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With Sergeant Samantha


This is my second story. I know the last one had many spelling errors but hopefully this one will be better. Enjoy, if you like send me a email or review. Have fun.

My eyes slowly opened to a dark room that I did not recognize at first but in a few moments my mind started to recall everything that had happened. A small lamp by the bed was turned on allowing me to see and once the light illuminated my surroundings there came a soft moan and a body rolled away. At first it caught me off guard but rubbing my groggy eyes with the palm of the hand and clearing my sight I saw it was Sergeant Samantha, almost naked except a sports bra. Scattered around us were articles of our uniforms. Looking at Samantha she was so pretty with her eyes softly closed; a slight smile on those thin, pink lips. When she exhaled through her nose it sounded like a very soft, brief, moan. Her head rested on a sweat soaked pillow, the tone muscles and soft pale skin and soft breasts that gently rose and dipped with each breath.

Taking one of the kicked off blankets I covered her body and slowly erected my own, placing m y bare feet onto the cold floor. My whole body was stiff and sore, I could hardly shuffle without pain. Grunting through my clenched teeth I moved across the room trying to find my pants.

When I did and put them on the rattle of metal from the buckle was like thunder in this small, quiet, room and Samantha's eyes flickered open. "Cole?" calling out weakly.

"I'm here" I said back softly.

"You okay?"

"Yes, just getting my bottoms on," I said sliding one leg in at a time, pulling the waist up and tightening the belt.

Her hand reached out to the night stand and grasped a small, black alarm clock. Her gray eyes strained to read the bright red numbers; 4:11 in the morning. Groggy she sat up, the blanket dropping down and showing her chest still covered by the sports bra. Rubbing the bottom of her nose with the palm of the hand and sniffing to clear her sinus she stood up and looked around. "Damn, what happened?"

To be honest I could not remember everything but judging by the clothes on the floor, the lack of clothes on her body and me slipping into mine and the pain in my crouch I would say we were having sex, but I did not say it.

Realizing she was nude from the waist done Samantha immediately opened ta drawer and put on some shorts, muttering to herself all the while. Hearing her I thought she was angry at me and I expected to hear her order to get out and call a taxi so I began to gather up my uniform.

"Where you going?" she asked.

"Just gathering my things" I replied

"You're not leaving are you?"

Caught in the open like a deer in the headlights it took me a moment to respond, "No," I said weakly, "Just gathering my things. Don't want to lose anything."

Laughing she nodded and walked past me into the hallway and went for the rest room. "I have to take a shower, Cole. Go ahead and make yourself at home. There's food in the fridge and all that. I'll be down in a little bit."

"Okay" I said clothes bundled up and tucked under one arm and stepping out into the hallway her next words made me blush.

"I have to clean up all this cum you shot on me" and closed the door.

Hot water was turned on quickly turning the bathroom into a sauna. Samantha looked in the mirror to check her face, brushed her long strawberry hair, took off her two articles of clothing and stepped into the shower where the hot water splashed against her soft, sun kissed skin and she sighed with pleasure feeling its soothing touching.

I could hear her as she opened up a shampoo bottle, squeezed out a couple of drops, set the container aside and began to lather up her hair. The walls in this place were remarkably thin, and the sound carried no matter where I went. Setting up downstairs I put back on my socks and under shirt and drank some coke to rehydrate myself. Coke was not the best but all that was left was tea and I hated tea and I did not trust the quality of tap water.

Upstairs Samantha was gently humming to herself a tune as her hair was being rinsed then she took up a bar of soap, rung it with her hands and began to run the hard bar over her body from the neck down very slowly. Turning around and letting the hot water splash against her back and run off down her backside I could hear her moan very lowly at her sensitive parts were being touched. I wish I could have seen it but hearing it was great sitting underneath on the first floor.

In about five minutes the shower turned off and she stepped out, wrapped her fine body in a dark blue towel and cracked the door open letting steam seep out. "Cole, you still here?" she called out.

"Downstairs" I replied back.

"Okay, be down in a minute." Closing the door I could still hear a faucet turn on then the scrape of a tooth brush then the gurgling of mouth wash which made me laugh for some reason.

There were footsteps in the hallway then a door closed. A couple of minutes later there were footsteps on the stairway and she came in; Sergeant Samantha now in a blue t-shirt, and black booty shorts and white shocks, her hair in a low hanging pony tail smelling like lavender.

