tagNonHumanWithin Amie Ch. 03

Within Amie Ch. 03



Hi!!! This is the THIRD installment of WITHIN AMIE

I'm a part time English speaker so naturally, there would be grammar mistakes and confusing sentences here and there LOL so I'm sorry for that.

With love, Jayleen


Edmund looked at me questioningly. I refused to meet his gaze as I pretended to be occupied with trimming my mother's roses. I put each trimmed roses in a transparent clear vase carefully. My mother seemed to know what was going on between Robert and me but she didn't say anything, in fact she seemed to be smirking with glee. If I hadn't known any better, I'd say that she was trying to set me up with the human boy which was ridiculous. I knew my mother wouldn't have thought of such things.

Where did you go this afternoon? Edmund asked in my mind, I still refused to meet his gaze, Amie? He prompted again.

I didn't know what to say to him. Heck, I couldn't understand why I felt like I was betraying him. I guessed my conscience was gaining on me about my intense make-out session with Robert. "I went to the carnival," I said to him. He grabbed my hand and looked for signs my mother's presence, she had apparently left us alone in the living room.

"You've fulfilled your father's wish already," he whispered, "We should go home, just like what the Elders had told us before."

This time, I looked at him straight into his eyes, "Go home?"

He looked at me curiously, "Yes, you do know that we can't stay here for long, sooner or later, we'd fall ill,"

I sighed. There were so many reasons why I couldn't just get up and leave the mortal dimension. I couldn't possibly leave my mother so soon. I had just got here, why couldn't Edmund see that?

Hah! You don't want to leave Robert too, admit it Amie! My conscience screamed at me victoriously. I bit my lips, blocking my thoughts from resurfacing. I couldn't let Edmund knew the truth that I was feeling something special for a mere human boy.

I knew that the best thing to do would just pack up and leave before my feelings could grow but – but I looked at my mother who came into the living room with a big wooden spoon. She said something about dinner which was going to be ready soon and she asked Edmund to help her set the table. He looked at me but he didn't say anything as he stood up and followed my mother to the kitchen.

Bless my mother. She knew how stuck I was, – well, not exactly knowing but still, I had to be grateful at her nonetheless. I felt confused with myself, you would think that I would have enough sense to stop myself from engaging into a relationship that basically had no future? I mean, look at my parents! Sure, they were happily in love at first but they had no choice but to separate when my father and I had fallen gravely ill but the taste of the forbidden was so alluring.

Robert was alluring.

He exuded certain charms that made me continuously hooked.

My feelings set aside, I knew that I wanted to get to know him better. I took out a piece of paper from the pocket of my jeans and gazed at Robert's neat writing of his number. I bit my lips, knowing full well that I had minutes left to decide before Edmund would come back to the living room and question me again.

I stood up and went to the phone. I stared at the numbers on the phone hesitantly and then looked at the piece of paper. I crumpled it and put it back into my pocket, I had memorized the number already so there was no need to look at the paper anymore. I looked around me just to see if Edmund or my mother had returned from the kitchen. I gripped the phone hard and walked quickly to the armchair. Should I call? I wondered to myself. I really wanted to know what could progress from this appealing temptation.

Like a spell, my fingers started to punch the numbers and I held the phone to my ear. I could hear the ringing of the tone, waiting patiently and then, just at the last moment before my courage crumbled and I was about to end the line, a familiar voice answered the phone. "Um, Rob?" I asked timidly.

"Amelee?! Is that you? Wow, hey, I'm glad you called me," he said happily. My heart seemed to plunge in deeper into forbidden waters. "Where are you?"

I liked the feeling, so to speak.

"Yeah, um, I'm staying at Sarah's..." my voice trailed down as panic started to grip on my throat. I couldn't think of anything to say to him, I wanted to impress him with my usual witty bubbly attitude but somehow I couldn't do it in front of him, I was just speechless!

Rob didn't seem to notice my hesitance since he continued to speak on as if I hadn't sounded like an uncertain demon – uh, half demon, "Listen, I was thinking, there's going to be a big party at my friend's loft this Friday, would you like to go with me? I could show you around," he said warmly.

This Friday? I thought to myself, why! That would be three days from now. I looked at the empty hallway again and wondered of my options. Edmund would certainly ask me to go home as soon as possible and it didn't seem like I could come back any time soon.

