Woke Up A Girl


***This is my first attempt at a story on the site! Please feel free to give me feedback! If this story is a success I may possibly have others! Thanks and Enjoy!***

I woke up feeling especially groggy. My head was throbbing ever so slightly and seemed to be lessening as I awakened. I blinked a few times and my vision became clearer. The night before I had gone out for a few drinks; at least that was my intention. As I looked around the room it was clear that I was in someone else's house. I was in someone else's bed. I looked to right and I could see quite a lot of brown hair draped over the bunched up covers. It seemed that I had taken home a lady friend last night.

I slowly and gently went to set up in bed as to not disturb my still unknown companion. As I did things immediately felt different and quite strange. My entire body felt lighter, thinner and much smaller. My chest had a subtle tugging feeling as my body position shifted upright. The brown hair that had been draped over the covers had moved with me and had now fallen onto and behind my shoulders. I looked down at my chest and there where I had before known to be my well defined chest, sat a pair of perky tits.

My heart sped up and I started to feel like I was in shock. I wanted to rationalize things. I was obviously still dreaming right? This sort of thing simply does not happen. I laid back down and started counting sheep. Sometimes when I am under high periods of stress my dreams play some weird tricks on me. They almost always seem real and I have to convince myself that it is a dream and that I have to concentrate on something else to bring myself out of the dream. I laid back down and began to count down from 20.

I managed to find a brief period of sleep and reawakened a short time later. I first noticed that I was in the same exact room. My heart rate sped up once again. I reached up and felt my chest. The breasts had flattened from me laying down but were definitely still there. Now I was starting to panic. I quickly reached up to touch my face to find my beard was no more. I moved up to my forehead and hairline. The hair was long and soft. I brought it down in front of my face to see it was the same brown hair I had noticed before. It was much finer and softer than my hair had ever been in my life. I noticed my hands were much smaller and softer as well. Gone were the scars and calluses from working with my hands for years. My nails were expertly manicured and had a light shade of pink on them.

I sat up quickly this time no longer concerned about the possibility of another person being in the bed with me. I pulled the covers back and turned to sit on the side of the bed. Facing the wall I noticed a doorway to what appeared to be the bathroom to my right. I got up quickly and made my way in closing the door behind me. I turned the light on and found myself staring a beautiful brunette in a mirror. When I moved she moved. I grabbed at my chest again and she grabbed her perky tits. I looked down to see I had on a pair of lavender panties and so did she. I pulled them forward to find my worst shock yet. No cock. A yelp escaped from my mouth and I immediately covered my mouth. The voice that had escaped was not my own but that of a woman's.

I was her and she was me. I was to what my mind could comprehend at the time apparent that I was now a woman standing in someone else's bathroom in someone else's house. I was no longer 6'5" and 250 pounds. I no longer had my wide shoulder frame. I no longer had my defined abdomen or even my hairy arms, legs and chest. No now my body had taken the shape of an hourglass silhouette. I wasn't tall anymore, I had to be somewhere around 5'8" at the most. If I had to guess I couldn't weigh more than 130 pounds. My legs were not defined but more shapely down to my feet. My feet were smaller and narrow compared to my size 13. Now I had no clue what shoe size that I was or what size anything was for that matter.

I looked down into the pair of panties I had on once more. I pulled them forward and noticed a simple trimmed hair patch above what I only assumed could be a vagina. I reached down to gently start feeling around where I had always known a penis to be. The first thing I noticed was lips and more sensitivity. I reached further down to feel the opening and it was pretty much on par with what I had seen and felt with other women. The difference this time was I could feel not only what my fingers were examining but also the feeling of my fingers exploring my own personal vagina. My vagina?

I heard the bed creak and someone get up out of the bed. I quickly looked around at my surroundings. On the counter was men's deodorant and cologne. Behind me was a shower with men's bodywash and shampoo inside. To my right was a toilet with the toilet seat up. Definitely a mans bathroom. Definitely a mans bedroom! Whoever was in the room behind the door was stretching and let out a morning yell. I quickly turned on the water in the shower and jumped in hoping that would buy me some time or privacy.

The door opened and in walked a man that I had never seen before. He was taller than me, probably 6'3". He was very toned and mostly hairless. I would guess that he was about 200 pounds. His arms were covered with tattoos from his shoulders down to his wrists. He had a short hair cut and a morning stubble growing on his face. He was also extremely naked. As he walked into the room a soft flaccid 6 inch cock dangled between his legs. In its lesser state his was bigger than mine had been. He looked at me peering at him from behind the shower curtain and smiled.

