tagLesbian SexWith Strings Attached Ch. 09

With Strings Attached Ch. 09


Alice lay passively on the couch, her back pressed against Nicole's breasts and her bare ass pressed against Nicole's denim cover crotch, one of Nicole's arms wrapped possessively around her waist while the other roamed freely over her body. All the while Alice could do nothing as her hands were secured with the lacing on the back of her dress; a punishment for trying to straighten her dress earlier.

As she had all week Alice felt trapped at the hands of her girlfriend and despite her best efforts Nicole's ever persistent fondling had once again aroused her to the point where her nipples hardened and her vagina moistened. But Alice didn't care as her parents would be home in a few hours and Nicole would soon have to leave. Alone with her parents she could then break the news that she was in a lesbian relationship. Alice knew they would be okay with it but she planned to use it as an excuse to limit Nicole's access to her and hopefully change some of the dynamics of the relationship.

The whole thing was becoming too much for her. Nicole was a very perverse girl and her desire to control the relationship was out of control. Not only did she have to perform for her girlfriend but she also had to allow Nicole to tie her up and photograph her. To top it off Nicole also pushed her into interacting with as many other women as possible. She seemed to not only get off on watching her with other woman she thrived on it. Now she was on the path of having a not only a girlfriend but a Hooters waitress as a booty call and a stripper for a sister that she is having both a sexual relationship with and a not so secret affair. Not only did she fuck April, her sister, in the back of a strip club but brought her back to her home, or their home as April saw it, for a bout of lovemaking while Nicole directed and photographed the action. When she thought the evening was over Nicole directed Alice and April to lay on their sides with their faces resting in each others crotches. Nicole then proceeded to secure each arm to the others leg; wrist tied to ankle and elbow to knee. The end result was each had their face in the others pussy. Nicole then announced that she was going to place ear plugs into their ears and both were to orally pleasure the other until they fell asleep and that once they woke up they were to begin again. If at any time she does not see them eating pussy they would be punished.

Before she left Nicole had turned the clock on its side so Alice did not know how long she lay on her bed eating out April's pussy all she remembered was waking up the next morning with her face covered in April's dried juice and her pussy displayed before her eyes. After pretending to be asleep for a little while Alice felt April stir and her tongue slip between her own lips signaling that she had to start a new day.

The whole encounter with the stripper made Alice nervous about how and where things would go in the future if she did not but some sort of stop to it now. It seemed that both Nicole and April took a perverse pleasure out of pretending that April was her sister. A ruse that had everyone at the strip club believing that Alice was indeed April's little sister and that they were involved in some form of incestual relationship. A relationship that April not only wanted but to Alice's surprise Nicole did as well. After bringing April to her home she alerted Nicole to April's desires and to her surprise Nicole became excited over the possibility. Nicole even demanded that Alice set up a date night between herself and her new sister on one of April's days off. Nicole would play stupid to the whole affair and let the two girls have there covert relationship. Alice would report back the intimate details about what happened. Nicole even insisted that she entice April into buying her special gifts.

"I'm going to have to start getting ready to get my parents soon," stated Alice as she twitched slightly in an attempt to move Nicole's hand from her upper thigh.

"Lets finish watching the video one last time, puppet," countered Nicole as she moved her hand back to Alice's thigh.

"OK but then you have to go. My parents will be returning soon and I have to think about how I'm going to break our relationship to them."

"Do you think they will be cool with us?"

"I think so," answered Alice happy at having the edge for the first time. No longer using the term 'mistress' Alice was pleased that Nicole had not taken her to task and with a little luck she will be able to reset the boundaries of the relationship. "My parents are pretty accepting and I think they will be okay with our relationship, if we don't push the envelope."

"Do you really want that!" snapped Nicole, "because I know I don't and I do not think you do either. Here I thought you liked the games we played and having the opportunity to be with other women with your girlfriend's permission. You certainly implied you liked it after all you said you loved me, what we did."

