tagLesbian SexWith Strings Attached Ch. 20

With Strings Attached Ch. 20



"Come my little niece," giggled Annette as she took hold of Alice's hand and guided her towards the office door.

As their heels clicked against the walkway Alice began to feel nervous and for once in a long time it was not because of how she was dressed. Today was 'Bring Your Daughter to Work Day' and Nicole requested she ask Annette to take her to her office; An offer Annette graciously accepted. So here they were, walking towards Annette's office building dressed in office attire. Annette in a figure-hugging mid-thigh gray dress and matching gray fitted blazer and Alice in a black form fitting black mini skirt, meeting the requirements of Nicole's pinkie rule, and a light blue long sleeved blouse.

On the outside they both looked like your average professional women, if a bit on the sexy side. However, Alice was not entering an office building for her first time so innocently. She was doing it pretending to be the niece of the older woman she was having a sexual relationship with. The three inch heels they both wore, while high, would still be considered acceptable. The stockings and garters probably less so, and the fact that Alice's would be visible when she sat down definitely would be crossing the line. Lastly, at Annette's insistence, they each wore latex bras and panties, Annette's with a zipper over her crotch and Alice's, the first she wore since putting on Annette's used latex panties during the birthday party, with a built in plug and dildo filling her cavities.

The appendages were highly distracting and caused Alice to move with a sexy gant that sent shivers through her body. The anal plug in particular was very devious, narrow and smooth with a teardrop ball at the end, it twisted with every step and when she clenched her ass it was driven deeper adding extra stimulation only to retreat by the force of the latex. The panties were diabolical in that they provided just enough stimulation to cause arousal but nowhere near enough to take her over the edge.

"Come on sweetie," announced Annette as she brushed her hand over Alice's ass to turn her to a group of elevators. "Our activities this morning made us a little late."

'Our activities made us late,' thought Alice. She was waiting at her front door like some lovesick teenager. She could not get so much as a hello in before Annette pushed her against the wall and kissed her. She even pushed Alice to her knees and made her orally pleasure her right then and there. The end result was that they were heading into Annette's office just before 10:00.

As they walked across the office floor Alice kept her eyes down, not wanting to make contact with anyone, and trying to keep the arousal from from the dildo and plug in check. Stopping before a desk Alice lifted her gaze to see a smiling young woman.

"Alice, I would like to introduce you to my secretary Lisa," announced Annette. "Lisa, this is my niece Alice."

"My don't you make the cute office professional," responded Lisa as she stood up and pulled down the hem of her skirt before reaching out her hand. Lisa was slightly taller than Alice with shoulder length blonde hair, but it was noticeable she was a natural brunette. And while a little on the heavy side it did give her a very nice hourglass figure. She was dressed in stockings and a tight black skirt that ended a few inches above her knees showing off her shapely legs and hips. Her pink blouse followed the curve of her waist and hugged her large supple breasts. With the top two buttons undone Alice could not help but focus on the creamy white mounds peeking out of the V of her shirt and held in place by the light pink satin bra.

Regaining her senses Alice looked to Lisa's eyes. "Yes, thank you," she replied taking Lisa's hand hoping her observation was not noticed, "and so do you."

Lisa, just smiled, but it was a knowing smile. Alice blushed knowing she was busted. Ever since Nicole had forced her to develop the habit of scoping out every woman she met Alice felt ashamed of herself for doing it. She was not some horny lesbian on the prowl and was embarrassed every time she was caught looking. Breaking the awkward moment Annette led Alice into her office. Alice could feel Lisa watching her and worrying that the tops of her stockings peaked out with every step she took. After being caught doing the same Alice felt she had no right to feel it could not be done to her.

Closing the door Annette wrapped her arms around Alice drawing her in. "Are you thinking of hitting on my secretary," whispered Annette as she kissed Alice right there in her office. It was a short kiss but a kiss full of passion.

"What! No," respond Alice as she leaned back as far as she could in Annette's grasp.

"It's ok," replied Annette with a giggle, "She is young and pretty and has great tits. But she's straight so don't get your hopes up."

