tagSci-Fi & FantasyWishing: A Sex Genie Story Ch. 01

Wishing: A Sex Genie Story Ch. 01


Slowly the world came back to Walter. Crap! This was getting to be a bad habit. Slowly he sat up in bed and two things were instantly apparent.

One; he was whole and unharmed, and two; he was naked.

"Good, you've woken. I was afraid I was too late."

Walter nearly jumped out of his skin. He traced the voice to the corner of his room where a girl knelt on the floor, her hands folded in her lap.

"How... Who... What is going on here?" Walter made a grab at the sheets and quickly covered himself. Only then did his gaze return to the girl in his room who had risen and started towards him. He took in her outfit, which was minimal, see through and silk, and was struck blind by her beauty.

She was five seven, maybe one hundred fifteen pounds, with long legs and pale skin. Her hair was long and slightly curly and the lightest shade of pin that Walter had ever seen. Her face was shapely and her lips were red rubies. Her eyes had a slight hint of Asian heritage to them, and the irises were brilliant blue with gold flecks in them.

"Master, I am glad you are awake. I was very worried." Her voice was like honey. She frowned when Walter didn't say anything. "Master? Is everything alright?"

Walter snapped back to reality. "Yeah I'm find... who are you and why are you calling me master?"

She seemed to brighten at the questions. "I'm your Genie of course."

She left that hanging in the air and Walter realized it was meant to answer both questions.

"Right. Okay. I must be dreaming or hallucinating."

"Master I can assure you that you are awake and suffering no mental illness."

Walter had to laugh at the seriousness in her voice. Alright he wasn't dreaming or crazy, which meant this had to be a prank. Obviously Richard had set this up to get him for missing Anime night. Though where he found a girl to dye her hair and play almost nude Genie dress up was a mystery.

"You might as well drop the charade and leave, and tell Richard I don't take kindly to pranks that embarrass me like this. Shish I miss one night and the dude goes all single white female on me."

The girl looked hurt. "You wish me to leave? Oh master..." She looked about to cry. "Please Master! I'll do anything. Please don't send me away."

She clung to him and the sobs started. Walter was taken aback. Either she was the real deal or the best fucking actress this side of Hollywood.

"Wow there. Turn off the water works girly. I... I'm not going to send you away." She pulled back from him and a smile blossomed on her face. "Oh thank you Master. Your Genie is so happy."

Again with the Genie thing, well maybe it was just her thing. "So what is your name?"

"I don't have a name. As my Master the privilege of naming me is yours."

"Ok enough. Do you really believe this Genie thing?" The question didn't faze her.

"Of course I'm a Genie." She cocked her head to the side.

"What else would I be?"

Walter decided to test her. "Alright Genie, I wish I had a million dollars."

A frown appeared on the Genie's face. "Oh Master I am sorry but I cannot grant that wish." Walter tried to look surprised. "I thought so..."

"What I meant is that my powers are limited to my nature, and that wish is not one I can grant."

Walter was curious now. "So what kind of wishes can you grant?"

"I can grant any erotic wish you can think of."

It took Walter a second to process what she said. Any erotic wish? A Sex Genie? Holy Crap!

"Holy Crap! You can't be serious!"

She simply smiled. "I am, very serious."

Walter was mystified. A beautiful girl was sitting on his bed barely dressed and telling him she was here to grant any sex wish he had. It was too good to be true. There had to be a punch line somewhere.

"So you're a Sex Genie. How'd you get this gig? Piss off a witch or something."

"Oh no Master. A Witch wouldn't be powerful enough to make a Sex Genie. Only a Sorcerer could have the necessary power." She shifted he position a bit. "I was created by a Major Djinn, for what purpose I don't know. I do know that you are the one who released me so you are the one that I belong to. So how can I be of service to you Master?"

Walter was impressed with the creativeness of her story.

"Well I don't know. How can you be of service to me?"

"In any way you wish Master."

It took two seconds for Walter to make up his mind. "Ok I wish you would give me the best blow job I have ever had."

There was a slight tingle in his head and her eyes lit up. She immediately lowered her head into his lap. Her breath was hot on his cock as she teased him through the sheet. It didn't take much to get him hard. Hell he had been at half mast since he had opened his eyes.

Her hands moved up and down his thighs as she nuzzled his hard on through the sheet. She pulled the sheet from him and engulfed his cock. Her lips slid up and down the shaft as she gently messaged his balls.

Walter was in heaven. He had never even had a blow job before and he still knew this was one for the record books. Walter wasn't a big man in the dick department with only five inches, and she had no problem taking all of him in. Her tongue swirled around the head of his cock for what seemed like hours before she would lower her head had message it with the back of her throat all the while keeping her tongue moving over his shaft.

Walter couldn't take much of this and his end was near. He almost forgot to warn her, but she merely sped up and when Walter started to fire his seed she buried her face in his lap. Greedily suckling his cock and milking all the cum from him.

