tagInterracial LoveWives on the Prowl

Wives on the Prowl


Penny was edgy tonight. She sat on the sofa next to her husband watching this cop show. She starred at the clock again. Two more minutes before ten o'clock. She got up and walked to the window parting the curtain and starred across the street.

"Honey? What are you up to?" Penny's husband, Dan asked.

"Uh...Oh....Nothing baby. Just checking to see if Jerry was leaving for work."

Her neighbor, Jerry was just getting into his car across the street. She saw Jerry's wife, Cherry standing in the front door waiving at her husband as he backed out of the driveway. Penny waited long enough to see Jerry's car drive off down the road and turn the corner. She looked back and saw Cherry closing the front door.

Jerry had been working midnights for the last month now on his new job. Penny knew he hated working nights leaving his wife home alone at night.

"Honey. Are you going to stand in the window all night?" Dan asked.

"I'll be right there baby."

Penny was waiting for a nightly ritual. Penny was getting antsy as she waited starring across the street. Penny noticed the porch light going off at Cherry's house. Then the house went dark. The street lights gave just enough light to see what was going on across the street.

"There she goes again. That little bitch."

"Who you talking to Penny?"

"Uh......Nothing baby......I'll be there in a minute."

Penny watched as her neighbor strutted down the sidewalk heading over to Mark's house. That dirty little whore. Penny thought to herself. Couldn't wait for her husband to leave for work so she could prowl the neighborhood tonight. That bitch. Just look at the way she's walking. Going to get some black cock again for sure.

Penny waited until she saw Cherry knock on the front door of Mark's house. It only took a second for Mark to open the door and let her in. He'd certainly been waiting for the bitch. That's for sure. Penny saw enough and walked back sitting next to her husband. Dan's eyes were closed already. He fell asleep again.

How the hell can this man fall asleep so damn fast? Penny thought to herself. She turned the volume down on the set and gently got back up from the sofa and starred out the window again. It looked dark over at Mark's house. Damn. That little fucking whore, Penny thought. How could she do this to Jerry?

Penny looked over at her husband again who was sound asleep. She starred across the street again thinking and wondering what they might already be doing across the street. Damn, she thought. Mark hadn't even lived in the neighborhood for a month when she first started seeing Cherry paying him nightly visits.

Penny couldn't stand it any longer. She was curious to find out what was going on for herself. She was tired of speculating. She grabbed her cell phone off the kitchen table and took a peek to see if Dan was still asleep. He was.

Penny quickly and quietly as possible opened the side door and stepped out into the open air. It was a tad cool tonight so she was glad she wore a sweater. She took a deep breath inhaling the cool night air then started making her way across the street to Mark's house. She waited until a car passed and crossed over it front of Mark's house.

She looked around at the houses next door making sure nobody was looking out the windows and started walking on the grass toward the house. There was a dim light on in the front room. The curtains were pulled shut facing the street. Penny walked around the side of the house and saw one of the curtains pulled but still enough to allow someone like her to nose inside.

She edged herself between the bushes and got up close to the open part of the curtain and looked inside. Just as Penny suspected. Penny saw Mark seated of the sofa with Cherry down on her knees between his legs giving him a blow job. Cherry was still wearing her tight jeans and heels but already had her top removed and tossed onto the floor.

Mark was stretching his arms out holding one hand at the back of Cherry's head while holding the base of his thick black cock with the other. Penny positioned herself to get a better look inside. Cherry's huge breasts swung freely as she moved her face up and down that thick black shaft.

"How dare that bitch!" Penny thought to herself. Poor Jerry doesn't deserve to be married to such a fucking whore. Penny kept watching as Cherry worked her mouth and her tongue on that big black cock.

"Damn." Penny thought. "She looks like a slut taking that fat cock down her throat."

Cherry stopped sucking and arched up as Mark leaned forward locking their lips together in a heated passionate kiss. Mark moved his hands up and under cupping those huge globs in each hand as he tweaked her nipples with his thumbs. Cherry's mouth was wide open as she accepted Mark's tongue.

A few moments went by before Cherry stood up lifting Mark up by the hands. His pants dropped to the floor as he stood up in front of Cherry. His huge cock stuck straight out poking Cherry's lower belly area.

Mark reached out and started unclasping Cherry's jeans as they locked in another heated kiss. They were soon being pulled down Cherry's legs until they lay piled on the floor as she stepped out of them loosing the heels as she did.

Penny watched as the bitch moved in closer allowing Mark to slip his meaty black hand under her thong cupping her bare pussy. Although the window was shut tight, Penny could still hear Cherry moan as Mark cupped her pussy in his big hand. Cherry's body responded by arching up on her toes pushing her body against the big body of Mark.

Mark was a big man. He was fifty something but very physically in shape for his age. He was tall and muscular and kept in shape running and working out everyday. Cherry's petite blonde body looked tiny compared to the big man. She was only 5'1" and couldn't weigh much more then one hundred pounds. She had big tits for her size and they were natural, not silicone. Cherry also knew how to move that tight little round ass of hers. At twenty eight she was one of the most attractive wives in the neighborhood. A real slut too from what Penny could see.

