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My name is John and I am your typical high school nobody. I will not bother you with details but for as long as I can remember I have always been the odd kid in school that everyone else makes fun of. Having lived with my dad in Europe for a few years we were now back in the US. Despite being 19 years old and feeling more than ready to start college I stil had to put in a last effort and finish high school. Towards the end of my senior year things had gotten even worse especially since the abuse was getting more intense and also physical. This story starts with one of those beatings. Some of the guys in our school's basketball team had caught up to me when I was taking a short cut through the park on my way home and this time they didn't settle with just pushing me around. Instead they lifted me up and threw me, head first, into a small pond. I could feel the cold water sink into my clothes and heard them all laugh and scream at me. Once I had found my footing and stood up, knee deep in the cold water, all I saw Trey standing there with a huge grin on his face. Trey was the captain of the team and had always been the one rallying the rest against me.

"At least no one will notice if you pissed you pants," he said with a chuckles before turning to join the others.

I waited until they were long gone before I crawled out of the pond. I was drenched and there was no chance in hell I could sneak past my parents looking like this without having to explain myself. My dad was under the impression that I was a "normal" kid in school and I had every intention of keeping it that way. My stepmom probably knew very well but she had always seen me mostly as an inconvenience and the last thing I wanted was to give her a chance to point out I was having trouble in school. So until I had dried up I decided to stay around the park. The trouble is it was getting both cold and dark but I was even more worried that someone I knew would walk past so I went around to the other side of the pond to a small patch of trees and there I sat down and wrapped my arms around my freezing legs. It was really cold and I started rubbing my arms and legs, shivering, but it was no good. The wet clothes were freezing and as time went on I figured they would stay that way all night. That's when I heard a noise and quickly jumped up. From behind the trees walked a small skinny old man. He was wearing a baggy dirty old suit and a black top hat and as he noticed me he took a few quick steps closer.

"My God boy," se snarled, "why are you out here in the cold in those wet clothes?" I just stared at him but shrugged after a while and shook my head.

"Well boy," he continued, "don't be alarmed. I am just an old man out for a walk."

"That's alright," I said finally, "I'll be on my way."

"Not so fast," he said, and before I could react he had grabbed my arm and held me still. His grip was surprisingly firm but right as I was about to pull back I saw his face and seemed to realize he didn't mean any harm.

"I saw what those brutes did to you boy, and I don't like it. This might sound strange to you, but I am very wealthy. Very wealthy, and part of me I guess has been out here looking for someone to pass this on to." With that he planted a small white box in my hand and tapped it a few times with his hand.

"This box here is magic kid, I don't care to explain how, but it was passed to me when I was just a boy and so far it has served me well. Now maybe you are in need of it more than I." Still a bit taken back by his firm grip I was now pretty convinced that the man was delusional. Seeing he was stronger than he looked, and possibly dangerous, I figured it would be best to just play along.

"How do you mean magic?" I asked and started an attempt to free my arm. The man released his grip and instead pointed his finger at the box.

"It will grant all you wished boy. You write a wish on a note, and place it in the box. The next morning, your wish will come true." As he had now released his grip, I saw my chance and quickly turned to run. The man didn't even make an attempt to stop me, but I could hear his old dry voice behind me.

"Don't be afraid son! Try it and see for yourself."

I ran straight home, still freaked out by the old man, but once I reached my house I realized I still had to sneak past my parents in my soaked clothes. Luckily for me they were in the living room watching TV so I could sneak in through the back door without them spotting me.

"Hey I'm home. I just went by the library," I shouted as I made my way up the stairs. I ran into my room and quickly got out of the wet clothes, put on a t-shirt and a pair of dry jeans, and then laid down on my bed. There I took out the box and examined it, turning and looking for marks or anything. It didn't look plastic and I couldn't see any cuts or markings or anything that could tell where it was made. My best guess was that it was made out of ivory. Inside it was just the same, nothing special at all. I was a bit disappointed and decided to play some computer games instead.

