tagErotic HorrorWithin the Shadows Ep. 10

Within the Shadows Ep. 10



That must have been something that she had passed earlier. She never quite seen it, but a shifting of the shadows moving that fast must have been something other than her imagination. It was so big and yet so silent. Maybe it was just her imagination running wild on her. Who could blame her for such paranoid thoughts anyway?

Holly never slowed her quick walk and rarely looked behind her because every time that she did, a feeling of dread came over her. She wondered how the village was. Had they been attacked? Would she return to an empty town?

"Who's there?" came a familiar voice. A voice that belonged to a woman. A voice that she had grown accustomed to. Holly knelt down low and slowly made her way forward until the trees just stopped and an opening set in front of her.

"Hello?" called the voice again.

Holly squinted her eyes to see a shadowed form of a woman standing on the other side of the clearing. The woman took a step forward and stopped.

"Holly?" She called. Suddenly Holly had to shelter a light in her eyes with her hands. It was a small flame set to candle that the woman had just lit, but to her eyes, it might as well be the sun itself.

"It is you," cried the voice. Holly's vision focused and she could see Eliza standing on the other side of the clearing with Katey lying on her side next to her in the nude.

"Eliza?" Holly asked as quietly as she could but it sounded to her as if she had screamed it. She tried to speak quieter but it only came out as a whisper so she cleared her throat and stood up straight.

"Holly," Eliza said happily. "Thank you! Come here. We need your help."

Holly started to take a step forward but stopped herself. Krystal said that Eliza was acting strange and now that her eyes were focused there were some things quite different about the woman.

She wore a long black dress for one. It could be the candlelight and shadows messing with her eyes, but it seemed as though her pupils were so faint that she almost appeared to have any at all.

"Please," she called again as she leaned down over Katey and placed her hand on the woman. "Katey needs you."

Holly took a step back and began planning her escape. Her heart began pounding in her chest as Eliza stood up straight to regard her.

"Running will not help you," Eliza said coldly.

"What have you done to Katey?!" Holly shouted louder than she had anticipated.

"Katey is fine," Eliza purred and gestured to the woman on the ground. Katey stood up next to Eliza and smiled at Holly.

"I'm fine Holly," Katey said in a monotone voice. "You should come with us. It's much better that way."

"I'm sorry," Holly said quickly before turning toward the night and dashing into the darkness.

What happened to Eliza? What had she done to Katey? What was she going to do to her?


The strange creatures scream echoed through the night. Joe's heart nearly leaped out of his chest the first time he heard it. The volume of the beast's scream alone was enough to wake the entire world it seemed.

He busted out of the front door of the house that he and Krystal were staying in with Krystal right behind him. As he swung the front door open he looked at the back of the house and seen the back door had been busted in. Splintered wood lay scattered across the hallway and even made it to the living room.

He ran into the bedroom to find it empty except for the creature who was lying on the floor next to the bed to the back.

"What happened," he asked as he approached the creature.

It was trying to say something but only clicks and hisses came out. It was like Coralyn had told him. Some things it could not say. Some things were forbidden.

"Coralyn?" He asked, hoping the creature could at least gesture an answer.

The thing only shook its head and pointed somewhere beyond the window.

"Help her," he said in a pained voice. "Must help her."

Krystal ran into the room at that time looking as scared as he felt.

What had come in and taken Coralyn that could send this creature in the state it was in? What would cause more terror than the thing that lay in front of them? What could this thing possibly be afraid of?

"Can you stand?" He asked as he extended a hand down to help it up, but the creature only shook its head.

"You go," it said to him. "She stays." It gestured to Krystal, which caused a gasp and dirty look from her.

"Like hell, I'm staying," she snapped. "I was wanting to go out earlier anyway. Why would I stay behind now that someone else has been taken?"

"Not safe," the thing said in a low voice. It made a series of clicks and hisses as it tried to search for words that it could say before sighing and looking back to Krystal again in defeat.

"Maybe he knows something that we don't," Joe finally said as he turned to look at Krystal, who was staring back at him in disbelief.

