tagAnalWith Four You Get... Ch. 01

With Four You Get... Ch. 01


(Author's note: The main characters are introduced in my previous series "With Three You Get ..." and I would recommend you begin reading at least part 1 of that to get acquainted. Thanks for your votes and I appreciate your feedback. – Rathgon)

Dinah lay on her back on the desk, her fingers gripping the edge with her eyes closed, legs spread, a slight smile on her face. Mark sat in the chair, his tongue buried deep in her pussy as he eagerly licked her, sucking her flowing juices. Janet's strained voice came through the computer speakers, the monitor showing her as viewed by her net-camera, spread out on her desk much as Dinah was, with the exception of her own fingers playing with her pussy, "Is she close?"

Mark raised his dripping face from Dinah's crotch, "She's almost there," he said.

"Bend her over the desk and fuck her now, hard," Janet said, raising herself off the desk and bending over her own desk. Taking a vibrator from where it lay on the desktop she spread her pussy lips with one hand and shoved the vibrator into her slippery wet cunt and proceeded to fuck herself, hard. She could see her own computer monitor better from this position and watched as Mark pulled Dinah off their desk, turned her around and bent her over and slammed his cock into her. Through her computers speakers Janet heard Dinah let out a series of guttural moans as Mark vigorously fucked her, his hands on her hips. Janet felt her orgasm nearing and she slowed, trying to stay in the spot.

Mark wasn't slowing down, in fact he had reached under Dinah's belly and was stroking her clit. "I'm cumming!" Dinah yelled as her legs quivered, only Mark's support keeping her up. On her side of the country Janet surrendered to the sensations and let herself go, too, and her moans combined with Dinah's electronically reproduced moans in a crescendo of pleasure.

Janet's eyes refocused on the monitor as she heard a moan from Mark, he had moved his hands from Dinah's hip to the edge of the desk and was continuing to thrust into her. Another groan escaped him and he visibly sagged and Janet could imagine the feeling of his cum surging into Dinah's pussy. She could imagine it own vagina and longed to feel it again herself. Janet started slowly working the vibrator in and out of her satiated cunt again.

Mark eased his dripping cock out of Dinah's equally wet pussy and helped Dinah to stand. He wrapped his arms around her as they watched Janet continue to pleasure herself on the monitor. "We're looking forward to seeing you next week, really looking forward to it," Dinah said, leaning back into Mark.

"Me, too," Janet said, "see you then."

The video chat window on the monitor went dark as Dinah and Mark signed off, at the same time Janet heard the door to her apartment open behind her. She pulled the vibrator out of her pussy as she straightened and turned to find an embarrassed Jill turning her face away. "Talking to your friends again?" Jill asked.

Recent events had brought Janet and Jill, a friend and former coworker, to share a two-bedroom apartment. The computer desk was in the living room and Jill had on several occasions over the last few weeks surprised Janet as she masturbated while chatting with friends she had met on her dive trip last summer. Jill had been scheduled to go, too, but a family emergency had prevented her from going. Janet had returned from her trip gushing as much about the friends she had met as about the diving.

One evening after they had moved in together Janet had admitted, after a little too much wine with dinner, that she'd had sex with the couple, both the man and the woman. Jill was somewhat taken aback since before the trip she and Janet had frequently discussed how over-rated sex was and now here she was glibly describing how great it had been. Jill's sex life over the last few years had consisted of one disastrous relationship and now a semi-weekly masturbation session during bubble baths.

In contrast, Jill had heard Janet moaning in her bedroom during phone conversations with her friends and had caught her masturbating at the computer late at night after Jill had retired to her bedroom. The first time Janet's voice had awoke Jill. Peering out through her slightly open door Jill had seen Janet lying back in the desk chair, her robe open, pinching her nipples as she watched the screen. Jill had been astonished to find herself becoming excited over watching another woman pleasure herself. What she had thought to be a flashlight on the desk turned out to be a vibrator and as Janet had eased it between her legs Jill's own hand had found herself to be wet. Jill had retreated to her bed and enjoyed a powerful orgasm as she heard Janet's restrained gasps.