"Amelee?" he called out.

"Amie," I corrected him, "Just call me Amie."

"Amy?" he asked me again in a flirty persuasive voice.

"No," I chuckled, "Amie as in with I and E."

"Sweet," I could practically see him grinning at the end of the line, "So, Amie, what do you think? Or if you like, we could skip the party and head to the beach? The moonlight at the beach is awesome, you should see."

"Why don't we do both?" I suggested with a flirty tone. OK, sue me, I couldn't help but to be attracted to the boy! I could see Edmund approaching me from the corner of my eye so I quickly straightened up and cleared my voice, "Look, I have to go, so I'll see you then."

"Yeah, definitely! I'll pick you up around seven!" but before I could even protest about him picking me up. Edmund had already sat down on the sofa by my side, intently looking at me with those curious silvery-green eyes of his. I didn't say anything as I hung up the phone and placed it on the coffee table in front of me.

"Who's that?" he asked me.

I bit my lips, "Just a friend," I replied, trying to sound calm, "I met a few when Sarah took me to her café." I added quickly.

I felt horribly guilty when Edmund looked at me, believing every little white lie that came out from my mouth. He took my hand and started caressing it gently, "I have to go home tomorrow," he paused, I looked at him, "I'm not as strong as your father," he gave a weak laugh, "I'm starting to feel the impact of this mortal dimension."

"But I feel just fine," I said, protesting. "I just met my mother! You can't -,"

"Hush, Amie, my dear," he cut my words off, "I didn't say that I wanted you to come home straight away with me."

I looked at him with a dumbfounded expression on my face, "What do you mean?"

"I'll convince the Elders to give you more time to spend with your mother, the longest period of time I can give you is three weeks, OK? Do you understand Amie? After three weeks, you need to come back home," he said, still caressing my hand and then he brought it up to his lips and kissed it. I took my hand away quickly. He sighed. "You know how I feel towards you..."

I cut his words off, "Don't," I shook my head at him, "This isn't the right place and time, Edmund."

"Then when is the right time?" he asked me, demanding in a soft and yet firm voice.

I stood up. He looked up at me, shocked at my sudden outburst. I couldn't take this any longer. My mind, not to mention, my heart was filled with utter confusion and strange feelings that I couldn't even fathom. I couldn't understand why I felt so guilty to Edmund and then, my utter attraction towards Robert overlapped with my guilt.

"Amie?" he asked again. "Are you all right?"

I sighed as I sank down on the seat, "I'm confused right now," I admitted to him.

"Of what?" he frowned, his expression was as confused as I was.

"I – I – a lot of things are in my head now," I stammered. He smiled faintly at me and then he went down on his knees and gathered my hands to his. He kissed each of my fingertips, I tried to take my hands away but he held on, firm like iron.

"Take your time," he whispered, "Just promise to me that you'll think about us when I'm gone tomorrow."

I closed my eyes. What had I gotten myself into?


I lay on my bed, trying to persuade myself to fall asleep but my mind was too befuddled with my guilt and attraction. My eyes closed shut and yet, my mind replayed the scene where Robert had kissed me intensely.

He started with a slow gentle kiss but I was having none of that as I pressed myself to him, my hands locked to his head, bringing him closer to me. His hands caressing my back as his lips trailed down my neck.

It felt so real that I didn't even realize that a pair of lips was actually trailing down the nape of my neck!

I gasped and turned around, turning my bedside lamp on. "EDMUND! WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING HERE?" I hissed to him as quietly as I could.

Edmund was lying on his side near me on the bed. He gave me a triumphant smug look. I noticed that my bedroom door was slightly ajar. "I felt so alone in the basement," he said in a smug-tone whisper, so that my mother wouldn't overhear us, "And I figured I'd give you a little visit. You looked so deliciously tempting when you sleep, Amie."

"You horny bastard," I punched him playfully on his shoulder but he ended up grabbing both of my hands and rolled my back to the bed. He was, within a split second, hovered on top of me. I started to protest but he held me close and I could feel his warm strong body on me. "This is sexual harassment, do you know that?" I pointed out to him.

"I don't hear you complaining," he replied, looking smug as he trailed his finger on my chest. My heart pounded in my chest and I think he could hear my heart rocketing. He smiled at me, revealing a row of perfect white teeth. His silvery-green eyes sparkled as he ran his hand to the lines of my nose bridge.

