tagErotic HorrorWolf Ch. 02

Wolf Ch. 02


He lowered his head and took her lips, grabbing her hair to hold her head still, he licked and nibbled, but when she still kept her mouth closed to his advances, he pulled her head back.

"Open your mouth to me, or I'll hurt you"

He tipped her head back, again pulling her hair, her mouth fell opened and he plunged his tongue inside, twisting and mating with hers, tugging at her tongue and sucking it into his mouth. When he was satisfied that I wasn't fighting him any longer he dropped my hair and placed both hands on her ass, gripping her cheeks and pulling her to him, she felt his body down to his thighs, and he was nude, skin rubbed skin, her belly pressed to his, she felt his hardness. He shifted his hips and drove it into her belly. He lifted her around the waste, until both breasts bobbed in the water, both nipples hard from the cold water he lowered his head to suckle her breast, and lap skin. He reached down and pulled her thighs up and around his waste, carrying her to the bank. Still holding her, he lowered them to the ground, bracing himself over her.

"Stop, I can't."

"Why's that?"

"No, I haven't done this, I'm a virgin."


"I'm not protected, no birth control."

"Too fucking bad."

He rose to kneel, and she breathed a sigh of relief, only to have him ripping her thong apart and off of her. He was back into position, crushing her into place, grinding himself against her, spreading her legs as wide as they would go, he kissed her roughly cutting the inside of her lips against her teeth. He pinched her nipples until they ached and were sore, he pulled at them, and bent down and bit them.

"Ouch, stop, that hurts, god my tits will be black-n-blue."

"Fucking take it bitch, sent the cops to my house, didn't ya? Then watched as he was chewin' me out, and givin' me a ticket. Gonna get me some satisfaction, the hard way."

With that he smacked her face, and grabbed her hair to hold her head still, shoving his lips down over hers, to eat her scream, as he pushed himself inside her. He stretched and tore her pounding until he reached bottom, he lifted his head and drew in a breath, as if he were in pain, he rolled his hips several times and began rocking in the cradle of her hips. He lowered his head to just above her left breast growled and bit her. She felt teeth sharp as razors anchoring into her chest, as his hips slammed her ass. She hurt, and fear shivered through her, when his teeth released her, he rose up and looked into her eyes. His eyes were not black anymore, but yellow golden. Breathing harshly through his mouth, pulling in air like a race horse after a quarter mile she could see his dental tips between open lips, and sharp canines glinted in the fading sunlight.

"Grrrrrr, Mmmmmm, Owwwww." He drew back and howled his release.

She felt the warm sticky cum on her thighs, and draining down her ass crease, and wondered if he would kill her. 'Dangerous' those words of warning flickered in her memory, Eva had warned them to stay home, this time she couldn't even blame T, for getting her into this. His breathing evened out, and he turned his head to look at her.

"You best dress and get your white ass back to the house. If you tell anyone what I did, I'll come find you, if you tell anyone about me, they might think your crazy, and I'll still come find you. If I want that tight pussy again, I'll come get it, and you better give it up, or I'll hurt you. Understand?" He threatened. "Get on the pill, unless you wanna be knocked up."

She nodded her head in agreement, but did not look up into his eyes, fearing she would see the yellow there. He loped off into the trees still naked, and she got up dressing in her clothes, and walked down the path toward Eva's house. Each step caused her to grit her teeth, she felt like she had been beaten, well sort of, rape was assault, a control act. The bite on her breast hurt the worst, four sets of puncture marks, surrounded by bruising, she wondered why he did that, it was like he had marked her, making her his.

The house was dark when she got there, she hadn't planned on being out this late, she turned on a few lights and the TV and settled on the couch, waiting for some one to get there. She realized she could not tell, anyone what had happened, if they got involved or in his way, he might just hurt them, she knew he was capable of un-controlled rage. She bathed and went to bed, to avoid questions, and right now just avoid talking. She didn't think she could function, or hold a normal conversation.

Sleeping was difficult, she dreamed of Abner, hurting her, angry with her, flipping her to all fours and raping her in his wolf spirit, she cried out in her sleep, waking herself in the process. She got up and headed for the bathroom, her panties were damp, and creamy, could she have been having a wet dream, or was it still residual seed leaking from her, she put a hand between her legs and brought it back up to smell it, it smelled like her, my own body betraying myself. She returned to bed and returned to dreams, of golden eyed men, and black eyed wolves.

Waking her body was stiff in most places, and sore in others, the bite on her chest hurt and was oozing. She went to the bathroom, to clean and bandage it, today she would cover up and not risk any questions she couldn't afford to answer. Pulling on a T-shirt that covered her to her thighs, and some judo shorts, she went down to breakfast, Eva sat at the table reading the paper from town, and sipping coffee. She glanced up, and commented on Jen's appearance.

"Thought you girls got all your duds from 'Sluts Are Us', you know, show a lot of skin. That's almost an outfit for a Catholic Nun, what's up?"

"Just not feeling good, didn't get much sleep last night, must have got too much sun yesterday on that walk."

"Well you take it easy today, watch TV, play videos, your folks should be back from vacation at the end of this week, and I don't want you getting sick on me, okay."

Jen smiled and got up to put her bowl in the sink, looking out the kitchen window, and across the road, she let out her breath in a sigh of relief. No big black truck parked in the drive, did that mean he was gone, she hoped so. She stayed indoors all day, and played games on the TV, at two Theresa got out of bed, wandered around in boxers, and a sports bra. She was quiet too, of course her quiet was a hang over from drinking with Eugene, the night before. She creped into the house, and fell into bed like she had been there all night, and that's the story we stuck to.

