tagLoving Wives"With This Ring...."

"With This Ring...."


My wife is a slut....

....an insatiable, cock sucking, cum loving, pussy eating, ass licking, piss drinking whore who will eagerly and happily spread her legs at the drop of a hat to suck and fuck anyone and everyone and anything in every possible combination you can imagine and probably a few that haven't occurred to you yet....

...and I fucking love it!

Maybe I should back up a little and explain.

My name is David.

Everything about my relationship with Dede is shall we say...unusual...or at least completely different...from what I was used to in the past. Up until I met her, I was your typical middle aged small accounting firm owner.

That's changed big time.

Yeah, even first meeting her was off the charts.

It was at a party in the home of my oldest and biggest client. I wasn't really much in a party mood, having been recently divorced after years of an increasingly sexless twenty eight year marriage, but he insisted and there was the opportunity to mingle and possibly develop some future business.

After a few drinks, maybe one or two too many, I went looking for a restroom and almost immediately became disoriented in the large, sprawling house. My first guess at a closed door opened into a closet. The next was some sort of library or office.

I stopped short with the doorknob still in my hand as I pulled it open.

A naked young woman lay on the desk with her legs up over some guy's shoulders. His trousers were down around his ankles as he rammed his dick into her hard and fast. As I stood their dumbfounded, she looked over at me and smiled. I just looked on from the doorway for a moment with my mouth wide open until she beckoned me to come closer.

I was so surprised I just walked over to them without thinking. As soon as I was within reach, her hand shot out and cupped my cock and balls through my pants, pulling me close enough with one hand that she could reach my zipper with the other. In a matter of seconds she had my stiffening cock in her hand.

With another tug, I stood close enough she could wrap her lips around the head of my dick. The guy fucking her looked up at me with empty eyes, grunting and thrusting as his cum gushed into her pussy. I looked down at her pancaked tits flopping back and forth with each of his thrusts, my cock disappearing ever deeper into her throat.

When his orgasm ended, the guy dragged his glistening deflating dick out of her pussy, pulled his pants up from his ankles and hastily left the room with out a word. The remnants of his sperm seeped out of her slit through the thick thatch of her cunt hair to puddle on the desktop.

By then my cock was pretty hard and, not having cum in a while or had a blow job from my ex wife since before we were married, I was more than ready to shoot into her mouth. She realized I was close and held me deep in her throat by slipping her hand between my legs and pulling my ass. One fingertip poked against my tight asshole.

That was it. My sperm flooded into her mouth and, like the champ I later found her to be, she swallowed almost every drop. She sat up and smiled at me, wiping the last bit of my cum from her lips with the back of her hand.

"I...I didn't mean...I was...looking for...a bathroom," I stammer as she grinned devilishly.

"Right over here," she murmured, got off the desk and walked to a door in the far wall.

She opened the door and stepped back, motioning me to enter with her hand. I walked over toward the toilet then looked back over my shoulder as she stood watching me, droplets of the guy's cum trickling down the inside of her thighs.

"Uh, do you mind?" I asked, my bladder now so full it hurt.

"Oh don't mind me, I like to watch," she cooed, pulling the ring in her right nipple gently, "in fact I like a really, really close up view."

With that she walked over, sat on the toilet, licked the head of my cock and squeezed my balls.

"What...what are you...doing?" I asked incredulously.

"I want you to piss in my mouth," she said softly, "so I can swallow every drop like I did your cum."

"I...I can't...do that!" I exclaimed trying to back away but she had a tight grip on my dick.

"Sure you can...and I want you to do it," she continued, "or piss all over me, but that will make a real mess unless we go find a bathroom with a tub."

She pressed a couple of fingers against my belly, adding to the pressure on my already bloated bladder. I tried one more time to step back but she just squeezed my balls even harder.

When I couldn't hold out any longer, my piss started gushing into her mouth and down her throat. She swallowed a lot of it but even more dribbled out over her chin and down across her erect nipples.

As I looked on, she kept my dick in her mouth, looked up with a laugh in her eyes and began to piss herself, the yellow fluid spurting into the toilet in ragged streams after splashing off her jagged pussy lips and thick cunt hair. When she finished she looked up at me with her piercing green eyes.

