tagErotic HorrorWithin the Shadows Pt. 02 Ep. 12

Within the Shadows Pt. 02 Ep. 12


Episode Twelve, The Conclusion

Loss can do strange things to those with the free will of thought and actions. Loss can drift a solid foundation of ideas and blur the lines of what was once very clearly right and wrong. The object of loss doesn't always matter. The loss of something foreign to one could have the same impact to another that could equate to the death of a loved one to someone else. Physical, mental, objective and subjective losses can tear a mind and soul down quicker than a mortal wound.

Losses filled the small magical island covered primarily by forest. All sides, thoughts, and beings suffered in one way or another from loss. Sanity, courage, physical strength, and the will to go on were just some of the results of such losses at that moment.

Kyle, half his face disfigured by burns and his brain corrupted with gluttony so fierce that his past logical brain was nowhere to be found, chased down Daisy. Daisy, grief-stricken and frightened by her situation so greatly that her will to fight back waned to the point of her wanting to just lie down and give up, ran and dodged the great demon's advances toward her.

Eliza, anger swelled so greatly within her from the loss of her once kind and logical husband lashed out at the one she used to love in an attempt to end the life of the very man she would have sacrificed everything to save just a few weeks prior. She leaped through the air and took hold of the great demon, using all her body weight and strength from her finely toned muscles to pull him to the ground.

The man that had lost his soul struggled just a few hundred yards from the scuffle as he gripped a nearby tree so tightly that chunks of the hard bark crumbled under his fierce grasp. He cried to himself for the loss of the one woman that he had once cherished when alive. He had wanted to win her heart but the insanity of what he had become ruined it. He growled to himself and wanted to end his own life but he wasn't the only one to blame. He hated the great demon just as much as he hated himself. The demon would have to die first. His love was lost to him forever, and he would make all who had a part of that loss pay. Including himself.

Below the struggling great demon, a frightened woman and angry wife lied a man who had lost his confidence to fight. Adam felt his life drift from him and excepted that loss. He watched those around him but his usual desire to protect those around him had left with his loss of physical strength. The great demon had shown him just how weak he truly was. He was only human and for the first time in his life; being human wasn't enough.

The ancient demon knelt to the side of the dying man. She looked down at the last hope she had to fulfill her desires to regain her control over the very lands she had built. Riggan's hands lightly lay upon the chest of the dying man as her heart felt empty from the impending doom of everything she had worked for. She felt the loss of her sister, who was far away and locked in a prison. She felt the loss of her island, which held within it a piece of her very soul. She felt the loss of time and energy that she had given to raise the great demon that fought directly above her.

Dixie sighed from the stone wall within the pit as she watched Adam's dying body. She had lost the very courage that made her unique. Always being smaller than other women, Dixie had always made up for her petite stature with a personality to match that of even the great demon. Her personality had shied to match her size when the great demon had shown her just how useless such pretentions were. With a heavy heart, Dixie slid her back down the stone as she collapsed into a sitting position and waited for everything to end.

Only a few nights ago, Lucy had turned eighteen. She had her entire life ahead of her and was excited to start things anew with college, friends, and goals. All of that glorious mystery that had laid in front of her was wiped away when she found herself trapped on the island. She watched as Adam breathed his dying ragged breaths and wiped a tear from her eyes. This was it for her. No more mystery. She knew the end. She would not have that life as she had so desired. She would not meet new people. She would die to a monster. The monster that would end up killing her didn't matter, for they were all the same to her.

Rebecca had run into the depths of the forest once the fight with the great demon broke out for she thought she had caught a glimpse of her mother. Rebecca had lost much when she had stepped into her husband's office to find him with another woman. She never thought that she would be the woman to be in that kind of marriage. She blamed herself for not seeing the signs earlier. She blamed herself for not being enough for him. He had been a good man. The actions that he had taken were not his fault. She had made him do it. Her throat hurt from her screams for her mother. She couldn't handle any more loss. Her mother and aunt were the only people that were holding her together. She didn't like admitting to herself that she was as weak as she was but couldn't deny it any longer. Her mother was out there and close. She had seen her. She knew it.