All week long, the days drug by, but the black truck didn't return, at the end of the week Jen's mom and John returned from their trip. They told everyone about the state of Alaska, and their trip to Denali National Forest. John brought out pictures, and Jen's mom dug out the souvenirs, and Jen was shocked to get a key chain, one made from a silver wolf tail. She did a double take, raising the long tail up, and giggled nervously.

"Mom, don't you think we should have left this one on the dog?"

"Don't be stupid, Jen, I didn't kill the thing and chop it off myself, it's just a novelty thing. I also got you some shirts and stuff, but their still packed in my bags."

Jen hugged Eva, and thanked her for keeping her, and Eva thanked Jen back, for all the house work she did while she was there. Theresa told her to call her and some time they could all see a movie, and she could stay over in town at there house. Jen walked out and got in the car, still no big black truck.

It was weeks later, I got that creepy feeling, shivered, and had goose bumps raise on my arms, I felt fear, and the hairs rose on the back of my neck. I got up and looked out the front door, parked across the street, was a big black truck, an arm came out of the driver window, the hand crooked a finger at me, and motioned for me to join him. I grabbed my keys, the new key chain, had grown on me becoming my favorite accessory, I slipped the keys into my back pocket leaving the wolf tail to hang to my knees. As I walked across to the truck, I saw his expression change, he got down from the truck, and he looked at the tail. Then like lightning he hooked his finger around the key chain and pulled from my pocket.

"What the fuck, some kind of joke?" He growled under his breath. "Get in"

"I –I –I, don't know." She stuttered.

"Get in, now."

He grasped her elbow and pushed her onto the seat, then got in behind her, when she tried to slide across to the passenger seat he put his hand on her leg, and kept her there next to him. He started the truck, and leaned forward putting it into gear, returning his hand possessively to her thigh. He drove through town, keeping to the speed limit, following the road rules, they rolled down the highway at a sedate '65', but as soon as they crossed onto, Wind River lands, his attitude changed. He sped up, and shifted gears, turning onto Ray Lake road, following the ruts, around to the back of the lake, he parked by the shore, and sat silent, just listening to the quiet. Occasionally he rubbed her leg with his thumb, making circles, as if he might be thinking up what to say.

"Have you been wondering, about me, little white girl? Because I have been thinking, dreaming about you, and wondering what you were doing." He took a hold of her chin and looked into her eyes. "Did you do the things I told you, have you been to the clinic?"

"Yes, I got a Depo shot, the nurse told me it lasts for three months. I didn't get the pill."

"I'm going to burst, I'm so hard, it's been too long, take me into your mouth, suck me."

He unbuttoned and unzipped his jeans, pushing the material down, and pulling out his dark and pulsing cock, he stroked himself twice, the held the back of my head pushing my mouth toward him. He moved the seat back, flipped the steering wheel up and leaned back to give me access. I was unsure what to do, how difficult could it be, I opened my lips, slipping him inside, bobbing her head, and letting him slide in and out. He pinched her neck and stopped her.

"Caress me, lick me, do it slower, take your time" he stroked her hair, "Suck me as you draw back, yeah that's good, that's so cock suckin' good, soon Baby."

He reached under her, caressing and pinching her nipples, he pushed his hips up, causing her to swallow more, bumping the back of her throat, making her pull back and gag. She coughed for a minute, and he pushed her back down, making her swallow all he had, spraying her tonsils with jets of warm seed.

"Clean me!" He ordered.

So she did licking him clean.

Jumping down from the truck, he went to the bed and brought them both back a beer. After he finished his beer he tossed the bottle he came around and pulled open her door.

"Your turn."

He pulled her legs around and out the door, unhooking the waist band, he pulled the zip down, the hip huggers rolled off her cheeks and he pulled hem off her legs, another thong, pink lace this time, he smiled and looked into her eyes, his were black with golden flashes, then he shredded the thong, and moved to kiss her, her ass on the edge of the truck seat he bent her backward, both hands on her head, he held her to kiss her silly. As his lips and tongue ate at her mouth, nibbling, licking, caressing, he stroked both her ears, rubbing her neck with the backs of his knuckles, she grew wet, her sex wept, and still he had yet to touch her there. She began to arch her back, bringing her legs up to encircle his back, she rocked and humped against him, and he moved away from her. He touched her then, separating her sex lips, stroking her with his knuckles, every stroke that made contact with her clit she jerked her hips, he pushed fingers inside her. Leaning forward he took a breast into his mouth and tugged on it pulling back from her making the breast pop out of his mouth, he did the same with the other, this was the breast he had bitten, he licked and kissed the scar there, giving it extra care. Down her belly he nipped her, she could feel his fangs, he did not break the skin this time, pulling and tugging, chewing, nipping, nipping was good, no biting. He pulled both her legs up to rest them across his biceps and lowered his head, pushing his tongue inside her slit, he lapped at her, stroking her, fangs on each side grazed her sex, reminding her of their presence, he sucked at her clit pulling it forward, making her tingle, he pushed fingers into her, making her tighten on them, and her core began to flutter. She threw her head back and squealed, grabbing his hair, she rode his face, legs spread as far as possible.

"God, that was incredible, now I know what the big fuss is about, will it happen again?"

"In about ten minutes."

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