"Oh, I'm sorry," she murmured with another impish smile, "did you want me to piss on you instead of wasting it in the toilet?"

"That's alright, I'll pass," I responded but more intrigued with the thought than I would have ever imagined.

She wiped herself off with a towel, including the sperm still leaking from her pussy, and threw the towel into a corner. Apparently she was used to having someone pick up after her.

I followed her back into the other room, admiring her taut low slung ass that swayed so invitingly as she walked. Her body was soft and curvy, with slightly sagging tits topped with dark brown aureoles and pierced nipples the size of my little finger.

Picking up a tight, sleeve like green dress from the floor, she slipped it over her head and adjusted the fit around her tits. When she smoothed the clinging fabric out over her hips, the hem barely covered her ass cheeks, let alone her pussy. Apparently she didn't have, or wasn't bothering with, any panties.

"You might want to pull up your fly," she giggled as she stepped toward the door.

Once out in the hall she hooked her arm in mine as we walked back toward the sounds of the party, the side of one tit tantalizingly brushing against my arm.

"My name is Dede, by the way, what's yours?" she asked coyly, reminding me that this young woman just sucked my dick and drank my piss and I didn't even know her name.

"David," I answered, not sure telling her my last name was a good idea.

"Nice to meet you, David," she responded, stopping and extending her hand to mine, "I do hope we get to know each other much better."

I took her hand in mine, shaking briefly with my eyes locked on the erect nipples pushing through the fabric of her dress.

"So do I."

"How old are you, David?" she inquired as we continued walking back to the party.

"Fifty three."

"Oh goodie, I just really love older men...much older men."

"Then how old are you?" I asked with some trepidation.

"Twenty...almost," she answered gleefully, "now let's go see who else Daddy invited tonight."

After that introduction, things got much wilder..and a whole lot kinkier.


A few days later, I was alone in my office going over resumes for some added help I planned to hire for the upcoming tax season. The chime indicating someone came in the front door went off and before I could even walk around my desk, Dede stood in the doorway.

She leaned against the frame, grinning in the most devilish way. I stopped short to gawk at her before I could say a word. She was wearing a powder blue tube top so tight her nipples protruded prominently through the fabric and her tits overflowed out the top and bottom. Her yellow skirt was so short her panties would certainly be clearly visible if she sat down.

She sat down.

I was both right and wrong.

She wasn't wearing any panties. The glistening pink gash of her gaping pussy lips peeked out clearly through her black pubic hair.

"I hope you don't mind, but I thought we might have lunch," she cooed, squirming in her seat such that one of her boobs almost slipped out of her top.

"I...I don't know what to say, I...wasn't...aah...expecting...you," I stuttered unable to drag my eyes from the cleft between her thighs.

"Yes would be good," she smiled, noticing my stares and spreading her legs just enough I thought I caught a glimpse of her pink hooded clit peeping out through her dark cunt hair, "I know this out of the way place that always has the most amazing selection of protein drinks."

I couldn't believe this young woman was coming on to me like that, someone more than thirty years her senior. I was flattered and remembered how eagerly she gave me a blow job before even learning my name. Besides, my dick was already half hard looking at her and I could always finish what I was doing later.

"Sure, why not," I said stepping towards her, extending my hand.

She stood and moved closer to me, taking that hand and placing it on her right tit while rubbing her other hand across the growing bulge in my pants.

"I promise, you're going to just love the place...especially the drinks," she murmured and squeezed the head of my throbbing dick before hooking her arm around my waist and leading me out toward the parking lot.

Naturally, her German sports car, with the top already down, was illegally parked in the fire lane in front of the office. When she climbed in, her skirt hitched up around her waist, leaving her hairy cunt completely uncovered. A silver ring buried in her pussy hair glinted in the light. She made no effort to cover herself and reached over to squeeze my cock again before turning on the engine.

"You're not going to drive around like that are you?" I asked, looking at her askance.

"Sure, why not?" she giggled and pulled out into the street.

"But...but...someone might see."

"So what if someone sees? Actually I kind of hope someone does. I like that idea."

We stopped at a light and she reached across to fondle my throbbing cock through my pants again. I was getting pretty hard even before she touched me and I'm sure a droplet of precum seeped into my boxers.

