With an 'E' Ch. 02


Waking the following morning, feeling somehow fulfilled. Then, as I came to, I remembered the night. With my frilly shortie nightie disgustingly clinging to my body, back and front, came the realization "I was no longer a virgin!" And -- it felt great.

Sometime in the night, Bobbey had left us, to return to her own bed, just the two of us now. Gazing at this beautiful creature that I was stuck with -- (Actually, as the circumstances were this morning, stuck to.) Our bodies, the sheets, my crispy shortie, all covered in this glorious pool of drying cum that still smelt of sex and sin, whatever sin is.

Denice wakes under my adoring gaze, or perhaps it could be the feel of my prick stirring strongly against her inner thigh.

A throaty laugh emits from Denice. "You are SUCH a Slut, Mell! She moves against me though, holds my gradually engorging member. Holds it and guides it, pushes it as it hardens, pushes it into herself.

AAAH, it is like warm, pulsating velvet covered in Hot, Thick, Cream. Which I suppose, is exactly what 'it' was, with my last nights sperm still wet and warm inside her. We move slowly, just really letting the twitching of my cock and the spasming of her vagina bring us both toward an impossible climax.

Ooh, darling Mell, move up my body so that your cock presses on my clitoris -more! Ooh, that's it! OH my God, here it comes! Flooding down between us, Too much for me too, I jet what seems like gallons of hot cum into her. We just flush into each other, taking ages to come down off that exquisite ejection.

Once my cock comes back to normal though, reality sets in. I dive out of bed , boy did I want a piss then!

As I race out the door, I hear: " Clean yourself up Mell darling, I'll just lie here feeling your sperm and my ejaculate sloshing around inside me for a while, its LOVELY! " Hell she is Filthy, that woman, sometimes, Filthy!

So, I just make it to the john, then pee everywhere, seems the old fella has got a bit blocked somehow, have to remember to sit down next time. Into the shower, reluctantly to wash away the night's coverings, I guess the rest of the world wouldn't find my aroma as becoming as I feel. I especially clean in and around my rosebud.

As I emerge, sparkling and boring, I suddenly think, Mel?, Mal,whoever,? what in the devil does that mean? Back to the bedroom.

"What do you mean, Mal?"

"That's your name around here now, I've decided, - Mell, with an 'E' and two 'LLs'. Short for Melody, you horny bitch! "

"Melody's got only one 'L'"

"That's your worry girl, not mine, come over here, sexy bum!" Poof, she smelt just so great, I could feel a twitch just holding her.

No, No, breakfast. Just a little waft of her follows me around.

Downstairs, to the large kitchen. Wondrous smells of cooking bacon, coffee, toast Bobbey is there, and don't she look great! Radiant, her body language like the cat wot got the cream Long shapely legs, high pumps below, a ragged pair of jean cutoffs above, just showing the behind creases behind. She turns and rushes toward me, arms outstretched

"Hello, sexy bum!" ("Ho, I think, --sexy bum! -- Have these two been talking behind my back, or do they have extra sensory communication?') I've got to give them the benefit of the doubt, decide its just thought transference. Surely they wouldn't discuss me while I wasn't there.?

Bobbey grabs me in a big hug, plants a lovely sloppy kiss on my lips, holding on. Her hands encircle me, lift my minidress, get under my new French knickers, caress my bum, then - A beautiful manicured finger, right up my little puckered hole, up to the second knuckle

Eow! I jump.

"Oh yes, still tight as" she says contentedly, removing said finger, turning back to the bench, sucking delicately on the finger, muttering "Great Sphincter, Great sphincter!"

Good Lord, she's as bad as her Mum.

I give a hand with breakfast, just like a normal day. Turns out so warm and tender, with a real loving feeling between us.

After that, Denice was busy, Bobbey invites me down to her workshop, that I have been dying to see for several weeks. What does it take to gain entry into this revered place, I wonder, thinking of the lovely fucking that I got last night? Surely not that! OK, OK, I'll pay.

Well, the workshop is remarkable! Well worth the entry fee! Absolutely spotless, lit up like a hospital operating room. A new looking Myford lathe under its cover, small Austrian mill, drill press, miniature welding gear, heaps of spotless benches, the works. A Stuart Turner twin steam engine on its plinth, with a mostly finished 3½"gauge steam locomotive behind glass.

I am totally overcome, stand there with mouth open. Am I in Heaven? -- The angel beside me breaths in her husky, sultry voice "You like?"

She proudly shows me the Stuart Turner. "I did this when I was younger, all by myself" And the Locomotive. "It's a 'Maisie', Dad finished off the boiler and chassis, then I have done all the running gear."

I'm still standing there "Can I see the Myford, I used to own one" The cover is whipped off, it has all the extras I lusted after years ago. Wow! "Dad bought it new, he and I are the only ones who have ever used it."

There is a tapping head in the tailstock. Nice. She reads my thoughts. That's going to be your job, I have 48 more little B.A. bolts to be done, I'm still working on the sliding piston. So, I settle down happily doing the third best thing I like doing, working the machine with Bobbey alongside at her tiny drive piston.

Probably at least a contented hour and a half goes by. Then

Coming down the stairs, booming out "BLOODY HELL, every time you two get together I totally lose both of you into your communal whatever!

And there stands Denice. -- Beaming, flushed.

She has her three people most loved in this world with her now, one in memoriam. The three of us burst into tears, and rush together, hugging one another. And George is with us.

After a light lunch, which did include a glass of dry white, Bobbey went to see her friends, I was persuaded to take a walk in our large nearby park, in the sunshine.

Denice looked outstanding, in skintight jeans coupled with a flattering, colorful wrap showing her beautiful breasts just enticingly through. And, the highest strapped heels a woman of her vintage could expect to wear.

She told me I looked 'Really Nice" in my little mini -- "You have great legs, Mell, show them off" And a lightweight see-through blouse with ruffles. Wearing my flesh colored suction Supple Nips, (size 2 now!)which extended me and made the nipples so sensitive. And medium heel scuffs. I know that I felt 'really nice' Would never have walked so brazenly outside by myself, but with a beautiful woman on my arm it felt quite natural, and great to be 'out'.

Dinner that evening was so tender between us. Enjoyment to be together almost overwhelming.

We went to bed as an adoring couple, hugging, gradually getting turned on by the others presence, until somehow, my hard cock was inside her, our bodies were moving together, a beautiful warm unhurried climax overcame us both.

What a weekend! Monday I was back to my place for at least work, and a couple of nights alone -- but not lonely now, those women, and their memory was constantly by my side.

I couldn't help but wonder: What had I gotten into? Where would the Us go into the future? Could I tap into the Telepathic Circle,? And how had this unusual sexual situation come about?

Over the next few weeks, I was about to find out.

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