The statement hit Alice like a slap in the face. She was a heterosexual girl herself, but that didn't keep her from being in the arms of a much older woman. Ever since she was introduced to Nicole and blackmailed by Susan to be her lover and slave being a hetersexual didn't matter. Now if she wanted to keep the pictures Nicole had taken of her private and keep her parents out of jail she had no choice but play along with Nicole's perverted fantasies.

"Oh sweetie, I'm sorry", stated Annette pulling Alice in for a hug. "I didn't mean to crush your excitement. But you know what, Lisa just went through a pretty bad breakup and she may just be receptive to a change. Besides she's twenty so she might just be interested in a pretty thing like you."

Alice's eyes snapped open. Annette misread her facial expression to believe she was hurt finding out Lisa was straight and not her self pity for having to date women herself. "I'm not interested in Lisa! I mean yes she is pretty but I want to be with you," stated Alice not wanting yet another woman in her life.

Annette smiled as she moved in for another kiss. Alice's lips yielded to her tongue as Annette once again explored the inside of her mouth. Annette's possessive hands exploring her body. One moving to cup Alice's latex covered breast and the other sliding over the contours of her hip, Annette's fingers spreading out as they moved over her ass before giving it a hard squeeze. The odd angle caused Alice to fall back into the wall, a deep thud echoing in the room. Annette started to giggle. With their lips still pressed together Alice started to do the same. Alice always laughed when anyone else did, being pinned to a wall by an aggressive woman made no difference, if anything it helped take her mind off what was happening.

Breaking the kiss Annette took a step back and removed her jacket. "I'm glad you want to be with me, and as much as I enjoy being with you it's healthy for you to be with women your own age. Besides I'm interested in knowing if Lisa is open to women."

Being a little late Alice sat on the couch in the corner of the office as Annette caught up on her work. The office was nice with a large window looking out at the building across the street with a large desk in the middle with two chairs in front. The wall to the main floor was glass and Alice could she Lisa sitting at her desk, her back to them with her round ass pressed into the hole in the back of her chair. A very spankable ass in Nicole's words thought Alice. As she stared, Alice could not help falling back into her habit of appraising women and wondered if Lisa would be interested in a relationship with a woman.


Laughing with Beth, one of her fellow real estate agents, Janet turned towards the door when she heard the chime. Her eyes widening in panic when she saw April.

"Mom," called April as she stepped over the threshold.

The statement surprised Janet as the young woman she was having an affair with walked towards her. Technically, April was one of the women she was having an affair with. A red head like herself, the two of them started acting like mother and daughter for some kinky fun, allowing them to be seen in public without drawing attention to their fling. It was a secret out in the open for everyone to see but unknown to all but them. Now that open secret was being played out with people who knew her.

This whole thing started when she first walked in on her real daughter, Alice, and her girlfriend Nicole. She was immediately drawn in by the beautiful and confident young women, reminding her of her own lesbian tryst when she was eighteen and entering college. Donna was her roommate and quickly seduced her into a submissive lesbian relationship. It was only at graduation and her fear of Donna's future plans that scared her away and into the arms of her husband Peter. Nicole brought that longing back, seducing her into a lesbian affair.

Nicole had her bring another woman into her marriage and convince her husband and his now mistress that she was a cuckqueen, a woman who gets sexual pleasure watching her spouse be with another woman. Giving in to her desires she even forsakened her marriage vows to Peter and replaced them with a vow of obedience to Nicole, mentially her new spouse. It was Nicole who introduced her to April and requested she start the affair. The idea of them playing mother and daughter made the fact that she was in a sexual relationship with her real daughters girlfriend easier to swallow.

"Mom? Don't tell me this is little Alice," injected Beth during Janet's silent stupor. "You have not been here since you were in eighth grade and just look at you. The last time we saw you, you were this little shy flower with long hair and braces. You have really turned into a lovely young woman."

"Thank you, I took after my mom," responded April winking at Janet.

Janet still couldn't speak as she stared at the sexy pose April took after her statement. The black off the shoulder top clung to her like a second skin and highlighted her ample chest. The short burgundy skirt fit tightly over her hips before ending in a flare displaying her long bare legs.

"Since it's 'Bring Your Daughter to Work Day and I had the day off from school I felt I should at least visit my mother for lunch," explained April.

