With an 'E'


This story could come under a range of headings, Mature, Couplings, or Transgender.

But, I guess, Transgender is best, as I have enjoyed the luxury of satin against my body for some time now.

Having Lived alone for the last few years, soft, swirly clothing and satin panties keep me constantly stimulated.

Anyway, on with my story.

Denice and I met when crewing on a friend's race yacht. Every second weekend we would arrive at the dock with our gear, for the race of the day. All fun, but the skipper was a dedicated man.

We weren't useless crew, however, when the wind died under 4 knots, we would get bored, and chat away about our lives and what we had coming the following week.

"Enough of you two's chat, we are in a RACE!" would come from the boss.

Well, we were good 'yachting' friends for a couple of years. - Until that stayover.

Race up 50 miles, back the following day.

Yeah, right, with a celebration between.

All tipsy, Denice and I arrived back at the boat before the others, took our burgeoning friendship to the next level, and it was such a passionate fuck we were both flabbergasted.

Let me tell you about Denice. A tall mousey haired, magnificently bodied Lady. Just so demure, elegant, and together in life. Fifteen years younger than me.

Man, I was so much in Love / Lust! The strange thing was, she seemed to be pretty keen on me.

The return race I am afraid, we did not give our all to the sailboat, our conversation was constantly about the Us, and the lives we had.

I even broached the subject of my femme wardrobe, and the pleasure I got from wearing soft clothing, a little makeup, and high heels around the house, even shopping in clothing that I felt I could get away with, when I was turned on. I did not wish to begin this relationship on a lie.

The discussion did elicit a very strange look. In fact though, Denice seemed closer than ever.

She told me about her life, now and earlier. The marriage that had ended so tragically when her husband was killed at work.

That she had a 22 year old daughter still living at home, but " I would like her " Having followed dad, she had an engineering degree, was working on a Doctorate, part time. Her hobby apparently was building model working steam engines in the workshop her dad had set up at home! Wow!

During the following week, Denice and I went out to a lovely dinner, we couldn't keep our hands from touching.

But then off to our own homes, wafting on a cloud.

Also, I had a beer with mates that worked at the manufacturing place with Bobbey.

Even so early in her career she had made a name for herself, finding solutions for problems that the Company had in its process. But interested in the guys? Not a bit, they had all done their darndest.

Next weekend, no racing, I was invited for dinner.

Washed and Brushed up, in my 'manly' clothes, with a bunch of flowers and wine, I arrived and rang the bell.

Door opens

Wow! So THIS is daughter! She is beautiful! Stunning! I DO like her! No wonder the guys were so pissed off!

Tall, like her mother, with a princesslike way of moving.

In this enticing low husky voice she introduces herself, Robbey with an e. She looks directly at me, intensely, measuring me up. She holds out her immaculate manicured hand. We shake hello, then stand there, me holding my breath under her gaze. Then, a big kiss, right on the cheek!

"Come in, come in" -- In those sexy low tones.

Already excited at seeing Denice, all of a sudden , I am now floating on the ceiling!

The evening passed beautifully, dinner was an immaculately served Thai dish, not so spicey, with a true oriental taste that is so difficult to attain.

Mother and daughter had such rapport, more like sisters, both with a sparkling sense of humour, bordering on the ridiculous, and VERY suggestive.

After dinner, Bobbey left to join her friends.

D and I had a great evening listening to the 40s Jazz that we love, kissing, nibbling, hands roaming each others bodies, gradually undressing each other on the couch, she gently fondling my cock, which was as large as ever I could remember.

With my shirt off, my super sensitive nipples were sucked, nibbled on, I was in Heaven.

ME "Woa! I'm gunna cum so soon, my cock is leaking like a sieve!"

HER "Oh, what a waste, let me lick that precum off"

Didn't really help matters so I became FIRM.

ME "Stop, I want to suck your beautiful clitoris before I cum! "

So it went on, with Denice's skirt slithering to the carpet, and her silk panties in a heap on top, me on my knees. Worshiping. Her Vagina was just sooo beautiful, this dark pink inner with almost purple lips, so wet, so enticing.

Actually sucking on her clitoris, I started to cum without even touching myself, she was sooo sexy, wimpering away as she reached her first climax.

We finally made it to bed, and with my hard cock finally right inside her, moving just a little, we felt the communal climax building within us, hers mine., mine hers.

Not knowing whether the orgasim was hers or mine. -- overwhelmed with the intensity of feeling.