"Good morning sexy. I see you back there. How about some company?" his smile never leaving his face he reached towards the shower curtain to pull it back and make his way inside.

What was I to say. I knew how to talk but I didn't know how to use this voice yet. I no longer had my size and brute strength to oppose him with. He stepped into the shower and had his back to me before turning around to face me, still smiling. I had to admit if I had to pick what a straight man would consider to be a charming smile it would be his. But I was not charmed. I was freaking out. He looked down at me and started to laugh.

"Are you in a hurry? You didn't even take off your underwear! Here let me help you with that." He bent down and pulled off the soaked lavender panties that I had on. He picked up my legs one at the time to remove them from around my feet. His touch had me shocked and I couldn't move. I could not believe I was in this situation.

He straightened back up and looked me in the eyes. His left hand raised up and graced my face and then he started coming forward for a kiss. I snapped out of my state of shock and stopped him with my hand. He kissed my hand instead. I had to stop this immediately.

"I cannot do this with you!" I let out a panicked response. I don't know who was more surprised at my voice, him or me. He leaned back and his face took on a concerned, curious expression.

"Okay. We had a great time last night and I felt things were comfortable enough that I could be somewhat forward this morning. Especially since you helped yourself into my shower." He calmly explained his reasoning.

I felt slightly better about things because he had backed off slightly instead of becoming more aggressive. I did not know what else to say that to tell him the truth. He had talked about us having a great time last night. I had no memory of last night past my second drink. I certainly didn't remember seeing him the night before.

"This is going to sound crazy to you. I do not know you. I do not remember your name, having a great time last night or anything about last night for that matter! I woke up this morning in this body. In the body of a woman. Until I woke up this morning I have lived my entire life as a man!" I managed to get it out and make eye contact through out. His reaction went from being concerned to that of humor. I had clearly failed to get him to believe me.

"So you are a man? Or you were born a man?"


"I am not against you being born a man. You have a pussy now and I would never know that you were not a genetic girl. I am completely fine with you being a transsexual." He tried to reassure me but he could not be more wrong. I had gotten him to think I was a transsexual.

"I am not a transsexual, I am telling you last night I was a man. I didn't have a sex change. I have not taken hormones or anything! I do not know how I woke up like this or with you!"

"I can tell you how you ended up here. It started when I ordered you a drink at the bar. I made my way over to you and we had some awesome conversation and danced a little bit. You came home with me and slept in my bed. I didn't have sex with you because you were a little tipsy. I want to sleep with you but I wasn't going to do so with your consent first." He was trying to woo me. I guess that would sound good to a woman in some circles but I was not comforted.

"I appreciate that but it does not change things for me. I am a straight man and I cannot be in this situation. I don't know what the hell is going on but I do know I have to get out of here and figure things out." I told him. I reached for the shower curtain to get out of the shower. I felt his hand around my left wrist and he brought it lower.

"Here see if this helps you figure things out some." He guided my hand to his cock. He wrapped his left hand around mine to enclose it on his cock. I felt it grow in my hand almost immediately. He started moving my arm to jerk his cock and leaned down and started kissing my neck gently. I was shocked again. I couldn't allow this but a part of me was enjoying him kissing my neck.

He took his left hand from around my hand and brought it up to my face. He raised my chin and reached down to kiss me. His lips met mine and I felt his cock jump in my hand. He had gotten much harder. I kept stroking him and his lips left mine. He leaned back and looked into my eyes.

"Is that better?" He asked while searching my eyes. "Let me make things a little better than that!" He leaned in to kiss me again this time more passionately. I felt his tongue across my lips. He gently worked his way into my mouth and began to explore. This was way different than what I was used to. He wasn't as soft and gentle as what I was used to. But my body was responding to his kissing me in a major way. I was growing excited and I could feel my pussy responding. My breasts were more sensitive and I had like a fire in my stomach.

I kept stroking his cock and he kept kissing me. By now I was kissing him back. I loved the way I felt as he kissed me. It was electric in a way. He reached down with his right hand and began to massage the outside of my pussy. I let out a gasp. That felt great. He then stopped kissing me and turned me completely around 180 degrees. I felt him pull me in close and I could now feel his cock pressing into my lower back. He was much bigger than I had ever been. He reached around and started massaging my clit with his right hand. Now the fire in my stomach was growing and my pussy was definitely responding. It was wet and him breathing on my neck was sending shockwaves of excitement down my entire body.

"How about you get down on your knees baby?" he whispered in my ear. He turned me around again pushed me down gently down to my knees. I couldn't fight much because my body was jello at this point. But I couldn't suck his cock. I had enjoyed everything so far but sucking his cock was something I could not do. "Go ahead and take it into your mouth baby."

