WMD Ch. 04


(WMD = Winter Men's Dilemma; My own irreverent spin on the BBC mythology)

*Editing magic performed by KJ24 and Shyqash, plus contributions by the regular gang of brigands and neer-do-wells*


* Vlad ~ "You actually expect me to believe my father, brothers and I have the genetic capability to addict every woman we have sex with to our schlongs? That's nuts!"

Mom ~ "As opposed to thinking the color, length and girth of a phallus makes any woman lose all sense of loyalty, morality and decorum so she can become a man's sex sleeve -- whore -- bitch -- property? Yes, I do."

*Lastly, this story is rather flippant with the entire concept of sexual assault. Those who have read my previous tales know this is not my attitude at all. For the sake of this genre, I had to grapple with the concept of forcing a woman and 'making them love that dick'*

(THE FAMILY: Father -- Nikolay 'Nik' Samsonov; Mother -- Gayle Fonteneau Samsonov; the Triplets -- Alexander 'Alex', Mikhail and Vladimir 'Vlad' [the POV character])


Kaelyne was curled up on the sofa of the living room being comforted by Vicky when Mikhail and I came bounding down the stairs.

"Oh fuck," I muttered. I started heading their way. Mikhail looked from me to the passageway which led out back to where we had left 'our' girls, Mom an Alexander.

"Mikhail and Vlad, your Mother wants to talk to you both," Vicky frowned. Her best friend's pain was a spiritual stab to her heart as well.

Mikhail followed orders. I deviated long enough to slip over to Kaelyne and kiss the top of her head. When I arrived, the first round of the confrontation was already going on.

"Mikhail, I want you to take Kaelyne and Vicky home," Mom declared.

"They are Vlad's friends, not mine," he gallantly protested.

"Mikhail, your courage is worthy of your Father. If you want to wake up tomorrow morning with a lick of hair on your body, you will do as I say," Mom stared him down. Taliyah snickered. The rest of us knew Mom was dead serious.

"Fuck you! he snarled before storming into the house.

"I'll go with him," Taliyah tried to follow.

"You -- stay," Mom snarled. I had visions of me digging a Taliyah-sized hole somewhere deep inside our back-property.

Thank God Taliyah felt the same way. She sullenly retreated to her spot beside Brandy. Brandy looked suitably terrified ~ having experience the tip of Mom's evil iceberg. I decided Brandy needed me more than I needed to placate Mom. I settled in at Brandy's side and hugged her to me. She wrapped her arms around my waist.

"Let me make something crystal clear. If Kaelyne sheds one more tear, I will take it out on both your asses," Mom glared at the two girls. "Telling her you weren't interested would have done it. You didn't need to mock her, Taliyah. Kaelyne's pain isn't what is at issue here -- me loving Kaelyne as if she was my own daughter is. You've crossed me. A rare few do it twice. No one alive has tried to do it three times."

"Are you telling me you expect me to sleep with that little faggot?" Taliyah snapped. That was moronic. Before I could warn Taliyah how foolish it was, Mom was on her. There are a multitude of spots on the body which can cause you intense pain if someone hits them correctly. Mom knew them all. Taliyah fell down to the ground, screaming in pain.

I added to the idiocy by trying to get between Taliyah and Mom. I went airborne, took most of the fall's momentum and turned it into a roll and came up in a fighting stance. Mom wasn't even looking my way.

"Are you going to do something equally stupid?" she glared at Brandy. Brandy wilted. Mom bent down and returned Taliyah to a 'pain-free' status.

"Mother-fucker," Taliyah whimpered. My parental unit stood up and back off by two steps.

"Brandy, I am proud of you," she told my girlfriend. Huh?

"Oh?" Brandy pursed her lips.

"You've made Vlad do something incredibly stupid," she explained to the quivering blonde. "His actions went way beyond hormones. He likes you enough to defy me. You do see how that turned out though. Right?"

Brandy nodded vigorously. Taliyah struggled to her feet.

"Now that we have that out of the way, here is the new game plan," Mom put her hands on her hips imperiously.

"Bitch," Taliyah ground out -- then stumbled away to escape the expected attack.

"Taliyah, do you understand why I sent Mikhail away?" Mom pierced the girl with her eyes.

"Cause he would have kicked your crazy ass?" Taliyah replied.

"No. He would have tried to kick my crazy ass and failed -- just like Vladimir did. My boys are unerringly loyal and courageous. Unlike my kind-hearted and thoughtful Vlad, Mikhail is utterly fearless, vicious and pig-headed. I would have had to really hurt him to stop him from stopping me from hurting you. Think about that before you utter one more imbecilic word."

"He really likes me?" Taliyah murmured.

