tagBDSMWilling Slaves Ch. 03

Willing Slaves Ch. 03


Have I mentioned how fortunate I am?

I really love my two women; they don't realize how much they have given to me.

I planned a surprise for them on Dec 26. All 3 of us had two weeks of no work and no responsibilities. On Christmas they had surprised with a custom designed car, a luxury hybrid.

I made sure on Dec 26, I would be the first awake. Leaving a note on the bed which instructed them to come down stairs to the living room together

When Mary and Sasha came down they saw me on my knees with a crop between my teeth.

"What this?" Mary asked hesitantly removing the crop.

"Today is Boxer day," I told them. "Tradition is that Master and servants reverse their positions. Today I am your sex slave."

Sasha looked at Mary and grinned, "Love where did you find this wonderful creature who understands us so well?"

"You do owe for this, "Mary answered. Her tone turned imperious, "Slave you may begin by kissing my feet."

"Yes Mistress," I answered crawling to the blond feet and sticking out my tongue.

"That it slut, "I heard her voice above me. Did I mention I knew both had Dom in them? As I continued, my arms were grabbed from behind. Instictvly trying to rise, Mary put her other foot on my head. Sasha than handcuffed my wrists behind me.

Flipping me around she carry a flogger, " You did say you were out sex slave," she told me. This was the bitch that terrified my sex in the courtroom.

"What ever you wish Mistress."

"My turn", she gestured as I went to work on her feet. Mary began whipping my ass and back.

"Take it worm!" she said.

"Thank you Mistress Mary."

I was then blindfolded and Mary whispered something to Sasha.

"Don't move", the lawyer said

I was enjoying this experience, I am a modern man and have no qualms about obeying a woman. But it has to be a strong one. Both my lovelies were that. One of them started kissing me.

"Don't move," Sasha whispered. "You are still out toy."

"Yes Mistress, " I answered."

Mary was giving me a hand job making me hard. Than as Sasha grabbed my hair my cock went on fire.

I couldn't help. I screamed.

Sasha tore off the blindfold and I saw my predicament.

Mary had attached a cock ring and leash to me.

With an evil grin" This is a wonderful way to control a male slave." She jerked the chain." Up!"

"Let's take him outside for a walk," Sasha suggested.

I knew I was at their mercy and wondered how far it would go. Mary was giving little tugs with the chain. This caused me some pain, but the message was clear. I was their bitch.

At the same time Sasha was scratching my back and ass with what had to be vampire gloves.

"Have we done a good job punishing you Alex? Sasha asked


Mary jerked the chain the chain forcing me to my knees.

"Yes what?!" The blond demanded.

"Yes Mistresses!" I groaned.

"That's better, "Mary released the chain. And both women laid on top of me. "It means so much that you were willing to submit to us."

"I love you both so much," I answered.

"And we love you and each other, "Sasha responded. " We do want you to fuck us!"

I was still their slave and they tied me to the bed. Sasha mounted me while Mary began kissing me.

"Just let us take control" as the brunette engulfed my cock and began rocking.

"I want some too, " Mary said.

"Mistress let me eat your pussy."

"Right answer, slut," as Mary placed her snatch over my face. I went to work serving my Mistresses.

After the first orgasm they switched place.

"Make us cum at the same time!" Sasha ordered.

My mind was gone but they seemed to be satisfied as Sasha squirted cum over all my face; as Mary screamed.

"Four hours left," Sasha noted.

"Last punishment slut," Mary told me putting back the blindfold, and then gagging me. Sasha put something on my cock as the vibration started.

Damm, an Adonis pouch.

"Goodnight." Those miserable cunts. I finally passed out.

The next morning I woke up; during the night they had released me.

Coming downstairs my two tormenters were still nude with Cheshire grins on their faces.

"Sleep well," Sasha asked.

"God, you two are witches." I told him.

"Wait till next year," Mary told me, "When we have time to plan."

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