tagInterracial LoveWives Night Out Ch. 01

Wives Night Out Ch. 01


Amanda and I have been married for nine years. Yes, she is a gorgeous blonde. My trophy wife I like to tell everyone. We married straight out of college. We dated a couple years during school and fell in love instantly. You know. Love at first sight.

Amanda was a little on the wild side when we first hooked up. She came from a family where there was strict up bringing. Her Father wouldn't even allow her to date until she was 18. Yes, she had her share of experimenting in College. Thanks to one of her girlfriends named Tracy.

Tracy and Amanda were tight all the way through college. Even when were dating, Amanda would always tell me she needed a night out with the girls. I knew better. It wasn't Amanda's idea for the night out. It was her slut friend Tracy's idea. She was a cock hound and everyone in school knew her as the slut.

Well, Amanda and I got married. Of coarse that little slut Tracy was one Amanda's bridesmaids. It wasn't 6 months later that Tracy herself got married to this older rich guy she met during a business meeting out West. I felt more at ease when that little slut moved to the West coast to live with her new husband.

Amanda told me stories about Tracy whenever she'd call our house. Telling me about Tracy's old man and how he couldn't keep an erection. Guess the guy was in his late fifties. I mean, what the fuck did she expect? Not sure if she married the guy because he had money or what.

A couple months ago Amanda got a call from Tracy and when she got off the phone with that little whore she was all excited to tell me that Tracy and her old man were moving back to Ohio. You know I was thrilled. Our lives were peaceful and on track like any other normal married couple.

We got this house in the suburbs. Kind of in the country. Sort of place you choose where you want your kids to grow up. Good schools and the sort. OK, we don't have any kids yet. We've been saving money and making plans but they keep getting pushed back about starting a family. Amanda wants everything to be perfect.

Couples are usually waiting until later on to have kids anyway so I don't think we are that much different at 31 years of age. Amanda still looks hot. Nice big tits, gorgeous round ass with a narrow waist. Legs to die for. What else can I say? Yeah, she trims that little blonde bush just the way I like it.

Tracy and her husband George moved within a half hours drive of our house. So you know Tracy has been calling Amanda about everyday since she's been back. A couple weeks ago Amanda told me her and Tracy created a Wives Out Night. Two Friday's a month would be theirs to do as they please. Sure. I didn't mind that much. I figured I could trust my wife not to get herself in any trouble if you know what I mean.

The first Friday night happened two weeks ago. Everything seemed normal. Amanda got in just a little after midnight. Yes, she had a few drinks. Her and I always drank a little the nights we went out together. I figured there was no harm done. Amanda always dressed to thrill no matter if? Tracy were back or not.

My wife would always turn heads when we went out together and she was dressed in one of her sexy short dresses. Amanda was my life size Barbie Doll I would tell her jokingly all the time. Made her laugh. Tracy on the other hand was a total slut and wore real trashy stuff. Tits falling out of her dress when she got drunk and the sort.

I got together with some old friends tonight down at Billy's Billiard Hall. Hel, I don't know where the time had gone but before I knew it, it was one o'clock in the morning. The last text I got from Amanda was around nine. I figured she must be home wondering where the hell I was about now so I said my good bye's to the guys before heading out to my car for the drive home.

I was holding my cell phone in my hand ready to send a text to Amanda. I decided to just drive home and surprise her. I figured she'd be ready for a good fuck by the time I got home. Took me an hour to get home tonight. Traffic was all tied up due to an over turned truck. Shit, it was after two in the morning. I pulled around the corner and up the driveway. Yep, Amanda's car was parked in front of the garage. Whenever she came in late and had a couple drinks she would park her car in the driveway instead of the garage.

I parked my car. Walked into the house. It was dark and so quiet I could hear a church mouse walk across the floor. Slipped out of my shoes and walked back to our bedroom. The bedroom was dark except for the moon light shinning through the window. I could see my wife sound to sleep on our bed. Fuck, she was still wearing her clothes including her pumps.

I stood in the dark as I took my shirt off and pulled my pants off. Slipped out of my socks and walked over to the bed.

"Baby....? You awake? ....."

All I heard was a light groan coming from her lips. Amanda was wearing a skirt and blouse with buttons along the front. I carefully turned her onto her back and started to unbutton her blouse. Strange. Not wearing a bra! I knew this blouse very well. Thin white material. Amanda loved to wear her black bra underneath. Said it looked sexy as hell and I agreed. Where the fuck was her bra?

I started working on the skirt pulling the material down her legs lifting one leg up at a time until the skirt was free from under her sleeping body. Boy, she must have had a few tonight for sure I told myself. I unbuckled the straps on her heels slipping them off one at a time. I still had to get that blouse from under her body.

I gently eased her up and slipped one arm out at a time. She was lifeless as I held her up taking the blouse off than gently laid her back down on the pillow. God, I could smell her perfume....Driving me crazy...That smell....

Damn, I wanted to fuck her so bad. I could barely see her hard nipples in the moon light but they were certainly hard. I pulled down my boxers and crawled into bed next to my wife. Put my arm around her and gently kissed her left tit. I didn't get any response right away but after a gentle nibble or two she finally moaned.