Before I went to bed though I looked at the box again and figured I had nothing to loose, no matter how silly this was. I quickly scribbled on a piece of paper. "I wish Trey and the basketball team will pay for what they did today." I then went to bed pretty sure I would end up just as crazy as that old man one day.

The next morning I woke up as usual. I had a shower, dressed and ate my breakfast. My stepmom was in the kitchen when I came down for breakfast but didn't pay much attention to me. Things were normal. I hadn't expected anything to be different but I still felt a bit disappointed. That all changed though when I got to school. There were a couple of police cars on the parking lot and as I walked up I saw some officers leading Trey and the other guys in the team out, putting them in the back seats of the squad cars, and then drove off. As I approached the doors convinced I was in a weird dream, the head master was there to greet me. He had a serious expression on his face and led me straight to his office and there he explained how there had been several witnesses to the attack on me in the park yesterday and how the school was pressing charges against Trey and his friends. I was of course welcome to file my own charges but since the school had a zero tolerance rule against such violence, they would pay any legal expenses I might need.

I sat there in silence trying to gather my thoughts when I could hear loud voices outside the office and someone knocking hard on the door. The door then flew open and in ran a tall black woman with fury in her eyes. Her hips and chest moved with her hard steps as she walked up and pointed a finger at the head master.

"What do you mean having my boy arrested?" she screamed and pointed at the headmaster.

"Mrs. Douglas, calm down," he said and gestured to me sitting in the chair.

"This is the boy your son has been abusing and as you very well know we have a zero tolerance policy against such behavior." Here the woman cut him off and turned to me instead.

"You're lying! You're just a jealous brat," she screamed at me.

This woman, Mrs Douglas, was obviously Trey's mother. She looked furious as she stared at me and I was still stunned and couldn't find an answer, I just looked back at her. I was only trying to avoid her gaze but instead found myself staring at her cleavage. To them I probably looked scared, and I was, but I still couldn't help but notice how beautiful she was. She was tall and athletic but with wide hips and large breast. She was wearing a flowery summer dress and sandals. My eyes continued to trail down her long firm legs but the shame and weirdness of the situation made me both blush and look straight down into the floor.

"Calm down Mrs. Douglas," the head master said, "the boy has been through a lot."

"Bullshit," she screamed, "he's nothing but a jealous punk!"

"I'm not," I finally said, as I realized what she was saying. I gathered myself but as I began to speak I could feel tears starting to form. This whole situation was so strange that I almost snapped. I started spilling out everything Trey and his friends had done to me for the past years. Mrs Douglas and the headmaster just watched and once I was done they both stayed quiet. Mrs Douglas left the room without saying a word and the headmaster patted my shoulder.

"I think you should take the rest of the week off son, so we can get this thing sorted out. I will be in touch with your folks to let them know, but I think you should maybe tell them first."

"I suppose you're right," I said with a sigh.

On my way home I walked through the park again. I searched for the old man but there was no sign of him. Had the box really worked? Had it magical powers? I kept trying to figure out what had happened and when I got home I felt my head getting more clear. Obviously the park hadn't been empty. People had seen what had happened yesterday and someone must have reported it to the school. That was obviously what had happened. As I lay down on my bed my eyes fell to the little box on my table and I couldn't help reaching for it trying once more to examine it. There was still nothing strange about it, and even after having stared at it for more than an hour, I hadn't been able to find so much as a crack in it. I figured If it had all been just a coincidence, putting a new note in the box still wouldn't hurt. I took another piece of paper, and wrote. "I wish I could fuck Trey's mom."

At least that would be a certain way to find out if the box was the real deal. That evening I had a very long and disturbing conversation with my dad and stepmom. My dad in particular was crushed since he had no idea what I had been through. I explained it more as a one time thing than long time abuse and once we had decided to let the school file the charges and handle the process I was finally allowed to go to bed.

In the morning I got up late since I was free from school. Both my dad and stepmom had gone to work so I was alone in the kitchen when I heard the doorbell. My jaw dropped when I opened the door and saw Trey's mom standing there. She looked tired and just stood there without saying a word.