"You helped yourself?" she asked.

"Yep" holding up my coke.

She went to the kitchen and came back with a glass of tea. Sitting on the opposite end of the couch she let out a long sigh and turned on the television and for a few moments there was not a word to be exchanged by either of us. With her gray eyes fixated on the screen I looked her over, she was a beautiful woman. Older than me by at least seven years with long strawberry-blonde hair her body was firm from physical labor but she took care of her appearance with groomed hair, clean nails, no tattoos on her body at all, no piercings, clean and perfect teeth, a large, plump backside and soft breasts, she was a dream to behold and when she talked it with a smoky voice that made her sound much more mature than she was.

Sitting on the couch she turned on the television carefully skimming through the news, there was nothing but garbage. Shit on Iraq, Afghanistan, talking heads saying what the President was doing is wrong, 'experts' giving suggestions on what needed to be done....I did not want to hear it. I was there, we were there and I did not want to hear any more about Iraq. Turning it off and throwing the remote against the table Samantha gave off a frustrating growl before drinking more of her tea.

"You okay?" I asked.

"Yeah, just..." trailing off, "I just don't want to hear more of their bullshit."

"Me either."

Flicking her gray eyes over at me there was a moment of silence and I did not know what to say. Putting down her glass onto the table and drawing in her knees onto the couch Samantha turned her body to look at m, bending her arm and resting the elbow onto the head rest, the hand holding up her head with her long, strawberry blonde hair draped over her shoulders.

"So, tell me about yourself" she said. "Why'd you join the Army?"

"I'd thought it would be fun," I replied, "See the world, travel to far off places, meet interesting people and kill them," I remembered those bumper stickers and chuckled but the sergeant was a bit cold and I remembered why and felt stupid saying such things. It was one to make jokes about killing people but another to actually do it. A lot of the guys in my unit were the same, they became cold when the mere mention of killing.

In a moment she warmed up again, "So, what you said, during the party, you never had a woman before?"

Embarrassed I nodded and cheeks blushed red, "Yeah."

"That party, I tell you, Jeremiah knows how to throw them. I hope that the colonel doesn't find out but I really needed that. I wasn't going home and stuck here, all pent up, it was great to just relax and have fun." Her eyes looked me, "Don't you think?"

"Yes," nodding and taking another sip.

"So, Cole, it's just us. What do you want to do?"

Thinking I wanted to go at it again, but my body was not up to it just yet, but looking at her, so open, I decided to ask, "What did we do last night?"

She looked at me a bit surprised as one hand was bent up the fingers combing through her still wet hair, "What? You don't remember?"

Shaking my head negatively she looked up a ceiling then briefly at the door. "Well, Cole," she began, "we were at the motor pool and I said I could use a shower and so could you. You remember that?"

I nodded, "Yes"

"When we were dismissed I gave you a ride to go get dinner at McDonalds and then we drove back here. As soon as we got inside I closed the door, pinned you up against the wall and started kissing you. You remember that?"

Sadly, I did not.

"Aww, well, we were making out and you were feeling me all over with your hands and I was rubbing my chest against you." As she spoke her lips pulled back further and flashed teeth as her eyes would open and the eyebrows raise and lower, "I felt you getting hard and I said to 'follow me' up to my room. As we were going up you kept grabbing my ass," giggling, "we got into my room and I sat on the edge of the bed and started to unbuckle your bottoms."

My eyes were as wide as saucers again.

"I took your meat into my mouth and began sucking you. I wanted to take off my uniform but I knew you liked it, knowing that I am a sergeant, that little taboo thing going so I kept it on and I started massaging your balls in my hands and wrapping my tongue around your shaft and licking the tip/"

It was a real struggle to keep my boner hidden as she continued.

I deep throated you and pulled back, teasing you, and deep throated you again and you started feeling my chest, sliding your hands into my open blouse and squeezing them then I got up, unbuckled my pants and pulled them down but my boots were still laced so I splayed my legs and you ducked under the pants and went through the hole from underneath and you put your cock inside me."

The further she went the more her voice dropped into a pleasured tone, becoming soft and her eyes were locked onto mine as she gently clenched her index finger between her teeth.

"You slid it inside me and went very gently. My pussy was stretched and lubed up and feeling you inch inside made me moan and I told you to go faster and you did slamming your pelvis into me, the bed started shaking and I was grabbing for the sheets."

