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Coming home from work, Zack climbed the stairs two at a time to his 10th floor apartment. The elevators were too slow so he preferred to run up the stairs as a form of exercise. Zack enjoyed keeping his 6'2, 190 pound body in shape. He had turned many a head with his dark brown hair that was almost black, big brown eyes and one of those smiles that just makes a girl tingle when he flashes it at her.

While making his deliveries, Zack never failed to dazzle the secretaries with that bright smile of his. He smiled now, thinking of the lovely blonde at the lawyer's office where he had just delivered his last package of the day. She was angry about the package being late and it was obvious she was about to blast him until he flashed her THE smile. She came right around from behind her desk to sign the papers and he did not fail to notice how she made sure her ample breast brushed up against his arm. Tipping his hat and telling her to have a good day, he strode out of the building not only happy that he had avoided her wrath but also glad to be on his way home.

Unlocking the door to his apartment, not huffing and puffing at all from the exertion of his run up the stairs, Zack tossed his mail on the kitchen table and walked over to the fridge. Leaning in he reached for a Coors Lite from the six pack plastic and he snapped the lid. Walking into the living-room and over to his telescope, he took a sip from the frosty can and he looked out the window.

Her light was on. The sexy redhead in the next building on the 8th floor was already home from work and he stood watching her as she put some things away in her kitchen cupboards. She looked great in her skirt and jacket but he knew she'd look even better beneath them. He just watched her without the use of the telescope; he decided to use that later. Still sipping from his can, he watched her as she sat on the ottoman in the living-room slipping off her high heels. He watched her as she raised her knees up to her chest to rub her tired feet. Her skirt fell back from her legs so he was able to enjoy the lovely expanse of thigh now visible.

Zack loved how the two buildings were laid out. Both his and her apartments were long, with the kitchen, livingroom and bedroom all in a row with a floor to ceiling; wall to wall window in each room. Keeping up with the feminine look, the lovely redhead left her kitchen and livingroom windows bare. Zack thought he could catch a glimpse of some non useful valance across the top but he was not sure. Her bedroom curtains were gauzy and white, a little harder to see through when she closed them, but she did not close them very often. The only room he could not see into was the bathroom.

If the layout was the same as his, it was an ensuite off the bedroom with no window at all. He picked this apt for the price and where it was located, but he was ecstatic when he saw who lived across the street. He lived there about a week before he ran out and bought himself the best telescope he could buy. He also kept an excellent pair of binoculars on the table next to his chair that he had placed to face the window. Once he realized how much he enjoyed this game of watching, he bought a bunch of those little nite lites that you plug into the wall sockets.

He kept a few of those on in the hall. They were placed low to the floor in the kitchen. To light his bedroom when necessary, he used the ensuite light and kept the bathroom door open. He did not want the lovely redhead to watch him watching her.

Finishing his beer, Zack went to the kitchen to grab another one and when he returned to his chair in the livingroom he was rewarded with the sight of the lovely redhead stretching her arms high above her head and she was on her tippy toes. She had slipped off her jacket and was wearing a short tight sweater that showed all of her ample curves. He watched her go over to her stereo and put on some music. Once she was pleased with her choice, she lifted her skirt to her waist and slipped down her pantyhose and tossed them onto the chair behind the ottoman.

Zack smiled to himself as he watched her lovely hips swing to and fro as she danced to the silent music. She raised her hands beneath her long red tresses and lifted her hair off her shoulders, her breasts beautifully were outlined in the tight sweater and her luscious hips were moving to the music. She even dipped her body down in dance and turned around so he could see her from all angles. He tipped his beer to the window in a silent tribute to her show.

He knew if he kept watching, she would not disappoint him. Sure enough once she let down her hair, she scooped her sweater over her head and tossed it away. Her large breasts were barely confined in the lacy black bra and when she bent over from the waist he thought for sure they would spill from their confines, but sadly they did not. He saw her hands go behind her back and fiddled with something there, her hips swinging and flowing and not missing a beat to the music.

