tagIncest/TabooWith the Kids

With the Kids


“Fuck me,” was what I heard as I came around the corner.

“Fuck me harder.”

I stopped and I could feel my heart starting to pound in my chest.

“Oh, yes, fuck me.”

I wanted to look but something was holding me back. I wanted to see who was in the room but at the same time, I was afraid of what I might see.

“Oh yes, yes, yes.”

The voice was louder and more breathless.

“I’m coming,” the second person yelled. “Your ass is mine and I’m coming inside you now.”

“Yes, yes, yes.”

A loud grunt. A louder groan. A deep sigh and deeper “Yes.” Silence.

“Your cock is so big, I thought you were going to split me wide open.”

I knew that voice.

“Feeling your come deep inside me was so hot.”

“I’ve wanted you for so long,” the second voice said.

I knew that voice too. It was my son and the first voice was my wife. My son was fucking his mother. Was I dreaming?

“You have to fuck me again,” my wife said, her breathing raspy and shallow. “I want to feel your huge cock inside me again, filling me with your hot come.”

“What if Dad comes home?” my son quietly said.

“He won’t be home for a while yet. We have time. Come on, baby, fuck me with your hard cock.”

“Oh mom,” my son said. “I’ll fuck you whenever you want but I’m afraid of Dad finding out.”

“I’ll take care of your Dad, don’t you worry your sweet little head about it. Now, put that long pole inside me and fuck me, like you’ve never fucked me before. Do it, make me come again.”

“Yes, deeper. Oh yes, that’s it. Stick it in as far as it will go. Oh that feels so good.”

“Oh God, you’re so tight.”

“Yes, yes, yes.”

I couldn’t stand and listen any longer. I took a step towards the door and looked into the room. My heart was pounding faster in my chest. I wanted to see them together.

His back was to the door. All I could see was his ass clenching every time he thrust into his mother. Every time he did, she yelled at him. She was on her knees, her head turned, her eyes closed as my son pumped his hard cock in and out of her. They were both breathing heavily and I could see the sweat on his back, rolling down to his crack.

“Oh yes, I’m coming again.”

I watched his ass clench once more and then he grunted loudly as he came inside her.

“Yes baby, fill me up. Fill me with your hot come. I’m coming!”

He grunted again as she pushed back against him, trying to milk his cock. He held himself against her ass cheeks, emptying himself into her. He pulled his cock out of her ass and I could see the strands of come, beading and spurting on her back, running down her towards her head. He spew again and again, a white mass, hurtling out of his cock and landing on her, splashing against her skin.

He threw his head back, his eyes shut, his brow furrowed as he finished. His cock softened and the last of his come, clung to the head of his cock. He stepped back and with shaking legs, grabbed her waist, steadying himself.

“Oh mom, that was the best yet,” he said quietly.

‘Yes, darling, it was,” she said, starting to get up from her kneeing position. “We have to clean up now. Your father will be home soon.”

I quickly stepped back. They hadn’t seen me or heard me. I wanted it to be that way. Quickly and quietly, I returned to the den. Moments later, I heard her coming down the hall.

“Oh honey, you’re home,” she said, smiling at me. “I didn’t hear you come in.”

“I just got here,” I lied.

She had her dressing gown on, wrapped hurriedly around her.

“I’m going to take a quick shower,” she said, leaving me alone again. “I won’t be long.”

“Take your time,’ I called after her disappearing figure.

I slumped down in the chair. My wife had finally had her way. She had long talked about fucking our son and now she was doing it and from the sounds of it, had been for a long time. I remember the night she had brought it up and can still see the look on her face.

Her face was aglow and her eyes danced as she spoke.

“Darling, I have always been faithful to you. I admit that I have lusted after some men but only in my thoughts but now I have to tell you, our son is getting to be a man and I think we should educate him properly in the ways of the world.”
“Oh, and what ways are those?”
“We need to stimulate him in all ways, mentally, physically and sexually.”

“I can understand the first two but the third could be a problem.”

“I don’t think so. You can have a talk to him as father and son and I can have the same conversation with JB, if you like. After all, it is the duty of parents to make sure their children are ready for the day they go out on their own to face the world.”