As the light was about to change, she pulled my hand down between her legs, spreading her thighs enough that I could feel the moist warm folds of her pussy slit. She groaned and wiggled her hips up against my hand, the tip of my finger finding her already dripping cunt hole.

"Mmm, I like that...a lot...so just stay there," she cooed before gunning the engine, "I sure hope you shoot as much cum in my pussy as you did down my throat the other day."

I had no idea what she had in mind but got even more aroused imagining my rigid dick exploding into her cunt.

We drove for about twenty minutes, heading into an industrial section of town with which I was not familiar. When I gave her a quizzical look she just smiled and squirmed against my hand still pressed on her pussy. She had gotten even wetter as we drove.

Finally we pulled into a dusty parking lot already occupied with a dozen or so cars next to a nondescript building that long ago saw better days. She took my hand when we got out of the car and led me to a battered door, the peeled painted sign announcing the name of the place as "Just For You", with smaller letters below that said "You Must Be 18 to Enter".

"What kind of place is this?" I asked incredulously as Dede pulled open the door.

"One of my favorites and if I am right about you, it will become one of yours as well," she murmured then walked in with me trailing behind.

The room inside was small and dingy, with just enough space for a couple of rows of shelves with a variety of sex toys. Dozens of DVDs lined the walls directly in front of them and to the left.

A man stood behind a display case just to the right of the door. He was the prototypical biker type, easily over six feet tall and heavy set. His head was totally bald, gleaming dimly in the overhead fluorescent lighting. A goatee fell down over his chin towards his neck and chest. Every visible area of his skin from his neck down under the open leather vest was covered with elaborate tattoos.

"Hi Al," Dede said gaily and started to walk around the counter.

"Hi sweetie, good to see you again," the man responded in a surprisingly soft voice then looked me over critically. "Friend of yours?"

"Yeah, I'm introducing him to my favorite drinks today," she answered lifting the tube top up so her tits swayed freely.

Al grinned and leaned back against the wall. I just stood watching in disbelief as he cupped both of her tits in his hands and thumbed her pierced nipples. Dede smiled up at him then dropped to her knees, quickly pulling down his zipper and fishing his flaccid cock out of his jeans.

He moved his hands to the back of her head as she slowly swallowed his surprisingly small dick without another word. Her head bobbed up and down and she fondled his balls, After a few moments, Al's back arched and he grunted his cum into Dede's mouth. She kept sucking him until he pulled back. His limp dick glistened with her spittle and his own sperm, a few drops of which seeped from the corner of her mouth to dribble down over her chin.

I just stood there stunned, my own dick stiffening as I watched her suck him to completion right there. Dede smacked her lips, wiped the dripping jism from her lips and chin with the back of her hand and glanced over at me with a devilish grin.

"Same deal as always?" she asked Al while stripping off her tube top and dropping her skirt to the floor, stuffing them in her purse and handing it to Al. "Hold this for me if you would."

"Sure sweetie, same as always for you," he grunted with a smile and nodded his head toward me, "and him too, just for you."

"You might want to leave your stuff with Al," she said to me with her most wicked grin.

"I...I don't think so!" I exclaimed, having no intention of removing my clothes.

"Suit yourself," she responded and turned back to Al. "How's the crowd?"

"A dozen or so, mostly older, just the kind you like, five or six in the theater, the rest in the halls and booths," he said fiddling with something behind the counter. "#4 is open for you now. What kind of videos do you want?"

"MMF bisexual, the raunchiest you have," she said with a laugh after a moments thought.

"You got it."

With that, Dede grabbed my hand and pulled me through an opening behind the counter that was covered with a thick black curtain. We entered a hallway so dimly lit it took me a few seconds for my eyes to adjust. I just stopped.

"What was that all about?" I asked incredulously, "I mean really, a blow job right out in the open like that!"

"Admission fee," she giggled and grabbed my stiffening cock through my pants, "and I see you don't seem to mind...not really."

I had to admit, I was turned on but still not entirely sure what I"d gotten myself into.