"Good girl. Now before we all have to suffer through your next bout of stupidity, remember Mikhail is not here. Vlad will try because he's a decent sort and you are Brandy's BFF. I'll still crush him to get at you. Do we understand one another?"

"You are still crazy," Taliyah muttered.

"I think that is the group consensus. Alexander and Vladimir, go sit on the front porch a bit," Mom stated her demand in a courteous tone. I screwed up my resolve. Brandy body language was pleading with me to stay.

"Prince?" she whispered.

"Don't sweat it, ladies," Alexander took me by the elbow. "Mom has no compunction about hurting you with me and Vlad around, so her sending us away has to do with the twisted way her mind works, not pain. Besides Brandy, what do you think my idiot middle brother would do if you cried out?"

"Um ... help?"

"Not right off the bat," Alexander gave her a half-smile. "First he'd run to the armory and get a stave. He's smarter than Mikhail that way. Come on, Bro." I let him drag me away. Once inside ...

"You do realize we are all eighteen now, Alex. We can do what we want. Dad isn't going to let her throw us out," I reminded my oldest brother (by less than a minute).

"Wrong head, Brother," Alex chortled. "Which one of you has the best chance of helping Kaelyne and Taliyah get along ~ you, or Mom?"

We walked in silence to the front porch.

"Duh ... Thanks Alexander. I totally zoned on that."

"So what's with the 'Prince'?"

"Ah, it turns out Brandy can be rather clever when her tonsils aren't floating in semen," I explained. We sat down on a swing and chatted.


"I don't like either one of you," Gayle simmered. "I KNOW my boys could do better and I hope when they go to college, they will get over whatever feelings they think they have for you two ..." she held up her hand. "Hold your tongue, Taliyah, before I rip it out of your fucking skull!"

"Bitch, if I had a gun, I'd shoot you," Taliyah snapped -- then jumped back.

"Moron, if you had a gun, I'd take it from you, shoot you with it and place the blame on Brandy," Mom volleyed back.

"Please Taliyah ... Mrs. Samsonov," Brandy attempted to intervene. Gayle hid her smile well. Brandy Crystal Carson still had a long way to go to prove she was 'worthy' of Vlad's time ... and maybe, in a century, she'd make it far enough to satisfy Gayle's requirements. Still, baby steps were what you expected of an emotional infant.

"Brandy, you've come a good ways from the cum-covered slut who looked like her pussy and ass had been fisted that first Monday morning. Don't think you've progressed nearly far enough to be a Samsonov yet though," Gayle smirked.

"What?" Brandy.

"Vlad tells you everything?" Taliyah.

"No. Even when my Son despised Brandy, he was never intentionally that petty," Gayle snorted. "Darius videoed all those sessions, or didn't you two know that?"

"No," Taliyah seethed.

"Not the locker room sessions," Brandy's bronzed-skin drained of blood.

"I imagine you are also ignorant of Darius' Rashaan encouragement technique?"

"Don't be making shit up," Taliyah's eyes narrowed. "Besides, I've dumped him."

"Okay," Gayle 'accepted'.

"What was it?" Brandy had less control (and was far hornier, thus less careful in her choice of words).

"Taliyah?" Gayle looked to the Mocha vixen.

"I don't care," she lied.

"Every overthrown, or under-thrown pass meant one of the team went ass-to-mouth with you then ..."

"I didn't do anal with anyone on the team," Taliyah shook her head negatively, thinking she'd caught Gayle in a lie.

"With other girls' asses, then they'd stick that dick in your mouth for a blowjob. That done, they made Rashaan French kiss you ... getting a tasteful of their semen and some other girl's ass ..." Gayle let the revelation play out in the girls' minds.

"You are a vicious, lying bitch!" Taliyah spat. She had believed it was Rashaan attempting to be romantic ... the nut-less Wonder. Worse, she should have known better.

"Oh, you believe I'm lying because you know Darius and Rashaan would never treat you the way they treated Brandy?" Gayle sunk in the barb.

"Bastards ..." she hissed. Brandy put her arm around Taliyah's upper body. For Brandy, Taliyah was her best friend first. What had happened between them and Darius could hopefully start to fade.

"Now that we have the ugly reality out in the open, let's look over your possibilities, girls," Gayle continued.

"Fuck you," Taliyah snarled. "This doesn't change anything. You are still a vicious, racist, bitter bitch!" Gayle's relaxed pose showed how little she cared for the teenager's assessment of her.

"Mrs. Samsonov, please give us a moment," Brandy moped. A tear made a trail down her left cheek. Brandy turned and pulled her taller BFF into a hug.

