tagNon-EroticWitches Rune Ch. 01

Witches Rune Ch. 01


Nicole, Samantha and Kelly huddled around the mail order cauldron. “Do you really think this will work?” Kelly whispered.

The three women where gathered in Samantha’s tiny one bedroom apartment. Each had a goal in mind, something they felt that they could not accomplish by normal means.

Kelly at 21 was the youngest and had never before been involved with the occult. She was a pretty long blond with a round innocent face. She had a very strict Christian upbringing and she knew her parents would never approve. Out of the three, she was the one who felt guilty about what they where doing.

Samantha was only 6 months older and was a fem-trad witch, which meant that all the women in her family had practiced the craft, as far back as anyone knew. She had brown hair in a chic pixie cut and styled herself after Audrey Hepburn; simple, elegant and classic. Although she often wore dark colors and other neutrals, she really didn’t resemble anybody’s idea of a stereotypical witch. Very people even knew. Although Samantha was never exactly secretive about it, she didn’t exactly flaunt it either.

Nicole had always felt different as though a special power where surging through her. She was tall and curvy with red hair that had many times been described as bewitching. She was beautiful and sexy, but lonely. Because of her height and her beauty, women often snubbed her and men assumed she was unapproachable. When she was aggressive she scared them off. It was a no win situation for her leaving her feeling heartbroken and lonely. She had been a solitary for most of her 29 years until she found Samantha and Kelly and the decided to try to start a coven of their own.

“You don’t have to whisper silly,” Samantha said to Kelly. “Of course it will work. We’ve got all the right ingredients, we’ve got the spell, and we’ve got the power. Now are you ready?”

Kelly nodded. Nicole nodded. And just for good measure, Samantha nodded too. The three girls joined hand and began to dance around the cauldron chanting in unison.

“Powers of the Earth and Air, Come to us who call you near. Powers of the Sea and Fire, Grant us now our great desire.”

Samantha alone spoke the next words, “All I want and all I need, wealth and riches come to me. I desire prosperity!”

Kelly spoke next, her voice shaking, “The help I seek, I know I’ll find. For I ask to strengthen my mind. Let the spell begin today, and all my grades shall be straight A’s”

Now it was Nicole’s turn and her voice was strong and clear. “For the good of all and without harm, let no man resist my charms. Love and Lust are what I desire, by earth and air, water, fire!”

Together again the girls chanted, three more times:

“Powers of the Earth and Air, Come to us who call you near. Powers of the Sea and Fire, Grant us now our great desire.”

The closed by saying, “So mote it be!” Then Kelly took a ritual blade and dipped it into a crystal chalice filled with red wine. The girls all drank some of the wine and the little moon cakes that Kelly had also brought.

The spell was done and the girls sat chatting merrily. “I thought you weren’t supposed to cast a love spell, free will and all. I heard it could lead to rape or crazy stalkers or worse!”

“Oh that’s silly,” Nicole replied. “The god and the goddess would never confuse love for rape! What crazy rumors circulate on the internet!”

“I agree whole-heartedly,” Samantha concurred. “There’s a lot of garbage out there, people just looking to make a buck, people making up silly rules so they don’t get sued or because they know that a lot of people just aren’t careful enough with the power and who don’t understand personal responsibility.”

Nicole had more to say. “Exactly, only we can bear the responsibility for our actions. That’s what it’s all about.”

“But do you really think it worked?” Kelly said again.

“Of course it did,” Nicole assured her. “Here, I’ll show you, hand me the phone.”

Samantha was sitting by the phone and she handed it to Nicole. She dialed and waited a few minutes before ordering a deep dish pizza with everything on it. “And could you send that new delivery guy, Rob?”

The other two girls giggled as Nicole ended the call. “What?”

“I can’t believe you asked for a specific delivery guy! What did they say?”

“They said no problem; now all we have to do is wait.”

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