“I agree but I don’t think that the kids, at their age, need much coaching about sex, after all, they are both finished school and have jobs. They are getting an education while they’re working. I’m sure they’ve had their own experiences with sex.”

“Maybe, but I think we should be absolutely sure they know all there is to know about sex and its ramifications.”

“What can I say. You seem to have this all planned out, don’t you?”

“Well, I have been thinking about it for a while and I think it’s time to talk to them. Do you want to do it together or one on one?”

“Together is probably the better way to get through to them but I’m a little afraid of their reactions.”

“Don’t worry. Leave it all to me.”

I did and we had our talk with the kids later that week. They seemed bemused by it all and my wife got a little upset but we got through it. I thought that that was the end of it but little did I know, my wife was still educating the kids, behind my back and obviously, enjoying it immensely.

The next day, again, I came home a little earlier than was normal. As I walked towards the den, I heard voices.

“That’s it darling, lick my clit. Stick your tongue as deep inside me as you can. Make me come all over your tongue.”

It was my wife. I stopped and listened.

“Oh yes, that’s it. Stick it in me. Lick me. Make me come.” “Yes, yes, yes.”

“Oh yes, I’m coming. YES!”

I waited. After a short time, she spoke again.

“Come on darling, open your legs further. I want to taste you and lick and suck your clit. I want to stick my tongue deep inside you and lick your insides. I want to feel your juices on my tongue. Hurry.”

Who was she with? I had to look. Stepping quietly to the door, I looked in. JB was sitting on the desk, holding her legs far apart and my wife was eating her cunt. JB had her head back and her eyes closed. She was holding my wife’s head against her groin as I could hear my wife slurping at her cunt.

“Oh God mother, that feels so good.”

“Oh yes, I’m coming. Make me come on your tongue. Suck up all my juices. I’m coming.”

She gripped her mother’s head tighter and pushed it against herself as she came. My wife happily licked and sucked on her cunt, lapping up the young juices as if she never had before, tasted such a delight.

I had seen enough. I retreated to the kitchen. I had just sat down when Tim came in the door.

“Hi, Dad.”

“Hi, son.”

When I looked at him I couldn’t help but look at his groin, thinking about the other day when I watched him fuck his mother.

“How was your day?”

“Ok. Yours?”

“Not bad. Need to have a shower though. It’s pretty hot out there.”

“I think you have time before dinner, go ahead.”

As I watched him leave the room, I could see in my mind his ass clenching as he plunged his hard cock into his mother, over and over again. I suddenly realized, my cock was getting hard. I smiled to myself and my mind wandered back to watching my wife eat JB’s cunt. My cock got harder and was straining against my pants. I could see JB’s juices running down her slit and hear my wife’s slurping noises as she sucked them into her mouth.

“Hi dear.”

I jumped as my wife came into the kitchen.

“Whoa. I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to scare you.”

I looked at her and smiled.

“It’s ok. I was just thinking about something. My mind was a million miles away, that’s all.”

“You sure were. You ok?”

“Yeah. I’m ok.”

She busied herself making dinner and I wandered out into the living room. After a few minutes, she came out and joined me.

“I think we have to talk,” I said.

“What about?”

“Well. Lets leave it until later, after dinner.”


Getting through dinner was tough. Watching the other three go on as if nothing was happening was hard but I managed. Finally, after dinner was finished and the clean up was done, my wife and I sat down and started to talk.

“I got to tell you, honey. I’m a little disappointed.”
“What about,” she answered.

“Well, remember the other night we talked to the kids. I thought it was done but obviously, I was wrong. I know what’s going on. I saw you with both the kids.”
Her face reddened.

“I watched Tim fuck you yesterday and saw you eat JB out today.”

She didn’t say anything.

“Don’t you have anything to say?”

She slowly looked at me.

“When we had our talk with the kids the other day, I got a little pissed off at them because they seemed to think it was funny that we would have such a talk with them. I got madder the more I thought about it. I decided to have a talk with both of them individually about it and one thing led to another. As I talked to Tim, I could see him getting hard and I knew I had to have him. I couldn’t sit there and look at him and not wonder what it would be like to have his cock deep inside my cunt. I wanted him more than anything, at that instant. Yes, he fucked me and yes I enjoyed it.”