It was sad that I did not remember all of this.

"I was saying 'Cole, Cole, yes...that feels good" Samantha said louder, "And you were fucking me faster and faster, the head board slamming against the wall and you came inside me, so much cum that it was leaking out of my pussy. Once you were done you lifted up my legs and got out but I grabbed your cock and began sucking you off again and I heard you yelp which was funny and I sucked you off for several seconds until you came again, right on my face."

"Wow, I did? Really?"

"Oh yeah" nodding her head slowly and giving me a wink, "It was hot. I didn't think you had it in you."

"Neither did I" I replied.

"After that, though, I don't recall. Just remember waking up and staring at the clock. When I took a shower though my bra had your cum on it."

Buckling my eyebrows all I could do was shrug. Everything was in the clouds for me.

"Don't worry; it was great," Samantha replied waving a hand, "What else you want to talk about?"

"Well, I said, why don't you tell me about your firsts?"

Looking at me a bit surprised Samantha smiled, "Okay, which first would you like to know?"

I said, "Your first time."

Raising a thin eyebrow in response she asked, "With a man?"

"Yeah, let's start there."

Nodding she moistened her lips quickly, "Well, we were in basic. I was at Fort Lost in the Woods and me and this one guy, I don't remember his name, and we were stuck in the barracks over the weekend. Our drill sergeants wouldn't give us passes, so, we were cleaning the floors and started chatting and next thing I knew we were in this empty room and kissin'. His hands were on my breasts and then rubbing my pussy. I was terrified that we would get caught but this guy kept going at it, he opened up my bottoms and put his hands in and started fingering me and I bit down on my cover so I wouldn't moan. He pushed me up against the wall, I pushed my ass out and he pulled down my pants just enough to get his dick inside me and then he started fucking me, very quickly and grunting in my ear. Thinking back it was funny because he was very arrogant asshole. He thought he was going to be the greatest lover I would ever had."

Dropping her voice to a growl she began imitating his husky voice, "He said, "You like it? You like it? Come on baby, you like it? You want it?" At its conclusion she just giggled, her voice returning to its smoky tone, "He came inside me in like thirty seconds and when he did he let out a loud moan and I wondered, "What the fuck? What are you doing?"

"Fuck yeah I came" he said again mimicking his voice.

"Really?" I thought, "I don't feel anything." I said and I guess that popped his bubble. He buttoned up, slapped my ass and walked out and I was left there, thinking, and 'am I still a virgin or what"?

We laughed about it. "I don't remember his name but he didn't last too long afterwards. He wrote graffiti on the wall outside the drill sergeant's office and got kicked out. That was my first time with a guy and I was disappointed to say the least."

Next logical question was, "What about a girl?"

Samantha was candid about this first as well, "Well, when I got to my first duty station I was mostly with females in HHC and for a while it was just us, you know, girls night out and it was fun; a lot of drinking, partying, and movies, and all that. There was one girl that said she was a lesbian, real nice girl named Yvonne but very shy. She was always afraid that the Army would crucify her if they found out...." Her voice trailed off for a moment and looking at me she could tell I knew something exciting happened between her and Yvonne and I wanted her to continue.

Samantha immediately blushed and shied her head away for a moment, "Yeah, well, just some kissing, you know, and touching, but nothing else. I would have but I guess she was so afraid of being caught she asked not to go any further, and I was very disappointed. But that redhead, you know, the one at the party that sucked you off?" her eyes flared up and gave me a devilish smile, "Yeah, she's hot. I've seen her around but dammit I can't remember her name. It's a real long one, but we got together one Saturday, went to a club and just got hammered. We got a taxi back here and, I don't know how, but she stayed here and, one thing lead to another, we broke out the dildos and started sucking and fucking each other." Samantha just laughed about it and I begged her to go on.

"Oh," she smiled, "It was amazing, her breasts are so soft and large that she titty fucked a dildo and they swallowed it. I couldn't even see the tip. She took out this large one from her purse, I think it was like eight inches and we took turns seeing who could deep throat it."

The further she went into the story the more I could tell she was having enjoyable flash backs of this event. Her hands projected out wards, the fingers gently squeezing breasts that were not there and wrapping around a simulated dildo and opening her own mouth taking the shaft down the gullet, her legs crossed, opened and crossed again.