"Mm......Yeah...You know I like my tits sucked." She murmured.

I kept working on her tits running my tongue in circles taking a little bit here and there until she cupped the back of my head and moaned again. I lowered my face down near her belly button and started to kiss and lick the area's I knew made her giggle.

Amanda started to giggle just like I thought she would and squeezed the back of my head. "Uh...Yeah...Bobby...Keep doing that with your tongue..."

What the FUCK! Who the Shit was Bobby?

I stopped everything for a moment gathering my thoughts. Why the fuck was she calling me Bobby?

I scooted up closer to her face and pressed my lips to hers. She immediately pushed her tongue inside my mouth like a savage in heat as she cupped the back of my head keeping my mouth pressed tight against hers.

She finally let go and whispered.

"Fuck me..."

I couldn't resist and climbed up and spread her gorgeous thighs apart and positioned my hard cock between her pink pussy lips. I rubbed the head against her pussy lips feeling her arch up trying to lodge the head between her lips. She kept arching up further trying to pull me inside but I kept teasing as long as I could until I finally gave in and slid between her wet pussy lips with quick push.

Amanda gasped and put her hands on my ass holding me deep inside her pussy. She quickly wrapped her legs around me as I started to move in and out. She felt more wet than usual tonight. A bit loser too I thought to my self as I kept running my cock in and out of her pussy.

Her body was moving so good as she kept her hands locked on my ass trying to control my movements in and out of her pussy. Her pussy seemed to gobble me up tonight. We locked lips again as I continued to fuck my wife faster and faster. I brought her to an intense orgasm. She screamed out as I kept my pace fucking her pussy even harder and faster.

She was holding onto my ass still as I rotated my hips making her moan and gasp for air. She kept kicking her feet out on either side of me as I started to fuck her faster and faster. I rammed my cock as deep as it would go bringing her yet to another intense orgasm.

Amanda was acting like a wild cat tonight. My wife was always a good fuck but tonight was more intense. Lots of hot passion. Her body was responding in full throttle tonight.

Amanda dug her nails into my back as she bit my tits with her teeth which made me want to cum at that instant which I did sending my hot load deep inside her belly. I pumped every drop as deep as I could inside her pussy and lifted myself off laying next to my wife as I caught my breath.

Amanda laid there panting. "Ugh....Fuck..." She said.

I rubbed my hand across her belly and looked at her face. Her eyes were closed. All I could remember was the taste and smell of whisky on her breath tonight. Stronger than usual I thought to myself. I laid there resting for a few minutes when I noticed it looked like Amanda fell asleep again.

I got up and walked to the bathroom. I had to pee really bad. I shut the bathroom door and turned on the light. Amanda's purse was sitting on the bathroom counter. I peed than flushed the toilet than washed my hands noticing that her purse was unzipped. What the hell I thought so I peaked inside.

There was her black bra and a black thong underneath the bra. I took the thong out and sniffed hoping to smell her perfume but I smelled something else. It smelled like men's cologne. I sniffed again.? Sure enough. I knew the smell. I use to buy the stuff myself until the last couple years.

The thong was damp. I sniffed again only this time the smell was strong. Fuck....It was sperm I was smelling! I took a good whiff and made sure of what I was smelling. I could actually see the dried cum on them and it certainly wasn't Amanda's cum juice. She must have been fucking around with someone tonight!

My head was spinning at the moment. Thinking all kinds of nasty things. Should I wake the bitch up and confront her? I mean...What if I'm wrong? What if by some reason is my old cologne I'm smelling? Fuck, I thought. I didn't know what to do....

I looked inside her purse and picked up her cell phone. It was still powered up. I went right to the text messages. There was a Bobby on the list. I clicked the link. There was a text message from somebody named Bobby.

"Hey Baby Girl...What's Up...."

Than her reply. "At the Club...Waiting..."

That's all there was! Shit!.....Fuck!.....What the hell was going on? I didn't know what to do. I was stunned....Numb to say the least. Whatever was going on I'm certain that fucking Tracy has something to do with it and I was going to find out.

I turned out the bathroom light and made my way back to our bed. Amanda was still laying on her back totally uncovered and lifeless. I leaned down next to her thighs and smelled my way around trying to fund more evidence that she was screwing around on me tonight.

I smelled the cologne again. Near her inner thighs and around her pussy mound. It certainly wasn't from me. I sniffed around her navel smelling the scent of cologne again.? The trail led up to her tits. I opened the night stand where I kept one of those little flash lights in case of an emergency. I turned it on and pointed it at her tits.

Fuck...There were bit marks everywhere. I didn't do any of this shit tonight! Fuck! I thought o myself. My wife was screwing around on me! I turned out the light after taking a second look. My cock was hard again. How could that be I thought?

Was the thought of my wife fucking another man really turning me on? I laid back on the pillow and started to stroke my hard cock wondering who she was fucking. I wanted to see this guy Bobby for myself. I started planning things I was going to do for the next Wives Night Out and see for myself.

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