With a Tryst


"It would be one hundred degrees..."

Amy Bellings swept a sweat-moistened strand of her long, red hair back behind her ear.

"Still, at least it's Friday. And this place really needed help," she thought to herself.

The "place" was her back-yard garden. Although mostly for looks, Amy had taken to planting a few herbs and tomatoes on one side of her wooden deck. Amy knelt as she reached a pale hand toward the base of a tomato vine to rip away a ragweed. Amy was short, only 5'2", and would have looked almost comical to a passerby with her straw hat bobbing so low to the earth while she was on her knees.

Just as Amy had wrested the weed from it's home, the sound of a sliding glass door from the neighbor's yard her caught her attention.

Amy's eyes scanned her yard, trying to decipher from which neighbor the sound originated, a task made difficult by the large wooden fence that neatly blocked each adjoining lot from view. First she looked left.

"Mr. and Mrs. Tilldell.. I do not have time to talk about your cat today..." she thought ruefully.

But the sound hadn't come from the left. Amy's eyes darted to her right.

"Please, please, please, not Janice..." she whispered. Janice was a particularly obnoxious trophy wife, and, while she made a reasonable neighbor, she didn't approve of Amy's garden. Amy didn't approve of Janice's fake tan.

But the sound didn't come from the right. Amy smiled despite herself and stood up to look at the lot directly behind hers. Drew's lot.

Drew was Amy's favorite neighbor. She wasn't sure what he did for a living, but whatever it was must have been stressful. Many a night she would hear him come home, change, and jump straight into his pool with a resounding sigh. Having a pool was uncommon for the neighborhood, and sometimes the Tildells would scoff at home much time Drew had to spend caring for one, but Amy didn't mind.

Unfortunately, being as Drew's place was directly behind hers, Amy had the least amount of contact with him. She'd had a few conversations, but they were all brief, and through the fence. Amy had never even seen Drew completely, just what the gaps in fence boards would allow. She knew he was tall, at least six feet, and had a warm, happy voice.

Yes, Drew was her favorite neighbor.

With a timid smile, Amy stood up and slipped her hat off. This was a good Friday, and a chat with Drew might keep that ball rolling.

As Amy cleared her throat to speak, she heard a woman's voice coming from Drew's back door.

"...s fine. Just hurry! I'm so ready to ditch this farmer's tan!"

Amy paused. After a moment she returned to her knees, absentmindedly fiddling with a small potted parsley.

Of course he'd have company. Of course it's a woman.

Amy knew that she had no right to be upset, but she couldn't help feeling a little let down.

"Just had Angry Orchards in the fridge, hope that's okay." said Drew's voice from over the privacy fence.

"Sounds great, just get your butt out here!" came the reply.

Amy froze. She knew that voice.

With the stealth of a puma, Amy slunk towards the back fence, crouched low and eyes wide.

"Well I wasn't sure it'd be up to your stratospheric standards, Mrs. CFO." Drew said.

Amy flinched.


Cindy was the other voice. Cindy was over at Drew's house.

Cindy Flemming was a coworker of Amy's who had recently been promoted. Amy had always liked Cindy, and she especially appreciated how she acted at work. Cindy was blonde-haired and blue-eyed, 5'6" tall with the kind of curves that can drive a professional career, but she had never used her sex that way. She was a model of hard work and propriety, and Amy was truly glad that she had been the one promoted. The two had eaten lunch together a few times, and Amy always appreciated how intelligent Cindy was without being dry... Amy admired Cindy.

But right now Amy wished Cindy was anywhere else in the world.

Inch by inch Amy got closer to the fence, being careful not to make a single sound. She could hear bottles being opened, and some rustling that could be towels.

Finally she arrived at the fence. Carefully she peered between the boards, but only see slivers of two figures on the other side. She checked the gaps in the other boards nearby, but to no avail.

Amy knew who was on the other side, but she had to see it for herself. She wanted to see Cindy, even if she would have to endure seeing her interact with her neighbor exactly how she was hoping to for a fleeting moment.

Just then, a small click sounded from beyond the fence, followed by Drew's exclamation.

"O woah."

"Everything okay?" Cindy said teasingly.

Sweat drops streamed from Amy's forehead. She was flirting with him.

"Yes! Fine! You can... Make yourself as comfortable as you'd like!" Drew said, with a strong note of joviality in his voice.

