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Witch of Power


The forest has many creatures; this story is about one and her rape. One day Gloria was walking through the woods. It was the first day of summer; the weather was hot. She decided to go for a swim at the beautiful lake. Gloria removed all of her clothes. The warm water felt good on her skin. Deciding to dry on a large rock, she laid down on it. The rock heated by the sun felt wonderful on her skin.

Gloria was a witch; her power came from a beautiful crystal, which hung around neck. All the towns' people knew this and did not harm her. Who would want to be cursed? This day was different; the kings' son was out riding and decided his horse needed water. They, the kings' son and the horse, came upon Gloria. "Oh, she beautiful and I will have her now. "

Louie jumped on the rock and lay on top of Gloria. She could not reach her crystal. He kissed her and started licking her nipples. "Stop, you are hurting me. " "Let me go!" Louie sucked and licked her nipples. "I will have you, wench." "All in the woods is mine; you are here so you are mine.

With these words, he pushed a scarf in her mouth. Louie tied her hands with the lace from her blouse. There she lay, wrapped up like a pig for the butcher. Clothing was pull off and he was ready for the fun to begin. Louie pushed between her legs and rammed his cock deep into her virgin hole. He saw the tears but they did not mean anything to him. The Prize was his.

Gloria tried to stop him but she could not. He was ramming in and out; each time his cock was deeper. She stopped fighting and started feeling things only a married woman felt. Gloria was starting to enjoy a strange new feeling. His cock tore deeper into his victim. She felt it throbbing inside. This cock, inside her, was alive and making her alive, too.

She had never felt this alive before; he was like the wolves in the woods in mating season. Gloria though if she could get to her crystal that is what he would be. She felt his balls hitting her. He sucks on her nipple like a hunger wolf cub. He rub the other made it stand and rise up. Her body was answering the call of the wild.

The cock ripped through her virgin hole with great force. Her clit was larger and red with blood. Gloria was pushing back with each thrust. She was enjoying but she was not going to let him. She felt him slide in; his cock throbbed and moved like it was finding a home in side. She felt her body beginning to shake and vibrate with great force. He was thrusting hard and soon he would shot his seed into her. She did not want to end.

They both felt the fire in their bodies and both explored. His seed pour into her like water going into a bowl. His seed ran down the crack of her ass. Gloria did not know what to do first. Prince Louie untied her and removed her gag. He gave her a gift but he had taken it by force. She touches the crystal and these words came out. " By the light of the full moon, you will become a wolf and you will pay for you misdeed." "You are a witch!" "Yes, I am and you have tasted me so I will teach you a lesson." "I did not know!" "You can not do this to the KING`S son!"

"I can and I will!" "You will learn what taking something means." Gloria pick ups her clothes and ran deep into the woods. Prince Louie stood in his shame; he knew only she could take the spell away. Or he would have to do a good turn for someone. "My father will be angry with me but I must tell him and he will find away to help me."

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