"Adam," the beautiful demonic woman whispered at him from his side. He rolled his head and looked into her glowing eyes. She curled her lips into a small smile before continuing. "It doesn't have to be over. I can help you but you have to know something. It will... change you."

Adam tried to work the air from his lungs to speak but the pain was too great and he gave up. What could she possibly do? He was dying. He had seen this many times before with friends. He could feel the rest of his strength slowly seeping out of him with every second. His chest hurt with every shallow breath.

"Just nod your head," the demon said in a pleading tone. "Wiggle your fingers, blink multiple times. Do something to show me that you accept my offer."

Adam thought about the offer. What would change about him? Would he turn into one of those bull-headed monsters? Would he turn into something else? Would his thoughts be the same? If it changed who he was inside, was it really him that was being saved? He heard shuffling feet and rolled his head to see someone rising from the floor of the pit.

Dixie was walking toward him with shock painted on her face.

"You can save him," she asked. She truly was beautiful. He respected her bravery. He didn't realize it at the time but he now admitted to himself that it had broken his heart to see her keep her distance from him when he had returned and stabbed that coward after saving her friends.

"Not unless he accepts it," the demon answered, not looking away from him. He rolled his head back over to look at her. "He won't retain his free will if I force the change."

Free will? He would keep who he was? Then how would he change?

"Blink, Adam," Dixie begged. He could feel her hands press down on his arm and pain shot through his arm and shoulder. He kept his eyes locked to the demon and began blinking as fast as he could.

"That's good enough," the demon said, her face lighting with a mile.

The demon stood up and let the long robe she wore slide down her back to reveal her naked body. Her bright red skin was covered in swirling black tattoos that glowed in the darkness of the pit. She reached down and he grunted in pain as she pulled his pants down. Once he felt the cold air of the small cavern touch his penis, the pain stopped as she closed her eyes and began chanting something in a language too complex for human tongue.

"What are you doing," Dixie's voice called from his side.

"Healing him," the beautiful demon said as she opened her eyes and looked down. Her gaze seemed to pierce into his soul and he felt his cock cover in warmth as she sat down on him. He hadn't even realized that he had an erection. He wasn't even sure if any of his body still worked at all but he felt his lungs fill up with sweet air and let out a moan of pleasure.

Strength began to return to various parts of his body at different times as the demon gently rose up and drifted down. Her cunt seemed to be sucking at his cock as she continued her magical ride. Something inside of him that wasn't quite physical serged from within and a sense that no words could ever explain was born. He could feel the demon's soul. He could feel the missing piece that she had given away. He didn't know where the piece was, only that it was a gift and the loss had never truly mended.

His body grew and his muscles tightened as they bulged. He could feel the demon's slit tighten around him and it took him a moment to realize that his girth was expanding to match his new size. Something thick and warm rolled down his temples and he rose his hands up to feel two hard horns piercing out of his forehead and curling upwards. His vision changed and the shadows of the cavern disappeared as Lucy and Dixie began to glow as if they were angels.

The demon's tattoos shined so brightly that Adam almost had to cover his eyes from the light. She floated up and down just as gracefully as before but the speed was increasing as she whispered moans that took on more gravity.

He felt something touch his hand and looked to his side to see Dixie, her hand placed within his. He squeezed her and smiled as he felt a ball of energy build up and tighten around his cock. He looked down to see the magical pull of the demon's orgasm begging him for his cum. His balls began to swell and he knew it wouldn't be long until he granted her power its wish.

"Finish the ritual," the demon said, her voice sweet and soft.

He looked down at the power and released his cum with a series of long, hot, and powerful blasts. The demon bit her lower lip and her wings stretched out from behind her back as she sat up straight. Her glowing tattoos seemed to explode in a light so bright that it took his vision from him for a moment. He blinked away the spots until he was able to see her once more.

The demon sat atop him and smiled as he felt her pussy pulse and suck up every last drop of his semen. Once she seemed satisfied that her cunt had drunk up all of him, she rose off of him and lightly landed on knees to his side once more.