Gayle would have been more surprised by Brandy's act of courage had she not had more faith in the positive effect an honest, caring Man could have on a Woman's life ...

~ Your Defiant Princess on your arm and your Wanton Slut in the bedroom ~

Gayle gave the girls three minutes, which was enough time for Taliyah's emotions to cycle back to a deep, banked hatred -- just like her own.

"Girls, you have three options over the next 9 months.

You can go back to being the 'Winner's Cup' for whomever comes out on top of the school's student power structure. Do take into account the uselessness of the new Principle, the previously shown attitudes of the Vice Principle & Coach, and everyone's preconceived notion of your worth. You have become cum dumpsters and NO ONE else at school is going to support you striving for any other distinction."

"Option two ... you quit the Cheer Squad, hunker down, avoid being cornered by some cock-happy bastards seeking to 'tame' you, and keep your eyes on being admitted to a college somewhere far from here."

"Option three ... you stick with my boys, which entails doing what I say. I will now entertain questions from you, but be aware I will never feel obliged to answer them," she finished.

"Or we keep your sons for ourselves," Taliyah fought back. "They are 18."

"There are a half-dozen relatives back in Alaska who will gladly take care of Alexander, Mikhail and Vlad," Gayle shook her head mirthfully. "The boys might try to defy me, but they will not defy their Father. When I let him know it was you who had Alexander beaten up -- they are on the next bus, plane, or train heading west. Test me if you like."


"You have one more 'bitch' today Taliyah, then I make you pay," Gayle threatened.

"Replacing Darius' clique with your boys is hardly a step up," Taliyah looked for another angle.

"What if they don't want to be with us anymore?" Brandy added.

Gayle lowered her head and rubbed her brow with her first and fore-finger.

"Look in a damn mirror some time. Better yet, look into Vlad's eyes when he's around you, you Bimbo," Gayle's tone derided her. "Taliyah ... Brandy, what do you think would happen if Mikhail smacked your ass?"

Blink ... "Wrestling, I hope," she gave a shy smile. Her 'Man' Vlad could beat his younger triplet in wrestling. If it was a Sambo match ... he'd still fight for her.

"Taliyah, if Vlad touched your ass and you slapped the shit out of him, what would Mikhail do?"

"Laugh at him."

"Precisely! Brandy; Vlad knows you want someone to protect you. And Taliyah, you've let Mikhail know you expect to defend yourself without his interference. Their actions aren't dictated by some macho impulse -- they are doing what YOU want them to do. It is called 'respect' and my boys respect you two. If you can find another man in school who can do better by you, go for it."

"I don't want no 'Mama's Boy'," Taliyah remained relentless. That was fine, Gayle liked steel.

"Taliyah," Gayle's voice grew a theatric chill, "do you want Mikhail to choose between avenging Alexander and fucking you?"

Taliyah bit back a retort.

"The whole school, minus five students, left Alexander broken on the hallway floor while they went about their daily business," Gayle ploughed ahead.

"We had no part of that," Taliyah protested. "We were with them."

"Rationalizing is Vlad's thing, not Mikhail's, Taliyah. Mikhail likes things simple. Do you really think Mikhail is going to
'get over that'? Answer me, damn you!"

"No," Taliyah mumbled.

"What do you think Mikhail's reaction is going to be when I show him the pictures of me after I was raped by your father ... when I was fifteen?"

"What?" both Brandy and Taliyah gulped. This was news to Brandy.

"Yes. Raped. Your father and Uncle Leon were two of seven men -- Black Men -- who raped me. Your Grandfather, Mayor Fox, covered it up. My twin sought out his own vengeance -- he found four of them."

"Your brother was another racist ..." Taliyah got out before Gayle's punch to the abdomen knocked the air out of her and toppled her to the ground.

"Take into account, Little Girl, you get to see your worthless father whenever you please, while my brother risks his very life sending his nephews presents," Gayle knelt by Taliyah, talking softly into her ear.

As Gayle stood, she effortlessly pulled the Black teen up with her.

"Taliyah, think about what Mikhail will fixate on when he learns your father, grandfather and uncle violated me? Picture the fire you will see in his eyes and imagine the hate he will have for everyone associated with that crime."

Taliyah didn't want to think about the primal beast in Mikhail's breast -- the fire lurking behind his irreverent façade -- aimed her way. In that instant Taliyah didn't feel physical fear. Unless provoked, he wouldn't lash out at her -- Mikhail wasn't that kind of Man. He would also never view her as anything, but an enemy, either. She'd lose him.

"Don't," she mumbled.

"As a mark of how much Vlad likes you, Taliyah, he hasn't informed Mikhail about your family's and my shared past."

