tagNovels and NovellasWithout Remorse Ch. 07

Without Remorse Ch. 07


This is a crime thriller with romantic sex, and a smidgeon of violent non consensual sex and interesting by-play between various characters whom I hope you'll enjoy.

Definition of a Sociopath -- someone unconcerned about the adverse consequences for others of one's actions and with a total lack of moral compass.


Ben sat rubbing the back of his neck whilst putting the handset back down and crowed, "Secours and Noble have submitted designs for all of the rape sites, only two of them they won the bid on, the others they bombed out, but that means they have all the details that the rapist would need to plan his exact entry and exit by missing being caught on CCTV."

"That puts all the male workers there in the frame."

Getting up Ben stretched, "I need to get on the case to find the girl, you coming?"

Grabbing his jacket and slipping it on Jake nodded, "Lets hit the pharmacies around the embankment first, I'll print us out a list, and leaning over he moved his mouse, clicking until he had what he wanted on the computer screen and then clicked print."


The disgruntled contract killer stood hopping from foot to foot outside of the Police Station, he was cold, hungry and tired and right now he was desperate to go to the toilet, and his car was now parked up the road on a parking meter, the cost which had shocked him. London parking prices were extortionate compared to up in the North East, and he was running out of change to feed the meter. Just as he was thinking of going into the small café up the road to use the loo and change a twenty pound note for change Jake and Ben walked out the station and round to the Police car park to get Jakes car. Running up the road cursing his bad luck at the timing, the killer got in his car and pulled out ready to follow them.

Who knows he thought, maybe he could relieve himself wherever they parked up, because if he didn't go soon he knew he would have an accident on his hands, and in the mood he was in he just wouldn't have much of a sense of humour about it.

Weaving a few cars behind Jake and Bens car he followed slowly through the heavy London traffic, making sure he never lost them, and when finally they parked up he had to drive past looking for another parking space. Not finding one he just pulled up onto a yellow line and left the car hoping his luck would fall into place and he wouldn't get a ticket. Running up the road he caught up with the two detectives and staying slightly back he watched as they walked up to a chemist shop and entered. Five minutes later they came out and looking at a sheet of paper, and then pointing up the road the London copper seemed to indicate that they should walk in that direction.

The contract killer started to follow and then noticing a small alley that ran up the side of a restaurant popped down into it, undid his flies and pulling out his cock let out a stream of steaming golden urine, sighing with relief as the full pressure in his bladder was relieved. Zipping up his flies he left the alley, running up the road until he found the two men and fell into following them again, feeling a lot happier.


In the third chemist the girl behind the counter told Jake and Ben that she hadn't seen the girl in the photo, but only this morning another homeless girl had come in and asked to buy the strongest pain medication that she could buy over the counter.

"I remember her as I've seen her on the street before, trying to pull men or begging for money. She's never been in here before unlike some of them. Quite a few have prescriptions for methadone, and often they are waiting for us to open when we arrive in the morning, but today there she was amongst the junkies and for a moment I thought maybe she was also going to get her fix for the day. But she didn't. Just wanted the pain killers."

"What did she look like?"

"Skinny, dark straight black hair, pinched face, about five-five."

"What was she wearing?"

"A short jeans jacket over a grey hoody, short black skirt, I think she had on a pair of boots, but I'm not sure."

"No that's good, now where do you usually see her, when you see her in the morning."

"Down by the station, she begs there as the commuters come out, and sometimes I see her down on the embankment by the bridge touting for customers."

Walking out of the chemist Jake said to Ben, "You think she was getting the pain killers for our girl?"

"Could be. I think it might be a good idea to be down by the station tomorrow to see her, ask her if she knows the girl."

"In the meantime I think we should go back to Secours and Noble and have a little chat with Mr Noble."

"I agree." And the two men walked back to their car and got in.