Jill was embarrassed by her sexual feelings and went out of her way to hide them but she still looked forward to watching Janet. After catching her like this she knew she'd have a good fantasy about it later in bed. Janet picked her robe up from the floor where it had fallen and slipped the vibrator into her pocket then asked Jill how her date had gone.

"Well, I'm home early, as you can see," Janet said. "Another evening watching the baseball game at the sports bar just didn't do it for me, that'll be the last date with that guy. Are you still going skiing next weekend?"

"Yeah," said Janet, feeling sorry for her friend. "Why don't you come with me," thinking she wouldn't accept but not wanting to seem heartless over Jill's being alone that weekend.

"I'd love to, if you think they wouldn't mind. I haven't been skiing in years."

Janet hadn't known Jill skied; she herself had only been a handful of times. She knew Dinah and Mark would welcome Jill but Janet was slightly distressed at her sexual weekend being tamed. 'Oh well, too late now,' Janet thought. Maybe she'd be able to sneak into their bedroom after Jill had gone to sleep. Jill seemed to go to bed so early lately.


Thursday afternoon Dinah and Mark were scanning the Arrival monitor at the Reno airport, the weather that was promising good skiing was also delaying Janet's flight from landing. Although they hadn't seen her since she had left the room with Ivana in Tahiti, the two women had been exchanging near daily emails and frequent phone calls and their friendship had continued to deepen. Their recent online sex-chat relationship had also been surprisingly erotic. They had invited her to join them for a ski weekend and she had eagerly accepted. At the last minute, however, she had called and asked if it was OK if she brought her friend Jill with her. Mark and Dinah had been a little disappointed, they had been looking forward to continuing their sexual relations with Janet and with Jill joining them it seemed unlikely they would be able to. Janet had described Jill as being fairly chaste since her divorce three years earlier.

Dinah had been half-heartedly dumping dimes in the slot machines for the last half-hour as they waited. Just as Mark tapped her shoulder and pointed to Janet descending the escalator, three sets of cherries lined up on the center line and the light and bell went off. "Woohooo!" Dinah said excitedly, raising her arms in triumph. "This has got to be sign of good things to come this weekend!"

Janet flung herself into Mark's arms and kissed him warmly, very warmly, Jill thought. The attendant paid off the $1,000.00 to Dinah then she and Janet embraced, too. Their kiss was slightly more subdued but still more than mere friends.

Janet turned to Jill, "This is Jill ... Jill, this is Mark and Dinah."

Jill was a little taller than Janet, around 5'-4" Mark guessed and placed her age maybe a little older than he and Dinah, late 40's probably. She had shoulder length blond hair and big blue eyes. She had pleasant features and would be called cute as opposed to pretty, she had a little extra weight in her behind but any excess seemed to have settled largely at her chest.

Jill stuck her hand out and Mark shook it firmly. Dinah ignore the proffered hand and hugged her, Jill tentatively hugged her back. "It's too bad you couldn't make the dive trip," Dinah said, "it was so great. Janet tells me you're a beginning diver, too." Dinah started for the baggage area talking animatedly with Jill, who immediately took a liking to the tall, trim redhead.

Janet and Mark trailed along, "I'm still hoping we can find some time together," Janet said to him in a low tone, then smiled up at him, "The three of us."

"I'm sure we can work out something," he said, putting his arm around her and giving her a squeeze.

The group retrieved the luggage and dashed across the street through the still lightly falling snow into the parking garage. They stuffed the bags in the back of the SUV, the skis on top in the racks and headed up the hill to Tahoe. The heaviest of the snow had been plowed off the roads but it was still slow going, the trip taking half again longer than it usually would. Dinah had sat in the back seat with Janet, delegating Jill to the front with Mark. He had chosen some Jimmy Buffet-type CD's for the drive and the tunes went along well with the photos from the dive trip that were passed around. Dinah and Janet continued talking and laughing in the back while Mark and Jill talked in more subdued tones up front. It turned out Jill was quite an accomplished skier and they found themselves discussing different ski areas, runs, and adventures.

