tagInterracial LoveWives on Vacation: Pat Meets Destiny

Wives on Vacation: Pat Meets Destiny


My wife, Pat, and I traveled to Las Vegas to celebrate our 15th wedding anniversary. We had arrived on a Thursday night to spend a 3 day weekend in the sin capital of the world. We had reserved a room in the newest casino resort on the strip. I always loved Las Vegas! It seemed there was a brand new resort every time I visited this desert oasis. I had been to Vegas 4 times since Pat and I had wed--always alone on business conventions until that trip.

We had a wonderful marriage and 2 great kids. Pat had arranged a babysitter for the weekend, so we could be alone and enjoy the special occasion. It was mid-February and the prospect of visiting the warm desert in the middle of the winter was ideal. We were both excited more than we had been in years.

Our sex life was passionate but the frequency was something that could be improved. Pat and I only made love every 2 months. It wasn't for the lack of love, however, we just couldn't schedule the time. With my wife carpooling and taking the kids to soccer practice, she was exhausted 7 days a week. She was a true soccer mom.

My job required constant travel and I was rarely home during the week. When we did have sex, my wife was very sexy making love. Although she only allowed the missionary position, she would get turned on as I whispered outrageous ideas into her ear. I would slowly turn up the verbal heat during our lovemaking and whisper dirty thoughts to her.

As I would enter her sex, I would ask her what she felt down there. She would tell me she felt something very hard and begin to moan softly. There is one thing my wife loves, and that is a hard dick. It turns her on immensely. As I would verbalize different fantasies, my wife would come like a harlot. They were tame suggestions like: what if I was a stranger? What if I was a woman?

Pat would moan and orgasm loudly the further I took my hot talk. Although she was the most straight-laced woman, my wife was get off on my 6 inch dick like I was some stud. Was it the hot talk, or the visualizing of my suggestions, I wondered?? Did she want this?

When our lovemaking was completed, she would return to her prim and proper self, without mention of my suggestions—or her reaction to them. She would quickly rise and enter the bathroom for a shower behind the locked door. That is about the only time I got to see my wife naked. Pat had a beautiful body, but she was painfully modest. That was what always puzzled me—how could she be so hot and still be so prim and proper? She seemed to lose control when that hot talk touch her sweet ears.

We did not have sex, much to my disappointment, the first night in our spacious hotel room.

On Friday, Pat spent the day shopping and I toured the casino, lightly playing the games. I am not a serious gambler by any stretch of the imagination. We attended the show presentation in the casino's dinner theater that night. Free cocktails and dinner were included in the ticket price.

My wife never drinks but she had several cocktails that night, as the showgirls danced across the stage. I did not know how my straight-laced wife would react to the naked woman in the show. Hundreds of naked breasts flashed across the stage during the two-hour show. My tipsy wife seemed to stare at every breast—big and small—white and black. I would lean over and whisper in my wife's ear describing the women's breasts as they were presented before our eyes.

"Wow Honey, look at the boobs on that girl" I would tease.

As the show progressed, I would gently make more suggestive comments. "Look how big that one's nipple are Pat!! Look at the butt on this girl!!" I would tease.

My wife's eyes would follow and she seemed to have the expression of lust etched across her face. My wife gently grabbed my hand and directed it to her lap!! I could feel the heat of her loins through her dress!! She was getting hot, I realized. Her tipsy condition only increased her reaction to my hot talk.

After the show was over, we made a beeline for our room. As we entered door, my wife led me straight to the bed. We quickly removed our clothes and fell into bed. Although it was dark in our room, the lights from the strip seem to illuminate the room. My eyes were able to drink in the sight of my beautiful wife's body. Pat's 36C breasts were capped with large brown nipples and her luxurious brown bush could be seen in the dim light. She looked hot!!!

As we kissed and played on the bed, my wife seemed turned on more than I had ever seen her. Her hips were thrusting in the dim light, trying to urge me to enter her. I began to slowing whisper to her and talk hotly to my straight-laced wife.

"Gosh, Pat I bet we saw over 100 nipples tonight." I moaned.

"They made my dick hard. Did you see the size of some of those girls?"

My wife was moaning as I talked "Do you want my hard dick baby? Do you want me to slide it up your pussy?" I asked.

"Give me you hard dick honey!" My modest little wife pleaded, moaning loudly. I was shocked!! Pat never talked dirty!!