Amy frantically scanned the fence, and even waved her head back and fourth across the gaps in the fence to try to catch a glimpse of what was happening, but it was no use. She thought about jumping, but the fence was seven feet (Janice had persuaded the Homeowner's Association that seven feet was the only height "safe from burglars") and Amy knew she couldn't reach. Then she saw it.

A knot, just at her eye level.

Frantically, Amy pressed her fingers against the knot, trying to push it through to create a hole.

"Footsteps.... He's walking over to her!"

Amy grasped the edges of the knot and pulled instead of pushing. It slipped out toward her, and she hungrily leveled her eye through the hole in the fence.

What she saw made her heart stop.

Drew was walking toward Cindy. He was tall, had dark hair, and the tan and muscles of someone who loves outdoor activity. He wore only swimming trunks that barely contained his thick leg muscles, and a large hand gripped a brown bottle tightly, with another one extended towards


Cindy stood with her bikini top in her hand, her voluminous breasts exposed to the warm summer's air. Amy couldn't stop looking. This was her first true look at Drew, and his abs were beginning to shine with a fine mist of sweat. And Cindy... Amy had always known Cindy was attractive, but the figure that stood before her defied her expectations. Wearing only a bikini bottom, Cindy's curves swayed as she walked towards Drew to accept her drink. Amy's eyes couldn't help but linger on her chest.

"So tell me about this promotion!" Drew said, breaking a slightly awkward pause.

"You know, I could give you allll the details right now, or we could celebrate first and wax poetic about our illustrious careers afterward." Cindy remarked with a smirk.

"Yeah... Yeah that sounds like a good plan." Drew whispered absentmindedly, his eyes scanning Cindy with a look of amazement.

Amy's pulse quickened. It was worse (better?) than she had feared (hoped?). Drew and Cindy weren't just flirting, they were going to have sex.

A whole rainbow of emotions poured through Amy as she stood, eye locked on the sight beyond the knothole. Mere minutes ago she had hoped to exchange a few words with an attractive neighbor. Now she stood, watching that neighbor have a romantic encounter with someone who was both technically her boss and an incredibly attractive woman.

"And what if they do it... What if they have sex right there by the pool?"

Sweat poured from Amy's body. A wicked feeling began to grow just behind her eyes, and a filthy grin spread on her face.

"I hope they do... I hope they fuck like animals right in front of me!"

Her heart was pounding. The sweat that had once gracefully speckled her breastbone now ran in streams toward her cotton shirt. She wanted this. She wanted to watch.

"And they'll never know."

Unconsciously, Amy had pressed her legs together as if to keep herself from peeing. She un-clenched her legs. A delicate sort of warmth was growing just behind the fly of her jeans, and she wasn't going to stop it. She was going to embrace it.

By the pool, Drew had embraced Cindy. His arms were around her back, his tall neck craning to kiss her ferociously. Cindy had relinquished all semblance of composure as she ran her fingers tightly up Drew's muscular back. She let out soft moans as he held her, his strong hands sliding from her sides to her full breasts. As Cindy's breath quickened, Drew's hands shifted with her chest, up and down, up down....

Amy frantically worked the zipper of her pants down. The tight denim released her warm sex, but she had to drop her pants completely to her ankles. She had to expose her pink cotton panties entirely. Through the summer heat Amy could smell her own soaking sex. Her panties were drenched in a combination of sweat and arousal.

Drew's tongue pressed slowly into Cindy's mouth as his fingers gently worked her hardened nipples. She had hooked her thumbs into the sides of her bottoms, but he hadn't seen her exposed fully yet. Finally, Cindy broke the wet kiss.

Cindy took a short step back before dragging her thumbs down along her thick, supple thighs, carrying her bikini bottoms away from her soft mound as she went.

Amy goggled at Cindy's bare body through the fence, eyeing her shining pink lips. Amy could see the thick head of Drew's erection pressing through his shorts, and she let slip a tiny moan despite herself. Amy's hand slowly crept into her sodden panties. Her fingers were met with velvety, soaked lips. Gently she teased each side, one with her index finger, and one with her middle, slowly tracing the lips from the bottom, from her aching entrance to the top, alongside her electrified clitoris. She noted how wet and swollen she felt. It wasn't the summer heat.

"In the water?" Cindy suggested, her eyes darting toward the inviting pool.

Drew looked embarrassed.

"How about in the chair first?" he replied.

Cindy looked at him quizzically.

Drew returned an apologetic stare.