"You better not be suggesting what I think you are," she said with crossed arms and downward eyebrows.

"If it wanted to hurt us then it would have by now," he argued. "It has been attacked. That much is obvious. If it says that you shouldn't go then maybe there's just a damned good reason for that."

Krystal kept her arms crossed but looked at him in deep thought. Finally, after a long moment of thought, she nodded.

"Fine," she huffed. "I'll stay here, but make sure you bring everyone you can back."

Joe nodded in return and took one more look at the creature on the floor. It had itself propped up on its elbow as it watched the two of them. The creature held what looked like a sympathetic smile on its face.

"Good leader," it said which caused Joe to stop a bit longer and eye the thing curiously. He shrugged any thoughts away and ran out of the house and toward the direction that the monster had pointed.

The cold night air swept over him as he ran as fast as he could safely do so considering the darkness and the constant zigzagging around trees in his journey.

He would find Coralyn and he would save her. Somehow he would save them all. He had to. It was all up to him now.


Eliza weaved through the forest with ease as she followed the glowing trails of the fleeing Holly. The tiny redhead wouldn't get far. Every step Holly made, Eliza could make three to match. She was closing ground on the woman entirely too fast in all actuality. She didn't even know what she was going to do exactly when she caught up with her.

What's happening to me?

Her thoughts wrang through her head so loudly she could almost hear them. She was changing physically and wasn't sure how to feel about it. She could feel herself becoming stronger. She could feel herself becoming faster. Her vision was improving at a rapid pace and she was able to sense things that she never thought possible.

Here she was gliding through the night forest as if it was a second nature and knew everything that was around her without having to look or listen.

None of that bothered her though. All of that was positive things and therefore nothing to worry about. No, she celebrated those changes, but the changes that concerned her were the changes to her body.

Her skin was growing redder by the hour. It held a darkened red color more similar to a brick than her old skin color. The strange lumps on her head were growing larger and driving a constant stinging pain through her skin and she felt similar stinging pain on her back in two spots just above her shoulder blades. She happened to catch a glimpse of her face in the reflection of a small pond earlier and noticed that her pupils were all but gone, leaving only whiteness to remain. She ran her tongue over one of her canine teeth as the sharpness of it almost sliced her tongue. And even her tongue seemed to be growing longer.

She was turning into a demon and there was nothing that she could do about it.

The proposal to Kyle was made for two reasons. The first reason was that she wasn't sure how much longer she could have fought his pull on her. She wasn't sure how much longer she had until she was going to turn into a mindless sex slave like Katey so she did what she thought she could do. The second was the fact that she was lonely. She sought companionship and Kyle had been the best companion that she had had in a long time. He made her feel safe and that went a long way in a world such as this one.

The thing that worried her the most was the way she found out how to convince him to do what he did. She had no idea how any of the demon stuff worked at the time. There was no way of her knowing to ask for marriage. There was no way of her knowing about them sharing the link with each other.

It was Riggan. The demon queen herself had slipped into her thoughts and told exactly what to say and what to demand if she wished to remain an individual. The demon queen herself had offered her a gift for cooperation. And it was that same demon that whispered little bits of information to her from time to time.

What was Riggan's final goal with her? What could she possibly have for the queen?

"You might as well stop running," Eliza projected her voice toward the frightened woman as she ran as hard as she could. "How long can you possibly run?"

How did she do that? Eliza didn't even know that was possible before then. Another gift? How many gifts would she get? She could throw her voice wherever she desired and suddenly she knew exactly how to do such a thing. It was as if she had the power her entire life. No training, no learning, no practice. She could just do it.

Holly stopped her run and leaned against a tree as she looked around. Eliza watched her glowing aura as confusion took control of the short woman's fear.

Something fell into her eyes, causing her to squint and rub it out with the back of her hands. It ran into her mouth and tasted metallic. It tasted like blood. She pulled her hand away to see blood smeared on the back of her hands. What was happening now? She reached up and felt small horns protruding from both sides of her forehead where the lumps were expanding. Her skin had split open enough to allow the sharp horns through.