Suddenly loose, down went the skirt. He could almost hear her giggle when he watched her delicate foot hook the skirt and kick it like a football for a field goal to the chair. Zack kept sipping, feeling his throat go dry, when he saw her firm and impressive ass bare, it was not until she turned around during her dance that he saw that there was a lacy patch of black material covering her pubic hair. Zack could not have removed his eyes from this delightful sight even if someone had yelled fire. He could not hear the music, of course, but he could tell that the song had changed from the way she had changed her dancing. He watched the waterfall of red tresses shield her face as her chin dipped to her chest, her hands were working the clasp of her bra that was between her breasts.

Zack decided it was time to go to the telescope and watch from there. He was pleased to see the lovely redhead with outstretched arms dancing in circles with her lacy bra still in her hand. Large full breasts bounced as she twirled. She let go of the bra and it too landed on the chair. He could see her smile and he loved watching her enjoy herself so much. The best was coming. He stood up and sipped but quickly dropped to peek through the telescope in time to see her fingers slip into her panties. She had her back to the window as she bent from the waist slipping her panties down and off her feet. Zack caught his breath, because with the aid of the telescope he was rewarded with a quick glimpse of pussy lips and a hint of her ass when she performed this part of her strip. He licked his lips, wishing and dreaming. Naked, the dancer turned around and swayed. Without the aid of clothing, she wiggled and jiggled in all the right places. She looked beautiful. Zack watched her dance over to the stereo and fiddle with something before she danced on to her bedroom and soon she was out of sight. He knew then that she must be in the shower.

Zack slipped his hand over the crotch of his pants and felt the aching bulge. He wanted to relieve himself so badly but he knew there would be more. He walked to the kitchen and tossed his empty can on the counter and went into his bedroom. He stripped without the aid of music and much faster than the pretty redhead. He gripped his cock and stoked it a few times. Hmm, that felt good but he did not want to cum yet so he hopped into his shower and hurriedly washed. When he was done, he padded to the kitchen with only the light from the the nite lites and wearing only a big towel wrapped around his waist.

Grabbing another beer, he went to the livingroom and sat in his chair. He just watched for awhile in the window of the 8th floor, contentedly sipping his beer.

A few minutes later, Zack looked up and saw a profusion of pink and skin. He looked through his telescope and he saw that she had come out of the shower with her hair and body wrapped in big pink towels. She unwrapped her head and started to brush out her hair. Once she was done she slipped off her towel. She was reaching for her robe when she suddenly stopped. He turned the scope to see that she was looking into one of those free standing mirrors. She raised her hands and cupped her breasts, he was sure he saw her pinch her nipples between her fingers and her thumbs. Watching, he saw her slide her hand down her tummy and touch herself between her legs. Zack looked down at the tent his hard cock created and he slipped off the towel to sit there naked and watch.

The lovely redhead walked backwards to her bed and sat down. She opened her legs and slid her bottom forward to see herself better. He watched her raise her head to look into the mirror. Laying back on her elbows, she brought her heels up to her ass and opened her legs even more.

"Ohh yes, baby" Zack said out loud. "Come on honey, take a good look."

Zack watched as her hand slid down and opened her labia as she examined herself. Her finger touched the top of her cunt and he saw her body twitch. Looking, he saw a finger disappear inside that furry cavern as her head laid back on the bed. This gave Zack the nicest view of those luscious tits. His hand gripped his cock hard but his eye never left the telescope. Stroking himself he watched as the redhead removed her finger and brought it to her mouth, he groaned out loud when he watched her slip that pretty finger between her lips while she tasted herself.

"Yes, darling" still talking aloud to himself, "Lay back on those soft pillows and play. I am right here with you playing too."

