tagLesbian SexWith Strings Attached Ch. 06

With Strings Attached Ch. 06


Alice was in a daze as she finished prepping herself in the bathroom. Last night was hard both physically and emotionally. They had barely entered her house when Nicole removed her jeans and pushed Alice to her knees, still wearing her coat, her hands still cuffed behind her back, and demanded that Alice lick her to orgasm. That merely calmed Nicole down but did little to quench her thirst, so Alice had to repeat her performance several more times before spending a restless night tied spread eagle to her bed. The next morning Nicole strode into her room and without saying a word straddled her face as Alice methodically lapped her tongue over Nicole's sex for over an hour and a half.

After those events Alice felt broken and ashamed. Being Nicole's girlfriend and sex-toy was bad enough, having to seduce other women was something that, no matter how hard she tried, she could not do but, given Nicole's level of arousal, Alice knew it was something that Nicole wanted. As Alice lay in bed she felt she had to speak up, to try to set some boundaries to this perverted relationship or her level of exposure would have no limits. However her mind was not up to the challenge and her body lacked the stamina for the debate. Her argument about being only a flirt and an exhibitionist, and not very comfortable actively going after other girls, had been twisted by Nicole's lust into Alice wanting to only be the eye candy so if they hooked another woman's interest Nicole would do the introductions and take care of engineering their first encounter.

Alice felt that the rug was pulled out from under her as Nicole had once again outwitted her and set the foundation for yet another level of depravity in their relationship; her girlfriend was going to parade her around with the intent of playing matchmaker between her and any woman that expressed interest. Now, not only was Alice going to have to dress to impress other women but, instead of her having to talk and begin the relationships, Nicole was going to be calling the shots, pulling the strings, and after last night Alice knew she would be pulling the strings far more often than if Alice herself were setting the boundaries of these encounters.

Alice felt she had lost all control of her life to her lesbian mistress. Nicole was totally in charge of the relationship: Nicole controlled how she dressed, whom she talked to, how she acted, and now with whom she slept. All of this was bad enough but Nicole was also into bondage, photography, and voyeurism. The first meant that she was often bound when she was in the presence of Nicole or left restrained waiting for Nicole return. The second meant that she was usually photographed while she was restrained, had to pose for Nicole in revealing clothes or worse, while she was intimate with Nicole or others. And now the last reared its ugly head: Nicole was installing cameras in her bedroom.

Alice could not believe what was happening. She tried to object but she was still tied spread eagle to her bed and Nicole cut her off by placing her finger over Alice lips while caressing her breasts with the other.

"This is not open for debate puppet," stated Nicole firmly. "I want to be able to watch you anytime I want and with these cameras I will not only be able to keep an eye on you but you would will still be able to perform for me, even when I'm not physically with you. They will record your every movement and you will never know if I'm watching or not so you will always have to be performing for me."

Alice just looked at Nicole's set face, a slight smirk sitting under her hungry eyes. Alice twisted in her bonds and released a nervous whimper, she did not want to have to dress and act sexy when Nicole was not around and she did not want Nicole to take over her room, turning her childhood sanctuary into a monitored prison.

"Do you understand puppet? This is going to happen." growled Nicole as she began to pinch one of Alice's nipples.

Alice gasped and simply nodded yes, knowing she was not in a position to argue.

With Nicole's used panties stuffed into her mouth, Alice could only watch in a daze as Nicole turned her bedroom into her voyeuristic girlfriend's web-cam wet dream. Replacing her vanity mirror with a one-way mirror, like her closet doors, Nicole installed two cameras, one focused straight in front of the vanity and looking directly over the foot of the bed, and the second turned to the side having a clear shot of the space between Alice's bed and the closet as well as the mirrored closet doors. Two more cams were installed in her closet looking out over her whole room and a fifth camera installed on the corner wall looking out over her bed to the mirrored closet door. Basically every inch of her room, her private space, was covered by cameras recording her every moment and sending live feeds to Nicole's computer and smart phone. To make things worse the set-up came with two remote nanny cams that Nicole could hide around Alice's house, to make sure she was doing her cleaning duties correctly and that she was behaving property when Nicole was not there. Now Alice would have to wear that obscene maids uniform and prance around her house even when no one else was there, she would have to do it while home alone and have to walk around her house under the dress code in front of her mother and father. Alice would have no rest from Nicole's watchful eye.

