Within You


The cold clung to her as she entered her warm apartment; one last reach from the frigid air fogged her breath as she turned to close the door. She took the lock to her door in her leather gloved hands; the cold from the metal didn't seep through the tightly formed gloves. She turned immediately in the dark, shrugged off her long coat. She peeled the leather gloves from her fingertips. For a moment, she stood solemnly looking to the reddened finger tips.

She passed through her kitchen walking across the wooden floors clicking her leather heels. She walked to her to her dark bathroom, and immediately filled the room with the cold fluorescent glow. She closed the door behind her and for a moment leaned against the dark wood she gained her balance and stalked toward the bathtub. Her fingers grasped the silver faucet, turned the heat all the way to instantly steam her face. She inhaled the sweet warm air closed her eyes and sat on the edge of the bathtub. Her fingers teasingly played with the instant warmth of the tub.

She reached for her leather boots, and pushed the zippers to the ends, she peeled them from her icy skin. She stood as she kicked the boots away from her; she reached behind her, and pulled the zipper to her dress down her back. She slipped her arms through and dropped the dress to the floor. She looked for a moment into the mirror becoming trapped in the steam. Her eyes tired, but still so bright blue, her hair fell in waves of curls down her chest and down her back. Her fingers teased at her thighs were they unhooked her stockings from her garter. She slipped them off slowly, her fingers still teasingly cold dancing as her back. Her fingers unhooked her garter belt and then moved to her bra, where the cold from her fingers make her body tingle. She wiggled out of her bra dropped it to the floor, her fingers continued to tease and torture her as they made their way to her panties. Her index fingers hooked the sides and pulled them from her warmth. She shivered again.

Something took a hold of her, something sensual. Her cold fingers roamed against her chest, where they played with her perfectly round breasts for a moment, but just enough to send a shiver down her spine. Her nipples hardened at the tough of her cold fingers. But her fingers were not done playing their game with her. She breathed deep as her fingers fell from her chest, to her hips, down her thin thighs, and then as if they could feel her warmth, they moved to the inside of her thighs, were they teased and played with her body. She felt the shivers surface as her cold fingers move into her. The warmth of her body made her fingers tease and taunt more; she felt the heat return to her face. Her eyes closed, and breath quickened, inhaling the steam from the tub. She felt her world begin to shake as she felt the wave of pleasure rush over her chest, and into her lungs. Her knees became weak, and brought her to the side of the tub where she continued to feel the pressure building inside her. She began to feel her heart beat faster. Tiny moans building her throat from her own pleasure, and soon a wave of warmth flooded her fingers, she moaned louder, and pushed her head back, arching her back craving her own climax. Heat took her, and curled itself around her chest, she felt the pressure release and flood her body. She saw white.

She opened her eyes to see the steaming room, her body warm now, but still craving the heat from the water. She teased eh surface of the water with her fingers, then with her toes. She stepped in the warmth with her weakened knees. She knelt down to feel the water take her whole body in warmth. She lay in the warmth of her afterglow, but her fingers teased her skin once more, this time under the warmth of the water. Her fingers traced her hips, she found herself craving more pleasure, and she wanted to see white again. Her fingers wondered down to her inner thigh where they felt her slippery core, breathing for more.

One finger teased at her entry, she felt the pure intensity grow with every second. Her fingers slipped inside her warmth with ease, she felt shivers at her neck, as if someone was breathing down her neck. She continued to torture herself so sweetly as her heart began to pound against her chest, her breath quickened as her pleasure started to surface. She closed her eyes and sunk further into the warmth of the water, she felt heat rush across her face, and move downward to her fingertips and inside her entry. She began to felt her orgasm intensify as her vision went completely white. She began to pant, trying to catch her breath.

She moved her fingers to her hips, but for a moment, it felt as if her finger tips lingered inside her. A sensation so strange, her eyes flicked open. As she looked to the steaming room, her eyes met the shape of a man forming from the heat of the water. The form hovered just above her hips, looking to her hips as if desiring her. She blinked, trying to gain consciousness on this strange figure, but when she opened her eyes once more, he was there again, looking to her, becoming more and more human looking, though she could see right through him.