"Wow" Was all Walter could say. He was breathless, that was the best experience he had ever had. "That was great."

"My pleasure Master. What else can I do for you? Would you like to take me now?"

Walter looked at her in disbelief. She had just sucked his cock and swallowed his seed and she still kept up the Master act. Obviously she was delusional. Walter started to feel bad for taking advantage of her like that. He desperately searched for a way out. Then again he desperately wanted to fuck her brainless too. The second option won, but he was just too tired.

"Wish I could."

The Genie's eyes took on a far off look and he felt the tingle in his head again. Her eyes suddenly flashed gold, and before Walter could even react he felt himself grow hard again. A look of disbelief crossed his face. Not only was he "standing" at attention again, but he felt like he had slept for eight hours.

Genie looked confused. "Is something wrong Master?"

Walter quickly regained himself. "Shit! You really are a Genie."

She nodded. Walter fumbled for words. "I don't know what to say. I'm sorry I didn't believe you."

It struck Walter then. He realized he had just commanded a powerful being to perform sexual acts on him! The fact that she had wanted him to slipped his mind. The only thoughts were that she would turn him into a toad or something any minute.

"I hope you aren't mad. I didn't mean to treat you like that."

Again she looked confused. "You didn't want me to give you pleasure?"

"Well I did, but I... I mean, I don't usually treat women like that. I hope I didn't offend you."

Here he was apologizing to a magical being for commanding her to do something she had told him she wanted in the first place. Walter just had to laugh at himself.

He quickly stifled the laughter. "Sorry. It's just a lot to take in. Until a few seconds ago I though magic was only in fairy tales. "

She watched him while he took a minute to gather his thoughts. Walter reviewed everything he knew about Genies. Crap he had used two wishes. If the stories were true he had only one wish left. Apparently Genie was picking up on his panic.

"Master? What is the matter?"

"I was just regretting my wishes. I..." Walter stopped as the tears came to her eyes. "Genie what is it? What's wrong?"

She sniffled as she tried to stop the tears. "I have disappointed my Master. There is no greater shame for a Genie..." She started to cry again.

"Genie no. You did disappoint me. I just meant I should have spent my wishes better. I only have one left and I want to think it though... and now you're laughing?"

Sure enough Genie had stopped crying and had started giggling softly. "Master. You have not wasted any wishes. I am you Genie for life, and a very long life that can be. I will grant you unlimited wishes... as long as they are within my power to grant."

"Oh. I just thought, well all the stories have the three wish deal in them and I just assumed..."

He looked at her sheepishly. "So, unlimited wishes... wait, is there anything you can do other then sexual wishes?"

The Genie looked thoughtful for a second. "I can grant any wish as long as it is of a sexual nature. I can use my powers to keep us safe from all harm, and to keep us from notice if that is what you want. I will of course follow any commands you give me."

While Walter was thinking about what she had told him, he noticed his hard on still raging. "What about this?" He indicated his still throbbing cock.

"It was your wish that you could take me, but you were too tired."

Walter reviewed his wishes and found something a bit weird. His second with had not been entirely voiced. He remembered that tingle in his head.

"You can read my mind?"

It was her turn to look sheepish. "Well yes and no. I would never invade your privacy, but I was made to give you what you wanted. I am afraid that sometimes I must look to see what exactly it is you want for a wish."

She seemed to struggle a bit with something before she continued. "I have to tell you that my form came from your mind as well. The cloud you released was actually my essence. I would have waited for you to give me form but you were injured. I had to skim your mind so I could help you. I drew forth this form from your subconscious desires. I am your perfect version of a woman."

Walter couldn't argue that. She was perfect. Her breasts were good C-cups with no hint of sag to them. He could see her dark areolas through her shear top.

"Well Genie... Wait I can't keep calling you Genie. You need a name. How about..." Walter trailed off.

A hundred names flashed through his mind but nothing struck him as appropriate. He looked into her strikingly blue eyes. They were intense. He had never seen eyes that blue before. There were even little gold flecks in them that glinted when the light caught them.

A name came to his mind then. It was foreign but she looked like she could be from the east anyway. It was her eyes that had led him to the name and it fit her well.


She looked at him as she rolled the name around.


Walter nodded. "It's Japanese. It's the name of a precious stone that is prized for its intense blue color."

Ruri smiled. "I like it. Are you going to fuck me brainless now?"

Walter's mouth dropped open. Ruri smiled and moved her hips towards him licking her lips as she eyed his erection.

"Is that what you want?"

Ruri blinked and seemed to think about it. "It is. My personality and desires were pulled from your subconscious as well as my form. It appears that you like a woman who speaks her mind." She caressed his throbbing cock. "A strong willed girl. A girl who will take the initiative every once and a while, and one who is a bit mischievous."