“What about JB?”

“I found her in her room, completely naked and when I looked at her, I wanted to taste her. She didn’t stop me, or even try to. I knew then and there that I needed her. I wanted to taste her juices and I needed my tongue to be up her cunt, licking and sucking on her clit. I needed to make her come and feel her come on my tongue. I loved it and had to have her eat me too.”

I didn’t say anything but watched my wife. She was getting excited, just talking about it.

“I never thought it would end up this way but I feel closer to them and I want to be with them whenever I can. I need Tim’s cock and JB’s tongue.”

“What about me?” “I need you too but I need you to understand that I also need the kids.”

“Well, where do we go from here?”

“I don’t know.”

Silence enveloped the room. I was watching my wife’s face get redder and redder and could tell she was excited, just by the way she was squirming in her seat. I knew something had to be said but I was surprised that it was me who said it first.

“Ok. You want to fuck the kids. At least, let me watch or even join in, next time.”

She looked up at me and grinned brightly.

“Oh honey. I was hoping you would say that.”

There is was. Out in the open. My wife had led me down a path that I had never thought about before but now it was getting me excited too. My cock was getting hard in my pants as I pictured, in my mind, the sight of Tim and JB, naked, with my wife and I fucking with them.

Over the next few days, nothing happened. We seemed to be circling each other, no one wanting to make the first move. Finally, my wife broke the deadlock. I came home and found her in the den with JB, eating her cunt. Instead of stopping to listen this time, I walked right into the room.

“Mind if I join in?”

The two women jumped at the sound of my voice but didn’t stop. I walked over to them, taking my clothes off as I did. I moved in front of JB and pointed my hard cock at her. She looked up into my eyes, smiled slightly and then reached out, pulling me to her, taking my hard cock into her mouth, noisily sucking on it. I held her head in place and slowly started fucking her mouth, thrusting my cock in and out in slow movements, reveling in the feeling of her young tongue swirling around it. She was groaning softly into my cock, her mother tonguing her clit harder and harder. She groaned loudly as she felt my cock twitch and my hot come, spurt out into her. She swallowed as fast as she could and licked my cock clean as I withdrew it from her.

My legs were shaking so much that I had to sit down or I’d fall. I watched her mother bring her to a thunderous climax, the two of them yelling and screaming at each other, as they came. After settling down a little, JB looked over at me.

“Oh Daddy, you don’t know how long I’ve wanted to taste your cock. I’ve needed you to come in my mouth so much, I never thought it would ever happen. It was so wonderful.”

MY wife just smiled at me.

“See darling, they need you too.”

I moved over to the two of them and wrapped my arms around them both. They snuggled into me and I held them against me, feeling their bodies against my skin.

“Daddy, I need more than just to have you come in my mouth,” JB started. “I want you to fuck me too. I want to feel your hard cock inside me, filling me with your hot come and making me come.”

“Well honey,” I started, “I’m not as young as I used to be so it will take a little time for me to recover.”

“That’s ok. I can wait.”

“Maybe we can help you a little,” my wife giggled as she reached for my cock. “Come on JB, let’s help your father.”

They both reached out and held me in their hands, slowly rubbing up and down the length of my cock. I felt it starting to rise as they tongued it and licked and sucked it in and out of their mouths, each taking a turn.

“I think he’s ready JB. Go for it,” my wife said.

JB moved up my body, straddling me as she did until she was hovering over my hard cock which was sticking straight up in the air. She slowly lowered herself onto me and let me thrust up into her fully.

“Oh, Daddy. You feel so good,” she yelled as she started to bounce up and down on my cock. “Yes, fuck me. Fill me up with your hard cock.” I thrust up against her as she came down on my cock and soon felt my cock starting to twitch and my balls contract. I couldn’t hold out for very long as I started coming inside her.

“Oh yes, that’s it. Fill me with your hot come. You’re making me come,” she yelled when she felt my cock spurt my come up into her cunt. “Yes, yes, yes.”

