Wives on Vacation: Barb on the Beach


"Take it out, baby." Marcus ordered. My sweet white wife reached her dainty white hand into Marcus' underwear, and pulled out his huge black dick. It leaped out at her striking her in the face. God it was huge!! 10 inches long and thick as a coke can!! My wife gasped as she saw his black dick in front of her face. She just stared in awe at Marcus' huge black weapon. Her eyes were as wide as saucers. She reached up and grabbed it with her small hand, but her hand only reached halfway around his thick black dick. "You like what you see, Barb? Is your husband dick that big, Barb?"

"Oh yes, I like what I see, and, no my husband's ding dong is not half as big as yours, Marcus. Oh my God!" She moaned. It was if the sight of his coal black meat set my wife into orbit. She began to talk with words I would never conceive that she would speak. "God your you've got a big dick! I cannot believe dicks are that big." She was still playing with her pussy with one hand!! "When I first saw your big black dick yesterday, it made my pussy wet my bathing suit. I was so horny last night. I could not get your black dick out of my mind. I went in to the bathroom yesterday, after I saw you, and played with my pussy. I came all over my hand and wedding ring dreaming about you. I wondered if my white pussy would ever fit your big black dick. It's just like now. I am playing with my hairy pussy right now, Marcus! God I am wet!"

Marcus sat down on the bed with his big dick slipping from my wife's grasp and bobbing in the air. Barb leaned forward to kiss Marcus' black dick. Marcus rubbed his dick all across my wife's face. He then pulled his dick up and offered his huge black balls to my wife's face. I was stunned as she began licking the huge black balls. "That's a girl Barb. My. My. Aren't you a naughty white wife?" My straight-laced, Sunday school teaching wife was licking a black man balls!! I looked at Marcus and saw he was smiling lewdly at me! Then he totally blew my mind. He lifted his legs back and up, and offered my innocent wife his black butt. Oh my God, I thought!! What would she do? My wife answered my question when she brought both her white hands up to his black buns and spread them apart. His smooth black butt crack was spread open displaying his black smelly butt hole!! "Lick my black butt hole baby." My little white wife then leaned forward and tongued his nasty black crack from top to bottom. The sweet lips and tongue that I kiss when I come home from work were rutting their way around a black man's ass!! "Barb, you are such a naughty lady! You have your pretty white nose stuck up my black ass like a dog!! Eat my black ass your white mouth! I bet your husband would die if he saw his pretty white wife with her tongue up a black man's ass. You are so dirty. You are so naughty, Barb!!" Marcus scolded. Half my wife's face was in his crack. I could see her elegant pearl earrings on her earlobes as she munched a nasty black ass!! I was coming in my pants!! Instead of playing bridge this evening, my wife had her pretty face stuck up a black man's ass! What would her friends say!!

Marcus suddenly dropped his legs and stood up towering over my kneeling wife. "Get your married, white pussy on the bed!' He ordered. " Put a pillow under your hips and lay on your stomach" Barb scrambled up, and arranged herself as she was told with her white buns in the air. Marcus grinned at me. "Pull you pretty white buns apart and show me your hairy butt hole. That's a good girl. Oh baby, you got a pretty butt hole!" Marcus moved to the bed and slowly ran his big black finger up and down my wife's butt crack. Barbs hands were pulling her buns apart, and I could see her wedding ring glowing in the bedroom light. "Baby open it up for Marcus. That's a good girl. Man you got a pretty butt hole. You got some butt hair lady!" Marcus was verbally abusing my wife. "What if your husband saw you showing a black man your butt hole" Marcus looked at me and smiled lewdly. My wife was going crazy, moaning over and over at his dirty words.

Marcus put his big black dick against my wife's pussy and pushed forward stretching her tight opening. "Oh fuck me with your big black dick Marcus!" My wife cried thrusting her butt up to him. "Open me up! I don't care who sees me!! Stretch me. Use me. Take me. Force me. Oh my God, I'm coming all over your big black dick!!" Marcus stuck his finger up my wife's butt. She moaned and bit into the sheets on the bed.

Marcus drove his huge cock in an out of Barb's pussy over and over. My wife came repeatedly. She was moaning and grunting as she humped her buns up to meet Marcus' dick. Her smooth white buns were dancing wildly as she thrust her butt up to Marcus' black loins. Over the next 20 minutes. My wife was brought to orgasm 7 or 8 times by this island stud. She was going crazy.

"Shoot your come up my white married cunt, Marcus!! Make me take it!" I could see Barb's white, creamy pussy juice coating Marcus' huge black cock. My church going wife was allowing a huge black cock to fuck her sacred hole!! "Oh, Marcus you are touching places in my pussy that have never been touched!!" She cried.

I watched as Marcus' butt began to flex over and over. He was shooting his scalding hot come up my wife's unprotected cunt!! Oh my God!! He shot come up my wife's pussy for several minutes it seemed. He finally stopped thrusting and pulled his huge black dick out of my wife's white pussy with a loud plopping noise. Come spilled out of her hairy cunt, and ran down her thick bush onto the bed below. He grinned at me as he rose up from my totally fucked and spent wife. He picked up his shorts and walked right by me standing at the door.

"Damn, you got a hot wife!" He whispered, as he passed me. "Tomorrow, I might fuck her in the ass!!"

I was frozen in place. My wife was passed out on the bed. Her thick bush was matted with come. Her pussy red and stretched open, and Marcus' black come gurgled out of her cunt. I stood there looked over the lurid sight before me. I was totally stunned!! Man what a vacation, I thought!!

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