tagNonConsent/ReluctanceWithout Her Consent or Knowledge Ch. 1

Without Her Consent or Knowledge Ch. 1

byItalian Voyeur©

A few years ago I saw a story on the news about a date rape drug called Rohypnol that was clear, odorless, and tasteless and used to treat sleeping disorders. At that time the drug was legal in the United States but since one of the side effects was temporary amnesia it had gained popularity as the date rape drug of choice and consequently is now illegal in the United States. The story grabbed my attention not only because of the scintillating video but also because I occasionally had trouble sleeping when traveling on business to Europe as a result of the large time difference.

Recently I was sent on a business trip to San Diego and during the course of that visit some of my associates who had never been to Mexico decided to cross the border to see what it was like. Since I had nothing else to do and had never been to a border town, I decided to tag along. We drove to the border crossing but were reluctant to take a company car into Mexico since it was against company policy. So we parked at one of the many pay lots at the border and walked across into Mexico.

It was obvious as we walking around that just about anything was for sell, especially cheap prescription drugs from the local pharmacies. We stopped in an outdoor café in the middle of a shopping area to grab a beer and people watch. As we drank our beers and watched people buying all sorts of clothing, blankets, knick knacks and other items, one of my associates recalled a story he saw on the news about not needing a prescription to buy prescription medicines in Mexico. He said that explained the high traffic volume into the numerous pharmacies in the area and he jokingly suggested that it would be a good time to buy some Viagra.

After a few beers I got up and went inside the café to find the restroom and relieve the pressure that was building in my bladder. Our waitress pointed me out the back of the café to a pharmacy that she said was owned by the café owner. I found the restroom and was on my way back out when I saw an American leaving with a bag full of prescription medications and walking into a Fed-ex shipping center next door. Thinking about what my friend had said earlier I asked the man behind the counter how much a box of 50 Viagra cost. They weren't cheap but then again you didn't need a prescription. As I was preparing to pay suddenly I remembered the story on Rohypnol. I asked the guy behind the counter if they had any. He brought out a box of 100 from behind the counter and just like the Viagra they were sealed in the original manufacturer's packaging with a valid expiration date. On an impulse I decided that these would be handy for my trips to Europe and I decided to purchase them as well. The cashier recommended that I ship them to my home or work address using the Fed-ex location next door rather than attempt carrying them across the border. I took his advice and shipped them home and then returned to my friends drinking in the café. Three days later my package arrived and I put 20 Viagra and 20 Rohypnol in an Aspirin container in my small shoulder travel pack for those trips to Europe.

A few weeks later I traveled on business to a conference in Miami. I planned on staying at the resort where the conference was being held during my meetings and then staying the weekend in the popular South Beach area. The topics on the afternoon of the 3rd day didn't interest me and so I decided to go to my room overlooking the beach, grab my travel pack, change, and go enjoy the beach scenery. My room was located at the far end of the hotel and as I looked out the window I was disappointed to see that the beach chairs and umbrellas were pretty deserted. Probably because it had been fairly windy and most people were at the pool area which offered more protection from the wind. Always looking on the bright side I thought, perhaps there would be enough privacy to snap some pictures of some of the Latin lovelies sunbathing topless out on the beach using my pocket digital camera. So off I went.

There were a few couples sunning on the beach, one with a what looked to be a pretty curvaceous blonde but since she was lying on her stomach at the time with her husband or boyfriend next to her, I kept moving toward the end of the beach farthest from the hotel. There was a hotel waiter also taking drink orders on the beach and working his way toward the same end of the beach. As I was approaching the end of the hotel's area of the beach, I came upon a stunning brunette, the stereotypically South American beauty you would expect to find in Miami. She was about 5'7" tall with beautiful skin and features sunning topless with what appeared to be 34c sized breasts proudly on display as she lay on her back in a tiny bikini that barely covered her curvaceous tan hips. Since the waiter was right behind me I decided to continue down the beach to see what other eye candy I might snap a picture of and then make my way back.

After walking down the beach another 5 minutes and realizing how deserted it was between hotels, I decided it was time to make my way back to the brunette I had seen. As luck would have it the waiter was just now coming back with her drink and was approaching her position about the same time as I was making getting her picture difficult! Argh. Oh well I thought maybe I'll just sit nearby until he leaves after all no one else is around so once he's gone the coast will be clear as long as she lays back down. As I near the 2 of them the waiter is setting down a rather tall plastic yellow glass with a fruity looking drink and asking if she would like to charge it to her room. She gives him her room number, which I realize is only a few doors down from mine, and signs the check charging the drink to her room. I've stopped just short of and behind her umbrella canopied chaise lounge, camera at the ready in my pocket, and pulled out my cell phone acting as if I am taking a call to stall until he leaves.

