tagLesbian SexWith Strings Attached Ch. 05

With Strings Attached Ch. 05


"A little further apart puppet," instructed Nicole as she slowly caressed the inside of Alice's thigh.

Alice simply straightened up in the seat and spread her kneels a little further apart giving Nicole, her mistress and girl friend, the greater access she desired. She had all but given up trying to maintain any form of decency while riding in the car with Nicole. Like so many other lost battles, she had stopped trying to reason with Nicole on points Nicole felt were settled, instead reserving what remaining strength she had for keeping Nicole from expanding the boundaries further. But as Alice felt Nicole's hand return to stroking her inner thigh she simply closed her eyes She could see that this too was becoming a lost cause.

Since Friday night Alice had been in some way or another under Nicole's control. It felt like it was so long ago that Nicole's cousin Susan had tricked her into going to a party pretending to be a lesbian so she could be another girls date. However Susan had other plans and by the end of the night her friend abandoned her and she was handcuffed to the back of Nicole's motorbike and on her way to a bondage photo shoot. And that had pretty much set the tone of the last couple of days. Now Alice felt she was basically a possession of Nicole, a very dominant and kinky girl. It was not that she was incapable of taking care of herself. Alice actually prided herself on being very mature and independent, but her self-reliance and reluctance to interact with others had stunted her social skills and conflict resolution abilities leaving her at the level of an adolescent whereas Nicole was very much an adult. As a consequence things had gotten greatly out of control.

Since that first kiss at the club Nicole was at her lips continuously from short passionate kisses out in public to very long make-out sessions in the privacy of their homes. Nicole has even gone so far as to make her have 'kissing lessons' lasting for more then an hour each day. Since Nicole was the first girl she had kissed, the first person she had ever kissed, Nicole wanted to make sure she learned exactly how to kiss a girl and have a chance to critique her. However, as embarrassing as these lessons were, they were not the worst as by Sunday her education evolved to include 'oral pleasure lessons' and she now spent a considerable amount of time between Nicole's thighs learning the art of oral pleasure.

As if these activities were humiliating enough Nicole is also heavily into shibari and takes great joy in tying her in very demeaning positions. Tuesday night she even did a partner bondage session. First Nicole tied her wrists and elbows behind her back. Alice then stood, bound and uncertain as Nicole tied a set of ropes around her own waist and thighs. After sitting on the couch Nicole had Alice kneel between her legs and she tied Alice's knees to her ankles effectively forcing Alice to remain before Nicole. It was then that Alice realized that she was trapped and had to move her body every time Nicole moved her leg. With a smirk on her face Nicole reached down, pulled Alice's hair back until she was forced to look up and secured her hair to her wrists. She knew pleading would do no good; Nicole firmly believed that she loved these games as much as she did. However this time Alice was left confused and staring at the ceiling as Nicole sat on the couch looking at her and the television. Alice could only remain planted on her knees before her mistress as Nicole began to fondle her breasts and slowly bring up her arousal level. And just as her body again started to betray her Nicole slipped a set of ropes through her collar and pressing her knees into Alice's hips pulled her forward by the rope so her face was now lodged between Nicole's thighs unable to look at anything but the pussy before her. Nicole quickly tied the loose ropes from the collar to the ropes encircling her thighs and stomach effectively binding Alice's head between her thighs. With a soft pat on her head and a command to get to work Alice could hear the movie 'Bring It On 2' start in the background and she settled into an hour and a half of eating Nicole's pussy.

And after each exhausting day Nicole would tie her to the bed where she had to either sleep bound with her tormentor or wait nervously for her return. She even had to eat Nicole to orgasm each night and sleep with Nicole's juices in her mouth and on her face. She then had to repeat the actions each morning before Nicole would release her from the bed. These were her 'tutorial secessions' as Nicole jokingly referred to them.

