tagFetishWitch World: #11 Arankants Temple

Witch World: #11 Arankants Temple


It was on the fourth day out from the settlement that Naleen crested the ridge that was supposed to overlook the ruins he was searching for. However, the thick forest in the valley below thwarted his efforts to confirm the rumors.

"You are sure what I seek lies below?" He turned to ask his guides, a trio of women to his left. Despite the hike, they were dressed in long robes with ornate embroidery along the hems and carried no exploratory gear. Their skin had a peculiar coppery cast to it, a slight shimmer that unnerved him almost as much as their solid black, soulless eyes and bright white hair.

When they spoke, it was in unison. "The High Temple of Arankant indeed lies below in that valley, Seeker. It was once our home, long ago."

"Wasn't the Temple besieged at the dawning of this age? Wasn't it captured at the end of the Witches' War? That's over a thousand years ago! You can't honestly expect me to believe you three are that old. You barely look older than maidens."

"What is time to a faithful servant?" the trio said with a unified shrug. "We abide the years, awaiting our Mistress' return. You, who speak her name long dead and seek her history long lost, may be the catalyst to her revival. It is our obligation to help you, else we would kill you for stepping on these holy grounds."

Not sure how to respond to that, he turned left to follow the ridge, looking for a way down. He was hardly seeking Arankant or her history, it was just her temple was likely unplundered and would be a place where he could find a weapon with power. Power enough to kill a Witch. A Witchbane.

He had tried to acquire one from the Northern Wastes, but the Guardian of the Green found him. The Stag Witch had dogged him for two days, pursuing him until he was so hopelessly lost in her forest choked ruins that he had no choice but to be captured. Desperate to not be killed for trying to steal, he offered up whatever The Witch Who Kept Watch wanted from him.

She asked for his seed, calling it an offering to the forest. Glad that she had not asked for the secret he carried, as was her reputation, he agreed. The wild Witch took him somewhere and had her way with him. She fucked him relentlessly, somehow keeping him up until he passed out after a fourth orgasm. He woke two days later at an inn five days travel from the Wastes. He chose to look elsewhere for a Witchbane.

The would-be witchslayer had been walking along the ridge for sometime when he found both his confirmation and his entry point. Shaped out of the stone like waves was a wide stairway and at the bottom, a ruined causeway. Beyond, a pyramid rose above the trees like a mountain standing alone. Four pillars, some whole, some fractured, were aligned with the sides and stood a considerable distance out from the temple. He realized then they created an eight-point star when combined the temples points.

"Welcome to our home, Seeker," The trio said as they appeared without sound at his shoulder. "We hope that you find your stay to be agreeable."

The descent to the ruined temple was easy, but the massive structure's shadow cast a foreboding pressure over the descent. By the time they were standing on the valley floor, the pyramid dominated everything. He began to feel like this was just as bad a plan as all the others, but there was nothing for it now. Knowing that the trio was with him and would likely kill him if tried to turn back kept his feet moving forwards.

It was not long before they arrived at a tumbled archway that lead to a open courtyard that would likely have been beautiful in its heyday, but was now just dust and shattered stone. A bone dry fountain was situated in the middle, surrounded by a wide circle of blackened soil. The entrance to the temple lay beyond, the way barred by two massive doors.

"Hey! The way is shut, how will we get in?"

"If you are true, the way will open."

That was not what he wanted to hear. He was going to die here. The would-be witchslayer began to panic even as the trio of strange women herded him towards the door. There was no where to run to in the open courtyard, no where to hide. Just like with The Stag Witch, he was going to be discovered. Only, this time he was sure his punishment was not going to just be getting fucked into unconsciousness.

"This will open the door if you are the catalyst."

The statement brought Naleen back to reality and he glanced around at what they could be referring to. His eyes were first drawn to the doors only a stone's throw from where they stood. They were each easily three times larger than him and their polished surface was oddly clear of dust and dirt.

In the distance between those doors and the party, was what the woman was likely referring to. Rising up out of the ground like a tree was a waist high obelisk with a horizontal oval-shaped hole. As he moved toward it, he realized the stone surrounding the opening looked vaguely like lips.