Anger swelled within her. There was no turning back from this. She wasn't escaping the changes and she would make sure no one else would be able to escape their own fates within this world either.

"I'm coming for you," Eliza projected her voice in front of Holly, placing it between Holly and the way to the village. Her voice held an echo-like reverb to it similar to Kyle's voice. It was fierce and close enough to Holly to send the woman running back the way she had come. She was running straight into the clearing again.

"You better stop," she shouted, but this time it wasn't a projection. She was right on the woman's heels.

Holly screamed as Eliza closed in on her, weaving around the trees and gaining ground with every step.

Eliza reached back to slash at the woman with her hand as they made it to the clearing. One more step and she would have her!

Holly screamed as she disappeared out of her sight. Eliza's eyes shot wide open in surprise as she found nothing but air under her as she fell into the hole. She had forgotten about the hole in her frantic chase and was paying the price for it now.

Her head smacked into the ground so hard that white spots took over her vision for a brief moment. It was enough of a moment for Holly to be standing over her and holding what looked like a large branch.

"What do you want with me?" Holly shouted as she held the branch at the ready.

Eliza laughed and spit blood from her mouth as she started to stand. Another loud crack and sudden pain in her head sent her to the ground again though. She looked back up to Holly to see her holding the makeshift club at the ready for another whack.

"Answer me," Holly shouted and looked as though she might swing again even if not provoked.

"Soul," Eliza explained as she shook the dizziness from her head. "We want your soul."

"It's not for sale," Holly said harshly before smashing the end of her branch down on Eliza's back, driving her down to her belly.

A new strength began surging through Eliza as she placed the palm of her hands down to the ground and pushed herself up. Another whack from the branch sent her back down again though.

"We can keep this up all night," Holly warned. "You keep trying to get up and I'll keep knocking you back down. I won't stop until you're dead. You better believe me!"

Eliza believed her.


Kyle dashed through the forest in the direction of his clearing when a bright flash of light caused him to stop suddenly and shield his eyes. He tried to focus as the light faded away and eventually his vision returned to reveal the beautiful Riggan slowly walk toward him.

"You've been a good knight so far," the demon queen teased as she approached him with a smile. "You have plenty of energy to send my way yes?"

"I do," he agreed as he returned the smile.

Riggan focused on the woman draped over his shoulder for a moment as she spoke. She had stepped around and was poking the woman's face.

"You have quite the wife as well," she purred as she gracefully stepped back around to his front, but her focus remained on Coralyn. Her hands slid up the back of her leg and over one ass cheek, creating a stir of mumbles from the sleeping sex slave.

"I do," he agreed and he wasn't just agreeing to say what his queen wanted to hear. Eliza was the perfect wife for him and his new situation.

"Now that your soul is linked with hers in a two way match I can't take her power from you without destroying you as well," Riggan's tattoos glowed in the night with a faint blue light as she leaned forward and teasingly slid her tongue inside Coralyn's pussy, drawing a long moan from the woman's lips.

Kyle ignored the show and thought about what his queen had just revealed to him. Did that mean the end goal would mean the elimination of him and Eliza both? Had he made a dire mistake in taking a wife? Was his queen more jealous than she had let on?

"It just means that I'll need the extra energy from somewhere else," she said with a light tone that put him at ease. "Now I believe we have a transaction at hand don't we?"

She stepped back far enough for him to get a full view of her entire body as she held her arms out. She wore a small black bra that more pushed her large breasts up than it covered them up. A string wrapped around her waist with a small black cloth that barely covered her front and was non-existent in the back. She twirled around to show her outfit to him. Her glowing tattoos stretched up her body from her feet to her neck and he could see her large horns shining off of the moonlight as she tilted her head and looked up at him.

"Are you going to fuck me or am I just going to stand here waiting forever?" She asked as her wings spread out wide as if stretching from a long nap.