With all this happening very little of Alice's former life remained, highlight by the fact that Nicole made her give away most of her old clothes and exchange them for others. The shopping trips gave her a brand new look and a brand new wardrobe. Gone were all of her pants and long skirts, replaced by mini skirts and short shorts. Between the resale store and the mall she was now the owner of several butterfly tops, of the kind that Maria Carry had made so famous, as well as a collection of other tops that either left her back or her midriff exposed leaving no question as to whether she was wearing a bra or not. And Nicole's quirky sense of humor came out full force with several shirts having the Playboy symbol or some other sexual remark displayed on them. One even had the quote "I kissed a girl and liked it" written across the front. Nicole also purchased a number of shorts, from boy cut spandex to cotton short shorts and even a pair of in leather, all having one thing in common: the bottom of her butt was very visible in each and they highlighted her ass cheeks. Up until then she had no idea that anyone even made shorts designed to run up our ass crack and hug your butt cheeks.

However by far the biggest part of her new wardrobe was skirts and dresses. Tight skirts, pleated skirts denim, cotton, leather each different but all showcasing her ass and legs. Nicole's sense of humor came out here as well, with a tight black cotton skirt that had a silk screen on the back that looked like you could see her panties and thighs through it. Nicole saw it and couldn't resist.

"People will see it and think they were seeing your underwear when in fact you won't be wearing any!" Nicole had chortled.

And dresses - lots of dresses - but none were longer than thirty-six inches. Clothes in all styles and colors but all conforming to the rules: the pinkie rule for skirt lengths and a one-inch inseam for shorts. Pants and underwear not allowed. However Nicole did make several exceptions to this last rule, as she now allowed a pair of low-rise hip hugger jeans that were very tight and rode so low on the hips that any underwear would show out of the back (if underwear were allowed) and showed, in Nicole's words, 'butt cleavage'. Nicole also bought a very shear pair of black slacks and while they normally only gave a hint of legs through the fabric it was obvious that, with the proper lighting, everything from the waist down would be completely visible. The last exception to the rule was a pair of yoga pants that were made of a spandex fabric, cut to be tight around the ass and thighs but to hang loose around the lower legs.

However as much as Alice did not want to like her new wardrobe she had to admit that her new cloths were very stylish and sexy, just bordering on scandalous, rather than truly sluttish. It seemed that Nicole wanted to show her off but more as a fine jewel enhanced by her setting and not some piece of trash, flaunting as much skin as possible. While each item was selected to expose her to the legal limit, they also complemented her looks and minimized her shortcomings, making her look more like a high-class escort than hooker. Even her makeup was replaced with high quality cosmetics purchased from a store that specialized in cosmetics. So by the end of the day she not only had a new wardrobe but makeup tailored to her skin, chosen specifically to enhance her beauty. The change was so dramatic that when she looked into the mirror it looked like a different girl, a sexier more beautiful girl that looked back at her.

But by far the worst item in her new wardrobe, thanks to her own big mouth, was a French maid's uniform. She was only trying to get some alone time away from Nicole and casually stated on the drive home that she needed several hours on Monday to clean her house as she did every week. She was hoping Nicole would get the hint and leave her alone. Nicole admitted that she also had to clean her house after the weekend as the maid only came in on Fridays. Nicole had always hated the fact that her parents had made her do this degrading chore as a poorly veiled attempt to teach her values. However Alice's optimism about finally getting some unrestrained time away from Nicole evaporated, as she saw how ecstatic Nicole was that she would now be able to assist her.

Detouring to a costume store Nicole zeroed in on exactly the uniform she wanted for her maid. A black satin long sleeved French maid uniform that tightened as Nicole zipped up the back and, aided by the built in waist clincher, forced Alice to exhale and to only take shallow breathes. But the restrictive waist did give her a bit of an hourglass shape. As Alice viewed the image before her in the mirror, she was astounded by the results. The bodice and sleeves fit her like a second skin and thanks to her now smaller waist and jewel neckline, gave the appearance of breasts. The skirt also started high on her hips and hung to just above her pinkie, making it conform to the rules but was shorted considerably when the petticoats puffed it out making the skirt end just slightly past her sleeves so that whenever she moved the skirt danced around her hips. The effect was to show her legs to maximum advantage. All in all, the dress complemented her body perfectly and combined with the makeup from earlier in the day made her look the best she had ever looked in her life. Alice could only stand and watch as Nicole tightened a white apron around her waist and tied it in the back with a big bow. When Nicole crowned her head with a classical maids cap Alice felt a bit of despair as the beautiful girl before her was transformed into that of a servant for her mistress dressed in a short, tight and flirty black satin maids uniform. Alice's eyes started to water and she had to fight to hold back the tears as Nicole showed her a choker in the shape of a shirt collar minus the shirt and fitted it around her neck.

