tagErotic CouplingsWith Him In Mind

With Him In Mind


"I want to do this for you, I want to see your body react to my touch I want to see your eyes when you cum." The words seemed for flow from my mouth without out a lot of thought. All the times he had been there for me, all the times he was so patient and caring, the way he always seemed to be able to make me feel good about myself and feel sexy and desirable led me to this point all the passion I had building was about to be revealed.

Like now, seeing his body stretched out on the bed and that grin on his face almost defying me to back up my words. His youthful beauty seemingly more attractive tonight than before and I could not take my mind or my eyes away from him.

His fingers laced together and his hands tucked behind his head his legs crossed at the ankles he seemed so angelic and cute in an odd sort of way. My eyes followed the site from the bottoms of his feet to the top of his head and his dark hair. Of course I stopped to take in the special points along the way. His tanned skin strong legs and tummy seemed to be displayed like the gift he was.

"It's my turn baby" I told him he remained quiet for once. All the wonderful orgasms he had brought me to, flashed through my mind and I felt the familiar flushness on my skin. Though subconscious, I felt the way my tongue traced my lips as my hunger for him increased.

His cock was hard and the head brushing back and forth across his navel throbbing with each heartbeat. The grin on his lips was gone.

Letting the white towel I was draped in fall to the floor I walked slowly toward the bed stopping next to his chest I bent over letting my nipple brush across his lips I could feel the goose bumps rise across my skin as he gently sucked it into his mouth.

When he removed his hands from their place beneath the back of his head and he reached for me I stopped him taking on of them into my hand and led it to his hard cock. "Touch it for me baby."

I watched closely as he wrapped his strong hand around his cock and pulled the skin back exposing the large now wet head to me. "Stroke it for me." He began slowly moving his hand up and down his hardness while keeping a slow steady rhythm.

The twinges deep inside my own body now were crying out and I could feel how wet I was and could imagine how sensitive. "Keep going" I love to watch a man touch himself, see how he holds himself how his fingers move to watch his hips press up and down with his strokes knowing he knows just how to please his body.

Walking to the foot of the bed and then climbing on the bed places my legs across his thighs one on each side I pressed my wetness against his skin and felt the slick moistness emitting from my pussy.

Reaching between my parted legs I began sliding a finger along the folds sliding it back and forth while my eyes stayed fixed on his hard shaft and how his hand was moving along its length.

"Touch me" his hand unwrapped from his shaft and touched where my hand had been. I moved up a little so he could press his hand against me and I could feel the heel of his hand press against my pussy as I grinded against it.

Reaching up I took his cock into my hands and began stroking and squeezing gently while his fingers now toyed across my clit. Moving further up still holding him I pressed my wetness against his shaft thrusting forward moving against the soft skin.

Propped up now on his elbows he watched me rub against his shaft while my hands stroked him my movements quickened as I came closer to cumming. With my head thrown back my eyes closed the feeling was just to good and I felt that release flow from my body onto his cock and run down his balls. Putting the head of his cock just inside so he could feel the contractions inside.

Lifting myself and turning now to face his feet sitting straddled across his chest I leaned forward taking his cock suddenly and deeply into my mouth, I heard him gasp as my lips were pressed against the base of his cock I could feel the hairs across my lips and nose.

My head moved up and down quickly as my mouth enclosed his shaft. Reaching his knees with my hands urging his legs to part further and I could take him just a little deeper.

Feeling how wet his chest was as my pussy slid across it I imagined his tongue licking along the crease of my ass feeling it put pressure at the opening and I had to cum again and knew it would not take much.

Backing up now straddling his broad shoulders I began pressing two fingers on my swollen clit keeping myself lifted just beyond reach of his tongue. I felt his hands as they grabbed my hips and pulled me harshly down against his extended tongue.

Feeling it move in and out pressing deep inside I could feel my walls tightening around it. He reached around pressing his own finger against my clit matching the movements of his tongue.

Again falling forward across his body taking him back into my mouth I felt driven and was so close once again. I felt my legs tighten up and the sensitivity heighten and I once again came this time into his eager mouth as I felt my entire body shudder.

I felt him lifting my leg and sliding out from beneath me forcing his cock from my mouth. Guiding me onto my back he laid across the top of me his face wet and glistening with my orgasm and juices.

Pulling his face to mine I could smell the sex and taste myself from his lips and face. wrapping my legs tightly around his waist I felt him slide easily inside I could feel myself swollen and convulsing and tightening down around him as he moved in and out. He began driving into me with such force we moved up across the bed. "Cum baby, I want you to cum" I saw that grin again I really loved that grin.

Pulling out sitting up placing a knee on each of my arms putting his cock only inches from my face he started stroking himself his hand moved rapidly and so skillfully along his rock hard shaft with the other hand he grabbed my hair pulling my head up from the bed and he stroked faster.

The thick hot cream shot out onto my eyes and chin and I opened my mouth trying to catch the spray with my tongue. Another shot to the center of my chest and it stopped.

Still unable to move my arms he continued teasing just a little bit more taking his hand and smearing the thick cum across my breasts and nipples then my throat. He wiped it from my eyes and face dragging his fingers across my lips.

Somehow he had done it again, turned it around on me. I wanted to tease him bring him pleasure like he had done for me so many times but all I could do now was get so excited and thinking about cumming again.

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