tagBDSMWith Advice from Mistress Fishnets

With Advice from Mistress Fishnets


"Kylie, I don't want this old creep sucking on my toes." "Eel" O'Neill paused. "Besides, they're disgusting. She might get salmonella or something."

The young couple was snuggling on the couch, and Kyleen's new boyfriend had taken his shoes off. But why on earth had Ky encouraged this old hag to suck his feet while he and Ky made out?

"You'll get used to it, Eel. I promise you will. It's a great feeling, and if you want, I can get her to rim your asshole—"

"Oh Jesus!"

Lourdes was wincing as she fellated Eel's big toe. The grime and sweat from his accumulation in the punk rock combat boots was making her nauseous. But Lourdes's clit was swelling against the cruel little ring, and it now had been 78 days since the last time she'd been allowed to frig herself.

Lourdes sneaked a look at Ky. God, Kyleen looked so good wearing just that bikini top and jeans. What glorious, succulent breasts Kylie had! Lourdes had asked Ky if she could lick them the other night—after she'd given Kylie the pendant.

"You just give me this so you can manipulate me? You old pig!" Kyleen had honestly been offended. "I can't believe this—it has strings attached, your gift."

"N-no, Miss Ky, I just feel like since Synthia moved out, we've gotten close—"

"Take off that ugly housecoat and drop your panties!"

The fierce whipping that Kyleen had given Lourdes; a mistake to tell Ky that her mother had used a vacuum cleaner cord on her...Ky could wield the cord even more harshly...

Finally, Lourdes had been sent sobbing to kneel in the corner. "And stay there till midnight you sweaty old hog!"

"B-but we were going to watch "Orange Is the New Black" together—you promised, that if I cleaned your mom's house—"

"Shut up! You've lost television privileges for at least a month. Get to the corner!" Now, Lourdes moved from Eel's nauseating big toe to the next biggest, and a tear ran down her cheek.

Why did Kyleen force Lourdes to serve MEN?

This had started some months before. Synthia and Kyleen had decided Lourdes was too much into her "committed lesbian" stance and had begun trying to force her to suck men's penises.

As Lourdes slurped Eel's toe, she thought of the cocks she'd sucked in the past few weeks, and now, even more humiliating, was now forced to suck their feet, their testicles and do horrific rim jobs.

Sucking a man's testicles while he is ramming his penis into your dominant girlfriend is just phenomenally degrading. And sad, since of course...Lourdes wanted to make love to Kyleen!

But Lourdes's clit swelled against the cruel chastity ring. The humiliation was so arousing in its way.

And of course several times, the guys Ky brought home had taken a belt to Lourdes's saggy old butt with encouragement from Kylie...

Earlier that morning, Kyleen had brought a bucket of vile laundry soap chips and had ordered Lourdes to eat them all by noon, which had involved a bit of nausea, and Lourdes had thought the worst was over until of course Eel had been invited to sit around and have Lourdes service his feet.

This was worse than ingesting the soap chips, and it saddened Lourdes that her Mistress was so entranced by this monosyllabic idiot. Here Ky was, confiding things to Eel that she'd never mentioned to Lourdes.

"Yeah...just let her suck on your feet, dude. Do you like Buttermilk Falls, Eel? I was raised on a frickin' commune. My older brother Druid-we called him Dru-is the only one still out at Morningstar Ranch, I think.

Dru's twin, Brahmin, is doing a nickel-dime for Burglary Two, and my sisters Dharma and Karma and Kismet and Lotus took off before they finished middle school-

She just hitched a ride on the highway, I guess. Moistie eloped with the old leader of the commune, and Willow and Tulip and Thor Jr. were taken by the state, foster care people...

I eloped with my biology teacher, and changed my name from Krishna to Kyleen...then he O.D.'d and I became a dominatrix.

And now I've chucked all that hippie non-violence crap to kick the shit out of the Cow here."

Suddenly Ky's foot came out hard into Lourdes's side and she almost fell over with Eel's foot in her mouth.

Lourdes forgot about Kyleen's interesting past at that point...


Lourdes looked at the young women puzzled.

"Yeah. My aunt lives here? Kyleen? I'm her niece Blizzard."


"Yeah, my sister Sparrow, and my younger brothers Quasi and Pseudo just dropped me off-see that van going down the street-"

"Let me guess. You're from Morningstar Ranch. Druid's your dad?"

