tagErotic HorrorWithin the Shadows Pt. 02 Ep. 05

Within the Shadows Pt. 02 Ep. 05


Part 5

All Tied Up

Adam's vision cleared and he scanned his surroundings.

Jenna and Johnny spoke quietly to one another as they worked on a makeshift roof for a small hut they had apparently built quickly at some point. They held concerned expressions on their faces as they spoke and Adam could tell the tension must have been high due to their tight movements and body language.

Adam tried to stand but was held down by something. He looked down to see that someone had tied him to the tree where he sat with rope. He tested the strength of the rope and found it too tight for him to be able to wiggle himself enough to free a hand.

Jenna and Johnny must have noticed that he was now awake and were approaching him.

"I'm sorry I had to hit you," Johnny said, crouching to face him eye to eye. "I felt that I had no choice. You just walked up and stabbed a man in the gut right in front of us all."

"I had my reasons," Adam stated, settling back down and stopping his efforts for freedom. "You planning on leaving me tied up here for the rest of my life?"

"We have no choice right now," Jenna said, her face sollumn. "What in the hell made you do it? You seemed like such a stable guy until then."

"He followed me into the ship and tried to kill me," Adam explained as he scanned the makeshift camp. "How long have I been out?"

"You were out through the night," Jenna explained as she turned to regard the camp as well. "We did what we could as fast as we could. We managed to make a fire and kept it going through the night in hopes that it would keep any animals away. We took turns to stay on watch as well."

"You did great," Adam admitted with a nod. "I would have done the same."

"Melanie and Jackie explained what Sam had done while we were discussing what to do with you," Johnny explained. "That Sam guy is a true dirtbag, but we can't go around killing those we don't like."

"He tried to kill me," Adam explained. "That knife I shoved into his gut was his. He brought it with him as he followed me into the ship. He dropped it when I confronted him."

"If this is true," a new voice called from the side.

Adam, Johnny, and Jenna looked to see Sheri stepping quietly through the forest toward them. She dropped to her knees next to Adam and looked into his eyes.

"Sam deserved what happened to him," She said, placing a hand on Adam's shoulder. "He wasn't doing it on behalf of me, I promise you that."

"You know him better than we do Sheri," Jenna stated, crossing her arms below her breasts. "Why do you think he would do such a thing?"

"I'm not that sure, to be honest," Sheri answered, not looking up from Adam's eyes. "He is in love with me. That is why I brought him along. He has always been stable though. These actions do not fit his character as I know him. I will address this issue when he awakens."

"He's still alive," Adam asked in a tone of shock and anger.

"Rebecca and Janet are quite the team of healers," Sheri explained with a smile. "They were able to stop the bleeding and apply a suave to his wound to close it. He lost a lot of blood and they have both stated that it doesn't look good for him, but they still do what they can."

"That machine you asked me to get was busted, Johnny," Adam stated, looking back to the man who remained kneeling. "It looked as if it were purposely destroyed."

"Are you sure," Johnny asked.

"Yes," Adam said.

"You think it was Sam," Jenna asked with a raised eyebrow.

"Doubt it," Adam explained. "I was in the room before he came down. He dropped his knife and ran back up the stairs before he even reached it. If it was him then he had to have busted it while the ship was still running its course."

"Not possible," Jenna explained. "That door was locked and had an alarm on it that would have notified security immediately. I would have heard about it."

"Then how," Sheri asked, finally breaking her eye contact with Adam and looking up at Jenna.

"The storm did a number on the ship," Jenna explained. "Don't you think it could have been damaged during that?"

"It's possible," Adam said thoughtfully. "Only none of the other equipment suffered the same damage."

"You don't think the monsters would have enough intelligence to know what it was or where to find it do you," Johnny asked, looking to Sheri.

"I don't know," Sheri answered with a shrug.

"Didn't you study this area and its monsters before going on the ship," Jenna asked.

"The monsters the tribe spoke of looked different than these things," Sheri explained. "If the monsters changed I believe their intellect could change as well. The ones I heard about were mindless drones following the orders of a ruler. These might differ in ways."

"If that still holds true," Adam began, looking back to Sheri. "Then we need to find this ruler and get some answers straight from the source."

Sheri's mouth quirked up into a slight smile for a moment before she straightened her face again.

"And how do you suggest we do that exactly," Johnny asked. "We don't have a map leading us right to the thing."

"No, but I have some experience with exploring the wilderness while avoiding the notice of hostiles within the area," Adam said as he looked back to Johnny. "Release me and give me some time to gather what I need to start off and I'll find this ruler."

Johnny stood up and looked to Jenna. They stared at one another for a moment before Jenna slightly shook her head.

"I'm sorry," Jenna said. "The others seem to be quite frightened of you and I'm struggling to keep things in order as is."

"So we wait for another attack then," Adam asked incredulously.

"Let's give it some time," Johnny suggested. "We can calm the others down a bit and once everyone is feeling a bit safer, we can release you."

