tagExhibitionist & VoyeurWith Strings Attached Ch. 15

With Strings Attached Ch. 15


I walked nervously through the room serving tray in hand trying to negotiate my way past the many women with the least amount of groping. Ever since that night several months ago where Susan forced me into dating Nicole, a very dominate voyeuristic lesbian, I had been trapped in a never ending nightmare of sexual perversions. But faced with the possibility of my parents going to jail if I did not play along, I had no choice but to sink deeper and deeper into Nicole's fantasy world.

It wasn't always like this. For most of my life I was a social exile a virtual unknown at my school let alone anywhere else. Now, after a few short months with Nicole, I was famous as the kinky lesbian constantly on the prowl for other women. Having never as much as kissed a boy, it seems I'm now kissing a new woman every week not to mention the more intimate moments, all at the blessing and insistence of my girlfriend. However the worst part is everyone seems more than happy that me a shy heterosexual girl has come out as a lesbian.

"Your drinks ladies," I announced finally at my destination.

"Thank you cuttie pie," purred the larger of the two.

I gave a false smile back as I nervously remained in the serving pose Vicky taught me, legs together and bent at the waist so the people behind you could get a good look at your ass and the people you were serving got a good look at your breasts.

"My pleasure ladies," I replied straightening up and rubbing my hand along my exposed waist, another trick Vicky taught me. With my small breasts and lack of hips my midriff was my best asset and gently caressing it drew attention to it in the mind of my audience. I simply stood there nervously as the two women remained fixated on my body, there eyes scanning every detail.

For me this was the worst, nowhere to hide with my body on display. Being shy by nature I would prefer to be in the background, hidden away unnoticed by all. Not for wearing this sexy costume. Not that I had much choice. Thanks to my attempt to get Nicole back with her ex girlfriend Kathy things had gotten much more complicated. My hope was that she would be a release valve someone who would take some of the spotlight off of me and preoccupy Nicole's time. However Susan was not too happy with my attempt to spoil her fun and decided that every time Nicole choose to be with Kathy she would post a picture of me from Nicole's vast collection to one of the media accounts she controlled in my name.

Now instead of being a diversion Kathy was my competition, making her a benchmark that I had to make sure I kept in front of. For me it was hard to compete with such a beautiful girl who was a real lesbian and who enjoyed flaunting herself before Nicole and other women. Now I had to not only play the part of a lesbian submissive but strive to enhance my appeal to our shared mistress. To this end I focused on what Nicole wanted and Kathy would or could not do. Kathy, being in the closet with John as her fake boyfriend, could not be as public as Nicole wanted while I was free to play up the public exposure and be with as many women as Nicole desired. I also did not care that Nicole wanted to spend time tieing me up, it meant less time for sex. Kathy just wanted to get to the sex, complaining if the bondgae took more than a few minutes. Kathy also looked for physical punishment, an added incentive to complain, something Nicole greatly disliked.

So when Nicole offhandedly stated that Kathy and I should be the waitresses at the football party Kathy jumped at the idea even suggesting that we dress as cheerleaders and perform a halftime show. For me it was yet another opportunity to parade myself as a sex object in front of a group of lesbians. Hence why I'm dressed in a black sports top with gold trim, a pair of black and gold hot pants, sheer tights and a pair of black knee high leather boots serving the party guests at the behest of my girlfriend. Kathy was dressed similarly but in white with red accents. Both representing the cheerleaders of the two teams playing in the big game, the Steelers and the Cardinals (story takes place in 2009).

"Would either of you two ladies like to buy a square in my pool," I inquired, "it's only $20 and you get me the whole Memorial Day weekend." Nicole's perverted mind came up with the idea of a football pool where a woman could buy the chance of winning the seller for a weekend. Now I was not only a sex slave to my girlfriend but a commodity that could be awarded to the woman lucky enough to win me. As much as I did not want to offer myself up as a prize, I had little choice. Susan had made it abundantly clear that if I did not outsell Kathy she would post a naked bondage photo of me. With thousands followers including all the girls from Nicole's and my schools I could not let a naked photo of me make it on the internet.

I knew I could not compete against Kathy's body, and I decided my only option was to maximize what I had. So I choose to wear a pair of support briefs, and while not noticeable, they did separate my butt cheeks and defined the gap between my thighs making my legs look better. A push up bra under my sports top lifted my breasts and gave my normally flat chest the look of cleavage The final piece of preparation was to go to the beauty salon to have my hair and makeup professionally done. Kathy meanwhile had decided to forgo underwear leaving her nipples and cameltoe visible to everyone on the room. In the end I looked more like an authentic pro cheerleader to Kathy's sluttly costume look. Oddly the better looking costume, the black, was awarded to me because of Nicole's insistence that as I was no longer a virgin I could not wear white.

"No cuttie pie," laughed the larger of the two. "We're a couple and don't need a pretty thing like you to come between us.