"Wait, no, you're not actually suggesting that I-"

"It'll be easy." One of them undid his pants from behind while the other two walked past, chanting. "All you have to is get hard and see if the Divine favors you."

The chanting pair put their hands to the pillar. Etchings lost under the dust flickered to life as a brilliant purple light swept down the stone structure. The pale marble keyhole flared to life, painting the lip-like curves with glowing energy. They turned to him, their hands and eyes glowing with that same light. They each dropped to their knees, their hands reaching for his manhood. Despite himself, he was getting hard. Were all Witches sex fiends? Would every interaction with them result in his body receiving such direct attention?

Still this was different. Unlike The Stag Witch, whose mating had been aggressive and forceful, the feeling of the duo kneeling at his feet was gentle as they caressed his rising manhood with soft hands. Fingers eagerly rubbed hardening, twitching flesh. He closed his eyes as he relaxed into their embrace.

In the dark behind his eyelids he got flashes of memories, impressions really, that had to be from the duo because they of the temple when it thrived. Lips pressed against his shaft from both sides and he glanced down to watch only to do a double take.

Between his legs was not his cock, but one twice as big. Purple lines traced like spider-web over his shaft and down to equally enlarged balls. With each passing second, there was more cock for the duo to attend to. A task they did with abandon, eagerly licking and sucking and fondling. In turn, their affection created a denser network of magical lines on his member and further hastened his growth. He could feel his balls swelling as flesh overtook more and more of his thighs, until they slipped behind him to rest on the backs of his knees.

Before long, his dick was the size of his arm, throbbing like mad, and he was humping the air like his life depended on it. Every lingering touch from the duo made increasingly larger amounts of pre-cum dribble out with each twitch of his cock. At this point, the veins of magic had snaked up his body and, presumably, down his legs. The glow was strong enough through his clothes, the twisting lines visible through even his hardened leather. Just as his inhumanly large balls tightened and his hip movements grew even more frantic, the duo stood up and stepped back into formation with the other woman. The one of the left now had blue eyes, the one on the right had red.

The one who had not knelt, her eyes still black glass, began to speak. "It would seem the Divine indeed favors you, Seeker of Arankant. Come, use your key so that we may enter the temple. Use your key so we can return home."

Desperate to find release, he did not even think about the oddity of what she was implying. The would-be witchslayer eagerly rubbed his drooling dick all over the keyhole shaped like a mouth to get it ready for him and started to press against it. As he gripped the stone like he had many a women's head, the lines of power began to work their way up his arms to join the ones spreading over his torso.

When those connected, the tip of his shaft slipped into the crevasse. He simultaneously pushed and pulled harder, slipping more and more meat into the keyhole. The chamber behind the lips curved down, just like a throat. Unlike a throat however, there was no gag reflex as inch after meaty inch crammed in.

Just as he sunk his massive shaft to the hilt, he began to cum. Well, more like he was being pumped for cum. It felt like he was being squeezed empty as gallons of sticky fluid flowed out of him. His balls shrank as their magically enhanced load was released. The lines of power drained down his arms and into the obelisk, the pressure of the opening on his dick lessened until he tumbled backwards, his body apparently returned to how it had been before.

He scrambled up, tugging at the hem of his pants. "What in the six silver circles was that?"

The lead woman looked different as she stared at him. Her eyes were now bright green instead of soulless black. "Consider yourself fortunate, Seeker of Arankant. Many have died here, men and women alike. Yet, you live."

The other two echoed her. "You live! You live!"

Only feet away, the door's own lines of power flickered to life. They looked like a tree in winter, so many branching paths that reached towards the sky. A rumble filled the space as the doors began to swing outwards.

It seemed he would at least live to see what no mortal had seen in an age.

"Come," she said as she turned. "We shall go together."

The Blue-eyed Witchling offered him a hand up. When he grasped her palm, it was like grasping a gauntlet. The blue-eyed woman smiled and the party moved towards the opening doors. A passage filled with softly glowing light ran on without end. Stepping inside, torch-like lights flared to life as they approached and flickered out when they were past, leaving them in a bubble of illumination. It felt like they had been walking for hours, but the passage showed no signs of coming to an end.