The contract killer ran up the road to get his car and follow them only to find that it had been clamped. Swearing and kicking the car he pulled the penalty notice off the windscreen and read that to get the car unclamped he would have to go over to the car pound and pay one hundred and fifty pounds before they would come and unlock the yellow thing from around the front outside wheel that was holding his car immobile.

His day was going from bad to worse.


Kelly got off early and went to have her hair done, she was meeting Mike for supper at a local Italian Restaurant and wanted to look her best. Last night the sex had been great, he was good looking with a good job and she had a good feeling about this.

Realistically she knew she shouldn't be getting mixed up with a possible suspect, but she didn't believe that he was the Homeless Rapist and so she sat in the hairdressers, getting her hair done, and deciding what to wear that would be sexy and inviting to turn Mike on.


Jake and Ben sat in front of the Partner of the Architectural firm noting his body language as they asked him questions about who would be involved with the proposals that had been submitted for each of the rape sites, and how each one was put together.

He explained that anyone in the firm would have access and that many of the team worked on the actual proposal from the original sales, through the architect, and on to the accounts department on down. It would be impossible to point a finger at just one person who had access to all the bids and eliminate the others at this point.

Looking shaken at the knowledge that someone in his firm could be the Homeless Rapist David Noble stood up and walking the two detectives out asked if it could be kept quiet in the press as this could cause problems with a number of bids they had out at present.

Jake looked the man in the eyes and told him, "Mr Noble, at present we are holding back information from the press, I suggest you hold back the information from your staff as well."

"Of course."

"Thank you for your help." and the two men left the offices and walked down to their car watched by the rapist who sat at his desk, a small smile on his lips. He didn't worry about being caught by the police; he felt superior and contemptuous of them and was sure he had covered his back in everyway.

Let them focus on everyone here at Secours and Noble, there were enough men here to keep them busy, and after he had set his new plan in action he would have an iron clad alibi when the next rape occurred.


The meal had been lovely and the conversation between them flirty and fun and Kelly was feeling no pain from the amount of wine she had drunk. They had grabbed a taxi back to his place and as they entered his apartment they had grabbed at each other, their kisses hot and heavy, hands undressing each other, clothes scattering around the room as Mike eased her towards his bedroom. Laying down on the bed, bodies rolling around, rubbing against each other, mouths joined, hands stroking the two people made love.

Kelly's body hummed with pleasure, relaxed with the after effects of her orgasm and the potent lethargy of the wine she lay sprawled next to Mike. Rolling over and getting up he bent over her and said, "Stay here, I'll get us some refreshment before we start again."

Stretching her body she watched as his naked body walked across the room and out the door admiring his naked buttocks and long strong back, smiling the contented smile of a woman well satisfied she pulled the covers over herself.

In the kitchen Mike reached across to his wine rack grabbing a bottle of Merlot and removed the cork. Taking two glasses from the cupboard above him he poured out the rich red liquid, then taking the small vial from where he had hidden it after he had bought it from some dealer where he also got his hash from, he placed the Rohypnol into one of the glasses of wine before picking it up and walking back into the bedroom and handing it to Kelly. Sipping from his own glass of wine Mike sat crossed legged next to her on the bed, his left hand slowly stroking her body, knuckles gently skimming her hard tight sensitive nipples, fingertips soothing over her shoulder and tucking her hair behind her ear as she sipped her own wine, waiting patiently for the drug to kick in.

Indolently they sat on the bed, sipping the wine, talking quietly as he watched as Kelly slowly over the next half hour succumbed to the effects of the drug, and taking the empty glass from her limp hand he laid her down on the bed, stood up and walked out the bedroom to collect his clothes and get dressed.

Then standing next to the bed he then looked down at the drugged woman, checking to see how out of it she was before reaching under the bed for the plastic shopping bag stuffed with the clothes he had purchased from the charity shop over the last few days.

Turning his back to the bed and the drugged detective he walked out of the apartment and into the night.

Tonight he was going to rape someone, and this time he would have a watertight alibi.

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