"I can respect that," I replied. "I would never want to get between a couple. But you can use me for other purposes," I continued with an idea springing into my mind.

"O-T-H-E-R purposes?" asked the smaller of the two.

"Yes, I work as a maid for a number of women," I responded pretending to lift an imaginary dress in a courtesy. "If you win me I will do whatever you want even if that means cleaning your house for three days top to bottom."

"You would really spend the whole weekend cleaning our house," repeated the smaller of the two.

"From top to bottom," added the larger one, now using a whimsical tone.

"We'll take two," announced the smaller woman after a nod from me

Please with my new strategy I continued to serve and sell chances. Forgetting the embarrassment I felt parading around the room as some erotic eye candy to be bought, I was now emboldened by my strategy of beating Kathy while not having to prostitute myself out like some whore at the direction of her girlfriend. Freed of the thought that I would need to have sex with the winner I embraced the character I had to play and soon reduced Kathy's sales lead. By halftime I was sold out assuring a tie and that no pictures would be released.

This feeling of victory was short lived as the sportscasters announcing halftime brought me out of my sense of calm. It was now time for our halftime performance and I walked up in front of the TV through the the cheering crowd of woman. As the ultimate showing of exibitionsim, Nicole had decreed that during halftime Kathy and I would perform. Wanting it to be as sexy as possible Nicole had ordered me to ask April for help. Help that April was all too eager to give.

April was another complexity to my life, a stripper who had a kinky fantasy of having everyone believe we were sisters, a fantasy that Nicole liked and had Alice play to the max. Nicole had even directed me to accept April's desire to have an affair. As far as April was concerned Nicole did not know of our illicit relationship and all the while I was reporting to and directed by Nicole.

As soon as "I'm a slave for you" began the play we began our routine. With my ballet and Kathy's cheerleader experience our performance was flawless and thanks to April's corgorphy, bordered on pornagraphic. Not wanting to face the humiliation of dancing in front of an audience of lesbians I blocked out everything and instead focused our dance. As I moved to the music I could not help but admire how sexy Kathy looked in her little cheer uniform, how perfect her body was with large firm breasts and a rounded ass that was celebrated so much by society. A body I had been intimate with many times since the start of the new year, now dancing beside me with cheese powder fingerprints of the women who pinched and groped her body evidenced on her costume.

The song was soon replaced with the more upbeat "Super Freek" and the performance moved into the more kinky innuendos. Each of us bending over to be spanked by the other to the cheers of the women in the audience and running our hands over each others bodies that would have been illegal if done in public. The performance culminated with me having to kneel behind a bent over Kathy and placing a hard kiss on each of her ass cheeks leaving a set of deep red lipstick marks on her white shorts.

After the performance the women got even more aggressive, pinching my ass, coping a feel or cupping my crotch as I moved about taking and delivering orders. As I was no longer attempting to sell myself I attempted to avoid as much as I could with being obvious and breathed out a sigh of relief as the game clock counted do to zero marking the end of my maltreatment, yet knowing the worst was about to come. Returning to the front I was about to find out which woman had won me.

Steelers won 27 to 23

When Nicole announced that Trish had bought the winning square I nervously scanned the room. A shiver ran through my body as I spotted Trish sitting to the side with a vixenish smile playing across her lips. She was in her mid twenties with slim but toned body. Her black hair was cut in a short mannish style but combined with her feminine features give her a distinctly mature tomboy look. My hope of simply working the weekend as a maid vanished and my nervousness changed into arousal at being owned by this woman.

In the past I was always able to identity attractive woman and appreciate the feminine form, her smile the way she looked and the way she smelled. However since Susan force me to claim to be a lesbian and date Nicole I had to not just identify pretty women but also take note of what made them attractive to me. This requirement to 'ogle' other women combined with my constant sexual torment ment created a perverted feedback loop where I started to actually associate those characteristics with my sexual desires. Knowing I have to choose female lovers I was rating woman by who I was willing to be with and knowing I was appraising other women for sexual purposes made me feel uncomfortable. However the longer I had to do it the shame became less and less and I now found myself becoming engrossed in my web searches or the sight of a beautiful woman thinking about what it would be like to be with her.

I knew this was altering my perceptions of my fantasy lover. Before this nightmare began I used to dream about strong aggressive hunky men claiming me as theirs. This morphed into the slender and soft boy band look, not associated with strong or aggressive. However the female tomboy version that had been infiltrating my fantasies did. And now the embodiment of that fantasy had won me for a weekend.

"Hello," purred Trish in a low sultry voice.

"Hi," I squeaked as I nervously rubbed her hands over my exposed midriff.

"So you will be mine for a whole weekend," teased Trish.

"Yes ma'am," I replied.

"Trish!" she responded in a sharp tone. "I'm too young to be a ma'am. Besides we will need to get on much friendlier terms for what I have planned." Standing up Trish reached out and began to caress my breasts. A small gasp escaped escaped lips as I felt my nipples getting hard from the woman's touch.

