgot to tell you... I'm Mary, third office over... Nice dick by the way." She said with a grin before disappearing again.

It was at least a minute before I managed to get enough control of myself to walk out of the bathroom.

"I see Mary introduced herself." Angie said with a smile as I walked out of the bathroom.

"Um yeah." I replied, still a bit unsure.

"She's harmless. Used to be a model so she's not too bashful, if you know what I mean. I'm about to eat, would you like to join me?" she asked sweetly.

"I was just going to eat a quick sandwich." I said noncommittally.

"No point in being uncomfortable." She said as she stood up from her desk. She led the way down a short hall to an empty office that had been converted into a pleasant break room. Like all the offices it was mostly glass along the hallway wall, but it was outfitted with a few overstuffed chairs, a sofa, table and chairs in the center and of course all the usual appliances.

"Have a seat." She motioned as she headed to the fridge for what I presumed was her lunch. I sat in a chair and got my water and sandwich out from my small cooler and leaned back to enjoy a quick bite.

"So do you do this kind of work a lot?" She asked as she spread some dressing on a salad.

"Often enough to make a living, but not enough to be rich." I replied with my standard answer.

"Hmmm You seem to be good at it, I would think there would be a lot of demand for this kind of work." She said as she sat down in a seat across from me. She crossed her legs and set a bottle of water on the table next to her before taking a bite of salad.

"Lots of people want to go with a big company. There is a perception that us little operators aren't as trustworthy or something." I said after chewing my bite of sandwich.

"Oh. Are you?" she asked



"Well, I have a high level of integrity and I maintain a million dollars bonding." I said between bites.

"That should be enough to satisfy most people. Have you ever had a problem?"

"So far not. Although I have found a lot of interesting things on some of the computers I've worked with."

"Like what?"

"Well... at one place I did, I found that one of the employees was running a porn server from the companies server farm. Had to turn him in to the company of course, but some of the live camera feeds he had going were interesting."

"Like what?" she asked, unfolding her legs and leaning forward.

"Well... Most of them seemed to be housewives doing chores naked around the house and such. He had one house set up so that you could click from camera to camera and find her doing anything from housework to taking a shower. I had to admit, it was pretty hot watching her scrub the floor butt naked, her big tits swinging around free."

"Oh, you're a tit man then?" she said with a grin.

"Um." I said suddenly uncomfortable with where this was going. "I guess so, but I tend to prefer the whole package, if you know what I mean."

"Uh huh. You enjoy watching tits but you like a good pussy too." She said bluntly, smiling at my discomfort. "Don't worry, we talk that way all the time around here. Part of the business of making specialty and sometimes erotic attire is understanding what the customer wants. I kind of had you pegged for a leg man... Let me guess... You like stockings better than hose."

"Actually I do." I answered as I looked down at her legs involuntarily, realizing that she had spread her knees far enough apart that I could look up her short skirt and see the tops of her stockings and her powder blue panties.

"And let's see..." she said leaning back and looking at the ceiling, which made her panties even more prominent under the dark skirt. "I bet you like to have sex with your women partly dressed instead of completely naked?"

My dick practically jumped in my pants, adding to the discomfort I was feeling.

"I guess." I answered non-committally.

"Oh you can tell me. It'll be our secret. I like to try to guess what men like."

"Ok... yes, I prefer my women half dressed rather than naked."

"I thought so. I bet you're a lace man too, right? If you were going to buy something sexy for your wife it would be a long lace gown with a lace teddy?"

Actually she had hit the nail pretty close to home. I did prefer lace and the last time I bought my wife something sexy to wear it was a lace teddy. "I guess so." I answered, feeling a bit odd.

"I thought so." She said as she ate the last bite of salad. She ran her finger around the edge of the container, scooping up some of the remaining dressing and then sucked it off her finger seductively. She stood up and walked to the door. "Thank you for the lunch conversation, it was very... interesting." She said before she went out the door, her eyes clearly staring at my hard dick in my shorts.

It took me several minutes to will my dick back down to normal proportions as my mind suddenly jumped to how she would look naked. After that few minutes I drained my water bottle and then headed out to get back to work.

I walked over to her desk, where I had set all my equipment on the floor and crouched down to look at my list of what to do next. "I think you're next." I said without thinking. Then I looked up quickly at her face. "I didn't mean it that way."

"You didn't? I don't know if I should be offended for saying it or for not meaning it!" She said sternly, before breaking into a smile. "Just pulling your leg, what do you need from me?"

"Well, I need to get a wire pulled in down under your desk."

"Oh, well, I can let you work down there if you want, but I have to be able to reach the phone."

"No problem." I said as I dug out my template and dremmel tool. She pushed back from the desk and let me crawl under. Lying on my back I put up the template and pinned it in place before starting to cut the hole. The saw isn't exactly quiet, so when I heard the phone ring I stopped what I was doing so she could answer it.