"How nice," cooed Beth as she continued to control the conversation. "Janet you are so lucky to have a daughter who enjoys your company. Amanda, come meet Janet's daughter Alice."

"So this is sweet little Alice," purred Amanda as she strutted across the room. "Funny, from the picture on your mother's desk I thought you were younger."

The last statement pulled Janet out of her mental stupor. Like herself, Amanda knew sex sells but being 24 Amanda had youth on her side and Amanda never let her forget it. "Please," laughed Janet, "I'm in my sexual prime and happier than I have been in a long time. Besides I think Alice looks much better now than she did in the picture."

"Then I think it's time for an upgrade," proclaimed Amanda with a mischievous grin.

Janet's eyes followed Amanda as she sauntered over to get the camera used to take pictures of new listings. Historically Janet had been resentful of the young realtor. A former college cheerleader, Amanda was in very good shape, her sandy blonde hair and sun-kissed skin gave her the look of a California beach girl that left many of her male clients mouths agape. Hints of her sexy body were shown off by her pant suit which clung to her perfect hips and ass as she walked away. But now that Janet was sexually involved with two young women Janet now looked at her nemesis' beauty with more lust than envy.

Janet returned Amanda's grin as she turned with the camera in hand. She reminded Janet of a wild animal stalking its prey, tormenting her victim for fun. Completely unaware she was now a part in the game Janet and April were playing. Amanda may be a young cat testing her claws but Janet was a mature cougar and women like Amanda were now her prey.

"Alice get by your mother and lets update that photo," directed Amanda.

Not wanting to let Amanda think she had the advantage Janet rolled her chair away from her desk and reached for April. Pulling her down, April dropped into her lap with her feet sliding into the air as they both laughed.

Seizing the moment Amanda took the rather playful, and somewhat inappropriate, photo of the mother and daughter. From her angle she got a fair amount of cleavage from both woman. Also with April's feet kicking high into the air she was also showing a fair amount of leg and came very close to flashing her underwear.

"Perfect," smirked Amanda. "Why don't the two of you go to lunch and I will print this out."


"So do you have a girlfriend," inquired Lisa.

Alice turned to Lisa with the look of shock on her face. Was her staring that obvious?

"Your aunt mentioned it when she told me about you," giggled Lisa. Besides I saw you looking at my chest.

"I'm so sorry," stated Alice nervously. "I didn't mean to embarrass or upset you. It's just..."

"Hey it's ok," interrupted Lisa placing her hand on Alice's shoulder. "About half of the boys I have met since puberty probably don't know what my face looks like."

"Well you have a very beautiful face too," responded Alice hoping to make her feel better.

"So are you saying I have a beautiful face aaannnddd breasts," laughed Lisa as she pushed out her luscious mounds and flicked her hair.

"What! No! I mean yes they're fantastic but I meant you are beautiful not just your breasts," babbled Alice as she felt she was just digging herself deeper into a hole. Why did Annette insist she sit out with Lisa.

"Relax," interrupted Lisa saving Alice from herself. "I'm flattered that someone as beautiful as you thinks I'm pretty. I would really like it if more people would see me and not just a set of boobs. There are times I wish my breasts were smaller as they can get in my way. It's just like they say 'the grass always looks green on the other side of the fence'. Besides they are so sensitive."

"Oh I can relate to that," added Alice before she realized she admitted her breasts were sensitive to a woman she hardly knew.

"So we have two things in common," purred Lisa.

"Two things," inquired Alice.

"Yes, we both have sensitive breasts and we each think the other is beautiful," smiled Lisa. "So you have not answered my original question, do you have a girlfriend?"

Alice looked down as she slid her hands over her skirt nervously bringing Lisa's attention to her exposed stocking tops. Forced or not, Nicole was technically her girlfriend and she was having 'affairs' with April and Annette as well as regular sex with Vicky, Jacklyn, Katie and seemingly countless other women. However as far as Annette was concerned she was not seeing anyone the only possible answer she could give was no, however she really wanted to say she was not a lesbian. "Well it's kind of complicated, I'm not really dating any one girl," respond Alice.

"Well then it now looks like we have four things in common," stated Lisa is a confidant tone.