"Yes I think we are going to get much better acquainted," purred Trish as she ran her hands down my hips before sliding them around to my lower back and then to my ass.

I could only look into the eyes of my tormentor as she held me close to her body and then as she slowly dropped to her knees. Breaking her gaze Trish held my ass firmly keeping my crotch before her face and placed a kiss on the front of my hot pants causing me to break free and jump back. The crowd of horney women cheering in the background seeing the pink lipstick print on the crotch of my shorts.

I could only watch as my newest girl crush took my hands in hers and stood up. Closing the distance between us I closed my eyes in anticipation of the kiss I knew was coming.


"Perhaps the best thing would be to have Kathy date Jaclyn," I stated nervously. After the party Nicole had taken Kathy, Jaclyn and myself back to her house for a little fun. Meaning a photo shoot with Kathy and me making out in our cheer uniforms. However Kathy was too aroused from the party to play the part and do what Nicole directed. The shoot fell apart when Jaclyn threatened to punish both of us for disobeying and Kathy actually liking the idea. In the end Nicole was not happy with Kathy and Jaclyn or the shoot. Now after listening to Nicole vent the whole ride over I saw my chance to maybe fix some of my past mistakes.

"Give Kathy to Jaclyn!" repeated Nicole in a surprised way. "Why should I just give up one of my pets!"

"Just think about it," I replied quickly ignoring the fact that my girlfriend just called me a pet, a possession. " Kathy has to keep her sexuality a secret just like Jaclyn. Kathy likes the punishment aspect much more than the bongage and Jaclyn is more the 'physical' dom then a mental one. They are both attending the same college next year both like the same things, they are perfect. Jaclyn can even start pretending to date John's boyfriend Scott, that way everyone will have a cover.

"Well that is all well and good for Kathy, Jaclyn, John and Scott but I still loose a slave," replied Nicole. "You even get me all to yourself."

"True," I replied, "but things will be simpler. We are much more in sync and we never seem short of partners. Kathy and Jaclyn can develop together. You can invite them to play whenever you want."

"I can focus more on you puppet," purred Nicole as she caressed my hand. "If I do give up one of my girls, things will have to be my way and only my way."

'Your way!' I screamed in my head. 'I'm dating you because I have too. I'm having sex with women because of you. I'm not allowed to do anything other than your way and pretend it is what I want most.' "Of course," I replied.

"You will need to up your game," smiled Nicole.

"Up my game," I asked nervously.

"Yes up your game," continued Nicole. "You have come out of your shell nicely, but if you want me to release a lover you are going to have to work harder to get replacements."


"Yes replacements. Other women to entertain me. Vicky and April are nice but you will have to work harder to entice others. In fact I think it would be fun if you made it a goal to be with each member of Kathy's cheer squads, you already have one down. Also someone older, your mother's age perhaps, someone mid 40s."

"Lastly, I want your ass."

"My ass?" This was it, with this last demand Nicole will claim my last sexual act. She had been my first kiss, the first person I had orally pleasured, the first to orally pleasure me, The person who gave me my first orgasim, the person who took my virginity, the blood from which still hangs around her neck like a trophy. The only carnal act remaining was anal and now Nicole wanted that prize as well.


"Yes, of course," what else could I say. If Nicole wanted it she could just take it. But I had given her the opportunity of having me offer it to her.

"Hi, how was the party?" chirped Vicky as she broke the improper bargain I had just made.

Wanting anything to draw my attention away from the deal I just made I turned towards Vicky and gaped at the swell of her breasts. She had assumed the serving pose she taught me. Dressed in a sexy parody of a referee consisting of a snug white and black striped shirt and black shorts instead of her usual orange and white uniform. I had the consciously will myself to lift my gaze to her face, her large smile evidence she knew I was focused on her two mounds.

"It was very good, I made $2,000 and Alice made a new friend," responded Nicole.

"Oh really," replied Vicky. "Well I hope that does not take time away from me."

"She is too infatuated with your breasts to ever let that happen," laughed Nicole.

Blushing I could only turn my head down bringing my stare to Vicky's toned legs.

"I'm glad to hear that because I need to borrow Alice for a wedding," responded Vicky in a serious tone

"A wedding! Wow that is the strangest proposal I have ever heard." joked Nicole.

"Well as appealing as that would be it is not ours," continued Vicky, now standing up and rubbing her hand across her chest. "My ex-boyfriend is getting married to a real bitch and she only allows him to remain friends with me because she thinks I'm a lesbian so a need a girl. Can I please borrow your little lover here for my date?"

"Now that sounds delicious," purred Nicole. "I tell you what, I will let you have her on two conditions. One; I get to choose your dresses. And two; We do a little photo shoot tonight with you in your referee costume and Alice in her cheer uniform.

"Cheer costume," inquired Vicky.

"Alice, why don't you take off your coat and show Vicky what she gets to play with," order Nicole.

Reaching for the front of my coat I slowly untied the sash to expose my costume.

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