"When I was in high school, a...er...friend brought me here on a dare for the first time. Al checked my ID and threw me out, telling me I needed to be eighteen to enter. So, on my eighteenth birthday, I came back. He told me if I gave him a blow job I could do whatever I wanted in the place. Worked for me. I love sucking cock so that's our arrangement."

I just stared at her aghast. She pulled me a couple of steps down the hall to a doorway opening to our right. She pushed that curtain aside, revealing a room about ten feet deep and twenty wide. A large screen TV on the right wall played a porn video with some big titted woman being fucked from behind while she sucked another guy's cock. On the left wall, some really young looking guy was sucking a fat old man's dick.

The only light in the room came from the TV screens. There were a number of ratty looking couches and chairs scattered about, with a few men jerking off as they watched the videos. To one side, one guy was down between another's knees sucking his dick.

Dede leaned back against me, rubbing her bare ass against my now rigid dick. She took my hands and placed them on both of her tits, the erect nipples pressing firmly against my palms.

"I just love watching guys jerk off," she moaned, turning her head so her tongue darted into my ear, "almost as much as watching them stroke and suck and fuck each other."

One of the seated guys got up and stepped towards us, his thick hard dick not quite long enough to stick out past his protruding belly. Dede reached down and fondled that hard cock, her fingers wrapping around the fat mushroom head.

He groaned and Dede stroked him faster. In what seemed like only seconds, a stream of sticky cum shot on to her hand and her belly, with some catching in her cunt hair. He groaned and his legs seemed to wobble as his orgasm finished.

Dede smiled and turned around to face me, wiping her cum covered fingers over my lips. Without a thought, my tongue flicked out to taste the sticky jism of another man for the very first time in my life. As I sucked her fingers into my mouth, a half dozen old men stood around us stroking their cocks.

"Let's go to the booth," she cooed into my ear breathlessly.

She led the way down the hall, passing a few other booths, some with the doors open and men jerking off watching various kinds of porn. Most of the guys from the theater trailed behind us.

The booth was about the size of a walk in closet, maybe four by five feet, with a small TV playing on the wall facing the door. A single plastic chair was the only furnishing.

As soon as we entered, she turned and kissed me passionately, groping for my belt and zipper. I eagerly returned the kiss feeling my dick swell even before she pulled it out of my pants and gripped it tightly in her hand.

"Take off all your clothes," she instructed me standing back as she rubbed her fingers in her hairy pussy, "except your shoes...god knows what's on these floors."

I quickly stripped and hung my clothing on a hook on the back of the door. My rigid cock stood straight out from my belly as I turned back to her.

"So how'd you like the spunk?" she ask coyly, fingering her cum crusted pussy with one hand and sucking one of the fingers she used to jerk off the fat guy.

"I...I kind of...liked it," I stammered, admitting to her what I was barely able to admit to myself. "I've never done anything like this or been in a place like this before."

"What about that?" she grinned, nodding her head toward the TV screen where a guy and a girl were sucking a second guy's cock together, his creamy cum splashing on both their faces and tongues.

My stiff dick twitched as I looked at the screen, more turned on by what I saw than I would have ever imagined. Her broad smile acknowledged my arousal.

"Come over here," she instructed and stepped closer to the wall on one side of the both.

That's when I first noticed the hole, about three inches in diameter, at approximately waist level. Dede took the fingers out of her mouth and hooked one finger through the hole. A few seconds later a long thick cock popped through the opening.

I just stared in disbelief. Dede extended her hand to me, having me step closer as she dropped to her knees and flicked the purple head of that dick with her tongue. A low moan came through the thin walls as she wrapped her lips around the cock for a moment before looking up and turning to me.

"Want a taste?" she asked impishly, swirling her tongue over the unknown guy's dick.

"I...I can't...never...," I stuttered as she pulled me to my knees, my mouth just a few inches from the head of that throbbing dick.

"Sure you can...just like the video...he tastes really good," she murmured, her tongue lashing out to catch a string of precum that started to stretch to the floor.

My heartbeat was pounding in my ears as she reached up behind my head and gently pulled me closer to the rigid cock. When it was just an inch or so away, she reached up and turned the tip to brush across my lips. The salty, earthy taste, mixed with just a hint of urine, awakened something in me I never felt before.

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