"Witch" Hitter


Wally Jones was relaxing in his lower east side apartment in Manhattan reading a book and nursing a scotch rocks. He was deep in thought as the novel had his undivided attention. He didn't even hear the first several rings on his cell phone before he answered it.

"Hey Wally, what took you so long? Were you playing with yourself again?" the sweet female voice on the other end teased.

"If you were here Sonia, I wouldn't have to play with myself," Wally replied with a chuckle.

"That's right! Listen do you have any plans for Halloween?"

Wally knew he didn't but he also wasn't a fan of costume parties if that's where Sonia was headed. "No, no plans."

"I've been invited to this Halloween party in the Village and I need a date to get in. Once we are inside we can be on our own. Can I get you to take me?"

"Is it a costume party?"

"Of course it is silly. It should be wild though. There will be a lot of artsy people there."

"Artsy, you mean gays?"

"Yes and lesbians and straight people too. There will be artists, theatre people, models and musicians. A lot of beautiful people, you will like some of the models."

"So this isn't a real date. We are on our own once we are at the party, sounds interesting."

"Right and it could be a blast. If we don't hook up with someone else then we still have each other."

Wally liked Sonia and she was a good lover. If ending up with her was the end result it would still be rewarding. "Okay, I'll do it. I need the time and place."

"Pick me up at my apartment building at 7:00 PM on the Friday the 25th. I have the directions and don't forget to wear a costume."

"What are you doing just bringing your broom?"

"Smart ass, you know what you can do with my broom. I will be dressed as a super heroine. You'll see when you pick me up."

"Okay, I'll see you on the 25th unless you need your horns scraped before then."

"Go back to playing with your self," Sonia said with a giggle and then added, "By the way thanks for doing this."

"Your welcome, I'm actually kind of looking forward to it."

They said goodbye and Wally put his cell phone down and refreshed his drink. He couldn't get back into his book since the party was now on his mind. What would he wear? What would the people be like? Would he know anyone at the party besides Sonia?

Wally was a handsome young man of 28 years and he was a fitness fanatic. He was religious about his morning workouts that included a run on the esplanade along the East river. He was in great shape weighing 190 pounds on a 6'2" tall frame. He would often do sit ups while watching TV and he had washboard abs to go with the rest of his fit body. Wally was a good dancer and he loved the clubs in Tribeca. Being a good dancer always helped in scoring with the ladies.

He worked for a major consulting firm and did his share of travel. He had also spent two years in Europe and had some interesting sexual encounters in France and Italy. Wally did not consider himself gay or even bisexual although he did not object to a cute gay sucking his cock on occasion. He normally had success with the ladies but if he was horny on a night that he struck out, he would accept a blow job from an effeminate looking gay.

He still remembered the one night in Paris when he had anal sex with a very pretty gay. The guy was so cute that he looked like a girl and he had a very nice ass. Wally liked anal sex with women and there were plenty in Europe who enjoyed it too. The Parisian gay was the first and only man that Wally had ever fucked in the ass. He was surprised that he was able to do it and surprised by how much he enjoyed it.

Now living in New York, Wally had access to every sexual orientation possible but he was dialed in on the ladies especially given the women in that city. Wally again wondered what might happen at the party as he had heard rumors about some of them. He was sure that he would meet a hot model and if not there was still Sonia. Wally finished his drink and turned in. He dozed off trying to think of a costume that would suit him.


At 6:00 PM on Friday evening October 25th Wally left his apartment dressed as a Roman Centurion. He had rented the costume from a store specializing in costumes and he couldn't believe the limited selection. Obviously people were getting into the costume parties for Halloween. Wally looked great in Roman attire complete with the gold leather boots with straps wrapped around his calves. His 16" biceps and solid quads were visible below the fake armor. He had a toy sword dangling from his waist and a soft leather helmet that looked authentic.

Wally had arranged for a car service to pick him up at his apartment building and then Sonia at her place. The doorman complimented Wally on his costume and wished him a good time at the party. The car drove across town to the West side to pick up Sonia. She was waiting outside chatting with her doorman when the limo arrived. She looked great in a Wonder Woman costume.

Sonia was an attractive woman with brown hair, brown eyes and a 36-28-36 figure. She stood at 5'7" and weighed about 130 pounds. The costume showed off her figure and great legs. Sonia got in the car and smiled at Wally.