"I do love you," answered Alice the words leaving a bitter taste in her mouth as she tried to hide her dislike of everything they did. "This past week was fun and we did a lot, but with my parents coming home I will not have as much freedom. I have an 11 o'clock curfew on the weekends and I don't think we will be able to do much during the week. Yes I would love to continue just as we have been but if we get caught it can all be over and I do not want that, do you?"

Alice twisted to face Nicole as she finished her argument. She wanted to make sure that Nicole understood that in order to have a relationship they would have to live by her parent's rules, rules she hoped to create to contain Nicole's influence over their relationship.

"We can still play our games at my house on the weekends and after school and we still have the cameras," stated Nicole as she ran her hands up and down Alice's secured arms.

I want to spend as much time as I can with you too," lied Alice "But we will have to wait and see what we can do, I cannot go against their rules any more that I can go against yours. Ok my love."

"Ok puppet," just promise me you will try. You have a tendency to be hesitant about things even when you really want them and back down instead of asking for what you want."

"I promise you that I will try and make them as comfortable as possible about our relationship and see how much we can continue to do," responded Alice as she forced a smile on her face and leaned in to kiss her girlfriend.

The sound of keys at the door pulled both girls out of the embrace. Alice jumped to her feet and faced the door just in time to see her mother walk in.

"Sweetie we're home, are you here?" shouted her mother as she placed a suitcase on the floor and turned to walk into the house. Stopping dead in her tracks she could not believe the sight before her. There stood her daughter with her arms behind her back and a very surprised look on her face, her very beautiful face.

Janet could not believe the change. Her hair color was now a solid red and with her eyes and lips made up to look larger and fuller and her nose to look small she truly did look like the beautiful mermaid princess. Even her clothes were different and sexier. The long sleeved gray velvet dress looked perfect on her. The off the shoulder neckline exposed her neck and shoulders and allowed her gorgeous hair to fall freely over her skin while making her small breasts look larger and hiding them at the same time. The body lace held her waist like a second skin and flared out into a short skirt that gave the allusion of hips and showed off her legs to advantage. The net result was her daughter looked gorgeous.

Alice's transformation by itself would have been the main subject of Janet's questioning if not for the lovely brunet standing next to her daughter. Wearing a figure hugging tank top that left the tops of her ample breasts exposed as well as several inches of skin before the painted on jeans covered her very shapely hips, the girl reminded her of Sophia Bush or Mandy Musgrave from that show she secretly loved to watch. As much as she wanted to learn about the change in her daughter's appearance she needed to find out more about this lovely creature and how much more of her she would get to see as her belly started to tingle.

"I see you have a friend over," inquired Janet with a smile on her face.

"Yes," stammered Alice in a near panic. "I thought you and dad were not landing for a few more hours."

"That was the plan," stated Janet, "but with a storm rolling up the East coast your dad and I thought it best if we switched to an earlier flight. We tried calling you this morning to tell you of the change of plans but there was no answer."

Alice just stood still, terrified, as her mind tried to catch up to everything that was happening. She had just been caught sitting on the couch with another girl with her hands tied behind her back watching a video of the two them having sex by her mother. Luckily Nicole was able to turn off the TV before her mother could see what was on the screen but the DVD was still playing. Her plan of talking to her parents about Nicole away from her girlfriend was ruined and she now had to introduce Nicole to her parents as her girlfriend and discuss their relationship in the presence of Nicole meaning she now had to sound upbeat about the relationship. On top of that her hands were still bound securely behind her back by the ties of her dress, something she did not want her parents to see.

"We tried calling you this morning with our change of plans but you didn't answer the phone so we just left you a message," continued Janet breaking the uncomfortable silence as she tried to guess what her daughter was hiding behind her back.

"Sorry mom, I guess I got a little sidetracked this morning," responded Alice.

"I can see that," stated Janet, "and are you going to introduce me to the lovely young lady who 'sidetracked' you?"