Alice wore her uniform for the next two days. First cleaning Nicole's house under the direction of Nicole who took great delight in instructing Alice exactly how she should clean to maximize the character she was portraying and photographing her along the way. It seemed that Nicole was never far and always had her camera at the ready to catch Alice in the process of doing her duties. This of course was followed by several drawn out photo sessions of her in her new uniform. She was posed doing various chores primping in from of the mirror and of course placed in multiple erotic and bondage poses. Though the day her 'lessons' also continued only now it looked more like a servant pleasing her mistress than two lovers being together. Alice could only imagine the image they presented: her in her maid's uniform kneeling before her mistress, her face buried between her mistress's legs.

Tuesday, after her weekly domestic duties were over, Nicole discussed plans for future romantic dinners that would be prepared by Alice. Naturally, Alice would have other obligations in her new role: she was learning to curtsey, to show the proper respect and enthusiasm. All the while being filmed by Nicole. After more than an hour of practice Alice was actually relived when Nicole pronounce her training complete and began her kissing and oral pleasure lessons for the day.

However her respite was short lived as Nicole announced that she was going to take her to the movies as a reward for doing such a good job. Alice begged Nicole not to take her out in public wearing her new uniform and was willing to wearing anything else Nicole chose.

Alice did not put up a fight as she slipped on an old white coat of Nicole's that conformed to the pinkie rule. Alice looked at the image presented before her as they passed the mirror in the front entrance. The white coat left a lot of leg exposed but no sign of a shirt or skirt underneath as she was only wearing the coat and a pair for knee high black boots.

Alice was thankful when the motorcycle finally came to a stop. She hated having to travel anywhere with Nicole. In the car she was forced to sit bear assed in the passenger seat as Nicole played with her thighs and pussy. But at least in the car she was partly hidden, unrestrained and able to see her soundings. On the back of Nicole's bike she felt truly helpless. Her hands were bound around Nicole's waist, her feet were secured to the back pegs and the helmet Nicole made her wear prevented her from seeing anything. She was basically bound in public and as icing on the cake the speed of the bike made her coat fly in the air exposing her butt to all who may be following. It was the act that to Alice summed up her relationship with Nicole. Being lead by a leash to the bike was the first act of submission she had performed for Nicole and the first time she was bound and exposed to the world was on the back of the bike. To Alice the bike was her symbol of submission to Nicole. And while you had to look hard to know she was bound, because she could not see she could not know for sure if anyone discovered her secret or was watching her moon the city and Alice's mind assumed the worst.

When they arrived, Nicole released her wrists, took Alice's hands from Nicole's pockets and pulled off the helmet. Looking around Alice saw they were at the theater next to the mall. She was thankful that Nicole had parked on the side of the building and not directly in front. Anxious to get off, Alice stretched her legs and tried to maintain some level of dignity as she pulled her frozen leg over the side of the bike. Even though Phoenix is never really cold it was in the 50's and flying down the street with legs and ass exposed to the wind tends to leave you a little numb.

Nicole followed Alice off of the bike and locked the helmets as Alice straightened her coat and hair. However Nicole could not help but watch Alice out of the corner of her eye. Even though she had just finished giving Alice one of her lessons in oral pleasure a few hours ago, seeing Alice standing there in the parking lot knowing that she was naked under that coat caused Nicole's pussy to moisten yet again.

Alice just stood there in silence as Nicole inspected her ward and ran her fingers through her hair. Wrapping her hands around the back of Alice's skull, Nicole pulled her in for a deep passionate kiss.