"Traveling in style, I see," she said.

"Nothing is too good for you and you look great."

"Thanks, I wanted a more recent super heroine costume but the pickings were slim."

Sonia gave directions to the driver and then she looked at Wally again. "You look scrumptious," she remarked as she ran her hand over his muscular arms.

"We could always pass on the party and go back to my place," Wally offered.

"Tempting but I want to see who is at this party and what goes on. I have always heard about wild parties in the Village and I'm curious about this one. You are going to get hit on a lot dressed like that," she said as she ran her hands over his solid thighs.

"Careful," Wally cautioned.

Sonia ran her hand over his crotch and teased him when she felt his cock harden. "What do you have in there another sword?"

"Why don't you find out for yourself?"

Just then the car pulled up to a building that looked like a storage facility. At first they didn't get out of the car but then they saw others in costumes enter the building. "I guess this is the place," Sonia announced.

She and Wally got out of the car and walked into the building where two very large guys were standing. "Invitation, please," a deep voice spoke.

Sonia handed them the invitation and the brute looked it over. "Thank you! Enjoy the party but remember if you leave the building you cannot get back in."

Sonia and Wally walked passed the two hulks and into a dimly lit room that was large and full of people. They were handed a pumpkin style glass and the bar was pointed out to them. Wally was ready for a drink and Sonia joined him. He got his scotch rocks and a white wine for her. They tipped glasses and then went their separate ways as Sonia was anxious to check out things on her own. Wally walked around and observed the people. It was obvious that there were gays and lesbians at the party. As Sonia had said there were a lot of beautiful people in attendance. The party was just getting started and it was fairly calm at the moment. Music was playing and a few people were dancing but most were engaged in conversation.

Wally looked over the ladies and he saw two beauties talking. They were dressed like two goddesses and their beautiful legs were on display below the short flowing toga like dresses. Wally headed toward them but stopped when he saw them kiss and then move on hand in hand. "Wow, I would love to see those two naked in bed together," he thought to himself.

People were dressed in all sorts of themes. There were cavemen and cavewomen, marvel comic characters, witches, zombies, ghosts, celebrities and so on. Wally finished his drink and returned to the bar to get another. He spotted two guys dressed in togas and they were chatting as they stroked the other's cock. They were obviously naked under the togas. They spotted Wally and smiled at him.

"Hey centurion, want to join us," one asked.

"No thanks," Wally replied politely. "The party is starting to heat up," he thought.

The party was indeed getting started and Wally spotted more couplings as he walked around looking for Ms. Right. He saw the two sirens again and this time they had another woman sitting between them. The woman in the middle had her blouse open and the two beauties were kissing the woman's breasts. Wally felt his cock stir and decided he needed to find a partner soon. He spotted an interesting looking Asian girl dressed like a witch from across the room. She was alone so he walked toward her.

He passed two gays in a dark corner with one blowing the other one. Other people were fondling each other openly as things began to move quickly. Wally focused on the Asian witch as he picked up his pace. He got closer and saw that she was dressed in orange and black and looked very erotic. She was wearing orange hose and orange shear gloves that covered her arms. The short dress was black and she was wearing black shoes with orange bows. Her hat was black with an orange buckle. The black dress showed plenty of cleavage and her orange bra peeked through. Wally was excited by her appearance.

She appeared to be a petite girl standing at about 5'4" and Wally guessed weighing no more than 110 pounds if that. She saw him approaching and she smiled at him. Her face lit up and he then realized how exotic she looked. He liked what he saw and he could not resist speaking to her. Wally closed the distance between them to greet her but as he did he tripped over a couple on the floor. Wally never saw the couple as he had been focused on the witch.

"Hey be careful," the guy dressed as a ghost said.

"Sorry!" Wally apologized and noticed that the ghost was fucking a cute blonde in a tennis outfit. She was on all fours with her skirt tossed up over her back and her panties down to her knees. The ghost had his sheet pulled up and he was naked under it.

"Maybe you'd like to join us," the blonde said as she ran her hand up Wally's thigh to his crotch.

Normally Wally would have joined in and let the pretty blonde suck his cock but he was more interested in the Asian witch. "Maybe later," he replied.