Fear hit her instantly she splashed in the water, and splashed upward swinging her arms into the form. She jumped from the bath, and ran to the door, but as she turned to run from the room, the bath was empty. She stood confused, water dripping from her naked body to the tiled floor. Had she really seen a man inside the water?

She turned away from the bath to grab the door handle in her hands. As she did warm hands embraced her hands, and pulled them away from the door and pinned them against the wooden door. She felt breathing down her neck, a sensation that drove her wild. Her heart thudded in her chest, and began to pound in her throat. She felt his wet lips at her neck, torturing so perfectly up and down the back of her neck, her arms grew weak with his kiss. Her body began to beg for more, she could feel her pleasure building, soaking her entry. His arms retreated from pinning her against the door, to tracing along her arms, and down her back. She began so shiver at his touch, though she could feel the warm trail of water where he touched her. She felt him push against her, his erection begging and pushing against her entrance. She breathed out in surprise as she felt him at her entry.

He grabbed her by the hips and turned her to face him. She met the face of a beautiful man, his whole body dripping with water. Her fingers teased along his fit chest and down to his hips. He kissed her lips so wetly, sliding his tongue into her mouth gently. He pushed into her, pushing her into the door, while kissing her passionately. The motion of being pushed against the door made her body tremble against him, and made her moan. Her moan rippled in his ears, a noise to make him want her more.

He grabbed her by the butt and pulled her upward; she wrapped her legs around his waist, while kissing his slick lips. She drove her fingers through his wet hair. As she did he pushed her against the door once more, she moaned again and began to kiss him harder, begging him to kiss her more deeply. His fingers reached for the door handle, and flung the door open with ease. He continued to kiss her as his body slowly stalked into the bed room.

He rested her on the bed gently, and reclaimed her mouth from her kiss. He moved downward, kiss her chest, taking her breasts in his slippery hands. He kissed her chest, and then began to lick, and suck on her breasts. His tongue teased and taunted her, begging for her moan again. Her breath quickened, and as his tongue slipped across her nipple she wiggled and moaned from his sweet torture.

His tongue teased and tortured her, but soon moved from her hard nipples to her ribs, to her perfectly curved hips. His kiss made her body weak; she could feel her pleasure coming in waves with each kiss he placed on her body.

He kissed her hips to lightly, and moved downward to the inside of her thighs, teasing her just enough quicken her breaths. His kiss teased the inside of her thighs enough for her to squirm against his kiss.

And as she closed her eyes from his torture, she felt his tongue at her lips, teasing once more. She moaned as she felt his tongue again against her warmth. Teasing, licking, tasting her juices, feeling her every moan, her every pleasure. His tongue slid into her, she moaned as she felt his warmth inside her. His tongue moved across her clit, begging for more of her sweet taste. She moaned, and began to shake beneath him, as he continued to eat her. A wave of pleasure hit her instantly, her body bucked beneath her; she began to scream as her orgasm rushed across her body.

Before her orgasm faded, she felt him pull her by her legs to meet his throbbing erection. And before she could catch her breath he pushed inside her. She felt a wave of pain as he entered her tight pussy. He slid inside her, pushing at her walls, throbbing with pleasure. Before she could react to the pain of him inside her, a second orgasm washed over her. She began moaning, louder as she felt it coming, and her moans grew louder as her warmth flooded over him.

He felt her buckle beneath her, her tight pussy torturing at his erection; he felt her orgasm clinch him. He moved faster as her moans grew louder. Soon she was screaming for more, he pushed into her harder and harder until he moved at her pounding heartbeat. He felt his pleasure surfacing.

He took her in his arms, weak but still begging for more. He brought her to his lips. He turned her in his arms, and pushed her back down on the bed with her back now toward him. He moved into her quickly, not allowing her to breath for moment. AS he entered her from behind, he moved his fingers to her entry. Her body began to shake, pushing against him. Her moans grew louder as her third orgasm washed over her in pure heat. Her insides clinched him so perfectly, he could no longer hold back. His body seized beneath him, his orgasm came over him, pushing him deeper inside her.

She collapsed into the bed, tired, she lay basking in her after glow. He curled into her, she looked to the man who gave her the best sex, and ran her fingers through his wet hair. as she moved kiss him again, he disappeared beneath her kiss in a puff of steam.

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