tagBDSMWilling Slaves Ch. 02

Willing Slaves Ch. 02


Attorney's punishment

To say I was a surprised would have been an understatement.

Sasha Kennedy was the Gloria Alread of the East Coast. Even men, who hated her, would agree that she was a 10 while Alread was a 1.

Both beauties could see I was confused.

"I can see that is shocking," the bound raven haired woman said.

"We should explain," Mary agreed. "May I release her Master?"

"For the moment, "I answered wryly.

As Sasha massaged her wrists, "As you can see we are both submissive when it comes to sex. But finding a partner who is skilled and discreet has been difficult."

Mary sat on his lap and kissed him. "I told Sasha about last night."

"Did you now," I motioned Sasha to join them on the sofa.

Climbing on the other side, "she did. And here is our proposal. Subject to you taming me as you did Mary; we will be your sex slaves. This will be confidential between the three of us. If you break the disclosure I will revert to the ball busting bitch I am known to be."

"But we know you won't," Mary added.

"Than I think it is time for you both to resume your proper position on your knees."

It was still warm outside, so I attached a leash to each beauty and took them into the back yard.

"So sluts, you want to be sex slaves?"

"Yes master", they chorused.

"Face each other on your hands and knees." I then intertwined the leashes giving their heads very little movement. Grabbing a paddle. "Both of you cunts kiss it!"

Starting with Mary I began spanking their lovly assess. The lawyer was tough, she refused to respond.

"You think your tough don't you?"

"Maybe you can't break me," she challenged

Well for all the men you tormented I am going to try." I twisted her arms back and put them in a box tie.

"Mary crawl back into the house bring a vibrator and a crop."

"Yes Master."

As she left, I pushed Sasha on her back and began slapping her breasts. This did get a response from her.




I started slapping her pussy.


Mary returned, "Slave your friend does not want to join."

"I am sorry Master."

"Do you want to make me happy?"

"Yes I do."

"Then help me break her."

Mary jumped on her friend, "Bitch he is our Master." She slapped her hard in the face.

"Help me tie her to the tree." I instructed.

Sasha was hung from a branch with her feet dangling. Handing the vibrator to Mary." Make her cum." As I began whipping her ass.

The sensations did get to her, although she did try her best to resist. Sasha finally blurtered out, "I surrender!"

"What was that?"

"You are my Master!"

I took the toy from Mary and worked it on Sasha clit, she finally squirted out.

Gently releasing her, Sasha sank to the ground breathing hard. I laid down beside her. "Did I tame you?"

She kissed me passionalty,"You did my Master."

Fair was fair, Mary was subjected to the same treatment bonding with her fellow slave.

Leading my pets the house, I took them to Mary's bedroom. "Sasha suck my cock." Mary do you have a strap on among your toys.

"Yes Master, several. " She answered.

"Bring a couple."

As Sasha made me cum, Mary returned. "On your back," I fastened it around the brunetts waist. "Suck it Mary."

Sasha held her head, as I spread Mary's leg. "Keep it in both places," as I penetrated her.

"Yes slut, take it!" Sasha crowed.

Both have more lovers had more than a little Dom in them I reflected.

I flipped Mary over and spread her cheeks."

"Give it to me."

I let her have her wish and mine.

"Your turn my barrister bitch!"

Mary grabbed the strap on, you may have her ass." I told her.

"With her tiger like ferocity, she pinned Sasha to the bed. I lifted the brunettes head as she engulfed my cock.

"Take it cunt." Mary shouted

Definitely doms.

The next day Sasha had her game face on.

"Big day?" Mary asked.

"Another male who I am going to crucify." She answered.

I coughed behind her.

She turned to me, "I am still going to be a ball busting bitch outside these walls."

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