Wally looked up and saw that the witch was gone. He quickly scanned the dimly lit room in hopes of finding her and he spotted her across the room. "How did she get over there so fast?" he thought to himself.

Walt resumed his pursuit and headed for the pretty Asian dressed as a witch. On his way he noticed more couples having sex and some group sex activities. A gay guy dressed as Batman was butt fucking another gay dressed as the Riddler. The Riddler has his pants down to his knees with Batman's cape wrapped around him as Batman drilled him. Wally spotted a threesome and recognized Sonia on her knees. Wonder Woman Sonia was eating the pussy of a girl dressed like Cat Woman as a guy dressed like Robin was fucking Sonia doggy style.

Wally cleared the people engaged in sex and spotted his object of desire. He approached the witch and she moved away quickly as if she was flying. "How the fuck did she do that?" Wally wondered. Finally he caught up with her in the corner of the room. She smiled at him as he closed in and he thought that she was the most beautiful Asian girl that he had ever seen.

"Hi, I'm Wally. Can I get you a drink or something?"

"My name is Kimee. Dance with me Wally," Kimee whispered.

Wally put his drink down along with his toy sword and fake helmet and moved to dance with Kimee. He started to steer her out to the dance floor but she stopped him. "Let's dance here where it is darker," she said in a very sexy voice. Kimee moved into Wally's arms and pressed her body against him. As they danced Kimee opened up Wally's costume and ran her hands over his bare chest. In turn Wally opened her dress and unhooked the orange bra. Now with their upper bodies bare Wally took Kimee into his arms and they began to sway to the music. Wally loved the feel of Kimee's tits against his bare chest and he loved the smooth feeling of Kimee's skin. They danced together holding each other so tight that a ray of light could not have passed between them. Wally let his hands drift down under her skirt. He touched the bare skin above her hose and moved his hands to Kimee's panty covered ass where he took both of Kimee's ass cheeks in his hands. Their legs rubbed against each other's pubes and his hard cock pressed against her thigh. Wally slipped his hands inside Kimee's panty and gently squeezed the smooth curvy ass cheeks.

Kimee lifted her head to be kissed while dancing and instinctively Wally kissed Kimee. It was a tender kiss and Wally could not believe how soft Kimee's lips were. They kissed again and this time Kimee's tongue probed Wally's mouth gently forcing it open. Wally returned the French kiss and their tongues dueled with each other as they continued to dance. Kimee broke their embrace and dropped to her knees. Kimee pulled Wally's costume bottom down to his knees allowing Wally's cock to spring free in front of Kimee's face.

Kimee didn't take the cock in his mouth at first but instead she planted soft kisses up and down Wally's throbbing stiff shaft. Wally moaned as the soft lips kissed his cock and balls. Kimee gently stroked the big hard cock as she kissed Wally's tight ball sac. Just about the time that Wally thought he would go out of his mind with desire, Kimee's mouth covered Wally's cock head and Kimee let the cock slowly enter her mouth. Wally was incredibly turned on and then he realized that he was about to cum. Wally held Kimee's head and let his fingers run through the soft long black hair as Kimee's head bobbed up and down.

Wally felt the surge in his loins and the pressure in his cock just seconds before he unleashed his load into Kimee's mouth. Wally ejaculated into Kimee's mouth and Kimee swallowed quickly as one jet after the other shot into her mouth. Wally felt his cock pulsate as five or six strong streams of semen ran through it and into Kimee's mouth. Then Wally felt the barrage subside as Kimee sucked the remaining cum from Wally's cock. Wally felt weak kneed and he held Kimee's head firmer as if for balance. Kimee continued to suck Wally's softening cock and then Kimee nibbled on the sensitive head of Wally's cock causing Wally to shiver and groan. Wally couldn't take the gentle nibbling on his cock as he almost felt faint so he pushed Kimee away from him. Reluctantly Kimee let Wally's cock slip from his mouth but not before giving the head one more nibble. The sensations rippled through Wally's body as the head of his cock left Kimee's mouth with an audible pop.

Wally felt Kimee apply some substance to his penis and remarkably she had him hard in no time. It had been the best blow job that Wally could remember getting from anyone. Kimee stood up and caressed Wally's chest. Then Kimee kissed Wally again and pushed her tongue into Wally's mouth. Wally subconsciously kissed Kimee back without thinking that he had just cum in Kimee's mouth. Wally was sure that he could taste his own cum in Kimee's mouth but he had done that before with women so it didn't bother him. As he and Kimee continued to kiss, Wally once again rubbed and fondled Kimee's tits.