Cherry and Mark were moving now. Penny kept an eye on them until they walked out of sight. Looked like they entered one of the bedrooms at the back of the house. Penny squeezed through the bushes again and walked around to the back of the house. Their was a light on at the far end of the house. Penny walked into the back yard taking note that the curtains were still wide open. This window was much higher and was going to require a little imagination if Penny was going to peek inside.

Penny looked around and saw a patio chair nearby so she hauled it over under the bedroom window and carefully stepped up onto the chair while bracing herself against the back of the house. She slowly lifted her head up in front of the window and saw them on the bed. Didn't look like she had anything to worry about getting caught. Mark had is head buried between Cherry's open legs already eating that pussy.

Cherry was arching her head back into the pillow as Mark dug his tongue between those pink pussy lips. Penny had a clear shot of everything that was going on. She could even see that Cherry's pussy was shaven smooth as silk. Mark stopped for a moment and started to get off the bed. Penny almost panicked when Mark walked over toward the window. She had to quickly duck out of the way. The window was being slid open above her head. Penny kept her head low hoping they hadn't heard anything outside but heard Mark's voice.

"That's better. It was getting hot in here."

"That's it baby. Lick my pussy some more......Ugh.......Yes.....That's it...."

Penny slowly raised her head back up looking inside. Mark was back between Cherry's legs devouring that white pussy. Penny watched and listened to the couple. Loud slurping wet sounds filled the room. Cherry's legs were being held way back almost against her chest as Mark continued licking.

Penny watched and kept watching the way Cherry began responding to her black lover. Cherry's body was quivering. Feet up in the air and began to shake furiously as Mark brought the petite woman to her first orgasm.

"Oh Fuck....That was good....." Is what Cherry said as she came down from her first orgasm. Mark wasn't done yet. He continued licking digging his fat nose into her mound poking his tongue as far into Cherry's tight pussy as he could.

Penny hadn't realized it yet but she was beginning to get turned on watching the couple. Cherry went into another one of her convulsions until she cried out much louder this time.

"Ugh....God.....Yes...........Shit......Mother Fucker..........Ugh.."

Penny listened as Cherry tried to catch her breath. Mark in the mean time was moving up into position between Cherry's wide open legs. Penny watched as the beg man held his stiff thick cock in his left hand and slowly guided it between Cherry's pink pussy lips. She watched as Mark slid the head up and down as he pushed forward until the large head finally popped inside.

"Ugh......Fuck......Take it easy will yeah....." Was all Cherry said as she wrapped her legs around Mark's ass once he sunk that big shaft all the way home. Cherry circled her arms around Mark's neck as he slowly back out but sunk back in to the balls on the next forward thrust.

"Oh God Baby........Your so fucking big..."

Mark just grunted and sort of laughed as he started a steady pace moving in and out of Cherry's tight pussy. Penny could see so good that she could see the way Cherry pussy lips griped hold of Mark's big black cock as it slowly moved in and out of her pussy.

Penny took it all in realizing Mark was screwing Cherry bareback. "Hope that bitch has enough sense to use birth control." Penny thought.

Mark's cock had a thin coat of Cherry's pussy juice on it as he moved in and out. Cherry dug her nails into mark's back. Penny noticed other nail marks on his back close to where she had them dug in right now. "Must have been from previous nights." Penny thought.

Cherry purred like a little kitten under mark's massive looking body. Cherry's diamond engagement ring was clearly visible as she dug her fingers into her black lovers skin. This went on for a few more minutes until Cherry purred into Mark's ear.

"Fuck me doggy, baby."

Mark kept screwing Cherry for another minute or so and reluctantly withdrew his cock from the tight confines of Cherry's grip. She flipped herself over and backed up sticking her little round ass up as high as she could giggling as mark parted her tight pussy lips apart again and drove that black monster home. Penny watched and saw the expression on Cherry's face. It was obvious that Cherry liked this position.

Penny's pussy was heating up watching the couple fuck. She stood on that chair taking it all in when she noticed a cell phone on the night stand next to the bed. Penny grinned. If that was Cherry's phone then perhaps she could have a little fun with her.

She pulled her own cell phone from her pocket and pressed the memory button which held Cherry's cell phone number. That phone on the night stand started playing a song.

"Shit." was all Penny could get out as she stepped off the patio char almost falling onto the wet grass. She walked a few feet away waiting to see if Cherry would answer.


Penny almost choked up as she replied. "Hi Cherry. This is Penny. You doing anything important?"

Penny almost couldn't contain herself as she waited for a reply.


Penny almost cracked up knowing Mark most still have his big black cock stuffed deep inside Cherry.

"Are you there Cherry?"

"Ugh....Yeah....I'm here. What's up?"

Penny laughed before replying. "I thought I saw you walking over to Mark's house a while ago. Everything OK?"