Immediately after the waiter leaves, she puts on her top and gets up to head for a dip in the water. I can't believe how stunning she looks from the rear! Oh my God I thought she looked tasty before, I had no idea just how stunning she was until I watched her walk toward the water in her incredible yellow thong bikini with her gorgeous tanned rump on display. Since I was slightly behind the canopy of her lounge chair I realized that she hadn't seen me and this was the perfect opportunity to get some shots of her rear before the view was blocked by the 3 rows of canopied lounge chairs between us and the water. I quickly snapped off 2 shots of her ass and legs as she made her way to the water. After that it was difficult to catch a glimpse because of the umbrellas and the slope of the beach down to the water.

I realized that if I couldn't see her from my position then she couldn't see me from the water and decided to look at her things to see if I could learn anything about her. In a few short strides I was looking down at her spot but besides a beach bag, cell phone, sunscreen, towel, paperback book, and her drink there was nothing in plain sight to give me anymore information about her. Just as I was about to step away I saw her unattended drink and thought of the date rape story and how she should be more careful leaving her drink unattended. Then it hit me. Her drink was unattended and I had that Rohypnol in the travel pack holding my beach towel on my shoulder. What if I slipped some into her drink? Could I go through with something like this? Would it work or would I end up in prison? All these thoughts ran through my head but the thought of getting some close up pictures of those great tits and that great ass along with the realization that we were fairly isolated had me dropping 4 of the small white pills into her drink before I knew it and then making my way off a discrete distance down the beach to wait.

Eventually I could see her making her way back to her lounge chair where she promptly removed her top and dried herself off before taking a sip of her drink. After about a half an hour of watching her sunbathe while sipping on her drink she appeared to be less active. I decided to walk by to see if I could tell how much of her drink she had consumed. When I approached she was laying on her back with her nice tits exposed and a towel covering her face, I guess to keep her face out of the sun. Perfect I thought -- she can't even see me and I quickly snapped off a few close-ups of her body before approaching closer to get a look at her drink. It looked as though she had consumed about 90% of her drink but I didn't know if the Rohypnol had taken effect yet or if it had dissolved into her drink or sank to the bottom. I decided that perhaps the best way to find out was to ask her a question. "Excuse me, what time do you have?" Nothing, no response. I ask her again with the same result and decide to risk shaking her a bit. I push back and forth on her arm without any reaction. My heart is racing as I lift the towel from her face. Her eyes are open but she has a glassy far away look and appears non-responsive. She does appear to be breathing regularly though and her pulse feels normal as well but she appears completely out of it and I realize that she is completely at my disposal!

There is an empty lounge chair next to her meant to be used with the same umbrella and I quickly lay my towel on it and sit down next to her so that if anyone comes by it will appear that we are together. I open her beach bag and look through her billfold. I now have a name to go with this beautiful creature, Gloria Aranga holds a Colombian passport but has a drivers license with an address in Orlando and according to her business card works there with a job in international finance. I quickly copy down the information from her driver's license and business card before returning them to her purse. I take some pictures of the upper half of her body clearly showing her face and tits, then I take some full length shots showing her nice legs and hips, and finally I take some close-ups of her tits and the outline of her pussy lips through her bikini bottoms. What a power trip! I'm sitting next to this incredibly stunning beauty and doing whatever I want to her.

I realize that I have no idea how long we'll be alone before someone else might come out to this section of beach or how long before the waiter will return and decide I'd better quickly take advantage of the situation. I begin by rubbing those tits I have been admiring and getting some shots of my hands rubbing her breasts and pinching and twisting her nipples until they are standing out proudly from her chest. Next I untie the strings on each hip holding her bikini bottoms on uncovering a beautiful shaved cunt with just a small tuft of hair above her lips. I quickly take some shots of her exposed pussy as well as some full length shots showing both her pussy and tits. At this point I reach over and get some shots of my fingers manipulating her clit and then penetrating her hot little cunt. For the most part she is very passive but as I continue to ream my fingers in and out of her slit her hips buck slightly against my hand and lets out a slight moan.