"Nicole, Nicole Charmer, Misses Bless" injected Nicole as she walked forward to shake Janet's hand. "And may I add I can now see were Alice got her good looks from." The statement was a bit bold but Alice was too nervous to make introductions and Nicole felt she needed to take the lead if she wanted to get as much leeway as possible. Seeing Alice's mother dressed in a green satin blouse with several buttons left open to reveal a bit of her cleavage and a calf length swade skirt split almost to the crotch Nicole felt that she was just as much an exhibitionist as her daughter and coming on flirty was her best bet for winning her over.

"And this is Alice's father Paul," continued Janet as her husband pushed through the door carrying the last of the couples suitcases.

"I'm sorry, did I miss something," stated Paul as he put the suitcases down and turned to his wife and young guest.

"Our daughter was just introducing me to her girlfriend," answered Janet, placing her hand around Nicole's waist, the touch sending a shiver throughout her body.

"Girlfriend!," inquired Paul.

"Yes, it seems that our daughter has been having a secret life while we were away,' answered Janet.

"The truth of the matter is we only met and started dating last Friday so we weren't trying to keep it a secret from you, we just wanted to wait until you got back to formally announce our relationship," responded Nicole with a nervous smile.

"So the two of you are officially an item," inquired a surprised Janet, turning to face her daughter.

"Well you see Kim got invited to a party and that's were I was introduced to Nicole and then Kim and I had this fight and Nicole brought me home -" started Alice.

"A simple yes or no would have been good enough," interrupted Janet.

"Alice does get a little flustered when she gets nervous," stated Nicole as broke away from Janet and stood beside Alice, placing her hand possessively on her ass. "I think it is kind of cute and was one of the things that made me want her when we first met. But to answer your question, yes we are an item."

Alice's eyes darted quickly between Nicole and her mother as she watched what she felt was her only opportunity to reduce Nicole's influence quickly slip. She no longer thought about talking to her parents as she was too concerned about standing before her parents in a sexy dress with her arms tied behind her back while the DVD kept showing that the video of her loosing her virginity was still running, the fact that Nicole was able to turn off the TV was the only reason they were unable to see it.

"So the two of you have been seeing each other for the past week without any parental supervision," questioned Paul.

"Alice eyes lit up at the statement," Sorry father we didn't mean any harm and we should have waited to talk to you. I don't want you to be mad at us."

"Paul, take it easy," scolded Janet wanting to her more about the budding affair. "Can't you see that Alice is nervous enough about coming out of the closet and introducing us to her girlfriend, besides we've wanted Alice to start dating and making her own decisions. Alice is 18 and an adult, we have to start letting her make her own decisions about what to do with her life. Yes, Alice chose a girl for her first relationship but I do not see that as a problem. Are you worried that Nicole well be a bad influence or get our innocent Alice pregnant?"

Alice gasped as her mother finished her rebuke, not so much from the statement but from the fact that Nicole had slid her hand under Alice's dress and started to gently rub her palm over her bare ass pressing her middle finger into her butt crack. For Alice the groping was too much and she had to use all her mental power to keep perfectly still for fear of her parents finding out what Nicole was doing behind her back.

"That will definitely not be an issue as long as Alice is with me," giggle Nicole. "While it is true we stayed out past what normally is her curfew we never went out to drink nor go anywhere we would normally not be allowed. I think Alice is a great girl and we have talked in great length about the type of relationship we want and I do not want to do anything that would get her into trouble or cause you to think she should not be in a relationship with me.

"That is very mature of you Nicole," stated Janet, "how about the two of you do upstairs while Mr. Bliss and me to discuss a few things."

"Of course, thank you Janet," stated Nicole as she positioned herself behind Alice and gave her a gentle nudge.