Later, after she was released from her bonds to get ready, Alice couldn't help but sigh as she eyed one of the nanny cams. She did a final check of her make-up and straightened her clothes, if you could call them that. For Alice the outfit was a nightmare. Not only was it way too sexy but also it would require constant attention to keep it from becoming obscene. Nicole had decided on a western theme for her today and she now stood before her bathroom mirror in a pair of black cowboy boots with a one and a half inch heel, a too tight denim skirt, that was recently shortened, and was a mere 14 inches long, its hem sitting only two inches below her crotch. Alice ran her hands down her hips straightening out the skirt as she told herself to remember to take short steps to prevent the skirt from ridding up and under no circumstances could she bend over or her ass would be exposed; she did not want to think about how she was going to sit.

But what really worried Alice was her shirt: it was one of her old school uniform blouses left unbuttoned and tied just below her bust. But the shirt made her feel like her breasts were more exposed than covered. The long sleeves and cut of the shirt fully covered her arms and shoulders but because of the way it was tied, left the skin between her breasts exposed and, due to the location of the knot at the bottom of her breasts, just drew attention to that location. This meant Alice would be in a constant struggle between hunching over, leaving the shirt loose on her chest with the potential for someone to see her exposed nipples or pulling her shoulders back, making the shirt snug over her breasts and having her nipples visible through the sheerness of the shirt. So Alice's choices were: Stand tall and have her nipples show through the shirt, or hunch forward with her head down, keeping her breasts from showing through the shirt, but offering the potential of someone seeing her breasts through the gaping shirt.

However Alice's internal debate about what to do with her shirt was shattered when Nicole popped in the bathroom door.


Alice bit her lower lip as she concentrated on not covering her chest as Nicole pulled her by the leash attached to her navel ring, down the street. Turning into the store only slightly relieved Alice's nervousness: even though the store stated it was an erotic boutique, Alice know it was really just an adult store.

To Alice's surprise, the inside was bright and looked more like an overly erotic Victoria's Secret than some sleazy sex store. Down the middle were racks of movies, magazines, books and video games. Looking around Alice could not believe its size or the number of items it held. On the far wall were the 'sex aids' and the row just in front of them was the clothing. And it was in this direction that Alice was pulled towards.

While some of the clothes looked presentable to be worn in public, most were meant for the bedroom, with items from sexy sleep wear to costumes ranging from sexy to sluttish. Alice just cringed as she looked at some of the clothing before her and hoped that she was not destined to wear them for one of her sessions with Nicole.

"Now that looks perfect," exclaimed Nicole as they stopped in front of a section dedicated to wedding night lingerie.

Alice was stunned and could only look at the item that piqued Nicole's interest. The outfit was definitely made for one's wedding night, as it was a sexy parody of a wedding dress, or at least the body lace of one. The outfit was basically a virgin white stain lace up corset with a sweetheart neckline, small shoulder straps and Basque waist with little bead detailing on the straps, neckline, waist and hips. Attached to the bottom of the corset was a very short and erotic version of a wedding skirt. The skirt didn't start in front, which placed the wearer's panties (or, more likely, vagina), totally on display. The ruffled skirt gradually increased in length until it met up in a point in the back just below ass level leaving a glimpse of the wearer's ass cheeks at the sides. The detailing at the base of the corset followed the outline of the hips and continued as long ribbons at the back of the corset that tied making a large satin bow of virgin white, the tails of which hanging below the hem of the back of the corsets skirt. From under the skirt hung six garter straps to be attached to the bride's stockings. A set of virgin white satin shoulder length gloves complemented the outfit.