"I'm sorry. I cannot suck your cock. I'm not into this sort of thing!"

"Yes you can. You are very much into this sort of thing. Your body is telling me so! Just open your mouth and I will place it inside for you." He had hold of his cock and began to gently rub my lips with it. I went to get up but he forced me back down easily. I tried again but he held me down there. I began to cry.

"Please let me up. I do not want to do this." I cried and my voice was so weak. Tears had started to run down my face and he wiped them off.

"I think that you do. But more so than anything you are going to do exactly what I say. You will suck my cock willingly or I am going to feed it to you. Now open your mouth and let me in." He had been patient thus far but now that seemed to quickly be going out the window.

I looked up at him and he stared at me with determination. I looked back at his cock and it was leaking precum from the head. He was ready to do something and I don't think he would have taken no for an answer anymore. I opened my mouth and I shrieked as I couldn't believe I was doing this. I was mortified. He slid into my mouth and I immediately tasted the precum. I was having a hard time accommodating his size in my mouth and he was only about 4 inches in. The precum was on the salty side but not revolting. His cock was much smoother and softer than I had thought it would be. I just held him there in my mouth so he started rocking back and forth some.

"Now start to suck on it!" I think he was growing impatient somewhat.

I tightened my lips around his shaft and began to suck on his cock. He keeps rocking back and forth while I sucked his cock. I could feel him growing harder in my mouth and it was really hard to maintain. He grabbed the back of my head with both hands and forcibly pulled my face forward and rammed his cock to the back of my throat. I went to gag and cough but he wouldn't let me off of him. Saliva filled my mouth and covered his cock.

"That's what im talking about now I can fuck that mouth. You are not very good at this, maybe it really is your first time. But I am going to fuck that mouth and cum in your throat!" he was really aggressive now. The saliva coated his dick and now had little to no resistance sliding in and out of my mouth.

"Keep the suction up baby! I'm going to fuck your face!" He started to do just that. He kept a hold to the back of my head and started going in and out of my mouth like he was fucking a pussy. Every time I wasn't sucking him right he would gag me again. Finally he pulled out my mouth and slapped me with his cock.

I was still crying and he pulled me up off my knees. I felt him reach down under my legs and pick me up in his arms. Then in one motion he slammed me down on his cock. He pushed me up against the wall and started to hammer into me. I felt like he had torn my crotch in half and it hurt like hell. Then the pain started to ease and pleasure took over. The burning desire in my stomach was insatiable and grew in hunger with every thrust of his cock. I began to try to meet his thrusts and he grabbed my throat and forced me hard up against the shower wall. Then he really began to pound me. The pleasure was indescribable at that point. I felt the pleasure building up in my pussy until it was all over my entire body. It grew in sensation though out my entire body. I screamed in pleasure as I could feel something like an orgasm approaching. Only this was 10 times stronger than anything I had ever felt as a man. He could tell I was nearing it and he found another gear to pound me even faster. My eyes rolled back in my head and I screamed as what can only be pure ecstasy passed through my entire body in one wave after another. After about 20 seconds my ears stopped ringing and I noticed he had placed me down and was trying to get me back on my knees. I eagerly did so and took his cock into my mouth. This time I sucked as hard as I could and let him fuck my mouth as hard as he wanted. He grabbed the back of my head but I pushed him off me with all my might. I slammed him against the wall and took his head in my mouth. I looked up at him and took my mouth off of him and started stroking him.

"Your not going to cum in my throat. You are going to cum in my mouth so I can taste this fucking load of yours!" I took him back into my mouth and sucked on the head. I twirled my tongue all around his cock. I felt him tensing up so I readied myself. I focused all the attention to sucking on his cock head. Saliva was running readily out of my mouth all down his cock and he slid easily in and out of my mouth. I grabbed his balls and I could feel them tighten.

"Holy shit I am going to cum!" I could feel his head swell one final time and out came his cum into my mouth. It filled my mouth full in the first shot and then it kept coming. I couldn't hold it and it spilled out my mouth and ran all down my face and his cock. I kept sucking him until he was drained. Then before he could say anything I cleaned up his cock with my tongue. He wiped up the cum on my face and chest with his hand and I sucked the cum off of his hand. After that his cock started to soften and I kissed his cock.

We soon both noticed the water had gotten cold in the shower and we decided to finish up rather quickly. Once I dried off I went and got into his bed and he joined me. He cuddled up behind me and I fell off to sleep in his arms.

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by LisaBrooks08/15/18

My dream of waking up as a girl!

You just wrote my dream! I want so much to be a woman and that story line is my dream come true!

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