Wally lowered his head to Kimee's breasts and began to kiss and suck them. Kimee's nipples were rock hard and Wally gently nibbled on them. Wally held one nipple in his teeth as he ran his tongue over the hard nub. Kimee cooed as Wally worked on the tits and nipples and Kimee leaned back. Wally continued his sucking and fondling of Kimee's tits and then he decided to get Kimee off. Wally let his hand trail down Kimee's body and inside Kimee's panties but she stopped him.

"I want you to fuck me now. I want you to fuck me in my ass," she whispered.

Kimee turned her back to Wally and pulled the panties down below her buttocks. Her beautiful ass was displayed and Wally fondled her shapely buttocks. He was thrilled that he would get to fuck such a lovely ass. His cock was rock hard and he placed it in the crack of her bottom. "I'm ready. I lubed up earlier just use some saliva to make it slippery.

Wally spit in his hand and coated his cock with his saliva. He pushed against Kimee's sphincter and his cock popped right in. He entered her quickly and he was surprised how easy it went in. He began fucking her standing up as he held to her hips. He thought that she might want to cum too and he moved his hands toward her vagina. Kimee intercepted his hands again and brought them up to her breasts. "Squeeze my breasts and pinch my nipples while you fuck me," she directed in a sexy tone.

He continued to fuck her ass slowly as he loved watching his cock slide in and out of her beautiful bum. Wally was in no hurry to cum but he felt his discharge building in his balls. As he approached his release it seemed as if his cock was swelling to new proportions. Kimee's ass got tighter and choked Wally's cock. He felt his seed surge through his shaft but the pressure was intense almost unbearable. Then he exploded in Kimee's rectum and there was a large puff of smoke as he ejaculated.

When the smoke cleared Kimee was gone. Wally was standing there alone with his costume half off and his erect cock sticking straight out. He was totally confused by Kimee's action and he could not figure out what happened. His only explanation was that she knew some magic trick and had played it on him. He re-arranged his costume and then went to refresh his drink and resume his search for his Asian witch. He was not done with her yet and he planned to talk her into coming home with him.

Then just as quickly as she had disappeared Kimee was back next to his side carrying two drinks, "Here. I got you a drink."

"What is it, scotch?"

"No something better, this will keep you hard and let you keep cumming all night," she whispered in his ear and then swiped it with her wet tongue.

Wally felt chills run through his body when she tongued his ear. He took a sip of the drink that tasted like a sweet wine. He hated sweet wine. "Drink it all and you will feel the effect," Kimee coached him.

Wally drank it down and immediately he felt a glow throughout his body. Then things seem to happen that he could not explain. He felt lighter and felt as if he could fly. Then he was flying and everything around him was a blur as if he was moving rapidly. He couldn't make out any people at the party and next he was flying through the city streets. This couldn't be and he suspected he was hallucinating. It had to be the drink. It must have been laced with something.

Wally came to rest in a bed and there were candles lit all around it. Kimee was with him and they were both naked. He couldn't focus on her either and her figure blurred in his eyes. The next thing he saw was a cock approaching his mouth. He tried to get away but his body was paralyzed. The pecker entered his mouth and grew hard. Wally couldn't move and the person just fucked his mouth. Wally looked up and saw Kimee's sweet face but he couldn't imagine that the cock belonged to her.

As the person fucking Wally's mouth got close to ejaculating the room began to change. The candles surrounding the bed turned into flames. Wally could feel the intensity of the heat. He looked up and saw Kimee's face again but it was distorted. He watched as the face took on a demonic look and then let out a blood curdling scream as the cock ejaculated into his mouth. Wally tasted cum other than his own for the first time. He was still unable to move and then he passed out.


The sun peeking in through the bedroom window stirred Wally and his head was throbbing. He had the worst hangover ever. As he began to wake up he recalled his nightmare from the night before. It had gone so well at first with Kimee until she made him drink that wine or whatever it was. Then he hallucinated and had that terrible dream. He had a bad taste in his mouth and he had to pee. He slowly swung his legs out of bed and sat on the side of it cradling his achy head in his hands.

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