"You are magnificent," the demon whispered in delight.

"Is that how the demon above was made," Dixie asked from his other side.

"What are you talking about," Adam asked as he sat up and looked down. His eyes widened in shock.

His skin was dark blue! His deflating penis was lying over his leg and had tripled in length and width. He looked at his hands for the first time, for he hadn't really paid attention when he was holding Dixie's hand, and seen long fingers that ended in sharp points. He flicked his tongue over his teeth and felt the sharpness of his canines.

"What am I," he asked as he looked back to the demon.

"You are our savior," she said happily before looking up to the brightness where the hole led back to the surface.


Sam blinked as the echoing laughter in his brain grew so loud that he couldn't hear anything else. He growled but couldn't even hear that.

"Shut up," he screamed as loudly as he could. Although he didn't hear his own voice, the laughter hushed to a whisper after and the sounds of a woman screaming caught his attention. He turned and looked passed some trees in the distance to find a young blonde woman running in long strides up the hill.

"Get her," a voice chimed in his head. Other voices followed after. "Get her." "Get the pretty" "Get" "Pretty"

Sam shook the annoying voices from his thoughts and stepped forward. Each step increased until he found himself running up the hill and gaining ground on the shouting woman quickly.

"Mom," she was screaming as she ran. Her voice was cut short with gasps of breath as she ran as hard as she could. "Stop!"

Another woman, older than the running one, stood at the top of the hill and looked down at the younger one got closer. Sam cocked his head to the side as he spotted a knife in the older woman's hand. What was she going to do?

"Mom," the younger woman shouted again. She stopped a few feet from the older woman and held her arms out as if she were going to embrace the would-be-assassin in a hug.

And he thought he was the crazy one.

The older woman stepped forward and jabbed her knife-hand forward. The younger woman stood with her arms still out wide and gasped. The older woman released the knife and stared into her daughter's eyes.

The voices in Sam's head urged him forward but he ignored them. He stood a few feet below them on the hill and watched as the younger woman curled her weakening arms around the older woman in a hug. Even Though the mother had stabbed her and was obviously not of sound mind, the daughter loved her anyway.

If Sam held any more humanity than he had within him, he would have found the sight touching. He didn't. The laughing voices wouldn't allow such a thing. Sam quirked his lips into an evil smile as the younger woman released her grasp and fell back. He stepped to the side as the daughter slid down the hill on her back. He looked up at the mother and his smile grew.

She stared blankly straight ahead and mostly showed no humanity. Mostly. Only a single tear rolling from the corner of her eye betrayed her. There was still something of herself inside her. Sam stepped up the hill and laughed as he ran his hand up the woman's stomach, feeling her muscles as she breathed in and out.

The woman didn't look at him as he rubbed a finger over her nipple, watching as it perked erect to his touch. He stared into her blank eyes as he rubbed the same hand down her stomach and slid his fingers between her legs. Her pussy was dripping wet.

Sam swept one arm behind her back and the other behind her knees and picked her up. She gave no resistance as he carried her down the hill to lay her down next to her daughter, who was still breathing. He stared at both women. The mother lying completely still and the daughter holding her hand around the knife in her stomach and breathing hard.

An idea came to Sam. He could cure the daughter. He didn't know how he knew but maybe even a monster like him could do something good from time to time. With a nod, Sam bent down.

He placed the mother's hand on the daughter's stomach and lied down on top of her. The daughter looked over at him as he pushed her mother's legs apart and plunged his dick into her. The mother jolted upright and gasped as he fucked her. He thought the mother would resist at first but smiled as he felt her legs wrap around his waist as she accepted his dick.

He worked his dick in and out of the mother as she moaned in what had to be from pleasure and looked over to see the knife getting pushed out of the daughter's stomach. The daughter's breathing got better and before long, Sam laughed as he watched the knife tip over and roll onto the ground. The wound in the daughter's stomach completely sealed.