"Oh, fuck me!! She pleaded.

Evidently, the naked women in the show had made my wife smoking hot. As I entered my wife, she went crazy, moaning and thrusting her voluptuous hips into me. I thought, man she loves a hard dick!

Taking advantage of the situation, I began to whisper fantasies in her ear.

" Oh Pat, what if one of those showgirls joined us in bed?" I suggested.

"What if one of their beautiful bodies was loving on you? Would you kiss her body?" I lewdly asked.

My wife was coming with more intensity than she had ever had in our 15 years together.

"Yes, Yes, Yes, I would kiss her all over!!" My straight-laced wife answered. "We would make love and let you watch!!" she hissed.

Our lovemaking was traveling down a new dimension as we talked about our fantasies in passion. I slowly turned up the heat with my talk, throwing out lurid ideas as watching her eat pussy, or fucking a stranger. She was thrashing underneath me uncontrollably.

"You are fucking a stranger with a big, hard cock, Darling. I can see you!!" I whispered.

"Oh Pat, he is a black man, and he is taking your pussy." I hissed at her ear.

The black man comment put my prim and proper wife into orbit!! She was coming over and over.

"Oh honey, his dick is big!!" My wife responded. "I can feel him opening me up!! Oh. He has a big black dick!!"

Her last comment set me off as I came inside my wife. We lay together for several minutes in the afterglow of our scorching lovemaking. Since we were in Vegas, I suggested to her that we ought to seize upon our fantasies and go for it. I don't know why, but I just seemed to say it.

My suggestion was met with silence. As my heart sank, I laid there thinking that I had gone too far with my words.

Suddenly my wife said, "I don't think that I could do that, honey. But, if I was turned on like I was tonight, I might not be able to control myself!!!!" The faraway look in her eye told me she was thinking about the possibilities! I was stumped!!

We spent the next day shopping and walking around the strip enjoying ourselves. There was no mention of our brief threesome conversation of the previous night. February 14, Valentines Day was our anniversary date, and we were in Vegas on a Saturday night. What could be any better than that!!! We had stopped for drinks at two casinos and were beginning to feel the excitement of the city and the alcohol.

Around 5pm, we began making our way back to our hotel. It was dusk and the lights were beginning to light up the strip in full bloom. Several "literature vendors" were passing out advertising to the tourists strolling the sidewalks. They would thrust their small ad books in front of you, enticing any pedestrian to take one.

My wife accepted one and looked at it. She began giggling like a schoolgirl as she slowly thumbed through its contents as we walked. In the book, there were ads for male and female escorts in provocative poses and phone numbers.

"Oh honey, you can order all kinds of room service in Vegas!!" she laughed.

I noticed her eyes checking each of the escorts' equipment as she turned the pages. I also noticed her face was becoming flushed!!

As we neared our hotel, my wife tucked the book in her purse. We proceeded to casino bar to get a drink before dinner. After we were seated and served, we chatted about our trip and the fun we were having. As time passed, I ordered 3 more rounds of drinks.

My wife was talking and giggling as we sat listening to the band. She was having the time of her life. Pat reached over to her purse to get some lipstick and the escort manual tumbled onto the table. Being seated in the corner of the bar, no one around us noticed as the saucy ad book fell out. My wife burst out laughing and quickly took the book in her hand and placing it just below the table.

"Wow, I forgot about our room service book!!" she laughed.

As I looked down, I saw her begin to slowly turn through the pages. We began to comment on each escort as she turned the pages. I would tell her how good she would look in bed with each turn of the page gradually turning up the hot talk. I could see this was having an effect my straight-laced wife!! She began to rate each picture as she comment to each escort's ad. Pat eyes were filled with excitement gazed at the lewd ads.

"Do not believe those books." A male voice said.

Our eyes shot up to see our waiter delivering another round of drinks at our table.

" I can put you in touch with the finest in Las Vegas!" He stated. With that comment, he turned and walked away.

Pat and I laughed, but I was curious about his comment. My wife rarely drinks, but she was feeling the buzz from the alcohol; so I decided to turn up the hot talk to see what reaction I would get from her. I began to suggest seeing her with a woman or with a man as I slowly put my hand on her leg. I would toss out visions of making love to a stranger as my hand traveled to her lap.