"Mrs. Douglas," I asked, "what are you doing here?"

"I need to see you, please. Can I come in?" She sounded sincere and at this point I didn't even reflect on how strange it was that she was here considering the note I had left in the box. I let her in and we walked into the kitchen and I offered her a seat.

"Are you home alone?" she asked and looked around the room.

"Yeah, my parents are at work, but why are you here," I trailed off as I remembered the note in the box and that she maybe was here because of it. But she couldn't be. She had lots of good reasons to be here. I dismissed those thoughts and instead turned to look at Mrs. Douglas again.

"I just need to explain to you," she said as I had gone quiet. "I had a good long talk with Trey last night and I realize now what a fool I have been. He's not a bad person, but.."

"I wouldn't call him nice either," I said and folded my arms.

"No, I can understand that," she continued. "But, here is the thing. If he gets thrown out of school now he will loose his scholarship to college and who knows where he will end up. I can't just sit by and watch my boy flush his life down the toilet like that."

"What about my life," I asked, "the way I see it he will get what he deserves and I can focus on getting into a college so I can get away from this place." I spoke slowly and Mrs Douglas sighed but nodded her head.

"I know," she continued. "But he understands now that what he's been doing is wrong. And I feel that everyone deserves a second chance, and that's what I was hoping you would agree to as well."

"He never gave me any chances," I answered her. I was starting to get annoyed with her now. She was obviously here to get her son off the hook, which was a perfectly normal reason for her to be here too. I was disappointed again.

"What I mean is that I think you can offer him another chance, by going easy on him, maybe talk the school into dropping the charges." I was about to ask her to leave now when she cut me off.

"Of course you would gain something out of this as well." She looked straight at me now and I didn't know how to respond. My thoughts went back to the box now. Was this for real?

"I don't need anything from you," I said, not sounding too convincing. Mrs Douglas leaned forward now and looked at me with a serious expression, her dark brown eyes locked on mine.

"I'll be honest, I don't have much money or anything to compensate you. But what I can offer is still something you could appreciate, maybe even more than money."

With that she reached for her blouse and undid the top button. I just froze and my gaze fell to her dark smooth cleavage. She must have taken my silence as a cue to continue, because she undid more buttons and spread her blouse open showing off her black push-up bra. I just stared at her with my jaw dropped.

"Don't think I didn't notice how you stared at me in school yesterday," she continued.

"So what do you say," she cleared her throat and tried to make eye contact with me again.

"I'm sorry," I said, and quickly looked up from the floor. I felt my cheeks blush, partly because of this strange situation, but mostly because I realized I was getting nervous. I had never even seen a naked woman other than on the Internet and now it looked like this gorgeous mature woman was going to let me fuck her. Mrs. Douglas obviously understood I was getting nervous and let out a soft laugh and smiled.

"Yes," she continued, "if you promise to get Trey off the hook, I will undress for you and I will have sex with you. Just as long as you promise to never tell anyone." There was no doubt now. It must have been the box, it did have magical powers. Still, I really was shy, and got even more nervous.

"How do you figure us having sex would make up for everything he did to me?" I asked. "How do you think I'll feel having him back in school?"

She was obviously not prepared for this, and slowly clutched her blouse shut with a hand.

"I can promise that he'll never bother you again," she said and stood up. She walked over and before I could react she softly sat down in my lap and wrapped an arm around me. There she leaned in and whispered in my ear.

"And if it's any conciliation, when you see him in school. No matter what he did, at least you fucked his mother."

She put real emphasis on saying fucked, and at this time I had no doubts, the box was magical. She felt warm and soft in my lap, and I could smell her smooth perfume. I was so nervous but still got really aroused.

"Well if you put it that way," I said, "maybe I can tell the headmaster to drop the charges, and that I have settled this myself with Trey and his family. That should do it."

"Excellent," she said, "just lean back and relax then and let me do this," she said. "I'll make sure you really enjoy it."