"Yes ma'am. You know us!"

Sadly, by this point, Kyleen had run off with a troglodyte called "Eel O'Neill" but Lourdes invited Blizzard in...

"Call me Bliz!"

Of course.

Lourdes got Bliz a receptionist gig at Pimbelstock & Northwaite, where a grateful client owed many favors; and gave her a nice room in the house. Bliz was a cutie, but very young and probably hetero...

Well, she ended the marriage of Selby Ratcliffe, and there was an unfortunate firing, and then Lourdes had to beg Swithenbank Stotesbury, head accountant at Leggett Teggers and Willersby to provide employment for poor Bliz.

Ah, but then Switty and Bliz were caught necking at the "Morning Mist" motel...by a private detective hired by MRS. Swithenbank Stotesbury.

And now Bliz was unemployed, sitting home, playing with her Ipad.

All was calm and bright...

That is, until Bliz caught Lourdes masturbating while sniffing the younger woman's panties.

It was a weird scene...

A pudgy, middle-aged woman, with clothespins on her droopy tits, kneeling and frigging herself with the sharp end of a bright yellow No. 2 Pencil (they still made them?) in the middle of the master bathroom.

"Dude, like, what the fuck?" Bliz asked.

And she was gratified (mean streak, our Bliz) as the older woman looked up and then burst into shameful tears.

"I've been looking for my thongs. What do you do after you sniff them, chew them up?"

Bliz stepped a little closer and attempted to snatch the undies from Lourdes's grip, but Lourdes wouldn't let go.

"Let go. Look, I'm really grateful that you are lettin' me stay here and all, but I don't need a lot of perverse bullshit.

My mom's boyfriend, Boomer Claymore, he was jerking off in my drawers, and I frickin' hit him upside the head with a goddamn saucepan!"

What a douche Boomer had been. Unemployable, wearing her panties, gross. But this woman was supposed to have some class, right?

"Give me my panties. I'm getting the fuck out of here."

But where would she go? There were bench warrants out for check forgery, possession, assault...Bliz really should stay here in the county.

"Please-please don't leave, Bliz. I understand if you're angry.

I'll buy you new panties if you like. My cousin Corazon caught me with her underwear, and she tied my hands behind my back and whipped me for nearly an hour."

"That is um-" Bliz paused and popped open a lipstick and glossed her full lips with a cherry-fire-engine red color.

Lourdes stared up at the young woman from her place on her knees. Long legs in high-heeled sandals, and faded denim shorts...very short.

Lourdes hung her head, and spoke again.

"I once had a financial relationship with a live-in domme, Goddess "Fishnets" Flaherty.

Yes, and Netsy caught me kissing one of her bras, and wouldn't let me touch her nipples for a year...and I was paying her seventy thousand dollars a year to live with me."

Bliz re-capped her lip-gloss. "That is so...creepy. Please don't touch my underwear again. Like I said, I'm real grateful for-seventy THOUSAND?"

"I don't think I can control myself. I steal your undies from the laundry right before they're cleaned...and then sometimes after I sniff them, I chew them up. I've also sucked blood out of your Tampax, Mistress Blizzard."

"Gross. Oh, I think I blew the interview at Lattrey-Anterios Systems. The bitch wanted me not to smoke during the meeting."

"That-that's all right. Really, Bliz. I'll just give you an allowance-"

"Yeah, seventy grand sounds better than the eighteen five they were gonna pay me."

Lourdes smiled, and tried to rise. After all, she felt a little ridiculous, kneeling naked with a No.2 pencil in her twat.

But Bliz lifted her foot and pushed Lourdes's shoulder so the older woman fell back on her knees.

"Go ahead. Keep up with the pencil. I think that's hilarious."

"I have to do other things, Blizzard, and-"

"Bullshit. You would have been capping your clam all morning with my thong up your nose if I hadn't come in. Go on, finish up."

"I have to do my taxes-"

"No, you're kneeling in the john, no wonder I never get to use the toilet on this floor. You're always in here with your hands in my laundry hamper."

Lourdes was trying to gather steam and control this situation, but she was, indeed, terribly turned on.