"Hello Dempsy's apparel." I heard her say to the phone as she scooted her desk chair forward on the carpet. "Yes." She said listening to the person on the other end. "I can look those up. Just a moment." She said as she moved in closer, putting one stocking clad foot on one side of my legs and the other between them so she could reach her computer.

I lay there on my back looking up her short skirt, my mind wandered to wondering what she would look like without her blue panties. I had no idea if she knew I was looking or not, but then it was really too dark to see much anyhow. Her conversation seemed to be taking a long time as she looked for some numbers of something on the computer. I felt her foot move, now pressing against my crotch as she twisted in the chair a bit farther. I would have said she didn't realize she was touching me, but her foot lifted from where it was sitting on the floor between my legs to gently rest on my hard dick, her toes occasionally wiggling on it. Her call finally ended and she pushed her chair back, pulling her foot from my front.

"Sorry about that. Thank you for waiting. I'm not sure I could have heard what I needed to otherwise."

"No problem." I replied, still feeling a bit flush. I started the cutter again and finished the hole. As I slid out from under her desk I had a clear view up between her legs, which now in the light, rather than under the desk, allowed her pale blue panties to be visible, along with a darker spot in the middle of the panties crotch. "I'll be back in a bit." I said as I stood up and headed to the back room with a box of wire.

It took me nearly half an hour to get the wire to the correct wall, working it over the drop ceiling tile by tile to the top of the wall near Angie's desk. I set my ladder in front of her desk and climbed up to drill a small hole in the top plate of the wall and push a wire down. I had just finished drilling when I felt a hand slide up and down my bare leg, each time, working a bit higher up under my shorts. It was incredibly distracting as I tried to push the small wire down the hole and into the wall. It got even more distracting when she reached my hard dick and squeezed it through my briefs. Under other circumstances, I would probably go ahead and let her have her way, but I was standing pretty much in public with a woman's hand grabbing my dick. Not a good way to stay out of trouble.

"Coming down." I said in warning as I started to climb down the ladder. The hand disappeared and I saw Angie walking back around her desk with a cat got the canary look. I grabbed the items I needed and crawled under her desk again to fish the wire out of the wall and put the box in. I was lying under the desk with one hand stuffed inside the wall when I felt her hand on my pants again, this time undoing my belt.

"Aren't you afraid of being caught?" I asked as she pulled my belt open while I tried to grab it with my only free hand.

"No. We're alone for at least another ten minutes. Are you worried about getting caught?" She said as she moved my hand out of the way and undid the button of my shorts.

"You could say that." I said as she pulled my zipper down and spread my shorts apart.

"Ohhh nice dick. I'd really like to see more of it." She cooed as she bent over farther and started trying to pull my pants down.

"You really need to see it that bad?" I asked as I gave up trying to hold onto the wire inside the wall and pulled my hand out. I moved my head so I could see her face and looked up at her from under the desk.

"Ok." She said scooting forward on her chair, pulling her short skirt up and spreading her legs. "Tell me that with my naked pussy on display you aren't going to look?"

There was no doubt that her blue panties had long since disappeared and she was sitting with her naked pussy fully on display for me. I could see beads of moisture on the delicate lips, that were spreading like flower pedals before me. "You're right, I'll look." I said, staring at her wet lips and tiny wisps of brown curls.

"So I don't have the same right? Do you think women don't like to look too?" she asked, looking straight at my eyes.

"I guess I never thought about it too much. Guys like to look, I didn't think women liked to look that much." I answered from where I was still laying on the ground, once again staring at her wet pussy.

"Oh trust me, we love to look and on occasion, touch." She said with a grin. "Now I take it you like what you see, how about a peek for me?" She asked as she slid her chair forward and bent down to reach for my shorts again.

Reluctantly I lifted my butt off the ground for her to pull my shorts and briefs down enough to see my hard dick. What was the worst that could happen? I could lose the contract? I mean, I'm the one laying on the ground so it would be pretty hard to make me out to be the aggressor here. I allowed her to pull my shorts and briefs down in one motion, my hard dick springing free to stand at attention.

"Ohhhh nice looking cock." She cooed as she continued to pull my pants down until she was working them over my boots.

"That's probably not a good idea." I said with real concern this time.

"Don't worry stud. I'm going to put your shorts back on in a second." She said as she pulled my briefs from my feet and tossed them aside under the desk. True to her word she worked my shorts back on and slid them up my legs. "See that wasn't so bad was it?" She asked sweetly as she pulled them up over my butt. Instead of closing them up, she reached into the opening and gently squeezed and stroked my hard dick. "Feels as good as it looks." She said quietly.

I damn near jumped out of my skin when the phone on her desk rang. She quickly let go of my dick and pulled her chair up to reach the phone, answering it as professionally as if she had just been writing a report.

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