Looking at the outfit Alice realized what this shopping trip was all about; Nicole was preparing to take her virginity. Deep down Alice knew Nicole had claimed the rights to her virginity but with everything else that was happening, Alice hadn't really given it much thought. But shopping for the big event brought it to the forefront and what little control Alice was able to regain about her life with Nicole was once again lost.

"This one should fit you perfectly, puppet," stated Nicole as she held up a copy of the erotic take on "innocence lost" before Alice. "Now all we need to get is a pair of white stockings and a pair of white stilettos to complete the look."

"My mother has a pair of four inch white stilettos," whispered Alice, not thinking of what she was saying.

"Really! I cannot wait to meet your mother," remarked Nicole as she added a white satin thong and a pair of white silk thigh high stocking to the basket, not noticing the fear in Alice's face; She was too engrossed in her own fantasy. Nicole loved being in charge, in control of the situation and all the pomp and theatrics that go along with sexual play. Now here she was shopping for the ultimate sexual event. For the rest of her girlfriend's life, no matter what else Alice did, and no matter how many other women Alice would be with, two things will always be the same: Alice's first kiss will have been with her and as of Friday she will also be first person Alice had sex with, the person who took her virginity. Plus Alice was perfect match for her. She was pretty, in an innocent sort of way, submissive and expressionistic. And now that she had turned Alice's home and bedroom into her own private stage she was now choosing the costumes and props.

Alice tried to think about what was happening, to come up with something that would stop this event from happening, or at least delay it, but she was paralyzed by the thought of actually having sex and loosing her virginity to another girl. So she obediently followed Nicole around the store like a scared little girl being good for her mother while shopping before going home to be punished.

Where Alice's focus retreated inward, Nicole's tunnel vision increased as she become more and more engrossed in making her fantasies reality. With a tug on the leash Alice obediently followed Nicole down the aisle as she choose a black satin corset, black satin gloves and a black choker in the shape of a black bow tie.

Moving further into the store Nicole began to collect other items for their adventures. Before long the basket carried a small selection of nipple clamps, a butterfly vibrator, bullets, beads, a female shock therapy kit, Ben Wa balls, a tongue vibrator, along with other surprises.

Alice simply followed as she was towed by the leash and held the basket as Nicole added items that were completely foreign to her. Alice did not concern herself with them as she was still focused on the white corset she was holding and the symbolism it contained. However this fixation was abruptly stopped when she saw an object shaped like a penis with a suction cup on the end added to the basket.

Coming out of her trance Alice looked around and realized that a very large selection dildos now surrounded them; dildos of all shapes, sizes and colors encompassing the whole aisle. Now instead of obediently following her mistress Alice became rooted to the floor.

However Alice's moment of defiance went unnoticed as Nicole was now in front of the section she was looking for. Nicole's excitement moved up another notch as she ran her hands over the black latex harness. Nicole had been doing her research for months now and knew exactly what she wanted for herself and her lover. The harness she was lovingly caressing was a black t-back panty style with two straps running over the ass cheeks allowing for a number of dildo attachments for both the wearer and recipient. Picking it up Nicole dropped it into the basket and reached over to get a second, more secure harness, with a locking option for Alice.

"Mistress what are you planning to buy?" Alice finally squeaked.

Looking over her shoulder Nicole smiled. "Good question puppet. As you can see, there are many different types to choose from," stated Nicole as she slowly moved along the aisle. "Some are outrageous," giggled Nicole as she touched a dildo in the shape of a woman's arm and fist. Some are meant to be discrete," whispered Nicole as she pointed to some smaller models across the aisle. "And many are made to look as much like real penises as possible," continued Nicole gesturing down the aisle. "But as realistic as some of these might be they are not the best," continued Nicole as she started to pull Alice farther down.

Alice kept looking along the display racks and noticed they were moving away from the traditional looking dildos and into a section devoted to the more unique looking versions. Now Alice was looking as some very strange misshapen cocks. Some were fat tubular shaped with a bulge at the base. Others looked much more complex bending at odd angles or with different bumps and ridges along there lengths.

"But this is what we are after," announced Nicole holding up a clear plastic box with a very odd looking item inside.