Alice just closed her eyes and placed her hands on Nicole's hips, as she had been taught and practiced in her lessons, and let Nicole have her way with the inside of her mouth. As the kiss continued Nicole slowly released her grip and began to run her hands along Alice's arms and back up the front of her coat.

Alice jerked and let out a small gasp and she felt Nicole hands brushed over her hardened nipples.

"I see our date night has got you excited," purred Nicole as she broke the kiss and played with Alice's coat collar.

Excited by our date, Alice screamed in her mind. I'm freezing my ass off, literally, after being exposed to half the city on the back of that bike and you think it made me aroused. "Actually mistress I think it's the cold more than anything," mumbled Alice ashamed of being groped in the middle of a parking lot by a girl.

"Well then we best be getting you ready to go in," replied Nicole as she began to untie Alice's coat.

"What are you doing"? Gasped Alice as she grabbed hold of Nicole's hands.

"Getting you ready to go inside," growled Nicole as she pushed open the front of Alice's coat exposing her body. "Now put your hands in your pockets before your punishment becomes worse."

Alice did not like the sound of that remark. When she disobeyed Nicole when they first met she was spanked until she cried and since then she had been careful not to give Nicole any reason to repeat it. Now here she was several miles from home naked except for a coat with no keys, no money and no identification. She was trapped with her irritated mistress and decided to quickly place her hands into her pockets before she agitated her any further.

Like Nicole's coat the bottom of the pockets had been cut out so her hands slipped right through to the inside of the coat. Alice simply looked into Nicole's face as Nicole slowly opened the coat and pulled her hands foreword. Closing her eyes she felt the cold steel wrap around her left wrist and then her right before sensing Nicole pull away. Opening her eyes she looked at a smiling Nicole and feeling the cool breeze dropped her gaze down to her exposed body.

Nicole could not help but smile as she took in the image before her. Even as Alice tried to keep the coat closed with her arms her restrained hands kept her from accomplishing her goal. So while her breasts were covered the coat was parted a few inches leaving her torso from her neck to her hips exposed. Only the placement of her hands kept her pussy from being seen as she hung her head submissively. Walking back up to Alice Nicole slipped her hands under the coat and exposed Alice's breasts. Panicking Alice brought her head back up and looked into Nicole's eyes as Nicole's hands caressed her breasts. She leaned in for another passionate kiss as she pinched each nipple between her thumb and forefinger. Alice closed her eyes and took in a loud gasp as the pain from her nipples radiated out. Nicole kept it up until they were fully hardened and sticking out.

"So it still mostly the cold affecting your nipples puppet?" questioned Nicole with a smirk on her face.

"No mistress," squeaked Alice.

Nicole slid her hands between Alice's arms and body pushing the coat open further but covering her with her body. Alice closed her eyes as she saw Nicole leaning in for another kiss and let her lessons take over once again.

Alice was relived that Nicole had closed her coat and retied the belt. But she was still nervous as the coat was unbuttoned and threatened to open with each step or each pull of her arm as Nicole lead her through the lobby arms entwined towards the theater. Alice kept looking around but so far she couldn't see any sign of anyone noticing she was naked.

As they entered the theater Nicole stopped abruptly as she scanned the room. Alice felt a sense of relief as the theater was dark and nearly. With a slight pull on her arm Nicole lead Alice to a row towards the back with a male and female sitting a couple rows ahead. Alice nervously sidestepped into the row until Nicole signaled her to stop and would only watch as Nicole took her seat and smiled up at Alice, her fingers dancing over the back of her knee. Alice could only stand there practically naked in a public theater, helpless with her hands cuffed securely under her coat biting her lower lip. Looking around nervously Alice noticed that the most of the patrons were not paying attention to her.

"Mistress please," whispered Alice as she looked down at the folded up seat.

With a smirk on her face Nicole removed her hand from Alice's thigh and pushed down the velvet covered seat. Alice quickly sat down the hem of her coat rising so that her bare ass came in contact with the soft velvet of the seat cushion and the front splitting open completely to expose her pubic hair. With her hands cuffed together under her coat Alice would only be able to cover herself with her hands if she pushed open the belt and thus was only able to fidget in the seat.

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