"Fine," Taliyah lowered her head. She was a whirlwind of emotions -- rage over this presumptuous Fonteneau whore, fear of losing her tenuous relationship with her wild son and confusion on why a man she found so infuriating had ... such a hold over her heart?

"Me and Kaelyne?" Taliyah trundled off her homophobia in order to appease Gayle.

"Ha," Gayle snorted. "Perhaps. Back to your three options. Either you are with me -- as a tool to be used to strike at my enemies -- or you are out the door pursuing one of the other two."

Brandy was a forgone conclusion. She was addicted to Vlad's dick and becoming more enamored of his personality every day as well. Taliyah had much more of her grandfather's (the town's first Black political chief and Civil Rights activist) and mother's (the current mayor) fighting spirit and ruthlessness.

Had her fascination been solely with Mikhail's cock, she would have walked out ... only to come slinking back later when the ache for his meat penetrating her overcame her pride. Gayle had been in the same predicament nineteen years ago with Nikolay Samsonov, her now-husband.

"Does anyone like you?" Taliyah frowned.

"No. People love me, or hate me, and I feel the same way about them. I'm no one's 'buddy' because if someone isn't willing to bleed for me, I'm not willing to bleed for them. I rarely compromise, so normally I irritate the feint-hearted and false-spoken."

"Taliyah?" Brandy pleaded.

"Okay, Mrs. Samsonov, let's go tell Mikhail together and see what he wants to do," Taliyah gambled. Gayle smiled. Taliyah was trying to trick her.

"I'm good with that," the older woman responded with a feral grin. Taliyah had been struggling for some negotiating room and failed.

"Fine. I'll stick it out with Brandy," Taliyah caved-in. Brandy hugged her tightly. Gayle extended her hand for the two young women to shake -- sealing the deal. Brandy did so eagerly. Taliyah looked as if she'd rather dip her hand in liquid nitrogen, yet finally complied.

"Step one: Taliyah, give Kaelyne a single red rose tomorrow -- no explanation; no apologizes. Think of one nice thing to say about her before the end of the day. We'll see how she reacts and plan out your next move accordingly."

"How is Mikhail going to feel about you pimping me out to a ... lesbian?"

Gayle smiled and smiled until Taliyah recalled the ground rules: Gayle wasn't required to explain herself and her orders. Taliyah consoled herself with plotting how to rape Mikhail at school the next day ... to get back at his bitchy mother -- of course.

"We'll do it," Brandy ended the silent impasse.

"The Cheer Squad is the beacon for your High School's BBC Slutdom. We are going to break that mold," Gayle continued.

"You are a top notch whore," Taliyah muttered. "What do you suggest?"

"You are going to get your teammates to fuck my boys. That will do quite nicely," Gayle quipped. "It has worked on you two."

"You want us to share Vlad ... our guys?" Brandy balked.


"Because you think we are sluts?" Taliyah darkened angrily.

"You are sluts, Taliyah. I'll paint you a simple picture," she forestalled Taliyah's next outburst. "From the footage of the first Victory Party ..."

"You filmed that too?" Taliyah.

"Didn't Brandy tell you?"

Taliyah looked to a shamed-faced Brandy.

"The night of the Victory Party when Darius was supposed to beat up Vlad by the lake, we rearranged the plan. We took extensive footage of the whole damn orgy."

"Masturbate to it?" Taliyah got out before Gayle slapped her so hard she fell over.

"Yes, while using a vibrator with a clit attachment and vibrating anal beads," Gayle snarled. "Are you going to let me continue?" Taliyah got back up ~ mumbling something. "What was that?" Taliyah kept silent.

"From the footage I know you are comfortable being double-stuffed. From the security cameras at the lodge, I know you gave your anal virginity to Mikhail."

Taliyah's sense of anger and embarrassment played across her face.

"That's some dick, isn't it?"

"That's your son," Brandy gulped.

"I'm well aware of his genetics. If I want some of that, I go to their Da. Back to the lesson: Taliyah, you took dick orally and vaginally while Brandy went air-tight on a regular basis." She let the statement hang there. "Brandy, do you like getting three cocks at once?"

"No," she whispered.


"I ... won't cheat on Vlad -- ever."


"No! I love Vlad."

"That won't stop you from cheating."

"I ..." Brandy sniffled.

"B ... Samsonov," Taliyah rallied to Brandy.

"Brandy, admit it. You like as many cocks pounding you as possible," Gayle pursued Brandy relentlessly. "Admit it."

"Yes," she sobbed, "but I'd never cheat on Vlad. I swear."

"Good to know. Now Brandy, you've seen Mikhail in action ... what do you think of him taking you up the ass while Vlad's fucking your pussy would feel like?"

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