"I'm not sure if time will work, Johnny," Adam explained. "Setting up a camp like this will do nothing for defense against these things. A false sense of security could prove to be more dangerous than fright."

"We need to go," Jenna stated, placing a hand on Johnny's shoulder. "We'll send Rebecca and Janet to look at your head, Adam"

Jenna guided a reluctant Johnny away as Sheri scooted herself a bit closer to him.

"Do you really think you could find this ruler," Sheri asked in a whisper. Excitement surrounded every word.

"I do," Adam said.

"I can free you tonight when everyone's asleep," she offered.

"What about the watch," Adam asked, eyeing her untrusting.

"I'll take the second watch," she explained excitedly. "And when the first watch is asleep, I can free you and we can go together."

"Together," Adam asked in shock. "Why would you want to go with me into the forest?"

"I want to see it," she explained. "I know so little for someone who has studied so much on it."

"And leave the camp completely unaware and unconscious so that if it is attacked they will have no chance to fight back? No way, Sheri."

"Fine," Sheri said in a huff. "I'll wait until the end of my watch and free you right after waking the third watch. Will that be enough? I won't free you unless I get to go."

Adam sat silently and stared at the woman for a moment. She had her long light brown hair pulled back in a knot and her large blue eyes showed no room for any more compromise. The neckline of her beige top had been stretched a bit and showed ample cleavage as she leaned toward him in anticipation.

"Alright then," Adam finally said, shaking his head. "You have to stay close and keep quiet. You will do as I say when I say it."

"Deal," Sheri said with a smile. "See you tonight, Adam."

Sheri stood up and walked away from him. He watched her step back toward the area that she had claimed as her own. She bent down and began shuffling some branches around as she worked on her own makeshift bed.

Footsteps caught Adam's attention a few moments later and he looked to his side to see two women approaching him. Rebecca and Janet eyed him as they stepped closer.

Rebecca's long, wavy, and blonde hair was brushed over one of her shoulders and barely came to the center of one of her large breasts as she swayed her hips with each step. Her blue eyes shined and she looked as if her spirits were much higher than they had been the day before when the loss of her mother was still fresh. She gave a light giggle to something that Janet had whispered to her as they got closer.

Janet kept her long, straight, and black hair pulled back behind her and didn't attempt to hide her large, though not as large as Rebecca's, breasts. Her hips swayed in a more seductive manner. It seemed as though Janet's movements were seductive through natural practice, for she showed no flirtation in her eyes toward a potential murderer.

"How are you feeling today," Rebecca asked as she placed her hands on his head to inspect the wound from when Johnny had hit him over the head. He had completely forgotten to ask what Johnny hit him with.

"I'm fine," Adam explained, wincing as she pushed on the bruise.

"Do you have a history of violence," Janet asked.

"Janet," Rebecca said in a scolding tone.

"What," Janet asked holding her arms out. "It's a medical question."

"I do not," Adam explained.

"Then why," Janet asked as she knelt down to look in in the eyes.

"I believe you know why," Adam stated flatly. If the girls he rescued told one of the survivors they would have told the others. "He is a danger to this camp."

"He didn't stab another in the stomach," Janet stated in a mocking flat tone.

"He tried," Adam said, "He just picked the wrong guy."

"You're going to be fine," Rebecca stated as she stepped back from him. "Saving those girls was a heroic thing you did. Not everyone is so heroic though."

"Stabbing a man in the gut for being a coward isn't exactly a sane thing to do," Janet said in a more serious tone than before. "I know you thought you were doing right, but murder is murder."

"So it is," Adam agreed, unblinking.

Janet stood back up once she realized that Adam had nothing else to say on the matter. The two women walked away from him in the same direction they had come from.

Night came slowly, but it came nonetheless. Adam sat from within the shadows watching and waiting for Sheri to approach. He couldn't make out anything but the occasional silhouette as he waited. From time to time he could hear leaves rustle as Johnny or Jenna would roll over in their sleeping positions. Crickets chirps and the occasional night bird would call its song to a potential mate.

Finally, sounds of someone tiptoeing caught his attention and he looked over to see a shadowy figure approaching him. He squinted his eyes to try and make out details and finally noticed the tall and slim figure of Sheri as she looked over her shoulder to make sure she hadn't woken anyone in her pursuit.

"Sorry," she whispered so quietly that he barely heard her, though her mouth was almost close enough to his ear to touch. "Rebecca seems to be having trouble sleeping and I had to wait until I knew she was out before I came to you."

He could feel the rope that held him against the tree loses just before Sheri pulled them over his head. He stood up and stretched his back as he looked around the dark camp. The fire was flickering in the center and shadowy lumps scattered around as the people slept.

"Where's the third watch," he asked.

"Went in that direction to relieve herself," Sheri explained in a nervous tone. "We have to go before they get back."

Adam grabbed Sheri by the hand and guided her through the night and away from the camp.

"Stay close and try to make as little noise as possible," he explained as she followed him.