I groaned as I came and my wife moved up to tongue JB as she came too. The two women continued after I withdrew and I watched my wife eat JB, noisily sucking my come out of her. They both came with loud yells and frantic suddenness.

“Oh god. That was wonderful,” JB said after catching her breath. “I never had a cock feel so good inside me before.”

She turned and smiled at us and I couldn’t help but think that I had never had such a tight young cunt fuck me like she had just done. I held her in my arms and talked softly to her, assuring her that I had enjoyed it as much as she had.

Later on that night, as my wife and I sat in bed, Tim came in.

“Hi honey,” my wife said. “Is there anything wrong?”

“No,” he said with a sheepish grin. “I have just been talking to JB and she told me about this afternoon. I’m feeling a little left out.”

My wife laughed and held out her arms to him. He came over and nestled into them, resting his head against her naked breast.

“Poor darling,” she said. “We can’t have you feeling that way, after all, we’re here for you.”

“Yes son, we don’t want you to feel left out. Here, get into bed with us.”

Tim rolled between us and I could see his cock was hard and it stuck out against his towel he had around his waist. He nestled against my wife and started to suck her breast softly. She moaned at the touch of his tongue and held his head against her. I reached out and slowly pulled the towel off him, revealing his hard cock. It was huge. A lot bigger than mine and for a moment, I was jealous.

“Your mother needs your cock inside her, Tim,” I said to him, moving over a little so he could get out from between us. “She needs you to fuck her now.”

He looked at my wife and she smiled.

“Yes, I need your cock in me, Tim. I need you to fuck me and make me come. Fill me up with your cock, son. Fuck me.”

Tim moved between her raised legs and plunged into her in one thrust, filling her completely with his manhood. She groaned loudly as he entered her and raised her legs higher, letting him fuck her in steady thrusts. He was going faster and faster and it was making my wife yell louder every time he thrust fully into her.

“Oh yes. Fuck me Tim. Fuck me harder. Fill me up. Make me come.”

“Oh fuck, that feels so good.”

I watched them for a few minutes and the moved up to straddle my wife’s head, pointing my hard cock at her mouth. She instantly opened her lips and let me slide my hard cock between them, filling her mouth with hard cock. I let her suck on me as Tim pounded in and out of her cunt. She was getting fucked in two holes at the same time and she was delirious with the feelings she was having, as two hard cocks fucked her. Tim grunted loudly and started to come inside her. She groaned around my cock as I let her continue sucking on me while Tim filled her cunt with his hot come. I heard him withdraw his cock from her and she pulled me out of her mouth.

“I need your cock too,” she said, breathing hard. ‘I need you to fuck me too.”

I quickly moved down her body and plunged into her, feeling her wetness envelop my cock as I thrust as fast and as hard as I could, in and out of her. She was writhing and squirming under me, urging me to fuck her harder.

“Fuck me. I want your come inside me too. I need your come inside me. Make me come.”

She yelled as I came inside her, spurting my come up into her, mixing it with Tim’s.

“That’s it. Fill me up.”

I came over and over again, spewing my come into her and with every spurt, she yelled that she was coming. I finally finished and withdrew from her, my come and Tim’s running down her crack, pooling on the sheet beneath her. She rolled and groaned as she finished coming and then, panting looked over at the two of us.

“You ok?” I asked.

“Oh yes. I’ve never felt better,” she said smiling at us. “Having you both fuck me was the most wonderful thing that’s ever had happened to me. Your cocks were so hard and they felt so good inside me. I only wish you could do it again, right now. I want your cocks again.”

All I could do was smile. I looked over at Tim and he had a huge grin on his face too.

“Maybe, in a little while,” he said. “I think I need some time to get hard again but as soon as I do, you’ll, certainly, be the first to know.”

We all laughed and hugged each other.

Over the next few days, we all engaged in making love to each other. Tim and I fucked both of the girls, once JB took us both on and we fucked her in two holes at the same time, Tim in her cunt and me in her ass. My wife wanted us to do that to her but we couldn’t but I’m sure that we will and soon. We settled into a routine of fucking after dinner and with the weekend coming up, who knows what we’ll do. It is something to look forward to, though.

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