"I kinda' have a thing for... You know.. The way it tastes."

With a subtle grunt Cindy rushed to the chair and spread her legs wide towards Drew, but held up her hand when he began to advance.

"Forgetting something?" she said teasingly, with a finger pointed at Drew's erection.

Without hesitation Drew shucked his shorts.

Amy and Cindy ogled him mercilessly. His strong abs continued down to a defined oblique muscle, and a soft tuft of trimmed black hair accented a completely-erect penis.

Amy licked her lips. She gently slid her index finger alongside her clitoris at the site of Drew's naked form. Without a question she loved his strong arms and abs the most, but his sexual organ made her knees weak. It had to be close to 8 inches, thick, and best of all covered in the most pronounced veins she had ever seen. The thought of that hard tip and bumpy veins going into her made Amy tingle all over. And she was going to see Cindy get it.

Drew dropped to his knees next to the chair while Cindy began playing with herself, stroking her lips and moaning softly. Drew leaned over and captured Cindy's nipple with his tongue while his hands firmly rubs her thighs, inching upward at a pace that meant business. Cindy moaned as Drew's kiss descended her large breast and traveled down her stomach as one of his hands began to tease her. Cindy couldn't see where his other hand was.

Amy could. She watched as Drew's lips left a trail of goosebumps down Cindy. His left hand was gently teasing her opening, but his right hand was firmly gripped around his solid erection. Amy clenched her free hand and stared intently as Drew worked his own cock mere feet in front of her hiding place behind the fence. Amy's fingers began to rub frantic circles around her clitoris, and just as Drew slipped a finger inside Cindy she made a point of sliding a finger inside herself. It left her clit throbbing for attention, but she loved it. She was imagining the finger was Drew's.

Or Cindy's.

Amy shivered.

Drew's mouth finally found Cindy's eager mound, and he wasted no time probing his tongue around her soft opening, teasing and lapping. Cindy had one hand on her head while the other feebly grasped at Drew's hair, but her motion wasn't to push him away. She began to heave in deep moans of pleasure as Drew's fingers probed inside her and his tongue flashed across her aching clit over and over.

Amy was making audible moans a her fingers worked, but Cindy's were louder. She was sure they couldn't hear her. And besides....She wasn't sure she could stop if she wanted to. Her hips began to move automatically, and with simultaneous fear and exhilaration she began to feel her orgasm building...

Drew had three fingers inside Cindy now, and his lips ate hungrily at her soaked mound. Her sex was sweet, and he lapped every stray drip that tried to slip around her thigh. Just as he began to work her clitoris harder with his tongue, he felt Cindy's hand on his penis. Cindy spoke brokenly through her moans,

"Let me do that."

Drew pressed his mouth into Cindy as she began to stroke the length of his hard shaft, pausing only to steal some of her own slick lubrication from beneath Drew's mouth which she employed on his cock to explosive effect. Drew began to groan and he knew he couldn't hold on any longer. With a wild scream and arched back Cindy came, her legs twitching and her gushing sex flooding the edges of Drew's mouth. Instantly Drew threw his head back, his cock now jerking automatically and sending long strands of pure white semen onto the chair and Cindy's leg. Length after length erupted, and CIndy's grasp slowly slacked but she continued to stroke.

The sights caused a strange feeling in Amy. She felt thrilled at what she was seeing, yet somehow disgusted at herself for invading her friend's privacy. Yet...Somehow that disgusting feeling drove her arousal, as though the sheer taboo of it amplified how badly she wanted to be there. How badly she wanted to watch, in secret, and masturbate like a sex-crazed lunatic.

Her hand worked her body furiously, and her other hand shot up under her shirt, and forced its way behind her bra.

"MMmmm yes, fuck, I need this. Fuck I need it dirty."

She grasped her own nipple and rolled it between her fingers, squeezing firmly as she slipped 3 fingers from her other hand inside of herself.

"Oh fuck yes, fuck yes"

Through the fence she could see Cindy and Drew still shaking from their orgasms. Cindy casually flicked her finger along the trails of ejaculate on her leg, and then dipped the soaked finger into her mouth while smirking suggestively.

"Oh...Oh no."

Amy realized what she was going to do before she could stop herself. A wave of pleasure unlike anything she had ever felt before rushed her body, and the strength in all of her muscles evaporated. Amy felt as though she were glowing from the inside -the orgasm made her very skin explode with powerful high.