But really, this girl was a thug. Lourdes had gotten a short note from Blizzard's Aunt Dynasty, and it would be dangerous, according to Dy, to get into a deal where the kid could blackmail Lourdes or worse.

Wait, what was Bliz doing with that long handled bath brush?

Bliz walked behind the kneeling Lourdes in the spacious master bath and lifted the brush and lowered it, whacking Lourdes on the rear.

"Twiddle your twaddle. I want to see you rub that pencil in your pootie. Matter of fact, I'm going to film this with my phone. This is hysterical."




In a panic, Lourdes began rubbing the pencil on her clitoris. Was this girl crazy?

"Faster, like you mean it, you crazy old bitch."

Bliz walked around to Lourdes's front and began filming the masturbation with her phone. But she waved the long-handled bath brush warningly, to encourage Lourdes's efforts.


Things had changed a bit...Bliz had met with Mistress Fishnets, and Netsy had told Bliz about a client she had, Fremont.

Fremont was a chastity slave, and he was kept locked up and he lived some 30 miles away. Once a month, Fremont would come visit Mistress Fishnets...

Netsy was always clad in a bright red "Mad Men" dress with plunging neckline, and she'd sit in a chair in the middle of the room. After unlocking Fremont's chastity cage, she'd remind him of the rules: Netsy would play with Fremont's dick as he stood naked before her...

When Fremont got too horny, and was about to spooge, he would ask Netsy for a spanking to get his wiener down.

Netsy would give Fremont fifty with her thick wooden paddle until he was welted and crying, and then Fremont would rise again and get stroked to a pulsating, full erection by Mistress Fishnet's elegant French nails...

But if Fremont was about to cum, he would have to warn her again. Netsy did this twenty times over a period of an hour.

If Fremont was lucky, he would withstand the temptation to cum all twenty times, and be locked up again, his buttocks resembling raw, bleeding hamburger, and go home for another month of frustrating chastity.

But, every few months (Since he got hornier and hornier) Fremont would explode somewhere around the sixteenth or seventeenth stroking session.

After this regrettable "accident" Mistress Fishnets would tie Fremont down, with his legs in a spreader bar, and she'd "touch up" Fremont's penis with a hot poker, and generally he'd get a ball whipping.

Then, he'd be locked up and sent home yet again...and for the next few monthly meetings, he'd be able to resist the strokings, and take the over-the-knee spankings all twenty times until of course...

About every four months or so, he'd lose control and cum...he'd be so damn horny, and sometimes Netsy would gradually strip down to frilly lingerie...and he'd break down, poor thing.

This quite expensive routine was very, very painful but Fremont's only form of orgasmic release...and of course, insanely, it had been his idea.

Bliz at some point had realized, listening to Mistress Fishnets, that she wanted to live by herself in a nice apartment with enough moolah to party a bit...

Bliz didn't mind playing the fun games with Lourdes, but she didn't want to see the old bag all the time.

So, Lourdes had rented Bliz a nice apartment some ways away, and then Bliz had locked Lourdes's chastity ring on the older woman's frustrated clitoris.

And, once a month, Lourdes got to see Bliz, when she came by with the uh, allowance.

Bliz didn't really want to touch Lourdes, but she'd have Lourdes stroke her own twat after the ring came off until she got too horny, and then came the OTK spanking, harsh enough to calm Lourdes down.

Sometimes Bliz would throw freezing water over Lourdes, and lock her on her own balcony till she calmed down, but generally the whipping sufficed.

Lourdes always-well almost always-quit stroking her clit just before she came, but when she got too careless, Bliz tied her down and gave her a bit of the fireplace poker, and this quite calmed Lourdes down...

Now and then, Bliz would order Lourdes to come and visit her while still locked, and perform cunnilingus for hours...

But still, only once a month did she get to frig herself while holding off for orgasm...when she could.

But, in Buttermilk Falls, everyone has to make a living. We are glad Blizzard found hers!

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Bad writer

Amazing how all your stories get such low reviews. You are such a bad writer. Bad writer = bad lover. Impotence shows loud and clear.

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Poor writer

Amazing how all your stories get such poor reviews. Must be a poor writer and probably just as bad a lover. Impotence shows loud and clear.

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by Anonymous10/11/17


was this subpossed to be a SEXUAL story? If so i lost the point or was there a point. Try making some sense next time.

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