Before I was able to react she leaned in and started to kiss my neck. He ass felt soft against my knee and I could feel her press her chest against mine. She moved her lips against my neck trailing her tongue up and down. I immediately turned rock hard but at the same time didn't know what I should do. My hands remained at my sides as she kept placing soft kisses down my neck. She must have noticed I was nervous as she whispered in my ear, "just relax and enjoy. I will get naked for you now."

Mrs Douglas then shifted in my lap and got up standing right in front of me. There she slowly removed her blouse and then reached around to unbuckle her bra. Figuring I had green light I reached out with my hands to her hips and as she didn't move I let them run back to grab her round firm ass. She was wearing jeans but I could still feel her figure and as I continued to feel her up she gave me a faint smile and dropped her bra to the floor. My eyes moved instantly and I stared straight at her large naked breasts. They looked marvelous, pointing just slightly downwards, with large dark nipples.

She put her hands to my head and curled my hair, pressing my face into her belly. I planted wet kisses all over her body and as my hands ran up her sides she pushed me back in the chair and leaned forward, making her large breasts dangle just in front of my face. I reached to cup them but hesitated, my hands froze just an inch away from her. "Go head," she said, "you can touch me where ever you want." I slowly reached for her chest, first feeling the touch of her nipples and then the rest of her soft breasts fell into my palms. I gently cupped them and gasped at the amazing feeling. She moved her hands over mine and gently started to guide my hands into small circles. I gently squeezed them now and I could feel her nipples getting stiff in my hands.

"That's it. Feel them," she said, and pressed my hands harder to her chest. I now lean my face closer to her and as she noticed this she moved her hands to my head again and pushed me in between her breasts. I was embraced in a hug, with my face buried between her perfect tits. I let both her breasts circle my face and then found each of her nipples with my mouth, making them stiff as I licked and sucked at them. Mrs Douglas kept moaning softly as I played with her tits but after a while she let go of my head and stood up straight again.

She had a strange look of her face, almost as she was excited. She then started to unbutton her jeans and I watched in amazement as she pulled them down her long brown legs. She stepped out of the jeans and once more stood up, this time wearing nothing but her black thong. I was too excited to speak but Mrs Douglas knew what I wanted so she went for the panties and bent forward pulling them down with her. She never broke eye contact with me and as she stood up, now completely naked, she had a small grin on her face. I just sat there and looked her up and down. Her body was curvy but in perfect shape, and below her flat belly she had a neatly trimmed patch of curly black hair and further down I could see her pink pussy lips. As I was admiring her naked body Mrs Douglas placed a hand on her belly and let it slide down until it covered her pussy. I first thought she was covering herself but soon realized she was fingering her pussy. This almost made me fall out of my chair and she must have noticed this because she let out a moan and winked at me.

"I bet you are hard and ready to fuck me, aren't you?" she said, still fingering her pussy. I only nodded in response as I sat there, eyes fixed on her hand circling her pussy. I suddenly realized I was still dressed and quickly took off my t-shirt. I then went for my belt and undid my pants. I almost jumped out of them, underwear and all, and then sat back down in the chair with my hard cock standing straight out. Mrs Douglas took a step closer and I quickly seized the opportunity to reach out and touch her. She stopped mid step as my hand touched her leg. She placed a hand on my head and curled my hair gently. I slowly let my hand run up her thigh and she slowly moved one leg to the side offering me a perfect view of her shaved pussy. I looked up at her and she gave me a quick smile and winked at me.

"Go for it," she said.

My hand almost trembled as I moved it up her leg and reached her pussy. It was the first time I have had the chance to touch a woman like this and I made sure I got to feel it all. It gently ran my palm against her pussy and then used a finger and felt up and down her slit. I then got a bit more bold and let my finger slide in between her pussy lips. I felt more juices around my finger and realized I had found her hole, and when I pressed some more I could feel my finger slide inside her. She spread her legs even more and let out a soft moan as my finger explored her moist pussy. I kept fingering her pussy, pushing deeper into her, and after a while she started to move her hips in small circles.

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