Not wasting any more time Kyle gently laid Coralyn down on the ground and stepped to his queen. She stared up at him with a growing smile as he approached.

He placed his hands around her waist and lifted her in the air before dropping her straight onto his throbbing cock. Sparks of heat and cold shot through his body as he entered her. She screamed in passion and wrapped her legs around his waist as she slid all the way down.

"Right off like that huh?" She teased. "Not even any foreplay?"

"No time," he explained. "There's probably two of the villagers heading this way."

"Nonsense," she laughed as her pussy pulsated on his cock. "There's only one pursuing and I sent him to Sirens' meadow."

"Sirens' Meadow?" He asked as he lifted her up to his cock.

"He'll enter the meadow and be consumed by the Sirens' lust," she laughed as she left his cock completely and lightly landed on her feet.

"I thought people couldn't see Sirens," he admitted as the beautiful demon dropped to her knees and grabbed his cock.

"The sirens will allow whoever they want to see them see them," she explained before her long slim tongue snaked out of her mouth and twisted around his cock.

Her tongue tightened around him and began sliding up and down and it felt so great that any more thoughts of pursuers left his mind entirely. She opened her lips wide and took the head in as her tongue continued.

"Your wife is going through some serious changes," she explained as she pulled her head back and retracted her tongue. "You need to be supportive of those changes when you return."

"What kind of changes?" He asked with genuine concern. What a strange life he was living now. Receiving head from a demon queen and having her casually make conversation as if they were at a coffee house on break.

"Just changes," was all that she would give before taking him in her mouth again.

She pulled back and stood up once more before turning from him and walking a bit further toward a large tree. She turned back to face him but left her ass sticking out toward him, accentuating it with a slight bend of her back.

"Now it's your turn to use that tongue," she ordered and he walked to her before dropping to his knees and staring at the perfect ass in front of him.

He slid his tongue into her pussy, drawing a salty moan from her as he worked it in and out touching every right spot. Her moans increased as he continued. In truth, it turned him on just as much as it did her. Her flavor was amazing!

After a few long moments of tasting her pussy, he felt the urge to try her other hole. She screamed in surprise and pleasure as he shoved his long tongue deep into her asshole. Sliding it in and out as if to fuck her with it. He felt her hole tighten around his tongue as her legs began shaking an orgasm out.

He stood up from her, drawing a look.

"You're done already?" she started to ask, but he didn't let her finish. Instead, he grabbed his monster cock and plunged it deep into her asshole so fast and hard that her words were cut short by a yelp.

She straightened her back as he entered her completely. Her wings stuck straight out on both sides and her tattoos started glowing so brightly that he had to close his eyes from being blinded by them, but he didn't stop.

He pulled his dick back out of her asshole, but only partially, before slamming it back in, drawing another shout from the demon's lips as her legs began to quiver once more. He could feel her energy and power connecting with him. He could feel her desires enter him. Her emotions merged with his for that brief moment and he could see worries and concerns that she never let show.

"Fuck," she shouted as he worked into a rhythm of hard and fast pounding into her asshole.

He could feel waves of sorry and sharp stabbings of hate for another being. Something too unfocused for him to make out, but it was there. She had an enemy. She had a goal. She had a reason.

His dick began to burn from the lack of lubrication around his dick and so he pulled out of her asshole and pushed against her pussy once more. Maintaining the same rhythm, Kyle began smacking himself into her cunt.

There was another woman in her visions.

No. Not woman. Demon.

There was another female demon in her vision. She loved her dearly. Was it a sister? She didn't feel like a lover, but more of a sister.

She screamed in pleasure as his dick began to swell. He would cum very soon.

The other demonic woman was trapped somewhere, but he couldn't make out where. He wasn't even sure if Riggan knew where. All he knew for sure was that it was Riggan's every intention to save her.

He exploded into the demon queen's cunt as her womb drank every last drop of him up like it was thirsting to death. She wrapped her arms around the trunk of the tree as her wings vibrated rapidly. He could feel her pussy close in around his rod before relaxing.

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