"Four?" Inquired Alice nervously, already uncomfortable with the way the conversation was going. She had enough drama in her life with Nicole, her girlfriend and dom, April a stripper who was pretending to be her sister and mistress, and Annette a MILF she just started a kinky latex and costumed sexual relationship with. Now Annette's secretary, who thought she was Annette's niece was coming on to her. She did not want to fall into another relationship and with Nicole being a secret to both Annette and Lisa she was going to make sure she didn't.

"Yes, we are both single and," purred Lisa as she reached for Alice's hand pulling up the sleeve revealing a rope mark, "and we are both into self bondage."

"What! No!," stuttered Alice, her mission of ensuring Lisa knew she was not interested completely forgotten. I didn't tie myself up."

At least that part was true. When her mother, Janet, happen to mention that she had the most sensitive taste buds of anyone she had ever met Nicole was intrigued. Her mother's proud boasting that Alice was able to taste the difference in minor changes to recipes reminded Nicole of Alice's comment that everyone tasted different. With this new tidbit Nicole set out to see if Alice was truly capable of differentiating women by taste alone. For the last several weeks Nicole had been placing little bowls of cum in front of Alice. Alice would taste each one and state who she thought produced it. As an incentive Susan threatened to start releasing an explicit photo of her if she did not get 100% by the end of the month.

Yesterday Nicole changed it up. Wearing high heels and black stockings, that ended just below the hem of her little black dress, Alice walked into the sun room of Nicole's house as Nicole filmed her approach. The small bistro table in the center of the room was covered with a fine white table cloth. In the center of the table was a silver plated five light French baroque candelabra. Standing to the left of the table was Jacklyn wearing a pair of leather riding boots, white junipers and a red riding coat, to the right waiting to seat her was Kathy wearing a very sexy french maids uniform. Smoothing out the back of her skirt Alice sat in the chair and allowed Kathy to assist pushing her to the table. Reaching back she crossed her arms behind the chair as Jacklyn proceeded to tie her hands. Like usual Jacklyn tied them very tight causing Alice to grunt. Once complete Alice twisted her hands in the hope of forcing some circulation. Before her, Alice could see several exquisite crystal bowls with a silver spoon next to each before feeling the blindfold covering her face and placing her world into darkness.

"Tonight puppet," proclaimed Nicole, "will be your final test. Before you are nine samples of female cum. Your objective is to correctly match each to the woman who provided it. Correctly match them all and you will be bestowed the designation of a greatest lover of woman. Maid, please present Alice with the first sample."

Closing her mouth once she felt the spoon Alice let it slide out leaving its erotic cargo to coat her tongue. "Vicky," proclaimed Alice after tasting the sticky sweet liquid. The test continued with Kathy, Nicole, April and Jaclyn being identified.

"Now who is that," inquired Nicole as Alice moved the next sample around her mouth.

"Myself," stated Alice embarrassed to state on film she could identify her own cum.

"And what of sample seven," continued Nicole.

"Madam X", responded Alice. When she first started this training and Nicole introduced this sample to her Alice thought it was her own cum watered down, a little less sweet and sugary but similar. Completely unaware that Nicole was feeding her samples from her own mother.

"Very good puppet," stated Nicole, "only two samples left."

As Alice tasted sample eight she was a little confused and it showed on her face. If she had not answered Katie earlier she would have guessed her as it matched her texture and flavor with just a hit of extra spices. "Kathy," answered Alice nervously.

"Did it taste like sample two, puppet," inquired Nicole.

"Yes and no," replied Alice. It tastes just like Kathy, but a little spicier.

Alice heard a few muffled gasps around the room to her response. "Very good puppet," stated Nicole with pride in her voice. "It was Kathy's cum after Jaclyn forced her to eat some very spicy Mexican last night. Now for the final one."

Opening her mouth Alice accepted the final sample. However as she moved it over her tongue she could not remember tasting anyone similar. "May I have another taste," asked Alice.

"Of course puppet," answered Nicole. "You may have as much cum as you like."

Taking the second spoonful did not help. It did not match any of the cheerleaders Alice was forced to pleasure at the birthday party and she hoped it was not from one of the girls she went down on before she starting to learn each woman's taste.

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