"We're been walking for a while now," he began, his voice oddly small. "Why haven't we found anything yet?"

"Do you think we should have?" The trio was back to speaking in unison.

"Of course! We're walking in a straight line—"

"Are we?" Green asked. "Walking in a straight line I mean. Look up."

Naleen squinted through the gloom for the faintly glowing lines he had noticed as they came in. His eyes slowly adjusted to the darkness, but he finally saw their shape in the dancing shadows on the ceiling. They had a very slight curve to them.

"This is a spiral isn't it?"

"That it is, Seeker. This passage curves around in a spiral to the center of the temple. We spent many hours walking these halls, chanting, singing, doing spellcraft. You've probably missed them, but there are many doorways on these walls, each a chamber for handmaiden of Arankant."

His exit strategy was once again looking grim, but he continued forward with Blue holding his hand and the other close behind as Green led them on. After what felt like a lifetime in the dark, there was a pinpoint of bright light which grew larger as the walked until he could tell it was a doorway.

Stepping into the inner cloister was dazzling and he lost all sense of direction for a moment. When he finally got his bearings again, he saw what was producing the light. Hanging in midair at the center of the chamber was crystalline shard that stretched from floor to ceiling. The room itself was equally remarkable. A wide flight of steps went down to the base of the shard. In both directions from the doorway, plants flourished in tiered gardens as water flowed along aqueducts. Water wheels at the bottom carried water back up to flow down once more.

"This is your next challenge, Seeker. If you are true, the shard will admit you to the true depths of the temple."

"What will I find there?"

"Tests, trials, and then, Arankant."

"I thought you said Arankant was dead."

"She is, but her essence remains," she gestured to the shard and then turned to face him. "I know you come seeking power, and I care not for what end. Our Mistress was killed for being too close to becoming Divine herself, she knew her end was coming. Still, she did not deserve the betrayal from her sisters."

Green was quiet for a moment and stared off into the distance, as if recalling a time long past. "Now come, let us give you what you seek."

Blue and Red pushed him towards the shard, each holding a hand. Try as he might, Naleen could not pull away from their grasp or stop their advance. He was going to die, he was sure of it. His forehead pressed against the crystal. Light began to fill the room until all that remained was brilliance. When he could see again, Naleen was alone.

It was white in every direction, with no horizon, no indication that he was even standing on anything beyond his weight being settled on his feet.

"We are in Arankant's essence, Seeker."

Naleen whirled around, standing there was the duo from before. They moved towards him, beginning to remove their robes. He stood there frozen, though it was not as if running would get him anywhere. The garments cast aside revealed coppery skin clad in the barest amount of white lace. Each of them was very thin, like they had not eaten in weeks.

As they drew within arm's distance, lines like before traced over their mostly naked bodies and they began to change. It started with their hair. The white mane of the woman on the left shifting to a deep blue and as the woman on the right became a bright red. The color spread over their clothes, dying their sparse garments the same color as the lines' colors enveloped their bodies. Both embraced him, their skin now shimmering pale blue and pink. Lips pressed against his cheeks and they each hugged an arm. He could feel them growing, their rail thin bodies plumping up. He felt weakness spreading through his limbs, as if he was being drained by their touch.

Blue spoke first, her solid eyes now the welcoming blue of a prairie stream. "It has been so long since someone came to visit—"

"—and even longer since someone survived this far," Red added, her eyes the burning brightness of a roaring fire.

In just the few seconds of contact they had ceased being clones of each other. Blue's hair had grown over one eye and her frame had lengthened as well, filling out into an athletic build that looked ready to fight if the situation presented itself. On the other hand, Red had become a more sensual shape, her body's curves straining against the lace at her chest and hips.

"Perhaps you will survive us as well," Red purred into his ear as she softly bit his earlobe. "We were once the servants of the greatest Witch, extensions of her will. We could be part of you, should you have the strength."