It just lasted and lasted, maybe we dropped off to sleep still entangled, it didn't really matter, that was true LOVEmaking, we would be ours forever.

Waking up the next morning feeling totally fulfilled in life, knowing that should the world end today, we had LAST NIGHT!

The world didn't end, it just carried on. A happier place.

So, next weekend, we both applied ourselves dutifully to the task of manning the yacht. -- With a second on handicap, which allowed skipper to hoop and holler and buy us all a round at the bar.

Denice invited me around the following Saturday afternoon, with the instruction to wear my "femmest' gear I could get away with on the street.(I'd never pass as woman, I'm just too ugly! )

So I dutifully arrived, (rather excited I may add! ) in my womens bell bottom stretch striped trousers, high heeled boots, and womens Tai silk silver shirt. Of course, underneath, my favourite black panties, suspenders and nude stockings..

Off we went, first to the Supermarket, a great pile of wine and food.

Then Denice said, "This for you", and into a lovely ladies lingerie that I had never had the courage to enter by myself.

I clacked in there in my heels, getting hornier by the minute as Denice picked out beautiful pure silk sleeping apparel.

"Try that on"

"I can't! "

Shouldn't a said that.

Denice called in the lady assistant.-

"My man wants to try on some sexy nightgowns for herself!"

Arched eyebrows

"Certainly madam, that larger booth over there is free for him"

My half hard which had disappeared starts to rise again.

Inside the booth, with this woman who seemed as turned on as I was,

After dropping trousers and everything else except the stockings and panties, it was such a Lovely feeling, - These delicious garments sliding down my body.

A quick gentle caress of my enlarging penis

"Patience,patience, we will take care of that later!"

So we settled on a pale blue short silk embroidered nightie with this lovely matching housecoat.

Oh, and two pairs of white frilly French Knickers that I had lusted after for some time but hadn't had the balls to buy. -- So to speak.

That evening, the sexual atmosphere was palpable, Denice and I having a great time putting this French inspired three course meal together. She tells me that Bobbey "Really likes you", with great emphasis on the Really. Whatever that meant, it waas OK by me!

At dinner, even Robbey seemed taken up with the festivities.

Oh such gaiety during the meal!

Every subject seemed to lead to a ribald finish as we endeavored to outdo each other.

I tell you, eating drinking and telling tall dirty stories with these two charming ladies had me just soo randy!

After dinner, Robbey went off to the workshop, to work on 'the primary piston', which she was having difficulty with.

By this stage I too, was having terrible trouble with the primary piston over here!

Things were not to get much better though.

Lying entwined on the couch, watching a bit of TV, then listening to our favorites, Denice was reserved and inquisitive.

I took this to be just to gain surety, that she was as besotted as I was, and needed confirmation that this relationship was to be long term, that I was serious, that she was not to be hurt.

I sympathized with her, answering the questions as best I could.

Questions that became more and more personal, more and more the inner me.

What came out went right back to my childhood, my dad away at war, being bought up by my mum, aunties, and woman friends, as mum was so engrossed in caring for the family business.

Of why I wasn't as warlike as other kids. Why I grew up loving the flamboyant clothes my theatrical mother wore.

How this last enjoyment of colour and swirl was knocked out with a series of girlfriends, then wife, who all felt that a man had to conform.

Then on to more serious stuff. -- Had I ever had an affair with a man? Honest? Why not?

There nearly was once, when I was ten, with my best friend, hidden behind the sofa. But his tiny wee puckered hole wouldn't fit anything, and my pecker wasn't hard enough to go into anything! But I still remembered the sexy feeling.

Then why did I still like my little puckered hole licked, and a finger in there?

The story that I had told no-one, about my collection of Aneros butt toys, that I used regularly - (for the health of my Prostate of course! ) How I preferred the second largest, as I could move this around inside me, how the large red one was so great to suck.

In the end, I felt that Denice now knew more about my sexual feelings than I did myself!

We became weary, headed to the bedroom.

Denice to a hot, long, soapy bath, me to a shower and shave.

( I worked with this hard case guy for a while, he reckoned the big disadvantage of having a girlfriend was having to shave twice a day!

Still dripping, I had great pleasure in wrapping Denice in the largest towel, caressing her dry, feeling in all the tiny places around her body.

Then a soak myself in the bath, lovely body lotions, sexy shortie nightie with the housecoat..