When I touched her mound through her dress, I could feel an incredible amount of heat rising from my wife's sex!! She was getting hot, I thought!! My prim and proper wife was getting hot at the lewd suggestions that I whispered to her. She commented that I needed to take her to our room, but I continued to bathe her ears with lewd suggestion. I began to feel her sex mound humping up to my hand. She begged me to take her upstairs, but I continued talking.

"Honey, if you don't stop talking, you are going to have to order me some room service!!" My straight-laced wife rasped. "You are making me so hot!!!"

"Am I making you hot, or are thoughts of a stranger making you hot??" I asked.

"The thoughts!!" she said. "I like the thoughts!! They make me so hot!! I just can't get them out of my mind."

I was shocked!

I quickly countered. "Well, we are in Sin City, darling. We should go with the flow. We cannot do anything this town hasn't seen!! Wouldn't you love to experience something new?"

With my last comment, I pressed down hard against my wife's sex making her gasp in pleasure. She took my hand away and stood up with her purse.

" I am going to the bathroom, so order some room service, before I change my mind!!" she said as she wickedly looked at me grinning as she walked away.

Wow, I was shocked!! Quickly gaining my wits, I called the waiter over to order some room service! He asked me what I was interested in and I was stumped. I had never really thought about whether it should be a man or woman! I told him I had no idea, but that my wife loved hot talk.

The waiter thought for a minute and then said, "I know exactly what you need. I will send you Destiny." I gave him 500 bucks and he left.

When my wife returned from the bathroom, I told her I had ordered some room service. I was worried she would change her mind but all she did was smile from ear to ear.

When I looked up, a tall black woman was standing at our table. I figured she was the cigarette hostess making the rounds until I noticed a drink in her hand.

"Hi I am Destiny. I am your room service tonight." She seductively said in a deep voice.

Her dark face and skin were flawless. She was tall, very tall-around six feet- and her eyes were black and exotic looking. Destiny had beautiful large breasts and a statuesque figure topped with flowing black hair. She looked awesome standing there in a knee-length pink dress, I thought!! Wow!!!!!

She sat down next to my wife and I was curious to see what her reaction would be. Pat's pretty face had a shocked expression, and I was wondering if she would panic and back out. After a few seconds, her expression turned to a wide smile, and she greeted Destiny with excitement in her voice. I sat there and watched my 5' 5"tall white wife carry on a conversation with a 6 foot tall black woman. My wife was laughing and giggling as Destiny talked with her.

After a few minutes, I noticed Destiny put her hand into my wife's lap as they talked. This exotic looking black woman was touching my wife!! Pat's eyes were gazing at Destiny with total lust. My innocent white wife was lusting for a black woman!! I glanced down and saw Destiny's arm moving as they chatted. She was rubbing my wife sex on the outside of her dress!!

Then, she leaned over and kissed my wife on the lips cupping her black hand on my wife white cheek. Man, she had large hands, I thought.

As they broke their short kiss, Destiny began to talk to my wife so I could hear. "Pat, you are sexy lady, and I am going to treat you special tonight, baby."

My wife moaned and I could see her shifting her hips under Destiny's hand.

"Pat, I can feel the heat of your sex down there. You feel hot!!! Do you want Destiny to care of that for you, baby?" Destiny whispered.

My wife's head nodded "yes", as she bit her lip.

"I am going to drive you wild girl!" The black woman lewdly commented.

"Take me to my room!" My wife said excitedly. "I want you to take back to my room now!"

"Is your husband going to join us??" Destiny inquired. "You want a threesome??"

"I want him to watch." My wife whispered to Destiny. "I want him to watch the two of us together."

"So you want your husband to watch me get you off, baby??" Destiny asked lewdly. "Do you want your husband to watch his little married wife get sexed??"

"We are on vacation, and I want to be naughty!!" My wife answered. "And I want my husband to watch me be naughty!"

"Oh, I am going to make you a naughty lady tonight, baby!!" Destiny countered. "You absolutely have no idea!!!!"

With that comment, we stood up from the table and the three of us walked through the casino to the bank of elevators. I was walking behind Destiny and my wife as they strolled arm in arm. As the three of us rode the elevator, my wife looked to me as if to say thank you. Her large nipples were erect and pointing through her blouse.