"Then she grabbed my ass, lifted me onto the counter in the kitchen, pulled off my tight blue jeans and sank her face right into my clit and started to lick me."

Drawing a breath and letting it out slowly, "God, it was hot. I was sucking on my toy then she started to finger me, two at a time," holding up two fingers, "and she shoved them in deep and then twisted them around. I never felt something like that before and my whole body was shaking."

Looking over she noticed that the finger tips were gently touching the mound on my lap. Raising an eyebrow she asked, "Ya getting hard again, Cole?"

Nodding affirmatively she gently bit the tip of her tongue between her teeth, "she was hot and when she was sucking you off, you know, at that party that got me so wet. That's what made me do the gangbang. You should have fucked me, oh that would have been great."

Indeed it would have been. Watching her get pounded, though shocking at first, actually pleasured me deep down as hung, masculine men plunged their shafts into her tight holes and fondled her soft body.

"Um, if I can ask" I weakly said, "Did you ever have sex with Jeremiah?"

"Jeremiah? Yeah, once. He's a good guy. He was the last guy I had done it with in Iraq. In a nutshell I was horny and he was there so we went to this empty room and we fucked for like three minutes, but he was better than my first," laughing.

She was candid about her experiences. What happened at the party was just the tip of the iceberg, but I did not care, in fact, I found it arousing hearing it. Listening to her smoky voice as she delved deeper, reliving her first time to her first DP with two guys during leave was getting me worked up again.

Regarding her first double penetration, "My boyfriend at the time and his friend we rented this beach house in California for the week. We were going to spend our time surfing and swimming but after one day we spent time just doing each other. Mike, my boyfriend, he was Bi. I didn't mind it so much but when he and I were making out in the bed room I was rubbing him and he was fingering me his friend Clive comes in and wanted to join in."

Shrugging her shoulders "I thought 'uh, okay' because Clive was not the best looking man I've seen. It was tall and hairy, very hairy but having my boyfriend rubbing and gently fingering my clit I was so into it I just couldn't say no. next I had their firm cocks on either side of me and I was beating them off sucking on the tips one after the other, getting them nice and lubed up. Their pre-cum was leaking out so it made them very slick then they sat down beside me and started to fondle my tits and kissing me on either side of my neck going up and down, pinching my nipples both hands rubbing my pussy at o9nce."

"Oh," she exclaimed loudly in bottled up excitement, "It was hot. Their fingers were rubbing the lips and sliding into me. I couldn't tell who was inside there were so many fingers," her cheeks blushed red but she continued on. "I was still beating them off but after a while my wrists started to tire and I almost stopped so Mike lay down on the bed and I straddled him slowly. I loved Mike; he was so handsome with an always clean shaven face, long black hair and piercing blue eyes and a firm body. He was so handsome that I drooled on after him the first time I saw him. I wanted to please and tease him, giving a little dance and shedding my clothes."

"I was a girl at the time. I still considered myself a virgin despite everything. Just started in the Army and in love and when I was about to suck on Mike again Clive ruined the moment by slapping my ass and demanding that I ride Mike. I thought 'okay' and straddled Mike and reached back, wrapped my hands around his fat cock and slapped the head against my ass to tease him. I smiled and he kissed me as I pressed the head into my pussy. He was good. It was the first time we fucked and his wide cock was spreading my lips apart. It was great feeling him slide inside me and I looked into his eyes and he fed himself inside me and I became lost in his eyes and we started to make love."

She became lost in the moment and I just stared at her with wide, perplexed eyes as she paused to gather her thoughts.

Shaking her head quickly she continued on: "Clive was behind me, stroking himself watching us. I was having the time of my life riding Mike, going very slowly. I was moaning with each thrust, hands on his firm chest and he was wrapping his hands around my waist. We weren't fucking, no-no, we were making love. And as we were reaching that point Clive ruined it by wiping his cock over my ass and then pressed it into my hole. I jumped by Mike was holding me with his hands on my waist. I looked back at him with this wide eyes and a face that said "what the fuck are you doing?" but Clive just smiled and pressed his shaft into me. I thought 'whoa, what's this?' but once he got it in there I didn't say 'no' looking at Mike and after a bit of working I actually started to like having two cocks in me, Mike's was the better because I loved him and he was pleasure Clive, though, he was just a guy."

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