He listened as he pulled Sheri along with him through the shadows. He could hear the crickets, birds, and wind rush through the trees above them. He looked around for movement but found none other than the occasional squirrel or bird of prey swooping down to grab an unexpecting rodent. He felt the air around them. He continued with not slowing of his movement for about an hour before stopping and pulling Sheri into a small area covered with laurel.

"What's the matter," Sheri asked. "Did you hear something?"

"No," Adam answered. "We rest here until dawn. We can travel in low light, but to travel in pitch black is just asking for trouble. We want to have as much of an even ground with those who seek us as possible."

"What are you planning on saying to this ruler when you find him," Sheri asked after a moment of pause.

"I'm not going to say anything," Adam answered calmly.

"Then what are you planning," she asked sounding confused.

"I'm going to kill it."

The figures on the ground seemed to glow as they lay around a small fire. The sky was cold and the fog was thickening, but not quite thick enough to aid in the production of power as of yet. More power would have to be delivered in order to restore the kingdom to the point where it needed to be.

Master knew what he was doing. Master gave him this mission. He would please his master and reap the rewards for doing so. He shifted his body so that he would lower in his circular flight and get a better look at those on the ground.

"All sleep," he sent toward his master through the thoughts in his head. "Me attack?"

"No," came the booming voice of his master, vibrating within his head. "Send me the image of what you see."

With no questions, he sent the image of those on the ground to his master and waited for a new command. After a moment, his master's laughter bounced within his head.

"Excellent work," his master called. "Head back to the canopies and know that you have earned much favor with me tonight."

If he had lips, he would be smiling. Delight and pride filled him as he flew back to the canopy with the others that did not join in the hunt on this night. Maybe master would give him a name after this night.

Kyle stood next to his loving wife, Eliza as he felt the presence of the beast in the sky fade away. He would have to think of a great reward to the creature that found the group for him. He should have been able to find them on his own, but the creation of his kingdom had taken a lot of the power stored within the forest and he had to replenish.

"You look pleased, my husband," Eliza commented as she lightly pressed her hand to his back. "I assume you have found them?"

Kyle looked at his wife. Her light red skin shined in the light of the flickering torches of their living chambers within the castle. Her long black hair was brushed back to show the small horns that curve backward and ended in tiny points. Her white solid white eyes seemed to glow as her night vision showed her everything and her long, thin bat-like wings twitched in anticipation as she awaited his news. He smiled as he allowed his eyes to travel down her neck to see her large breasts that heaved in and out as she breathed. Her tiny waist was emphasized more by her widened hips. He could feel his blood flow into his cock, which hung down to his knees.

"I would expect an answer first, "Eliza said as she noticed his growing erection.

"We have found them, my wife," Kyle answered.

Eliza's smile widened as she turned and walked toward the balcony. He watched her as she stopped and leaned against the railing. The light of the moon shown off of her naked body and he approached her, stopping just behind her. He placed a hand on her firm ass and gave her a slight smack.

"You know I don't like sharing you," she explained, not moving from her position on the railing. "I know it's necessary for the power to regain to its necessary place, but I don't have to like it.

"My love is for you and only you," Kyle whispered as he rubbed his large red hands over and around her ass. His erection pushed his cock up until he could feel the tip touch the wetness of her pussy. She let out a soft moan of acceptance.

"I know," she whispered as she pushed her body back until his cock slid inside of her.

"We will attack tonight," he explained as he pushed his hips forward, feeling his dick penetrate her completely. She moaned outward in delight and he could feel her pussy tighten around him as he pulled back.

"How many are you planning on taking," she asked in a rush as he watched her hands grip the railing of the balcony.

"I need them to grow in strength," he explained as he pushed his massive rod back into her until his hips smacked against her asscheeks. "So the first invasion will be a smaller one. I'm thinking We'll come back with at least two women and two men."

"We don't need more men," she explained through a cry of ecstasy. "Our army is big enough, my love."

"True," Kyle agreed as he gripped her hips and began shoving his cock into her as hard as he could. "But I'm going to need a military commander eventually."

"What makes you think a military commander has to be a man," she asked through gritted teeth. He could feel her cunt vibrate around his cock as she began to orgasm.

"I don't think it needs to be a man," he stated as he felt her pussy explode around him. "But as weak as we are in the power at the moment, I think we'll need all the women for gaining power."

"We'll just have to see then," Eliza explained as she pushed herself away from him and dropped to her knees. She gripped his cock in her hands and wrapped her lips around the tip as she looked up into his eyes. Kyle released his load and watched as his cum exploded out of the corners of her lips. She gagged and struggled but kept her mouth around him and took as much of his cum as she could in as the rest spilled out and dripped down her chin.

"Let us get the team ready," Eliza said as she wiped the access cum from her mouth and stood up.

"We shall begin," Kyle said as he looked over the tops of the trees in the direction of the people where his scout been. "This night will prove to be fruitful."

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