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Wishful Dream


So you want to know my fantasy as we lie in bed?

I’ll tell you.

I think that I’m kind of a dirty, kinky girl I like a little play before you take me.

Let me begin.

We’re in the bedroom and it’s dark only a few candles burning. I’m dressed in one of your shirts and some skimpy panties and you are there in a pair of black boxers. I can’t help but stare at your smooth golden skin the carved stomach and chiseled chest. I want you so much as I stand against the far wall just looking at you. My hair is down and I can feel the silk of it against my bared shoulders.

I love your green eyes the way you stare at me as if waiting for my next move.

Suddenly I come up to you separating the several feet of distance between us. You look like you expect my embrace instead I grasp your thick shoulder, loving the heat of your skin and I turn you hard so that you slam face first into the wall behind you. I have one of your arms twisted up behind your back I’m not exerting much pressure but you know you can’t escape easily. Your other hand is braced up against the wall.

I lean close my lips on your ear hearing the now rapid intake of your breath. I close my eyes feeling tiny tremors beneath my flesh. I run my lips up the side of your neck gently kissing your pulse.

“I love you.” I whisper and I do. I love you so much it hurts.

I move my mouth to your shoulder and bite you hearing your quick intake of breath at the sudden pain. I soothe the teeth marks with my tongue.

I never knew a man like you existed. That you would come down and be with me. Love me the way I love you.

Your wrist is so huge I can barely wrap my hand around it. I lean more into you letting you feel my breasts against your naked back. Can you feel my nipples? I want you so badly.

I place my free hand against the nape of your neck dragging my palm up to caress your hair and scalp I lightly dig my nails into the tender skin. I admire the color of your hair. The way it shines even now in the flickering candlelight a deep, glossy black. Trailing my hand down from your hair I wrap my hand about your neck loving the slight shaking that I feel from you. I lick the nape of your neck. The skin is tender and protected by your slightly long hair. I covet your taste, the way you feel on my tongue.

In one surprise move you spin about freeing yourself and then it is my turn to be face first against the way. Using your weight you press me to the wall which leaves your hands free to roam. You grasp my ass then using your fingers as claws you rake the sensitive flesh pulling my panties down and away.

You then lean close to me placing your cheek against mine and for a moment we breathe the other’s breath. You love the tiny purrs that emerge from my lips part sigh, part moan. You move your hands from my ass to slip between the wall and I to cup my breasts gently caressing them feeling their weight and heat. You pinch my hardened nipples making me moan aloud.

You want to be closer so you slide one knee up parting my thighs pushing your knee up so that your thigh is pressed hard up against my cunt. I can’t take much more of this the way you touch my breasts and push up against my cunt with your hard thigh. I begin to buck my hips against you so that you can feel my wetness soaking and burning your skin. I throw my neck back leaning my head on your shoulder and you cover my neck with hot drugging kisses as we move with you thrusting your thigh harder into my tender cunt and my hips restless and seeking.

I can’t control the low sexy moans that emerge from my throat.

I’m so close until you move your both hands. Taking one of them I can see you from the corner of my eye bring the fingers of one hand up to your mouth as you lick the first two fingers of that hand. That is so erotic and I let my eyes drift closed as you slide your hands underneath the shirt I’m wearing to touch the bare trembling skin of my ribs, waist and hips. Resting one hand low on my inner thigh you use your other hand with the wet fingers to part the sopping folds of my cunt to find my clit.

You start in slow even circles that drive me crazy gradually beginning to increase in speed. I’m crying and panting before I’m cumming in your arms.

You never let up on the rhythm you’ve set on my clit relentlessly driving your hard thigh up harder into me.

I love this feeling of helplessness as you bite my neck. I love the surrendering of myself to you in your arms.

You push my hair aside with one hand to feast on the nape of my neck spreading kisses all along the length.

Both of my hands are flat against the wall I’m trying to keep myself erect so that I don’t melt at your feet. But we both know this is no where near enough.

Removing your knee you bring your hands down my hips to my inner thighs before you stroke back up fondling and caressing my cunt subtly forcing my thighs wider apart.

I can feel your cock so thick and hard pressed against my back you remove one hand from me to pull down your black boxers. My whole body tenses up waiting for that inevitable sense of penetration, the feel of you deep inside my body.

In one hard thrust you come deep inside my cunt throbbing and pulsing inside me. I’ve never had another lover, why should I ever want another when you are all I ever asked for?

Your hands come up and I feel the heat of them, the strength, as you place them over my hands pressing slightly so as to keep mine in place.

I love the moans that come from you the way you thrust harder and harder.

You know I love it hard.

I can feel the head of your cock slam up against my tender womb and the sensation makes me cry out. Over and over you pound into me. God, whatever you do don’t stop.

And you don’t.

You fuck me senseless, mindless. All I know is the feel of you, the heat of your body. You’re the only thing I ever loved.

Harder, harder. I’m cumming again and I don’t want to stop.

Your fingers move into the spaces between mine piercing me in another way. We tightly hold onto the others’ hand.

The air is redolent with the scent of sweat, heat and sex

I can feel your body stiffen up and then I feel the hot rush of cum deep inside me. We stay locked together like that for a long moment with you buried inside me. You lean your damp forehead against the back of my shoulder I can feel your ribs expand and contract with each breath.

After a while you move away from me and I turn against the wall so that I face you. I lick my lips loving the feral, wild eyed look that you have right now. I watch as your electric green eyes look me up and down pausing at my thighs. I follow your eyes and see the crimson streaks of blood that paint the fair skin.

I look back up at you and our eyes lock.

You fucked me so hard I bled.

I want to be the only one that bleeds for you.

We don’t say anything and then you drop to your knees; which surprises me. You bring your hands up to grasp my hips laying your head against my womb for a second before you dip your head.

I jump at the wet feel of your tongue on my thighs licking away the blood. You feel so good as I spread my legs more for you with your tongue licking the folds of my cunt tasting a mixture of my cum and yours salted with my blood.

You look up at me your mouth painted with a smear of blood. I pull you up close to me my arms tight about you as I kiss your lips deeply tasting myself on your tongue.

I push you away a little bringing my hands up to the collar of the shirt pulling it apart as we both hear the littering tink of the buttons as they hit the wooden floor baring my breasts to you. All you can hear is my soft laugh as you bend down to suckle my breasts as I caress your head.

I can feel you hard once again and I know that I want you one more time. The same way you want me.


I’ll always want you.

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