"I thought you said you're giving me time to think," I said heatedly, still trying to get up but he held me on firmly on the bed by locking his left leg on top of mine.

"Yes, I said I give you time but it didn't mean that I can make you see how perfect we are with one another," he said, grinning. He bent his head down and started to trail light kisses on my neck and I didn't know why but I just let him. He made little vibrating sounds that made my skin tingled. My arms snaked on its own to his back, bringing him closer to me. He made little nips on my neck as his fingers traced down to the hem of my clothes and started to pull at it. My back arched, making him easier to pull my shirt off me. Pure instincts rushed into our veins as the world surrounding us vanished just like that in our minds. He kissed down to my cleavage and ran his hand to the back of my silky bra to release its confines on me.

My lips locked to his and then, I pulled his shirt off him while his hands unzipped my jeans and seductively pushed it down to my legs. He gave a little slap on my butt as desires ran course into me. I pushed him on his back as I straddled him. I didn't know when he had taken off his pants but I could feel his hard-on my covered pussy.

Wordlessly, I ran my hands on his toned chest. I grazed my perfectly manicured nails lightly on his chest and he gave a little pleasurable moan. He ripped my thong off as I bent down to his lips. He gave a loud demon-like growl, his smooth pale skin started to shimmer and reverted to its scaly form. Small horns protruded in a line alone his spine. I gave a little yelp of surprise when he rolled me down on the bed and spread my legs wide to give him access.

My skin shimmered in between human skin and demonic scaly form as pure instincts washed over us. I slung my legs to his shoulder as he licked my sensitive swollen clit. I trashed around on the bed as he inserted his finger into my virgin hole. Tight and wet, he continued to plunge in but careful enough to not damage the barrier. He wanted to do the honour for himself. I continued to trash around but his hands held my hips on place with his free hand. He growled at me, wanting me to behave and submit to him. My eyes burnt with intense desires as he inserted a second finger, massaging my insides, making me squirm with desires.

At this point, he could just stab me and I wouldn't have noticed.

That was how far I had gone.

"Don't tease me..." I rasped when he refused to give me release. He chuckled as he gently bit on my swollen clit, sucking and licking my wet flowing hole.

I pushed him down to the bed and swung my legs between his head, his hands held tightly to my hips as he brought my pussy down to his so talented tongue. Two can play the game, I mused seductively at him as I touched his raging hard-on that had reverted to its demonic form. It was obviously longer and thicker than the average human's so at that split second I wondered how it would fit into me. Would he tear me apart? But I couldn't think any longer when his tongue lapped on my dripping hole, he plunged in his tongue but not deep enough to break my purity.

I kissed his beautiful demonic cock, I wanted to please him. I wanted him to know how pleasurable he would be with me. I kissed the head of his mushroom-y head and gave a little lick to taste. I could taste his salty pre-cum, triggering my sexual desires to a higher level. I moaned as I could feel him pulling my pussy closer and closer to his face, he arched his hips to me, wanting the same treatment from my mouth.

I enveloped my mouth onto his cock, finding it a bit difficult at first due to his demonic thickness but I managed anyway even though I gagged halfway. I moaned on his cock, knowing the vibration that I had caused on his cock would drive him crazy with intense desires. He groaned, I could feel his vibration on my hole, making me burst like a broken dam but he continued to lick me clean. I sighed with pleasure.

I continued to bob my head up and down on his amazing cock. I worshipped his cock. He held my thighs so hard that I knew he would leave finger bruises on me. My hand held tight to the base of his cock as my head bobbed up and down. I could feel him harden more inside my mouth that I knew he was close but before I could even make him cum. He pulled me to him and laid me on the bed.

"I want you, now," he rasped as he positioned himself on top of me. My arms held to his back, my nails dug onto him. He kissed my neck, trailing up to my lips as he positioned his cock at my entrance. I sighed in pleasure, knowing that he wanted to claim me inside out, I spread my legs wider and then locked my legs onto his back.

I could feel his cock at my entrance, I could almost feel it entering me - so warm and all mine, I sucked in my breath, my eyes closed tight and just as his cock was about to enter me. We heard a loud strong gasp of surprise, followed by a sound of a plate breaking into pieces and the clang of a tray. Our heads snapped and turned to the source. My eyes turned wide as all senses returned to me, I couldn't believe what had almost happened, what I had let Edmund did to me. Edmund scrambled off me, his hard-on pointing proudly as he rushed to put on his clothes. I, on the other hand, scrambled under the duvet. My cheeks blushing madly.