They passed the large casinos on their way to the cabin they had rented for the long weekend. "I wanna go gambling!" Janet exclaimed as they drove past.

They pulled up to the cabin and unloaded the gear, Mark and Dinah took the master bedroom with the king size bed. Janet and Jill shared the other room which had two beds. In keeping with the tropical theme the four prepared a Mexican meal complete with Margaritas and cold beer. After dinner they engaged in some board games, laughing and playing until late in the evening.

"If we're going skiing tomorrow we'd better get to bed," Jill said innocently. The other three exchanged longing glances before acquiescing.

"See you in the morning," Janet said. "It's great to see you again." She hugged them both and when Jill wasn't looking gave Mark's cock a rub, she wasn't surprised to find him semi-erect. "Maybe I'll see you before morning," she whispered.

Dinah had had a few Margaritas more than usual and was in an extremely excited state when they fell into bed. She plunged her tongue into Mark's mouth as she circled his still hardening cock with her hand. "I wanted to see Janet suck this again," she moaned in his ear, slowly sliding her hand along the now throbbing member. "Do you think Jill's as much a prude as Janet thinks she is?" she asked, wiping a drop of precum off the tip of his dick.

"I don't know," Mark said as Dinah lowered her head and began licking his cock. Mark's next words were unintelligible as Dinah started her assault with the vigor she usually used at the end. His cock reached the back of her throat and she began humming. Mark continued to moan, allowing her to play a few minutes before he pulled her off and laid her back on the bed.

He knelt between her legs and began kissing down her body, his cock head teasing her pussy. He sucked hard on her nipples bringing the expected gasp and moan, then without breaking the suction he plunged his cock into her. More moans erupted from her. He fucked her hard for a minute then stopped. She complained briefly as he extracted his cock from her but was soon moaning contentedly again as he began licking her pussy. In an amazingly short time her orgasm began and Mark was sure her loud voicing of her pleasure could be heard by the two woman on the other side of the cabin. He continued to lick her until she tiredly pushed his head away. She curled up into him and within what seemed like seconds her deep breathing indicated sleep had overtaken her.

He lay holding her quietly as his erection faded and she rolled over in her sleep, then he, too, faded off.

Mark awoke in the dark room, a warm mouth surrounding his cock, which was now hard again. At first he thought Dinah had recovered and was paying him back now but the glowing red numerals of the clock indicated that had been hours ago. As full consciousness returned he realized he was hearing the low snore indicating Dinah's sleep. He moved his hand to the back of the head pleasuring him and found it, not surprisingly, to be Janet, kneeling beside the bed. She sucked and licked hungrily until Mark reached down and began fingering her cunt. Her concentration broken she continued her blowjob with less conviction, letting occasionally loud moans escape her. Eventually her noise and Mark's motions stirred Dinah who rolled over sleepily. "Why don't you guys go in the other room," she said groggily.

Mark kissed her and apologized for waking her then he slid out of bed as quietly as possible, towing Janet out of the room with him. The gas-lit fireplace in the living room illuminated Janet, showing her to be wearing a long T-shirt, and nothing else, Mark knew. He was wearing nothing at all, his cock, shiny with Janet's saliva, stuck straight out. He leaned back against the wall and bent his head down to kiss Janet, letting his hands slip under her shirt and cup her smooth, firm ass. Their tongues danced then Mark moved his hands to her shoulders and gently pushed her to her knees. "No hands," he said to her up-turned smiling face.