"What....? Where.....?.....Yes....That was me....."

Penny snickered to herself. "How's Mark doing? You guys watching television or something?"

"Ugh...God....Fuck......Ugh...Sorry Dear......I didn't hear what you said at first."

Penny could hear the rustling going on the bed and knew they were still fucking. "Uh...Would you mind if I came over. Dan fell asleep on me."


Penny almost laughed then replied. "I didn't hear you Cherry. Is it alright if I come over and join you guys?"

There was a moment of hesitation on the other end then Cherry finally replied. "Oh.....Yeah....Fine.....Give me a few minutes OK?"

Penny snickered. "Yeah. Sure. You guys making popcorn or something?"

Penny got her reply a few seconds later. "Come over in ten minutes." The phone went dead. Penny couldn't help acting like a little devil knowing she interrupted the couple. She walked back to the patio chair and got back on and peered through the open window. She just got the tale end of Cherry saying.

"Hurry up and cum before she gets here."

Mark picked up the pace banging his meaty thighs into Cherry's white ass. "Oh God.... That's it....Give it to me...."

Penny kept watching until Mark started slapping much harder into Cherry's ass until he let out a loud groan pushing himself forward and as deep as possible spelling his hot load of cum deep inside Cherry's waiting womb. He held himself deep for a few seconds until Cherry wiggled herself free and stood up on the other end of the bed.

Loud wet fluttering sounds could be heard as Mark's cum and a mixture of air escaped Cherry's tight pussy. Penny saw a thick gob of sperm leak out onto the floor below.

"Oh God...I got to clean up.." Is all Cherry said as she wobbled toward the bathroom door. Penny snickered again as she got down off the patio chair.

Penny walked around near the front door and waited a couple minutes then rang the door bell. A minutes later Mark answered the door wearing only his pants. He was just slipping his shirt over his shoulders as he smiled at Penny inviting her in.

"How's it going neighbor?" Mark asked.

"I'm fine. Thought I'd come over and join you guys. Dan fell asleep watching TV again. What's up? Where's Cherry?"

"Um....Cherry's in the bathroom. You want a beer?"

Penny smiled. "Sounds good."

Penny followed Mark out into the kitchen. Mark grabbed a can of beer out of the frig giving the cold one to his neighbor. Penny smiled as Mark grabbed one for himself.

"So. Your husband fell asleep on you tonight?"

"Yeah. Dan's been working a lot of hours lately. They cut back a few people and now they want to work everyone else to death over there."

Mark was checking out his neighbor. He was always attracted to Penny. He loved big busted redheads and Penny was no exception to being a redhead and big busted. Mark thought. A hot looking ass too. Nice and round and padded just the way he liked them.

Perhaps his long term plans might come true after all. He wanted Penny as much as he wanted Cherry. He watched as Penny walked over to a cabinet . "Where you keep your glasses Mark?"

Mark opened a cabinet door for her allowing her to choose the one she wanted. Penny was wearing her tight sweater with a shear bra. He could see her nipples poking through the material. He wondered how those big melons would feel in his hands.

Mark decided to make a joke. "So. You said your husband wasn't able to perform tonight?"

That remark made Penny laugh. "I didn't say that. Dan's just tired tonight. I'm sure he could perform just fine if he was awake."

Mark laughed starring at the attractive redhead. "You sure about that?"

Before Penny had time to reply, Cherry walked into the kitchen. "Where's mine?" Referring to the two beers Mark and Penny were drinking.

"Help yourself baby. You know your way around."

Cherry opened the frig and got herself a beer looking back at Penny at the same time. "What's going on girl?"

Penny replied. "Thought I'd see what you two were up to tonight."

Cherry replied. Nothing unusual. Same ole...Same ole....."

Penny looked down at Cherry's bare feet. "You walk over here barefoot tonight?"

Cherry looked down. "I think I left my heels in the bedroom."

Penny's eyes widened. "Oh. I didn't mean to interrupt anything."

Cherry replied. "You didn't interrupt anything smart ass."

Penny looked over at Mark smiling. "I think I'll go kick my shoes off in your bedroom Mark. Is that Ok with you?"

Mark laughed. "Ok with me honey. You can get comfortable in there if you want. I'll be right in there."

Penny replied. "Very funny Mark. So what you guys up to tonight anyhow?"

Cherry being the smart ass she was replied. "We were fucking. Mark had to cum quick before you got over here."

Mark busted out laughing knowing how blunt Cherry could be but wondered if Penny figured it out."

"Is that true Mark? Were you fucking Cherry tonight?"

Mark was choked up for an answer but quickly changed the subject. "Why don't we go into the living room and relax."

Cherry grinned at Penny as she passed her neighbor on her way into the living room. Mark brought a few extra cans of beer with him on the way into the living room. He was determined to have a threesome with these two wives before the end of the night.

Never been with a redhead before. He tried to imagine Penny's lips wrapped around his thick cock as Cherry rode his face. Yes. He thought to himself. I need to get that little mink drunk tonight.

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