In bed, Denice still seemed to be different in some way, as we embraced, holding me, caressing me, cooing to me.

All of which, had me in seventh heaven, but almost crying out for release!

She insisting on a suck of my cock to 'clean that precum up"

Which left me beside myself, if I wasn't before.

Then, the Bombshell!

"Would you mind if Bobbey joins us in bed?

Would I mind? Would I dream about just this!

As if on cue, in comes Bobbey, in high heels, dressed in the most gorgeous gown, looking just so radiant, so alluring, so elegant!

She walks over to the dresser, takes off the gown to reveal a lovely satin nightie, which barely comes to her waist. Her bottom revealed, oh her bottom! Just like a really young person's with cheeks so tight, and sucked in, was awe inspiring!

Then she turns around.

Oh,oh,oh my eyes are on fire!

Bobbey has in front of her this beautiful, long,slender cock!

Almost horizontal, stiff and semi hard.

Bobbey walks, in her high heels, with her cock jigging in rhythm towards me.

So much going on in my mind. -- Denice, Robbey, that wondrous cock, coming closer,closer.

I have to, have to reach out and gently hold it, so warm, pulsating in my hand.

I lovingly kiss, excitedly feel it pass my lips, rest on my tongue, feel it opening my throat.

A loving touch on my hair.

And then out, kiss the head, to find my tongue pressing into the little hole at the end.

Then, back in my mouth, over and over, tasting the precum oozing from the tip!


From Denice, and we both knew who was boss.

Like little boys caught in the act. ( Which in a way, I suppose we were! )we immediately unlocked.

I moved over to hug and hug Denice, I did notice though, that she was soo wet down there, and not in the least bit angry.

What a wonderful woman.

So we proceeded, Denice and I, warm, loving, close, holding each other tightly.

Bobbey snuggled up to my back, spooning herself into my body.

Believe me, the whole thing was like nothing I had experienced in my life before!

Bobbey's prick was now nestled into my backside, I could feel the hotness of it.

Then, then, she started moving.

Rubbing that beautiful cock slowly up and down between my cheeks.

I realised that little vixen had lubed up her shaft, sometime after I had sucked her!

Of course, did that knowledge make me feel scared, used, upset?

Well, I leave the answer to you, the reader.

I got into quietly moving my body in unison with Bobbey.

Further and further, she came towards my little puckered bum hole.

Until, I could feel the head of her against me, wanting in.

I shifted in the bed, opening my arse a little to allow her ingress.

In my ear, a whispered " You like that, eh" from Denice.

By now I was almost incoherent, the reply yeees came out two octaves higher than my normal voice.

Feeling that hot little head gently enter me was one of the most exciting things in my life!

Past the sphincter, finding my prostate, moving over it, gradually impaling me.

So Hot, so Sexy, I became totally involved in this loving invasion of my body, loving it.

Bobbey pinched my engorged nipples through my nightie.

Then clung onto them as she fucked me, at first gently, then with increasing passion and fierceness.

Booom, boom boom, in and out, her screaming her delight!

Then. Oh wow, that hot jet of sperm right up inside me as she climaxed.

Over and over and over, filling me. - My how this girl could cum!

A funny thing, even in the midst of her jetting her sperm deep inside me, I still thought of her as her! - Amazing thing, the mind.

As Bobbey's orgasm subsided, and her penis softened, reality again entered my world.

AND, Denice took over!


"Move onto your back, lad, your cock is needed!"

I didn't even know whether I had done my bit or not, in fact I wasn't sure of anything or more, but I rolled over, with juice leaking out of my love hole, sticking to me, pooling around me.

Fortunately, my cock was still in working condition, aiming at the ceiling, ready for whatever life had to throw at it.

And life did!

Denice, pushing off her nightie, holding it in one hand to lash me with, knelt above me, impaled my cock with that beautiful wet vagina she has, and rode me like a bucking horse.

"Don't you Dare Cum before me, Wench"

That from Denice!

Down, slurp, up slurp, down slurp, up slurp, sexy, wet, engulfing sounds.

On and on with her shoutin and hollerin for release, until both of us collapsed together in our juices, her cum mixing with my cum mixing with Bobbeys cum, surrounded by this glorious smell of SEX!

And there we stayed the night, entwined satiated, sticky and wet, in love with ourselves and in love with each other.

As we have been ever since!

I have a little more to this story, as my lover helps me write, so long as you readers are not bored with this bit. Please, your thoughts on our life so far!

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