She leaned forward rubbing his cock over her cheeks and lips. He pulled it away from her, causing a look of mock disappointment to cross her face, her lower lip sticking out. "Lick," he said. She licked his balls, lifting each one up with her tongue, swirling around them, causing them to tighten. He pulled away again and swabbed the precum, now forming on the head, across her still outstretched tongue. He had her lick his balls a little more then slowly lowered his erection and she continued licking up its length, finally swirling her tongue over the head. With gentle force on the back of her head he pushed into her mouth; her warm, wet, welcoming mouth.

She was in control now, her hands came up, one to tickle his balls, one to stroke his cock while she continued to suck and tease him. He placed both hands flat on the wall beneath his butt and allowed the pleasures to wash over him until he felt the start of his orgasm. 'Not yet,' he thought, although the vision if his cum spraying over Janet's face was very compelling, the thick semen coating her face as she stroked him.

He pushed her away and helped her to her feet, guiding her over the sofa near the fire. She sat on the sofa and he guided his still twitching erection back into her eager mouth. Placing a hand on either side of her head he began fucking her face, the slurping and moans emanating from her adding to his pleasure. He felt his orgasm starting again and allowed it to rise a little further, pushing further in Janet's mouth, before again pulling out.

"My turn," he said pushing Janet back onto the sofa and raising her legs, exposing her wet, puffy cunt. He plunged in enthusiastically, sucking both of the swollen lips into his mouth before changing to a long lick, then sucking directly on her clit. Janet was already close to orgasm and the sudden onslaught sent her over with a long, unexpectedly loud, moan, culminating in a moment of whimpering as it ended. Using his tongue he scooped Janet's juices out of her vagina and moved it down where it flowed around and into her other small puckered opening.

Mark rose to his knees and pulled Janet to the edge of the sofa with her knees still high in the air. His cock slid easily into her wet pussy as it was still convulsing from her first orgasm. He fucked her slowly as she recovered then increased the tempo when she started thrusting back. She licked her finger and began rubbing it back and forth across her clit, smiling up at him, "hmmmmmm," she said, "I've been waiting for this."

Mark pushed her knees up higher and the change in the angle between them caused his cock to slide out of her. She tried to reposition herself but he held her knees firmly where they were. With one hand he placed the well-lubed head of his cock at the opening of her equally well-lubed anus. "And I've been waiting for this," he said smiling at her. Her finger never stopped it's slow circling of her clit as he began to push into her. At first he thought it would never make it but as he increased his forward pressure the small hole began to open. "Relax," he told her as the head slipped in and she grimaced but did not stop her finger. He stopped a moment to let her adjust to the new sensation and as he felt her relax he slid forward some more, half a cock in now. Janet's hand had increased it's speed around her clit and she was nearing another orgasm.

"It's sooooo ... intense," she said, raising her head in an effort to see her asshole, now lewdly distended with Mark's cock. As his balls touched her ass cheeks she came again, her anus clutching hard at his cock, preventing him from moving. She rode this one out, too, then resumed smiling at him as he began fucking her slowly. "Soooo intense ..." she said again, "you feel so huge." Another orgasm shook her, the finger still circling her clit, the clenching of her ass stopping Mark again.

Her orgasms continued, she didn't know if one ran into another or if it was one continuous one. Her ass slowly relaxed, allowing Mark to move in her again, which he did with renewed vigor. Within a few strokes the sounds of his thighs slapping her butt was clearly audible, as was his panting. "I'm coming," he said, just as Janet was coming down. He pressed far into her and she felt him shudder, then she felt the twitching of his cock and a warm feeling spread in her, his cum squirting into her bowels. He fell back, cock popping out of her and then laid back, stretching out on the floor on his back, his wet cock waving over him. Janet's anus remained open but as he watched it slowly closed up, returning to it original closed opening.

Janet slowly lowered her legs and sat up, smiling tiredly at Mark. "That was worth waiting for," she said. "I'm really going to sleep now."

"Me, too," Mark said, standing and kissing her before they returned to their respective rooms.

Mark washed his cock before returning to bed with Dinah. She woke as he was pulling the covers up. "Did you guys get it out of your systems for a while?" she asked, her eyes staying closed.

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