While distracted by Red, Naleen had lost track of Blue, but where she had gone was not a mystery long as his pants were torn away. Once more, eager but soft hands caressed his manhood. Deft fingers and quick licks soon had him stiffening. Again memories flooded his mind of a time when the three Witchlings were once much stronger. They were created beings, formed from shards and pure mana, and were sustained by Arankent's will. Each was a small part of her and they longed to be whole.

Off balance from both the revelation and the affection on two fronts, Red easily pushed him to the ground. Before he could move, she had straddled his stomach and resumed her kissing and nibbling on his lips, chin, neck and ears. Blue began to suck him off, her hands gently stroking his sensitive skin. He felt the weakness sinking into his entire body now, he could not even lift his arms to try and push Red off him. Was this it? Would he die in the embrace of two Witchlings?

No, he came for power, this was his chance to grab some for himself. This was not reality, he reminded himself, it was a space inside magic made solid. Anything was possible here.

He thought about being strong, about having the body to handle sex even with The Stag Witch. Strength returned to his limbs, his fingers sinking into Red's thighs. Though instead of pushing her away, he pulled her tighter against him. He could feel his hands growing, his fingers becoming those of a much larger man as they sank in to grab hold of her plump ass. His cock twitched, hitting the back of Blue's throat as it grew longer in an instant.

"That's more like it, Seeker. Give us a challenge!"

All at once, the three of them were swelling larger with unbounded vigor. At first he could feel Blue struggling with his swelling member, but her body seemed to catch up in short order. In an impressive display, she swallowed all of him, kissing his pelvis with puffy lips as she wrapped her lengthening tongue around his swelling balls even as he grew further down her throat. He could feel her tits growing against his sack, their equally sensitive skin making both gasp as more and more connection swelled into being.

At the same time, Red's kisses and bites grew more aggressive as her teeth sharpened and her lips grew fuller. There was steadily more of her as well as boobs outgrew their restraints and pulsed ever larger in opposition to his own burgeoning pectorals. Her thighs thickened against his sides even as growing his muscles spread her legs apart. The weight of her body began to push down more, even as his core explosively developed to handle it.

He realized they were locked in a battle of wills now, their ever expanding bodies each an expression of desire and a display of power. They wanted to devour him, to make his body their own. He wanted their power, to make them part of him. Though he was outnumbered, in this space brimming with magic, anything was possible. He could pass this hurdle, but first, he had to disable one of them. Blue certainly seemed like the easiest, she was already in a position that put him at an advantage.

He focused on the image of his dick before, how it was out in the courtyard. How the weight felt against his hips, how it felt to have big swollen balls that rubbed his knees. To be the unquestioned alpha who fucked open a seal none had. His dream body responded in kind, growing to match his vision. He could feel the base of his cock pressing against his legs as it thickened, but it was not enough. If he was going to win, it had to go even bigger.

Blue gagged as he outpaced her reciprocal growth, but her will was not so easily quashed. She herself began to expand, growing past six feet towards eight until his monstrous, two foot member was just simply large relative to her. Gripping it tight with both hands, her fingers just interlacing, she attacked the tip while stroking his shaft forcefully.

Meanwhile, Red was smothering him with plush tits that were quickly growing to be larger than his head. The smell of cinnamon hung in the air within her velvety soft cleavage. Her tits began to jiggle as she pushed herself back to also enjoy his throbbing manhood.

Below Blue's strokes, she ground against his fuck stick. Her ass piled on inches as it swelled towards enveloping nearly half his dick in quivering flesh. Squeezed tight, he could feel her asshole getting bigger. The ring of muscle thickened to accommodate her rear entrance spreading until it was as wide as his cock. It was like her body was responding to the anticipation of his entry.

Unbidden, he grew even more, his shaft swelling wider the further it was from his body until it finally curved back to his mouth-filling glans. Rising from his balls, his raphe became an pronounced ridge as more vessels grew up from inside him and coiled around his shaft under his skin. The massive display of manhood did not deter Blue. In fact, even with him deep in her throat, he could feel Blue eating Red out, her tongue snaking around him to caress the other's folds.

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