"Look at your wife's nipples!!" Destiny said as she noticed my wife's state. "I think I am making your wife hot!! Her nipples look like they are going to jump right out of her blouse!!"

I was humiliated to think that my wife could be this turned on by a stranger. I had never seen her half this turned on. But my dick was as hard as a rock!!

Once to our room, I quickly sat in the chair to make room for my wife and her lover as they walked and stood in the middle of the room. Here was my sweet white wife of 15 years standing next to a tall black woman!! They began to kiss and tongue each other's mouths. Pat looked so naughty standing there making out with a black woman!!

Destiny opened my wife's blouse and dropped it from her dainty shoulders followed by her white, conservative bra. Her soft 36C breasts tumbled in to view capped by her large brown nipples and extremely erect tits. Destiny caressed and pinched my wife's nipples making her moan in pleasure.

"Your wife has some sexy nipples!!" Destiny smiled at me as she cast her spell on my wife.

Pat's nipples were more erect than I had ever seen then. Her pink brown areoles were bumpy and capped with her nipples that stood out more than an inch.

Destiny then lowered her own top and display two large black breasts that were capped by the biggest nipples I had ever seen in my life!!!

My wife gasped as she saw the three-inch diameter nipples spring into view.

Moving her hands down, Destiny dropped my wife's skirt delicately to the floor.

As I took in this scene, I gazed down to my conservative wife's white panties. Her dense drown bush was visible through the front of the white fabric. They were damp and transparent from the wetness of her sex. I could see stray pubic hairs peeking around the sides at the top of her thighs.

Then Destiny knelt in front of my white wife and put her nose to the front of my wife's panty front. Pat's eyes gazed across the room at me lust.

"I can smell your sex Pat" Destiny said, as she inhaled my wife's scent. "I smell can your pretty white pussy, baby! Those panties just can't hold all your sex can they? Your pussy hair is showing!!"

"Baby, your big bush is tumbling out of your pretty white panties!!" Destiny taunted as her fingertip stroked over my wife's brown sex hair at the sides of her crotch. "Look at all that sweet little bush peeking out at me!!!"

My wife's face turned red with heat as she moved her hips forward in invitation to her black escort.

"Pull your panties down and show me your pretty pussy, baby." Destiny ordered. "Do you want me to see your married pussy, Pat??"

"YES!!" My wife whispered. "I want you to see my pussy!! Only my husband gets to see it normally, but I want you to see it!!"

My straight-laced wife hooked her thumbs into the waistband of her white panties and drew them over her flaring hips displaying her luxuriant brown bush to our black escort. With her white panties resting on her upper thighs, her beautifully dense pubic mound was on full display.

What a sight!!!! A black escort on her knees in front of white wife's sex!!

My wife's dense brown bush jutted out from her pelvis like a soft pillow. Her white smooth skin gave away to her earthy, raw sex. Pat's dainty round navel hovered above her brown bush, as if, to keep an eye on the lewd desires of her sexy loins.

"There it is!!!" My wife said lewdly. "I can't believe that I am showing a stranger my pussy in front of my husband!! God you make me hot!!"

The curly brown hairs covering my wife's sex were highlighted with wet drops of lubrication from her loins. Some of the hair was matted from her secretions, which gave away her lusting desire.

"Damn, baby, you got a hairy pussy!! I love hairy pussy!!" Destiny said loudly as she glanced lewdly at me. "Your wife has a damn beard between her thighs!! Look at that!! Your little pink pussy is hiding in your forty pound bush!!"

My wife's face turned red from the black escort's words, but I could tell she was incredibly turned on as she looked across the room at me.

"You look all prim and proper in your clothes. Who would ever guess you had big wet bush between you legs, baby!!" Destiny said as her hot talk was turning my wife on. She looked ready to come without even being touched!!!

"Do you want me to touch your hairy white pussy?" Destiny asked smiling. "Does my little white soccer mom want her pussy played with??"

YES!! Please yes!" My wife moaned. "I want you to touch my hairy pussy!!!"

Destiny took her time, slowly sniffing my wife's sex and running her nose across her bush. She was teasing my wife and pushing her to beg for it.

"Please eat my wet pussy, Destiny!!" My prim and proper wife begged. "Please!!"

Destiny teased my wife for several minutes by smelling her sex and making hips buck toward her black face. She ran her nose into my wife's core bumping her nostrils along her clit inhaling her scent.

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