She gave his cock a hungry stare. "This is giving me some difficulty as I was created to be subservient and obedient." She backed away from the bed and stood in front of him.

"So your desire to be fucked brainless is in conflict with you being subservient?"

Ruri shook her head, and hesitated a second before she started to strip off her silks. Her hips started to sway to some unheard music, but her eyes showed the slightest bit of panic

"No, my desire to be well fucked would be expected. My voicing that desire and trying to seduce you into actually doing so is what is causing the conflict."

Walter saw it. She was in turmoil about her actions.

"Wouldn't whoever had created you have foreseen the possibility of a... a Master giving you a personality that would be conflicting?" Walter still had a problem with the whole Master concept.

"Normally yes, but I pulled my personality from your subconscious just like my form, and..." Ruri seemed to fumble for the words.

Walter caught on despite the sudden end of the explanation.

"You're not sure that this is what I really want. That it is my conscious decision."

Ruri nodded emphatically, tears starting to roll down her cheeks. Walter was up off the bed and wrapping her in a tight embrace. She melted into his arms. Walter knew right then that he loved this woman, he didn't know how or why, just that he did.

"I wish for your conflict to be over. You are everything I could desire." Ruri continued to cry, but Walter felt the change in her. These were now tears of happiness. He lifted her head and brushed her lips with his. This sparked a hunger in her. Her lips pressed more firmly to his, and her tongue slipped between to caress his. She broke the kiss and looked into his eyes.

"Are you going to fuck me brainless now?"

Walter laughed. "You have a one track mind, you know that right." Ruri grinned wickedly at him as she pushed him back onto the bed. She removed the last of her silks and straddled him. Walter pulled her down for a deep kiss as her hand reached between them and moved his cock to the entrance of her womanhood.

She was dripping wet and the head of his cock went in easily until it met with an obstruction.

Walter grasped Ruri around her waist and stopped her decent. "Wait! You're a virgin?"

"Of course I am. You taking my virginity is the last step towards sealing our bond. Once it is, nothing short of a Major Djinn can separate us."

Walter pondered that for a moment, and it didn't help that Ruri was swirling her hips with the tip of his cock inside her. "And what would happen if I didn't seal our bond?"

Ruri stopped her playing and looked seriously at him. "Then my powers to protect you are limited. I could save you from accidents, but if a sentient being wanted to hurt you I wouldn't be able to interfere. If you were killed I would return to my essence and could be claimed by the first person who encountered me."

Walter lifted a hand from her waist to caress her cheek. "I would never let that happen. I never want to hurt you or cause you pain."

She smiled at him. "A little pain is nice, every once in a while." Slowly Walter released her and she again slid down his shaft. His cock pressed against her maidenhead, and she moaned.

Ruri nodded in encouragement, and Walter pressed on. He felt her hymen rip as he sunk deep into her.

Ruri let out a gasp of pain. He just held her there, not daring to move less he cause her more pain. She started to move her hips slowly and her grimace of pain became pleasure.

Walter was in heaven... again. Walter was by no means a virgin himself, and he wasn't very experienced. But he knew that this was by far the best sex anyone had ever had. He started to caress her perfect breasts. Her dark nipples stood out just begging to be pinched.

And who was Walter to deny them? He reached up and grasped her nipple between his thumb and finger and gave a little pinch. Ruri yelped in pleasure. He took that as permission and started to roll the dark nubbin.

Ruri was getting wild now, her hips quickly rising to slam down on him hard as she approached her release. Walter was quickly reaching his own release, and for a moment he feared he would finish before her when inspiration struck him.

"Ruri I wish that I wouldn't cum until after you do." Ruri's eyes flashed as she continued to ride him. He felt the oncoming tide stop right before he reached the crest and just hold there. It was almost maddening. He was so close to the edge but couldn't get over it.

Ruri started to buck with abandon and suddenly she screamed out. Her muscles tightened around Walter's dick like a vice, and started to ripple, trying to milk his orgasm from him.

As soon as she had screamed, Walter felt his seed bubble up from his balls. He erupted inside her, plastering her virgin womb with hot goo. She collapsed on top of him and snuggled into his chest.

"Oh Master, Thank you."

Walter was confused... again. "I think I'm the one who should be thanking you."

Ruri laughed gentle and playfully licked at his chest. "You could have used me anyway you wanted, and you wish for me to have pleasure. A Genie would be very blessed to have a master like you."

"Ruri, I will always want to give you pleasure. I never want to forsake you or to treat you with less then you deserve. In fact I want to make that a wish. I wish I would never take you for granted, Ruri."

Tears appeared in Ruri's eyes, and again Walter brushed them away. "This better not be a habit we have developed. Swinging from fits of despair to throws of passion." Walter noticed something.

"Hey I made a wish. Where's the glowie eyes thingy?"

Ruri grinned. "I can't grant a wish that already exists."

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