At this point I have a raging hard on and decide that she is certainly out of it enough that I can do as I please. I take a look around to make sure that no one is approaching, pull my shorts to one side to free my cock, and climb between her legs to rub my dick up and down her cunt lips. As I move my cock up and down her hot wet pussy lips I take pictures and then slam my cock completely up into her tight little cunt getting a picture of the Kodak moment. I set the camera down so that I can concentrate on fucking her while sucking on her nice long hard nipples. As I pump my cock in and out of her she moans slightly with each thrust and her hips continue to buck slightly each time I grind against her clit. It's an indescribable feeling to be fucking this Latin beauty who I have never even spoken to without her consent or apparent knowledge and I struggle to delay my orgasm. I figure this is a once in a lifetime experience and I want to make it last.

After about ten minutes I raise her legs so that they are resting on my shoulders with her ankles pressed back against the sides of her head in order to gain leverage to really pound her hard. This position has the added advantage that I can easily reach around and squeeze both cheeks of her fine tan ass while I am fucking her. I know that I can't hold off much longer and decide to give in to the moment and just pound away. As my dick pumps in and out of her, her cunt gets extremely wet and it is clear that she is getting pleasure from the treatment I am giving her. I can feel her pussy pulsate and tighten around my cock until she moans loudly and squirts all over my dick clearly having an orgasm and enjoying the fucking she is getting. This is such a turn on to know that she is enjoying this that it only takes me a few more minutes before I am shooting my cum up into her tight juicy little cunt holding her legs so that they are spread nice and wide while I pump her full of my sperm. After I am done I stay on top of her for a few minutes savoring the incredible power of what I have just done.

Once I finally pull out I take some shots of her legs spread wide with my cum oozing out of her cunt and her face clearly visible. She is just laying there glassy eyed with her mouth slightly open and just a hint of drool escaping. I still don't see anyone around and my dick is still turgid and wet with our combined juices. She still seems pretty out of it so I decide to have some more fun. I scoot up to straddle her upper body and start running the head of my dick all over her face and lips. I grab the camera and get some shots of my dick on her face and running over her lips. I start to get hard again and force my dick past her slack lips into her mouth getting pictures as I run my dick in and out of her mouth until my erection has completely recovered.

At this point I decide I want to fuck her cunt some more but I'd like some pictures of her curvaceous tan ass so I decide to get her on her hands and knees. I roll her onto her stomach and raise her hips and ass into the air but it is obvious that she is doped up enough that she won't be able to support her own weight on her hands. So I rest her upper body on her shoulders and pull her arms back so that they lay along each side with her hands near her knees where I can hold onto them and keep her ass nice and high in the air while I fuck her. I take a few shots of her in this position before plunging my dick back into her cunt. Since the chaise lounge she is on is so low to the ground I am able to really get good leverage and easily pound into her cunt hard from behind while I rub and slap her incredible ass.

After just a few minutes of pounding into her while looking down at and fondling her fabulous ass, I realize that I am missing an incredible opportunity by not fucking her in the ass while she is in this position. I pull my dick from her cunt, plunge my fingers into her pussy to scoop up a handful of our combined juices and lubricate her asshole. I firmly grab each hip and press the head of my dick against her asshole until the head makes entry. I get a shot of this before plunging my entire cock into her incredibly tight ass. After just a few strokes I am fucking her as hard in the ass as I did in her cunt and I can her slight moans of pleasure emanating from her and it gives me a surge of excitement as I plunge in and out reaching around to pull and tweak on her wet swollen clit. What a power trip! It doesn't take long before I am ready to cum and I decide to dump my load on her face. I pull out of her ass, roll her back onto her back and straddle her head. I lift her head slightly and push my dick into her mouth fucking her face. After a few strokes I am ready to blow shooting the first spurt into her mouth. I pull out and shoot all the remaining cum over her tits, lips, face, forehead, and hair. I can't believe how much cum I shoot considering I've already shot her cunt full of cum.

At this point I decide that I am probably spent which seems a shame since she is still out of it. I shoot some pictures of her covered in my sperm and rub some of the sperm on her face into her mouth. I also pull, pinch, and twist on her nipples and run my fingers in, on, and over her pussy and pussy lips again as well as squeezing her ass before I prepare to leave. At this point I decide I should clean her up a bit so that it is not obvious to anyone passing by like the waiter that she has been fucked. I rub my sperm into her skin and into her hair making sure to leave plenty of my sperm coating both the inside and outside of her lips before retying the strings to her bikini bottom at each hip. I then pull the bottoms up into her pussy so that her slit is clearly visible especially since her bottoms have been soaked by our juices. I take some final pictures of her before covering her face with her towel and leaving her lying topless on the beach.

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by Anonymous11/20/18

CHAPTER 2 in 15-20 years

Italian voyeur probably tried to do this is real life and he is currently serving 15-20 years in a maximum security prison, lol.

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