Alice just stared at the alien looking appendage. The dildo looked to be about 6 inches long but was hard to tell as the very tip was an oval shaped egg slanted slightly upward from the main shaft. The width was even harder to estimate as the tip sat on a shaft that had numerous bumps and curves over it's length and at the base there looked to be several small tentacle looking fingers sticking out about a half an inch.

"Is that what you plan on using on me?" stammered Alice.

"Yes puppet," answered Nicole, "I know it looks a little bizarre but trust me, it will feel fantastic."

"It doesn't look like it will feel fantastic," replied Alice, the sight of the object that was to take her virginity giving her new confidence to challenge Nicole.

"Well looks can be deceiving," replied Nicole, a bit of harshness in her voice. "I will have you know that this model was designed to give a woman maximum pleasure. The curve of the top and the shape of the shaft were all researched and tested and is not bound simply by the design of the male anatomy."

"What do you girls think?" inquired Nicole, her eyes shifting focus to someone behind Alice.

"I don't think we are the people to asked about something like that," came a hesitant reply.

Taken off guard by this intrusion into there private discussion Alice quickly turned her head. The bit of resistance Alice had developed over the dildo quickly evaporated as Alice retreated back into her shell as she looked at the two women standing in the aisle. Alice was unsure what to do and just wanted to run out of the store but her mind forced her to stay put.

Not knowing what to do Alice reverted to her training and smiled as she began to appraise the two women. One of the things Nicole always wanted to hear from Alice was what she thought about other girls. Walking in public or simply watching TV or a movie Alice had to constantly look at other females; the details of their faces, the style of their hair, the shape of their bodies, the way they dressed, how they walked and whatever other detail she could take in as she never knew which girl Nicole would point out and quiz her on.

The one who made the statement was a shapely woman in her late twenties and definitely the prettier of the two with shoulder length sandy brown hair. While her hair was done nicely she wore very little make-up letting her natural beauty shine through. She was wearing an over the knee brown suede pencil skirt with a slit in front going up to just above the knees, with a matching brown knee length boot peeking out allowing her to look conservative but sexy. Her friend looked to be in her mid thirties and stood a bit taller but that could have been due to the high-heeled boots she wore under her calf length skirt. Unlike her friend her black hair was set more in the hippy look, highlighted by the white peasant blouse and jewelry she wore.

"But I would have to agree with your little friend," added the other woman, "It does look a little.... Unusual"

"I'm sorry," stated Nicole, "My name is Nicole and my little friend, is Alice."

Alice hesitantly looked towards the eyes of two women knowing Nicole was sizing them up as potential prospects. However the look of surprise on their faces reminded Alice of the image she presented: A young girl, who was practically naked, holding a basket full of sex toys, on a leash held by another girl. Alice felt mortified and dropped her head and simply looked at the floor hoping it would open up and swallow her whole.

"As you can see she is a little more than a friend to me," added Nicole as she pulled the leash tight and moved her hand to slowly start rubbing Alice's ass.

"Oh I think everyone can see that," giggled the brunette. "By the way my name is Carmen, and my friend here is Holly."

"Well it is a pleasure to met you Carmen and Holly," stated Nicole. Are the two of you shopping for some new appendages as well?"

"Uh no," blurted Holly. "We are not together."

"We are both teachers at the same school," added Carmen. "Holly's sister is getting married soon and we're here looking for some bachelorette party gift's. I'm trying to convince Holly to buy an 'appendage,' as you say, as a gift for her sister."

"I'm not buying bridezilla a dildo," quipped Holly. "She is already pissed enough at me for not following her desires to the letter. I do not need the possibly of a badly taken gift to add to the list."

"I have to agree with your friend," stated Nicole. "Wedding gifts are supposed to be practical. Bachelorette parties are supposed to be fun and sexy."

"I would recommend one of these," continued Nicole walking over to the side of the aisle and selecting a package. "It's called a belt-less strap-on and can be used as a dildo with a little handle; or, by placing this knob in your pussy and squeezing with your pelvic muscles it becomes a strap-on."

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