Sam could feel the mother's corrupted soul getting twisted and called for the sirens. The ghostly figures of beautiful women materialized and surrounded the mother as he felt her juices run down his dick and drip from his balls. He pulled out and watched as the sirens stared at him as if waiting for his command.

"You saved my life," the daughter whispered. "Is she..."

Sam looked to her mother and then back to the daughter and giggled.

"She is good again," Sam managed to say through his giggles. The laughter in his head echoed louder.

"Thank you so much," the daughter said, embracing him in a hug. "Thank you."

Sam smiled. It felt good to do something nice. He wrapped his arms around the younger woman and embraced her hug. The laughter seemed to mock him as he felt the warmth of the woman's body. His dick still throbbing.

Sam's hug turned into a grapple as he twisted the woman and threw her on her stomach. She tried to turn but he was already on top of her. She cried out in a mixture of shock and pleasure as he plunged his hungry cock into her pussy from behind her. She felt so wonderful.

The laughter turned into words of encouragement as he worked furiously inside of her. She screamed as he felt her soul shift around from the electrical chilling attacks from what he had become. The sirens were still watching him expectantly and he sent a command to them.

"Take them," he commanded as his cock thickened.

The sirens surrounded both women and his thrusts struck air as the daughter turned into a siren herself. He watched as the mother and daughter embraced each other right before their souls shifted to the mindless ghosts of lust. It was a sweet moment. It was lost now but the sweetness of that reunion would stay with Sam for a long time to come.

Anger suddenly filled Sam as he realized that he had yet to cum. He grabbed the closest siren, a ghostly figure with large breasts and pigtails, and pulled to the ground. He held her legs up above her head and shoved his cock into her. She let out a high pitched shivering sound as he worked himself in and out of her using her outstretched legs as a springboard for each thrust.

He slid his tongue up her calves as he pulled his cock, which had started shooting strands of his cum already, out of her pussy and plunged it into her asshole, finishing his last few shots in her ass while she screamed and twitched from lust.

Sam released the siren and looked down to where the sounds of battle sounded off just down the hills. He would kill that great demon. The damned monster deserved death... almost as much as he deserved it.


"There's no turning back for you," Eliza screamed in front of him as he tried to step around to get to the slim Asian woman. "You have to stop and see what you've become!"

Kyle growled at his wife and swung his open hand in an attempt to swipe her out of the way. She hopped back and avoided his hand.

"I need more," he shouted at her. "I don't have enough energy yet!"

"You'll never have enough," she called to him. He looked over her shoulder and locked eyes with the Asian. He called to her with his eyes. He could feel her struggle against his magical pull but he knew that he had her.

Eliza turned to see Daisy staring back at him with lust in her eyes. She turned back to Kyle and jumped at him. He stuck his arm out just in time and was able to toss his wife out of the way just long enough to step toward the Asian woman.

He slid his hand down Daisy's back and lifted her up into the air. She looked down at him and smiled as he lowered her onto his cock. She cried in pleasure as he stretched her tight pussy over him. The mixture of the warmth of her cunt and the pull of her soul was too much for him, being weakened by recent events, and he fell onto his rump with her still on him. He worked his hips up and down as she bounced uncontrollably upon his lap.

Eliza crawled to them and instead of pulling Daisy off of him, she wrapped her arms around the Asian and grasped one of her breasts as she slid her other hand down to her clit and began pleasuring her. It felt like old times to Kyle. His wife working to help him gain his energy.

Kyle smiled and lied back as he felt Daisy's energy flow into him as his wife worked her into an orgasm. Daisy shouted as juices squirted from her pussy. He could feel her energy ball up and pull into him all at once. Daisy's face grew blank and Kyle's eyes narrowed in confusion as Eliza lifted her off of him and dropped her to the side. She jumped on top of his cock, surrounding him with her own warmth.

Eliza cried out in pleasure as Kyle felt her cunt sucking at his rod. She slid her hips back and forth, and up and down. Her fingernails scratched bright red lines down his chest and he grunted as he watched a tiny line of drool escape her lips and roll down her chin as she rode him hard.

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