She let out a long, loud moan, and he body crashed suddenly against the fence before she slipped down to her knees, her heart pounding and her chest heaving. She couldn't believe how good it was. She couldn't believe she had done it.

All at once Amy realized the implications of what just happened. There could be no possibility of Cindy and Drew having overlooked the sounds coming from the fence; no chance that they didn't hear her body clatter against it. And her moan...

"Oh no."

Amy stood quickly, and her head swum. She didn't have a choice, she had to run. She took one step and tumbled face down onto the soft grass. Her pants were still at her ankles.

Amy tried to get up again, but her pants had twisted around her foot and her panties had slid down her thigh on one side. She frantically tried to pull herself with her arms, but a voice stopped her.

"Woah, there! Peeping tom alert!"

It was Drew. He was suspending himself by his arms atop the fence, peering over the edge at Amy below.

"Are you okay?"

Amy turned a shade of red normally reserved for her tomatoes. She was too busy imagining what Drew was seeing (neighbor almost naked from the waist down, in the grass face-down with ass pointed toward him) to reply, but shrugged in a way that she thought would dismiss his concern.

"Holy shit, were you... Were you watching us?"

Amy felt a pang of guilt, and opened her mouth to speak, but a screeching sound filled the air as Cindy began dragging the chair over to the fence.

"Is there somebody over there?" she said.

Before Drew or Amy could speak, she stood atop the chair and peeked over the edge of the fence. Amy's eyes met Cindy's, and she dropped her face back into the grass.

"Amy? Amy Bellings? What the fuck?"

Drew looked back and forth between Amy and Cindy.

"You two know each other?" he posed.

"Yeah, we work together. Amy, you were watching us and getting off, weren't you?!" Cindy exploded, her face red.

Amy buried her face further into the fresh grass. She just wanted this to end. She just wanted this day to be over. She would have given anything to be anywhere but there at that moment. After a deep breath, Amy struggled to her feet and forced her pants up.

"Hi Cindy," Amy said. "I didn't realize it was you... I just heard some noise and came over to say hi to Drew... and I..."

"You got turned on and decided to touch yourself?" Cindy finished.

Amy nodded. Drew wore a look of concern.

Cindy looked stern.

"Look, Amy, I'm a laid-back person, but I'm your boss now. We've got to talk about this. Drew, can you... Help get her over here?"

Cindy and Drew dropped from the fence, and Amy could hear them whispering. Amy took the opportunity to stand and force her clothes back into a semblance of their original position. Footsteps pattered, and Amy could see Drew's form climbing up alongside the fence again. He had moved the chair and was now standing on it himself, and he reached out to Amy.

"Wanna' just.... Climb over? Save a drive around to my side of the block?"

Amy took Drew's hand and helped hoist herself over the fence. Immediately she scanned her eyes around, and found with twinge of guilt that Drew had put his shorts back on, and Cindy had wrapped herself in a towel and was pacing back and forth beside the shimmering blue pool. She had certainly killed that party.

All three of them began to speak at once, but Amy ultimately won out.

"I'm so sorry, I promise I won't tell anyone. Nobody at work needs to know. I've just always thought Drew and you were attractive, and when the chance to see you both came..." Amy looked away from Cindy's face.

"YOU tell anyone? You're the one stalking your boss! I don't care if work know that I have a romantic life, I'm entitled to one! You're the one who followed me here!" Cindy said.

Drew looked horrified.

"No, she lives behind me, Cindy. That's her house."

Cindy's face flushed.

"Oh... "

Amy shuffled her feet.

"So... Should we all just agree to forget about this?"

Drew and Cindy met eyes but didn't speak.

Finally Cindy broke the silence.

"Well this was already going to be a Friday to remember. Amy, you just made it even more memorable. Sorry I thought you were stalking me..."

"No, I'm the one who should be sorry... Next time I'll just keep my nose in my garden." Amy mused.

As energy and nerves finally reached maximum capacity, Cindy and Drew burst into laughter. Amy's face flushed, but she couldn't help but smile at the sheer ridiculousness of the situation. Amy's face grew more reddened, and she threw her hands up. Drew and Cindy laughed even harder.

"Okay, okay, I'm going to get out of here and stop ruining your evening." Amy implored.

Drew and Cindy slowed their laughter, and Cindy grabbed Amy's arm.

"Hey, I don't want you to feel bad about this. I won't breathe a word of it to anyone either. And you DIDN'T ruin our evening."

Amy flushed again.

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