Alice walked quickly into her bedroom the relief from getting away from her parents quickly evaporating as her mind finally caught up with all that had happened; Nicole had introduced herself as her girlfriend and that they had come to terms as to exactly what they both wanted from the relationship. She had set a bad precedent the night she met Nicole in pretending to be a lesbian who loved to flirt but was too scared to jump into the waters. Once she had been forced to continue the deception her inability to reject Nicole had led to her becoming the girlfriend of her perverted desires; a submissive lesbian who likes to be watched with other woman and lend to her to getting a new wardrobe and Nicole believing she had a desire for bondage and being photographed. Even worse Nicole believed she enjoyed it all as she professed her love for her.

But that was all supposed to change with her parents coming home. Her parents were to be her excuse, a dominate force that was to override Nicole's control. Alice was going to tell them she started dating this girl, nothing serious, she just wanted to experiment and take it slowly. She was planning to tell them that Nicole was a little too aggressive and while she wanted to continue seeing Nicole, she wanted to keep her at bay.

To this end she wanted to tell Nicole that while they could continue there relationship they would be restricted to Friday and Saturday date nights with an 11:00 p.m. curfew. And while she liked what they did, after all she did let Nicole film her taking her virginity and went along with seducing both Vicky and April as well as letting Nicole tie her up, those activities would have to be limited. Further more she planned on saying her mom disproved of her new wardrobe and would have to go back to wearing less revealing clothes as well as some white shirts that 'her mother' would insist she get. And saying her mom found one of the cameras in her room would be the excuse to get rid of them and have more restrictions placed on the relationship. But that was now not to be as Nicole usurped her opportunity to put her plan into action and used it to make a pitch for the relationship she wanted.

As they entered her bedroom Alice saw her bed and remembered there sex tape was still in the family room DVD player, the room her parents now occupied. "Nicole the tape is still downstairs, we have to get it!" stated Alice with urgency in her voice.

However Nicole simply stood with her back to the door and stared at Alice with her lust filled eyes. "We are not leaving this room puppet," answered Nicole in an authoritative tone. "I've just finished telling your parents that their daughter is a lesbian and we are both very interested in starting a serious relationship. Right now they are coming to terms with you being gay and having a girlfriend. If we go back we will be intruding on there conversation and it would not look good on us. I had just gone to great lengths to make sure they are comfortable with both issues and we are going to leave them alone while they discuss it. Is that clear puppet?"

"But I cannot let them see the tape, please untie me and I'll go get it," pleaded Alice.

"No you may not go and disturb your parents," growled Nicole and she walked over to Alice and began to run her hands over her defenseless body. "If I had let you do things your way who knows what your parents would have thought about us. So we are doing this my way. Besides I turned off the TV so unless they turn it back on they will not see it and that is a chance I'm willing to take."

Alice simply dropped her head and looked at Nicole's hands running over her breasts. Her one chance of regaining some command over her life was now gone as she was forced to stand in her room while another girl casually groped her breasts while awaiting the decision by her parents.

"When I speak to you I expect an answer with the proper title," demanded Nicole as she pinched each of Alice's nipples.

"Ouch! Yes mistress sorry mistress," squeaked Alice as she squirmed under Nicole's assault. With her hands tied behind her back she felt completely at the mercy of her dominate lover and saw no choice but to go along with whatever Nicole wanted.

By the time there was a soft knock on the door Alice was sitting at the head of the bed her hands still tied behind her back. Nicole sitting next to her, her hands switching from caressing and teasing Alice's body to pinching as Nicole dictated how Alice was to react and answer questions about how she dressed and there relationship, her will completely gone.

"I hope I'm not disturbing you two love birds," giggled Janet was she walked into the room and closed the door behind her, the warmth that started in her belly extending to her crotch and breasts as she took in the sight not of her daughter but of two lovers sitting before her.

"Not at all Janet," answered Nicole as she turned to face Alice's mother.

"Well I have to say I was certainly taken by surprise," stated Janet as she took a seat on the bed next to Nicole "All these years you have acted totally put off by my stories of my lesbian adventures and I come home to see you in the arms of this beautiful girl announcing that the two of you have decided to be an item."

"It's a little complicated," stated Alice thinking of the threat of blackmail hanging over her head by Nicole's Cousin Susan.

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