Disappointed, Zack watched her get up from the bed and he gripped his cock and groaned out. "Nooooo"

To his immense relief, the lovely redhead only went to her drawer and pulled out a long phallic figure. "Yes, that's my girl! DO IT"

Armed with her toy, she returned to her bed and laid down on her back with her legs opened wide. Zack watched as he saw the silver cock slide across her breasts. Through the telescope he could see her nipples rise and pucker. The silver friend slid down her belly and across her pubic hair. He could see her put more pillows behind her head as she took the toy and placed it right on her clit.

Zack knew it must be vibrating cause when he moved the telescope up to her face he saw that her head was tossed back into a pile of damp red curls and her mouth was opened. It was not long before he saw her move the silver toy to slide it inside herself. Her legs opened and closed on the intruder and her head started to roll from side to side.

Zack thought he was going to explode. His grip tightened and when he looked down he could see a pearly drop of precum on the slit of his cock. His hand slid down to cup his balls. The were full and heavy, he felt them crinkle and move up close to his groin. He returned his hand to his cock and stroked it slowly, up and down, coming all the way up to slide his fingers across the wet and sensitive head. This is great he thought but he did not want to cum until the gorgeous redhead did. He squeezed and stroked himself bringing himself closer but trying hard to not bring himself over the edge.

Looking up into the telescope again, Zack saw the silver toy go in and out of her. Then the redhead rolled to her tummy on all fours with her ass high up in the air. Reaching between her legs, she was pushing the dildo in and out faster now. Zack saw her head toss back and her throat constrict. He knew she was close and so was he! He moaned out loud, the noise always made him get closer. He saw her drop from her knees to lay flat on the bed. Her pretty face was turned to the side, her long lovely back was bare to his sight as it curved up to her lovely rounded bottom, long lovely legs were stretched taut and her pretty toes pointed.

He could not even see the silver toy between her legs anymore but he did see her arms were pinned down to her cunt beneath her body. He watched both her curvaceous bottom rotating and grinding before looking up to her lovely wrinkled brow and her opened lips on her pretty face. He knew she was close, he wished he could hear her moan. His cock in his fist was aching and throbbing. He was close himself. He knew he was going to cum and soon.

Just as he felt the tenseness low in his tummy and his balls tighten, he looked and saw her legs stretch even further. He felt his cum boil up and slip through his slit and out like a fountain. He moaned and gripped and threw his head back. Globs of white cum spurted everywhere. He stroked and stroked and pulled and tugged until every last drop was emptied from his balls. Groaning and feeling weak, Zack sat up to see the lovely ass rotate and grind and her face all scrunched up as though she were in delicious pain.

"Oh God" he thought, " She looks so beautiful!"

She comes. He could not hear her, or taste her, or smell her but he could see her and he felt her orgasm. He felt her body tense and he imagined her moans as he watched her cum. He knew exactly when it was over for her, because she raised her one knee and released her hands from beneath her body. He looked down and saw that the coveted silver friend was spit from her sated body and laying on the duvet between her opened legs. Her hand reached up to brush her tussled hair from her face. Slowly she rolled to her back. She looked wonderful with her heavy breasts heaving in post orgasmic bliss. She lay still for a few minutes and he watched as she placed her hand between her legs and tenderly touched herself. Bringing her fingers to her mouth, she sucked them in sheer pleasure.

Zack watched the beautiful red-haired princess rise from the bed. He looked down at his sated member lying dormant and wet on his leg. He could see little spots of cum he would have to clean up. Zack hesitantly left to go the fridge to grab another beer. Snapping the cap, he wandered naked back into the livingroom. Sipping his beer, he stood watching the woman of his dreams as she crawled naked off her bed. Slowly and seductively she walked over to the window. Standing there she reached out her arms to grip her curtains to close them, but before she did, she looked up at the 10th floor of the building across the street, smiling.

Little fingers gave a tentative little wave to Zack.

© 1998, Misty's Erotic Stories

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