My mother stared at us, shocked covered her face. Her plate of chocolate cupcakes fell scattered on the carpeted floor along with the thousand pieces of shattered platter.

This was awkward.


I felt like killing Edmund.

More like strangling him.

How could I let myself fall onto – onto ugh, I couldn't even let myself say it out loud. My mother was pouring me a cup of Earl Grey. Edmund had gone back to Ersta a few hours ago during dawn. Lucky him, I mused. I remembered him giving me a triumphed look before going into the portal.

I couldn't even bring myself to remember the events last night after my mother had caught us in the heat of almost-making-love. My mother had found her feet and then ran out from the room and slammed the door of her bedroom, obviously embarrassed with what she had witnessed, or uh, almost witnessed anyway.

Edmund had finished dressing up and looked at me, half apologetically and half amused, "Baby, that was just too embarrassing but a definite turn on, don't you think so?"

I groaned at him as I covered my head with the duvet. He went towards me and pulled the duvet off my head and smiled at me, "Go away, Edmund." I groaned.

He had chuckled and bent down to kiss on my forehead but I pushed him away, "Ok, ok, I'll leave you alone, all right? Get some sleep...or do you rather we continue what we had done before your mother interrupted us?"

I glared at him, "You're positively annoying, Edmund," I groused at him, "I'm embarrassed all right?! I can't believe my mother saw us – ugh! And – and how could I let you – you, ugh!" I covered my head with the duvet. He chuckled anyway and then closed the door gently. I whipped open the duvet and saw that he had left me alone. I groaned and lay back on the bed, feeling a bit cold. My gaze fell down to my clothes on the floor. I sighed as I went out from the bed and started to put it on.

I shook my head, wanting to erase the memories. I looked at my mother who sat down and was dipping a butter biscuit in her warm tea. "Mom, look, I'm sorry about last night," I said nervously.

My mother blushed, "Amie, let's just forget about it," she said uncomfortably, "I really shouldn't expect that my daughter would still be a little girl," she looked up at me, "You're practically a grown-up now." She flashed me a little smile.

"Sorry," I said quickly, knowing that I couldn't fully say a complete apology.

She gave me a little naughty smile, "And you told me that he wasn't your boyfriend!" she said with a giggle, "Seriously Amie, I don't really like the wide age gap between you two but he'll do."

"Mom!" I was aghast, "He's not my boyfriend!"

"Whatever you say, Amie," I knew then that my mother didn't believe what I said.

"Just so you know, I happen to have a date with Rob this Friday," I said heatedly.

My mother frowned at me, "Rob?" clearly she was confused. How could she not? I mean, she had, after all, seen me naked with Edmund.

Suddenly, I had this feeling as if I was a slut.

I didn't like it.

"Yes, Rob, your part time worker," I said defensively.

"I don't think that it's such a good idea, Amie," my mother shook her head, "He's human, just like me, Amie."

My silvery blue eyes flared, "Mom, I happen to like him very much!"

"But what about Edmund?" she wanted to know, "Are you sure that you want a fate like your father and I had?" her voice was dropped into pure sadness.

For once, I didn't have an answer for her question. I looked away from her, "Can we not talk about this?" I pleaded at her.

"We can't always escape from making decisions, Amie," my mother said, "It's not a good to put things off at the last minute, other people might ended up getting hurt – you might get hurt."

I knew that she was telling the truth. Her words were making sense but I didn't know what to do. I sighed, "Is it possible to love two people at the same time?"

She smiled at me, "Actually, no," she said, "You can only love one person truly. What you feel now is probably a mixture of love and lust to two persons. You don't know how to differentiate which person you truly love but don't think much about it Amie, you're still young, you'll find the answer when you least expect it."

"How can you be so sure, Mom?" I asked her.

"Because the answers are usually right in front of your eyes, Amie, it's just that sometimes we missed it out," she answered back, she sounded more like a mother now.

"So, what do you think I should do?" I asked her again, stirring my spoon inside my tea cup, "I guess I should stop things between Robert and me before things get serious?"

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